11 Best Social Media Auto Post WordPress Plugins for 2022 (NEW)

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Are you looking for the best social media auto post WordPress plugin? Hold up as we’ll be unveiling the best WordPress plugins for social media automation!  

In today’s time, you simply can’t ignore the power of social media marketing. But, managing & promoting your business on various social networks at the same time can be undoubtedly difficult.  

So, what’s the solution for it? The answer is the social media auto-post plugin. It’s a great tool to automate social media, create tons of posts, and meet your social media marketing strategy.  

Before going to the detailed list, let’s get to know more about the plugin and its importance. Let’s go!  

What is the Social Media Auto Post WordPress Plugin? Why Need it?  

A Social Media Auto Post WordPress plugin is the one that posts blogs automatically from your website to varied social networks. 

Simply put, as soon as you publish a post, it’ll be automatically shared; on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Social Media Networks

Moreover, while auto posting your content, such plugins also instantly catch the post title, post URL, and featured image. Afterward, they include information in social media, in which you think of promoting your brand or products.  

Simply, it’s the best way to enhance the social media marketing of your site. Plus, it’ll save you plenty of time as you don’t have to manually share your content.  

Besides just social media auto-posts, there are many more advantages of using the WordPress social media automation plugin. We list them out as follows:  

  • Custom Scheduling for Automatic Posting: Custom scheduling helps to post your content on favorable days and hours. And, depending on the plugin, you can use the feature for both old, new, and existing content.  
  • Configure Unlimited Social Networks: You can link all the social media accounts you have using the plugin. Later, you can easily manage them to share your content and enhance reach & conversion rates. 
  • Consistent Online Presence: As the content automatically posts themselves, people find more content to be engaged in your social media sites. It’s an everlasting way to deem a powerful social media presence.  
  • Options for Better Content Management: With the feature like content marketing calendar, you can easily organize your social media handles. You can pre-plan the strategy beforehand and regulate them without any hassle. 
  • Track & Analyse Your Progress: Most of the automation plugins are integrated with tools like Google Analytics. Hence, you can analyze what’s the best content for your site and increase organic engagement. 

Now, let’s move on to the list!

10+ Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Auto Posting  

Here, we present the 11 best social media automation WordPress plugins. All of them are well-tested and either free or premium or freemium.    

1. Revive Old Posts (Freemium)  

Revive Old Post Best Social Media Auto Post WordPress Plugin

Revive Old Posts is indeed one of the best WordPress plugins for social media auto posting. It helps automatically share your posts & content on popular social media.  

The supported platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Not only it supports social media automation but scheduling live posts as well. Additionally, it features account filters and allows settings post categories & tags.  

Review Old Posts is an SMM (Social Media Marketing) tool with tailored features. Trusted by 80k+ users, it promotes evergreen content, keeping your followers & users engaged.  

Key Features of Revive Old Posts (Free):  

  • Automatically generate hashtags  
  • Compatible with URL Shorteners 
  • Integrated with Google Analytics  
  • Supports multilingual posts with WPML 
  • Option for age of posts eligibility for sharing 

What’s Included in Pro? 

  • RSS feed sharing 
  • Multiple content variations 
  • Support for WP Custom Post Types 
  • Schedule & auto post to WordPress groups  
  • Add custom UTM tags for analytics  

Price: Free/Pro starts at $75 per year   

2. FS Poster (Premium)  

FS Poster Social Media Automation WordPress Plugin

FS Poster is a social media automation WordPress plugin integrating 14 different social networks. It includes extra platforms like Telegram, Reddit, VK,, Plurk, etc.  

In addition to automated social media posting, it allows bulk schedule action as well. You can further select filters and customize your post URL. Also, you can add unlimited accounts, pages, groups, communities on each social network using the plugin. 

Such linking helps to grow social media followers and increase your pages’ authenticity. Besides, the plugin highlights a manual share panel and advanced tracking insights too.  

Key Features of FS Poster:  

  • Supports all custom post types  
  • Filter shares by post category  
  • Track and compare link clicks 
  • Allows WordPress multi-site platforms 
  • Rocket fast support & technical assistance  

Price: $45 for one regular site license 

3. Social Auto Poster (Premium) 

Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin

Social Auto Poster is a trending plugin on CodeCanyon for social media auto posting & scheduling. With over 10k happy users & notable ratings, it offers plenty of remarkable features.  

Firstly, it allows unlimited social media configuration to share both old & new content. Next, it comes in handy for custom websites. As it helps to auto post blog spots, pages, WooCommerce products, or any custom post types.  

Plus, it offers log activity tracking, category-wise posting, unique URL, emoji support, and more. All of them help you strengthen your social media presence.  

Key Features of Social Media Poster:  

  • Google Analytics campaign tracker  
  • Customize message format  
  • Updated with creative add-ons  
  • Category wise posting 
  • Customer-friendly development  

Price: $39 for one regular site license  

4. AccessPress Social Auto Post (Premium) 

AccessPress Social Auto Post

Want to expand your content reach and update your social media fanbase? AccessPress Social Auto Post is a perfect go-to WordPress plugin for these purposes. 

The best thing about this plugin is its hassle-free installation and setup. Also, the posting process is as easy as pie. All you need to do is configure your social accounts, define your content, and let the plugin do its job. 

It works well for every post, page, and custom post type on your blog. Furthermore, its message format configuration helps to post uniquely as needed in several social networks.  

Key Features of AccessPress Social Auto Post:  

  • Clean & user-friendly admin interface 
  • Auto post filtering with tags & categories 
  • Configure unlimited social accounts  
  • Translation ready plugin  
  • Lifetime updates & dedicated support 

Price: $26 for one regular site license   

5. WP Ultimate Social (Premium)  

WP Ultimate Social Auto Post WordPress Plugin

Looking for all in one package of every social feature? Then, your ultimate choice can be WP Ultimate Social. This plugin offers social share, social login, social counter, auto post, Twitter feed, and many more.  

Thus, you get unlimited yet flexible options from designing your social icons to auto posting on major 15 social media channels.  

It maintains your social presence and urges visitors to share on their respective social media. All thanks to its beautiful themes, animations, and display options. This way, this plugin assists overall SMM saving you a big chunk of money. 

Key Features of WP Ultimate Social:  

  • Ultimate collection of all social features  
  • Support custom taxonomies  
  • Auto updates on all APIs 
  • Easy & interactive user interface  
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress 

Price: $50 for one regular site license  

6. Blog2Social (Freemium)  

Blog2Social Blog Auto Poster

Blog2Social is another WordPress plugin to post to multiple social accounts at once. It has over 70k active installations and offers auto-posting, cross-posting, scheduling, etc.  

Even using its free version, you can share your post and pages on 13 different social platforms. Moreover, you can customize the posts using attractive emojis, hashtags, or personal comments. Also, it supports content curation, editing meta tag info, and more.  

Whilst, if you wish for more advanced sharing & scheduling options, you can always upgrade to the Pro version. You can try it for free using the 30-days hassle-free trial option.  

Key Features of Blog2Social (Free):  

  • Repost old posts  
  • Customize HTML markup for publishing 
  • Automatic generation of hashtags  
  • Manage all users posts and pages 
  • View social media posts in a single place  

What’s Included in Pro?  

  • Easy social media scheduling 
  • Cross-posting with customized posts  
  • Easy to manage social media calendar  
  • Social campaign via Google Analytics  
  • Automated resharing process   

Price: Free/Pro starts at $5.57 per user, per month 

7. WordPress to Buffer (Freemium)   

WordPress To Buffer

As the name suggests, WordPress to Buffer is an innovative solution for social media automation. As a partner of Buffers, it allows using Buffer’s default schedule. This way, you can smartly drip feed your content to popular social media profiles.  

The plugin also ensures using dynamic tags. Such tags help to create unique status updates for your WordPress Posts’ title and overall content.  

Likewise, the supported Buffer’s technology prevents sending the same status twice. Moreover, it offers built-in protection that prevents the suspension of your social media profiles. Thus, it’s a feature-rich & safe social media auto post WordPress plugin.  

Key Features of WordPress to Buffer (Free): 

  • Post to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously  
  • Simple social media scheduling  
  • Supports auto posting to Facebook Groups  
  • Access to Buffer’s API  
  • Frequently updated, simple documentation 

What’s Included in Pro?: 

  • Multiple customizable status messages 
  • Bulk publish old posts  
  • Events Calendar & Manager integration  
  • Autoblogging and submit frontend post 
  • Dynamic status tags and settings 

Price: Free/Pro starts at $39 per year 

8. WP2Social Auto Publish (Free) 

WP2Social Auto Publish Social Media Automation WordPress Plugin

WP2Social Auto Publish is a free blog auto poster that automatically posts to Facebook. It supports flexibility for simple text messages and images while going live. Also, it allows sharing links while attaching blog posts to specific pages.  

Likewise, you can fully use different types of filters for to-be-published content. For instance, you can enable/disable publishing, use custom post types, etc.  

Similarly, there are flexible message format settings for supported post elements. It includes the post title, post description, excerpt, user display name, and others.  

Key Features of WP2Social Auto Publish: 

  • More than 20k active installations 
  • Simple and efficient to use  
  • Customizable message formats & content  
  • Specific categories for auto publishing  
  • Detailed documentation, FAQs available  

Price: Free   

9. Social Web Suite (Freemium) 

Social Web Suite one of the the best WordPress plugins for social media auto posting

Thinking of putting your social media on autopilot? And want a tool to manage it from a single place too? Then, you must try the Social Website Suit for your WordPress website. 

The plugin is not just used to schedule and post content but also, to optimize the content for each social media platform. Later, you can track the related business activity via a drag and drop calendar display. 

Moreover, it comes with tons of other features to ease auto post to Instagram, Facebook, etc. Note that it’s a premium plugin starting at $9 only. But, you can start your free 14-days trial with no credit card required.  

Key Features of Social Web Suite:  

  • Supports Gutenberg, WooCommerce  
  • RSS feeds for Content curation  
  • Amazing social media marketing system 
  • Add all your YouTube channels  
  • Integrated with analytics 

Price: Starts at $9 per month for Solopreneurs 

10. SchedulePress (Freemium) 

SchedulePress WordPress Plugin

Another powerful social media auto post WordPress plugin on our list is SchedulePress. It aims to help content creators use their blog, schedule in advance, and publish live on social media.   

Apart from superb features, this plugin is easy to use and well designed. You get a visually appealing display before publishing your content. Further, you can set and customize a dynamic template for individual posts as well.  

Later, you can use drag and drop to set new dates & publish or use the auto-scheduling feature. Of course, it also aids in managing multiple authors, giving them required access. 

Key Features of SchedulePress (Free):  

  • Super convenient dashboard widget 
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop feature 
  • SchedulePress content calendar  
  • Notify WordPress users with Email 
  • Configure auto social share templates  

What’s Included in Pro?  

  • Flexible Auto Scheduler  
  • Missed Schedule handler  
  • Premium live chat support  
  • Query optimization for performance  
  • Auto share on multi-social profile 

Price: Free/Pro starts at $39 per year for a single site license 

11. NextScripts (Freemium)

NextScripts WordPress Automation Plugin

Lastly, we’ve NextScripts. It’s definitely one of the best WordPress plugins for social media auto posting. It automates the content and grabs the post title, URL, featured image, and other info.  

Further, it allows crafting a custom social media message for your every website’s blog. Such tailored messages make the content more interactive and reach more audiences. 

Moreover, you can use the plugin to send broadcast messages too. Adding it to your connected social media networks helps to make announcements, launch new products/designs or available features.   

Key Features of NextScripts (Free):  

  • 100% white labeled posts  
  • Limit auto posting speed  
  • Custom URLs for autoposts  
  • ‘Spin’ messages post templates  
  • Import/Export plugin settings  

What’s Included in Pro?  

  • Scheduled and delayed posting  
  • Additional filters like Custom Fields  
  • Configure unlimited accounts  
  • Limit auto-reposting to specific days/times 
  • Proxy for some networks  

Price: Free/Pro starts at $49.95 per year 


No wonder social media and online platforms are the most effective way to promote & market your brand. But, the task may not be as easy as it might seem.  

Firstly, there are tons of popular platforms to market to. And, managing your old/new website content and posting them on those networks can be a daunting task.  

Thus, to help manage the mess, come the best WordPress plugins for social media auto posting enlisted above. They’ll help you to share and promote your content automatically. Not only that, but you also get many other features to schedule & manage the task. 

With that said, we hope you pick the best one from the list that meets your requirements. If you’re still confused, we recommend you go with Social Auto Poster. It’s a simple social media automation WordPress plugin with greater features.  

Did you like this article? If yes, don’t forget to share them. The social media handles are right in front of you. Also, we’re always open for feedback, so leave us a comment down below if you’ve anything.  

Lastly, if you wish to explore more, go through our other articles best free social media plugins and how to add social media share buttons to your blog

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