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The virtual world of the internet has managed to offer us the probability of almost everything. However, with beginners and novices, the idea of coding and scripting may sound a bit complex. This is why most of us rather depend on professionals for the task. No matter which niche or category of business you deal with, it is the design and the functionality that makes an impact on anyone who lands on your site. But hiring professionals to do the job might cost time, effort and investment that most of us are not willing to spend.

So what is the solution? Well, this is where the useful and advanced website builder tools come into play. Thanks to the revolutionary tool that has been developed to simplify the process, today creating a professional looking website are no longer reserved only for the expert. And today we will be talking in detail about SITE123.com; one of the Best Free Website Builder.

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About SITE123.com: An Easy and Free Website Builder!

Site123.com is a free website builder that is developed and designed with the idea of providing the users an easy way to create a website. The company was founded in 2016.  The perfect solution for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for an easy way out, it gives you the freedom of building the ideal platform with zero coding knowledge. Innovative and powerful, it includes all the basic tools you may require for the purpose.


Popular among most users nowadays, you have the freedom to create professional looking sites within a few minutes. Without any prior experience with designing and coding SITE123.com is the reliable platform to get you started!

The advanced wizard set up, as well as the easy-to-use editor interface and cross-platform compatibility, make SITE123.com an advanced and powerful designing tool. Practically you spend very less time and effort, also saving you the cost of hiring professionals. While this is basically why this was developed and designed, Click on the link below to know more about it!

Visit Site123.com

However, there still is the debate on whether this site builder is powerful and advanced enough? Is the Free service capable and flexible enough to meet all our needs? And most of all is the interface as easy to use as they claim? To answer all of the questions above, let’s take a deeper look into site123.com!

Key Features of the website builder!

Before getting started with the process of creating a website, let’s get a brief introduction to the features. Ensuring the best possible user experience, they have a list of features that not only help you get started but also create the best website as a result!


By default, any website created with SITE123.com is fully responsive. This means that no matter which device your website is loaded from, it automatically adjusts and fits the device screen size. Even the mobile-users won’t have trouble with any of the design or come up with any flaws.

Unlimited Sites Creation:-


Another great reason to start using site123.com is that you get to create an unlimited amount of websites. However, this is the case when you are using their free plans and an administrative account. But if you are using one of their paid plans, then you need to pay for the site individually.

SEO Friendly Interface:-

The website builder is also SEO-friendly which means that the SERP’s or Seach Engine Result Pages can index your site easily without any additional coding. The HTML used contains all the appropriate tags you may require. Additionally, you can also automatically redirect them from your old site if necessary!

Multi-Lingual Support:-

Another major feature of the site123.com website builder is that it supports multiple languages. The back-end of the builder has been translated into 69 different languages that you can easily switch to. This enables the users of any language to easily work in an interface that is familiar to their mother-tongue.

E-Commerce compatibility:-


With site123.com you can easily create an online store. It supports all the basic eCommerce features that allow the users to showcase their work in an impressive manner. Whether you want to create a stunning gallery, display your products, set up an easy payment method, or manage your inventory or orders, there is an option for it all. The online store builder included is user-friendly and you can access it with ease. Much like for other niches of websites you can create, it offers a whole set of features dedicated to helping you create the perfect online store. If you want to take a look at the store builder, you can click the link here: Site123 Online Store Builder.

Unlimited Web Pages:-

When it comes to the number of pages you can build for your site, most site builders have a limit that you need to keep in mind. However, that is not the case with Site123 as it gives you the option to create as many web page as you need.

App Market:-


To add the features and functionality of your website, you can find plenty of add-ons or applications you can easily integrate. Simply visit the App Market, choose the application you want and simply install it. The process is simple and takes about a minute to achieve! Once you install them, you can enjoy their features with ease, giving you the freedom to function without any coding knowledge.

Free Hosting Included:-

One of the major advantages of using SITE123.com is that it includes free hosting service on their secured server. They have their dedicated servers that you can access through the free site123 subdomain. This means that once you save the changes you make, your site will be available to others. But if you want to switch to other site hostings, then you can always upgrade to one of their premium plans and use a custom domain.

Marketing and Social Media Integration:-

One of the major aspects of any website, after it is created, is the marketing and the social media integration. It gives way to a more effective online presence and makes it easier to connect with your users. With Site123, it has been taken care of. It includes in-built tools that you can use to create and connect through newsletters, email outreach, and even popular social media sites.

Free Website Template:-


Just like with useful apps, you can also switch to free website templates that have been carefully crafted especially for site123.com websites. You can simply go to visit their Template Market and easily choose the template that best suits your preference. Each of them represents a niche and is carefully crafted keeping the user experience in mind. These templates are free to use under the site123.com websites so you do not need to invest extra! From blogging to corporate to landing pages to almost everything can be found right here!

How To Create a Website With the Free Website Builder Site123.com?

Now that we have the basic idea of what is Site123.com and what it offers let’s take a closer look at how user-friendly the website builder is. For your convenience, we have indulged in the process ourselves and will be giving our exact thoughts on how easy it is to use!


To start off, we have redirected to their official website and clicked on Start Here. This loads a new page where we can choose the type of website we wish to create. Here you can choose from 9 different variations, and we have chosen the business category.


After choosing the category, you are then required to enter a website name. It can be anything you wish that represents you and your website. Here for the sake of example, we have written the name as business123example.com.


Once you write the name, you are then redirected to the sign-up page. You can either use your email address or Facebook or Google Account to sign up.


After you have successfully signed up for your new account, you are then redirected to the website builder. From there you can now start editing and modifying the elements to your preference. Since you are new to the interface, the site builder has it’s own tour or guide to help you out at first. But for your convenience, we will talk more in detail about each option and what you can do with it.

1. Homepage Settings


The first option is for the basic HomePage settings. You can change the website name, add a logo and also the font size to be displayed. There you can also find the option to add the titles and slogan if you want.

The next option titled “Background Design” lets the users modify the background image, change the height and width, add an optional image if preferred, switch to parallax effect and more.

2. Pages Settings


The next customizing option is Pages. From here, you can access the web pages to your website. You can add any additional Pages you require, or edit the existing ones to your requirements.

It is also possible for the users to set up the SEO parameters, customize the block sizes and change the titles, meta descriptions with ease. If any of them are n0t useful for you, you can also choose to remove them entirely.

3. Design Settings


With this free website builder, it offers plenty of design customizing option. This is the major reason that more people opt for this to create a website that reaches the professional standard.

On the setting option for design, you can edit and modify the elements integrated on your site. You can choose from the various website structures and go with the one that best suits your website niche. In addition to this, you also have the option to stylize the fonts and color schemes. If you want to modify the Header and Footer, you can also easily access them from here. The final menu included gives the user the freedom to choose their custom favicons and social image.

5. Settings


The settings of this website builder generally involve the overall SEO settings, location, languages as well as the privacy policy and the type of website. From here, you can also add plugins that enhance the overall functionality of the website. You can choose from the categories: Popular Analytic Tools, Live Support Chat, Marketing Tools, Webmaster Tools.

6. Domain Settings


The final settings are for you to switch from your current domain to a custom domain. If you ever wish to switch to the premium plans and use a custom domain, then you can access the settings here.

The site123.com free website builder comes with a visual editor that enables the user to use their Drag and Drop feature. All of the above-mentioned changes can be made through the sidebar settings and can be previewed Live in real-time mode! Here are some examples you can go through to see the end result created with Site123.com!

Pricing and Plans For Site123.com!

Now that we have talked about the process and the overall settings that you can use to create a free website let’s talk about the pricing and plan site123.com offers their users. While it is basically one of the Best Free Website Builder, it also has a premium plan and pricing that you can upgrade to if you need any additional features. The Free plan is limited to 500 MB storage and 1GB bandwidth. Although this is plenty for a simple website, you might need to upgrade once you reach the limit and start establishing yourself as a bigger corporation.


If you wish, then you can easily use the free plan forever, but once your website reaches the limit, you will require to upgrade. Although you can access most of the features included in the site-builder, you will benefit more if you upgrade to the premium plan with a large-scale corporation.

Talking about the premium plan, as you can see, you have the option to choose from 4 different plans: basic, advanced, professional and gold. It costs the users $9.80, $15.80, $21.80 and $27.80 per year respectively. You can take a look at the table above for the feature they offer for each of the plans.

Customer Support: What Do They Offer?

Any products out there, the first thing to consider is what kind of support they provide. This ensures the users of the optimum experience so that they are never stuck on any queries. With site123.com, you get a premium-like customer support option. 


The professionals at site123 are always ready to help and their human chat option is available 24/7. You can easily find chat menu at their official site. This ensures that no matter when or where you are lost,  you can get immediate help!

For your convenience, there are also video tutorial and FAQ’s section to help the beginners to get started. You can easily access them from their homepage. You can also send your concerns to their email address and get your answers. In addition to this, once you enter their support page, you can also access their beginner’s tour whenever you are in need. If you want to take a look at what else they offer; here is a quick link to their support page:Site123 Support Center!

Final Thoughts On The Free Website Builder: Site123.com!

At the end of our review and experience with site123.com, here is what we really think. For anyone looking to create a stunning professional level website then this is the ideal choice. Being a free platform to get you started, it is pretty awesome. The Drag-and-drop builder in addition to all the site builder customizing options provides a decent way to create with ease. It is extremely user-friendly and we had absolutely no trouble understanding any of the processes.

The advantage when you are going with their free plan is that you get free hosting. However, if you are somewhat of a large-scale corporation then there might be some limitations. But you can easily switch to their premium plans to get it sorted. In a nutshell, site123.com is a pretty great free website builder compared to most out there. We can also say one of the best and would definitely recommend it to beginners or even professionals.


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