How to remove ‘Powered by WordPress’ footer and Copyright Footers from your WordPress Theme?

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So you have your WordPress website setup completely. Instead of using a premium theme, you might have chosen to use one of the default WordPress themes. You have your theme fully customized, and all the plugins have been completely setup. But there’s just one simple problem. The massive message bar on the bottom of your website with WordPress copyright all over it.

The footer area is used by most WordPress default themes to show that the website was built using WordPress: A little footer with the text ‘Proudly Powered by WordPress.’ However, this isn’t something exclusive to the default themes. A lot of free theme users also use a copyrighted footer to show the developer name of the theme. Why? Well, it functions as a little advertisement section for their work. Your average WordPress beginner can be completely unaware of how to remove proudly powered by WordPress footer message. And while the simple footer message on the native WordPress themes is completely harmless, they can seem out of place for your website. So, if you want your website to look a bit more professional or even a bit more personal, you might want to choose to remove the proudly powered by WordPress link.

And that is why we’ve brought you this article; With detailed guidelines on How to Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress link on your website footer.

Why should you remove ‘Powered by WordPress’ footer links?

Well, the obvious reason is to ensure that your website keeps its professional atmosphere. If you’re running a website for your business, a copyright link for WordPress or any other theme developer would ruin the feel of professionalism for your website. A copyright link that would feel out of place for your website. Additionally, you might want to customize your footer section with other content or additional widgets that would suit your website better.

And better yet, you’re completely free to remove the Powered by WordPress links. While you’re not explicitly provided the option to remove it, you’re not going to get in trouble for going one step ahead and removing the copyright footers. So let’s take a look at some of the methods you can get rid of the annoying footer links:

Removing ‘Powered By WordPress’ links by using CSS:

You can choose to simply remove the copyright footer by adding a single line of external CSS code on your theme settings. To do so, navigate to your theme customizer by hovering over Appearance and then clicking on Customize on your WP Dashboard sidebar. Then, click on Additional CSS on the left menu.

Then, you can simply add in the following CSS code to disable the powered by WordPress copyright footer:

.site-info { display: none; }

Once you click on Publish on the top left, your customization settings should be saved and the bottom powered by WordPress should be now gone.

Remove ‘Powered by WordPress’ by using a WordPress plugin:

The CSS step might be simple, but it’s not exactly a one-click solution. Moreover, this method may not work for some themes due to the way they were coded in the first place. Using a dedicated WordPress plugin is a much simpler and user-friendly option. And obviously, we have a few recommendations for you to try out if you want to remove the Footer copyright links on your website.

Let’s check out some of these plugins and how you can use them:

Remove “Powered by WordPress”

This is the perfect plugin if you’re using one of the default themes provided by WordPress. This includes a list of free themes such as Twenty Twenty, Twenty Seventeen, and so on. Additionally, you can also choose to add additional content to replace the footer credits if you want. The plugin is straightforward to use and takes barely any effort to setup either. However, you need to make sure that you’re running one of the native WordPress themes for this plugin to work.

Simply install the plugin and activate it. Our guide on Installing WordPress plugins should easily take you through the steps required to do so. Then, click on Appearance on your WordPress Sidebar and click on Customize. Next, click on the Theme options listing on the left sidebar and you should be able to see a Remove Powered By WordPress option. Simply check in the checkbox option and that should remove the Powered by WordPress footer credit. Remember to click on Publish when you’re done and your theme settings should be saved.

Download + Demo + Details

Remove Footer Credit

Now, if you’re running a theme that isn’t a native WordPress theme and you need to remove Footer credits using a plugin, you can choose to do so as well. For this purpose, you’ll need to use the Remove Footer credit plugin. This plugin works for most WordPress themes and not only provides you with the option to remove Footer credits but also edit them. Add your Footer text or Trademark text if you want to. The plugin is also equally as easy to set up and install, and the interface for the plugin itself is very beginner-friendly.

After you’re done installing and activating the Remove Footer Credit plugin, you’re ready to work with the plugin.

Hover over Tools and click on Remove Footer credit. Here you will be given two text boxes: one for removing text from your footer and one to add your custom ones.

Enter any text on the top box to remove the text from your site footer. Remember that if you want to remove different texts, you have to enter them in a single line separately.

For example, if we want to remove Powered By WordPress from our website footer then we enter our text as:

Powered by WordPress

Additionally, you can use the bottom editor box to add any kind of Footer credit. For the demo, we’ll add the text “ Demo For Remove Credit Footer”

Demo For Remove Credit Footer

Once you’re done, click on Save on the bottom and your changes should show up perfectly on the front end.

Download + Demo + Details

Removing Copyright Footer by buying Pro license

Huge disclaimer for our viewers, these plugins or our steps may not be completely functional for all themes available in the market. Being able to remove the footer really depends on how the theme was coded by the theme developers.

However, a lot of theme developers provide you the option to remove the copyright footers by upgrading to a Pro license. This is certainly an option considering how many additional features you’re provided on top of it.

For example, all of our ThemeGrill Themes come with a copyright footer that can be easily removed by purchasing the Pro version of the themes. This adds a huge set of nifty features such as :

  • Tons of additional Pro Demos for the Demo Importer.
  • Additional sets of layout, color and menu customizations.
  • Huge number of Custom widgets and widget areas.
  • A wider range of Header and Footer customization and control.
  • Tons of Blog features and additional Typography options.

Wrapping up:

And that’s some of the easier ways to Remove the Powered by WordPress footer credit from your website. Again, to clarify, you’re completely allowed to remove the credit and even edit it. The credit is usually given as a credit to the theme developers at times, so some themes may require additional changes to remove the credit footer text. If you come to find such themes, do let us know and we’ll try our best to help you out.

Additionally, if you want to learn more ways to improve your website using additional theme settings, you can check out some of our other blogs too:

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