9 Best Social Media Icons Widget WordPress Plugins 2021

Best WordPress Social Media Icons Widget Plugins

Having social media icons widget WordPress plugins on your website is the easiest way to connect site visitors with your social media profiles using beautiful icons. You can increase site engagement with social networking and at the same time, attract a number of followers to your social media pages. 

However, we know that choosing the right one from all the available social media links widget WordPress plugins can be confusing. Don’t worry because we’re here to do the hard work for you!

Here, we’ll reveal the 9 best social media icons widget WordPress plugins in the market. So, let’s not delay anymore and dive into our article! 

What is a Social Media Icons Widget WordPress Plugin? 

In simple words, any social media icon widget plugin is a WordPress plugin that lets you add a block of social media icons to your website. 

They’re different from social share plugins. Social sharing buttons let you share your content on social platforms but the social media icons provide links to your social media profiles. Upon clicking them, the visitors can visit your social media pages, interact with its content, and even follow you. 

For example, here’s how social icons on our popular magazine theme ColorMag look like:

social media icons widget in ColorMag theme

Hence, using social media icon widget WordPress plugins is the best option to showcase your social media presence. It allows you to promote your social page to website visitors, gain loyal followers, and be connected to them throughout. 

You can find several plugins in the market with such functionalities. These plugins can also be named as social links widget WordPress plugins.

And since they generally add the social media follow icons in the footer section, we can even call them social media widget footer plugins. 

However, depending on the plugin you’re using, you can configure the position of the social icons in other sections of your website like header, sidebar too. 

Why Use Social Media Icons Widget WordPress Plugins?

Now, there are many advantages of using social links widget WordPress plugins. To list out, here are some of them: 

  • Increase Website and Social Media Engagement: Linking your site to your social media profiles grows your website engagement as well as social media engagement.
  • Better Accessibility: Having social media links makes it easier for your website visitors to connect with you on a more intimate level.
  • Build Authority: Letting your audience know of your company’s social media presence establishes an authentic image. This, in turn, helps you build brand authority.
  • Get More Loyal Followers: Combining your services with social networking can secure more loyal followers for your business.

With that said, here are our top 9 best social media icon widget WordPress plugins.

9 Best Social Media Icons Widget WordPress Plugins

1.  Social Icons (Free)

Social Icons WordPress Plugin

A beautiful collection of social icons widgets is what you’ll get with Social Icons. Being one of the top choices, Social Icons lets you add different icons directly on your site using widgets. The process is simple and completed within a few clicks.

Moreover, with this plugin, you get a whole range of 100+ social icons to choose from. There are also multiple options to change their size and adjust padding as you need. In addition to that, there is an option of adding a short description box above every icon. 

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop for image sorting 
  • Supports square, rounded, and grayscale icons
  • Shortcodes to add the icons on WordPress pages and posts 
  • Icon grouping for various site locations 
  • Enables the link to open in a new tab 
  • Strong technical support 

Price: Free 

2. Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM (Free + Paid) 

Social Icons Widget and Block

Next on our list is Social Icons Widget & block by WPZOOM. With this plugin, you can add several icon sets for linking every social media platform you want to promote. That’s because it provides the flexibility to use the widgets for more than just linking your profiles. 

Besides social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, this plugin also supports Skype, Viber, and more. Meanwhile, it has 100+ sites/social network support, 5 icon sets, and 400+ custom icons. You can search for the available icons by simply typing the keywords and placing them in the field you like on your site. 

Key Features: 

  • Font Awesome Integration
  • Retina-ready 38 Academia icons for academics 
  • Color-picker customizer 
  • Adjustable icon size and padding 
  • Updated icon styles and alignment
  • Gutenberg block compatible 

Price: Free or $49 for a single site license

3. AccessPress Social Icons (Free + Paid) 

AccessPress Social Icons for adding social follow buttons

Do you want to link-up your social profiles with your website in an easy and fun way? Then, you must try AccessPress Social Icons. Firstly, this freemium social media icons widget WordPress plugin allows you to build beautiful icons. Not only can you create but also customize them according to your needs. 

Similarly, AccessPress Social Icons features 12 unique and elegant sets of icons. You can define their size, add several effects, set margins, and many more. Also, it lets you arrange the icons horizontally or vertically and even assign the number of rows or columns. 

Key Features: 

  • Multiple icons set multiple places 
  • Simple and effortless integration 
  • Free upgrades available 
  • SEO-friendly 
  • Interactive icons with modern styling 
  • Real-time customization and live preview 

Price: Free or $15 for a regular license  

4. WP Ultimate Social (Premium)

WP ultimate social media icons widget WordPress plugins

An ultimate package loaded with every social feature, the WP Ultimate Social plugin is an all-in-one social media solution. Overall, you get social icons, social share, social counter, Twitter feed, Pin it buttons, social login, and more with this amazing plugin.

Being the ultimate solution, it also frees you from the trouble of installing multiple plugins on your site. Moreover, this plugin is easy to maintain and simple to configure. Along with all these fascinating features, you also get a range of beautifully designed themes, icons, and layouts to choose from. 

Key Features: 

  • Package for every social media activity 
  • Beautifully Designed 12 PNG and SVG Icon Sets 
  • WooCommerce and BuddyPress compatible 
  • Floating widget and share with popup available 
  • Auto-updates on all API (Application Programming Interface) 
  • Highly customizable with various themes & layout options

Price: $50 for a regular license 

5. Meks Smart Social Widget  (Free) 

meks smart social widgets for attractive social follow icons in WordPress site

Meks Smart Social Widget is an open-source software for adding social links in WordPress. In detail, it means the source code of this plugin is available for free and anyone can download, use, or modify it as per their requirement. Further, it even provides hundreds of social icons and layout options.

Moreover, the Meks Smart Social Widget lets you choose from different icon shapes and sizes. Using this, you can adjust icons to fit the template you’re using and define their custom size.

Key Features: 

  • Free and intuitive social icon widget plugin
  • 100+ social icons with 3 Icon shapes (Square, Circle, or Rounded corners) 
  • Regularly updated 
  • Translation-ready
  • Fully responsive 
  • Team of experts for instant support

Price: Free 

6. WP Socializer (Free)

wp socializer the best wordpress social media icons widget plugin

Another useful social links widget WordPress plugin on our list is WP Socializer. This plugin is amongst one of the best social media sharing plugins and has versatile nature. Besides, to follow your social profile icons, it offers social sharing icons, mobile share bar, and many more. There are also selected text share popups that you can easily add to your WordPress site. 

The best thing about this widget plugin, besides simplicity, is its fast performance. Be it on any kind of device or popular social media platforms, it works like a wonder. Thus, you don’t have to worry about this plugin affecting your website’s performance in any way.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and speed optimized plugin
  • Display share count including old ones 
  • Gutenberg and WooCommerce compatible 
  • No registration required 
  • Supports 6 unique icon styles 
  • Works with custom post types

Price: Free

7. Easy Social Icons (Free)

Easy Social Icons social media widget footer

As its name suggests, Easy Social Icons is an easy-to-use social links widget WordPress plugin. After all, even beginners with no coding knowledge can learn to use it and create beautiful follow icons in no time. For instance, you just need to add the links to your accounts, select the best-matched icon style, and publish them. Sounds easy, right? 

Additionally, it’s a great advantage that Easy Social Icons supports 18 different social networks. Along with this, if you want to change the styling of icons, you can do that with ease.

Key Features: 

  • Upload your own social icons 
  • Multiple options of customization for icons 
  • Adjustable URL to sort the order of icons 
  • Opens the link in a new tab 
  • Features Google Social Profile Links 
  • Several shortcodes for page/post available 

Price: Free 

8. Social Media Follow Buttons Bar (Free + Paid) 

Social Media Follow Buttons Bar

Social Media Follow Buttons Bar is a free social media follow widget plugin for WordPress. With it, you can add a smart bar easily and safely with social media follow buttons. That is to say, you can place the buttons on your website to any place like post content, pages, sidebar, header, or footer. 

Different from other plugins, it creates a very flexible live bar that adjusts itself automatically. Hence, the alignment of social media follow buttons will be arranged smoothly. On top of that, you get full control over the buttons using this plugin. You can create, modify, and configure plugins settings manually on your own. 

Key Features: 

  • Secure and standard codes
  • Cross-browser compatible (works in any modern browser)
  • Live preview on the plugin settings page 
  • Beautiful icons with multiple layouts 
  • Strong optimization options 
  • Supports 100+ social sites and additional links 

Price: Free or $29 for a personal license

9. Social Media Icons – Social Icons Widget (Free) 

social media icons widget wordpress plugin

To avoid all the complex process of linking your social profiles on your website, try Social Media Icon – Social Icon Widget. This social links widget WordPress plugin features a minimal set of basic social icons in a list. Hence, it’s pretty easy to style the icons with your website’s look. 

And due to the same minimal styling, it doesn’t require any optimization. Moreover, you can easily display your social icon using a Font Awesome icon. If you want to add some uniqueness, you can use the transform effect. Likewise, you get to adjust icons’ colors, background, transformation, and many more. 

Key Features: 

  • Hover Effect for every social icon
  • Adjust space between share icons easily
  • Custom CSS field
  • Customize profile and widget settings 
  • Transform effect to rotate icons 
  • Self-optimized plugin 

Price: Free 

Wrapping Up

That was our list of the best social media icon widget WordPress plugins. Using these plugins on your site, you can provide your visitors an easy way to follow you within a few clicks.

Moreover, these follow icons enhance the user engagement of your website and social media pages. It’s also the simplest way to get in touch and interact with your loyal followers.

If you’re confused about which plugin to choose, we recommend Social Icons by ThemeGrill. It’s because the plugin is easy to use, lightweight, and doesn’t restrict the speed of your site. You can add the social icons of your choice through a simple drag and drop interface.

With that said, we hope that this article was helpful to you. If you want to extend your understanding about plugins like membership plugins and FAQ plugins, we recommend you to go through our blog.

Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get regular updates on new articles.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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