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Lately, we have noticed that the newbie WordPress users were having hard time to setup the theme and follow the instructions. Although this was not the case for the users who were already familiar with the WordPress. So keeping new users in mind we are now creating video series for one of our most popular theme Spacious. With this video series even simple layman can setup the site as shown in our demo in no time. We have tried our best to make the video simple and clear. We will be adding new videos covering the portion where our users generally get stuck.

We will be coming up with video tutorials for our other theme as well, so stay tuned. Any suggestions and feedback are always welcome. If you think any particular feature in our themes should be covered by video tutorial, let us know.

Slider Setup

Business Page Setup Series

01. Services Setup

02. Call To Action Setup

03. Featured Page Setup

04. Testimonial Setup


32 thoughts on “Spacious Video Tutorials

    1. Hi René,
      Actually, it is easy jut like setting services widget. Here’s what you can do.
      1. Create three pages with featured image and some text.
      2. Then use the TG: Featured widget in Business Bottom or Top sidebar where you like.
      3. In the setting of this widget add title, description and select the three pages that you created in step 1.
      That’s it. We will also think of making videos in near future. Thanks.

  1. I love the videos. Very helpful. I would also find it helpful if you could include the recommended sizes for the pictures somewhere (on the widgets (where you input them), or in the main theme info).

  2. I have work in Spacious theme but i need all pages add slider but slider only for one home page but i create all page slider and. how to change image limit slider.
    please give me reply .
    thanks sir

  3. The website was put together for our new voluntary organisation in the Summer of 2015 using Spacious. We take membership and sell T Shirts to raise money using Woocommerce.
    All has worked fine until over the Xmas Period.
    The eCommerce section is not displaying correctly.
    However, if I go in to Dashboard, Products and then click “view” it displays correctly.
    Any advise would be gratefully received.
    Best Regards

  4. Am writing from Nigeria…this theme ISS so awesome that I want to specially appreciate the developers..good job. Hw cn I download the video?

  5. i have a observation, if someone wants to read more about the company which has given this theme, i think they deserve a salute..

    Thank you so much, its one of the best themes

  6. Hi,

    I used the spacious theme on one of our sites and loved it. I then tried to use the same theme on a second site and am not able to find the “Contact Details” widget on the second site. Is there a way to add this contact details widget in separately?

  7. Is it possible to have three columns in the Business Bottom Sidebar? I want to have some lines of text, then three columns of hyperlinks below that. Can this be done?

  8. HI there, we are running the Spacious theme (free) but since our update to the latest version of WordPress our static front page slider images are distorted, We have used the business template as instructed in your tutorials. What is the optimum size for slider images on the static front page? Many thanks

  9. Thank you for the very helpful video and great documentation. You guys have gone above and beyond many free themes. Makes me want to buy your pro theme and support you all the more! Can’t wait to see what I can do with this!

  10. I cannot find the Design/Customize/Category Options

    Go to Appearance > Customize > Design from the WordPress Dashboard
    Activate term description from the checkbox. It will show the category/term description to the category page.

    If I choose Customize/Design I get the “customizing using WordPress” and I see all the different options for single blog, etc.

    All I am trying to do is add three pages …. not posts …. three pages under the slider with Why Us? Services? Testimonials and “READ MORE”

    I cannot find the above nor can I see how to simply add a paragraph for a “read more” section as all I get are BLOCKS and very little ability to do anything … Very frustrated.

  11. And can you go backwards? Meaning, can I create a new business template page, make that the home page after the fact? Perhaps the issue is that when I created the home page to begin with I didn’t know to choose the Business template. I chose it and there seems to be three “pages” but I can’t edit the way you show. That is the old method of WP before Gutenberg. I have no idea how to get rid of the Gutenberg. It is beyond annoying.

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