37 Most Popular & Best WordPress Blogs to Read in 2023

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Do you want to get updates or knowledge about WordPress-relevant topics? Are you looking for the best WordPress blogs to read? If so, you’re at the right place.

WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), is also one of the best blogging tools with rich features. And WordPress blogs are those which publish posts about features, updates, themes, plugins, and every other element related to it.  

Blogs about WordPress can help individuals in different aspects, like getting started with WordPress, creating a business site, a guide on using the new features, and more.  

So, in this post, we’ve decided to share the most successful and popular WordPress blogs with valuable content.

Let’s start by finding out how we selected these best WordPress blogs. 

How We Selected the Best WordPress Blogs Listed Here? 

Being WordPress bloggers and developers ourselves, we’ve in-depth knowledge, and a good amount of experience with WordPress, its users, and everything related.  

In our early days, we also searched for some credible resources of WordPress blogs to read like you’re searching for now.

At that moment, as information gainers or readers, we realized how blogs about WordPress should be crafted to provide knowledge to the readers. 

So, here are some points that we looked at before selecting the best WordPress blogs:

  • Reliability: WordPress blogs should provide a piece of genuine and verified information on every topic they write. Before writing the blog, one should do enough research about the topic from an official or trusted source.  
  • Simplicity: WordPress blogs should be as simple as possible and not include any technical jargon. Because when beginners or non-technical people read the blog, they should get the concept without having to search for the meaning of the words. 
  • Clarity: It should provide the information without getting away from the center of the topic and use enough resources like clear images, videos, links, and so on for better engagement.

Apart from these, there are many other factors for the WordPress blog to be the best.

Factors like adding a descriptive title, regularly publishing the article, categorizing the articles, adding comment sections to let readers post their queries, etc., also matter.  

Hence, based on all the factors mentioned above and others, we’ve selected the 37 beneficial and most popular WordPress blogs. 

37 Most Popular & Best WordPress Blogs to Read in 2023 

1. ThemeGrill Blog

ThemeGrill Blog Page As One of the Best WordPress Blogs

First of all, we’d like to recommend our blog, i.e., ThemeGrill Blog! With due consideration to other popular blogs, we can’t help keeping our own blog on this list! Our blogging and marketing team aims to bring the best quality, resourceful WordPress articles based on in-depth research. 

ThemeGrill Blog features WordPress tutorials, how-to guides, tips and tricks, WordPress reviews, news, trends, and information. Furthermore, it has well-researched WordPress themes and plugin collections, reviews, and WordPress coupons and deals. The blog has a remarkable number of monthly visitors, most of whom come from organic search results. 

Twitter @blogthemegrill

People behind ThemeGrill blog: Sanjip Shah, Sunita Rai, & team

2. WP Tavern

WPTavern Blog Page That has Blogs About WordPress

WP Tavern is an amazing platform where you find fresh information about the latest WordPress news and updates. In fact, it’s one of the most reliable sources on official WordPress releases, new features, issues, fixes, WordPress people, product acquisitions, etc.  

Since most content here is about new happenings, it receives tons of comments from users and WordPress developers. If you’ve queries or comments, you can also engage in discussions about your topics. That’s one of the many reasons for this site to be at the top of WordPress blog examples. 

Twitter @wptavern

People behind WP Tavern: Sarah Gooding, Jeff Chandler, & team

3. WPBeginner

WPBeginner Blog Page

Next on the list is WPBeginner, which is amazing for its simple tutorials and guides focused on beginners. Like its name, WPBeginner features simple and easy-to-understand articles to help non-tech-savvy WordPress users. 

Moreover, the blog includes a variety of WordPress topics and categories. You can find WordPress news, reviews, themes, plugins, coupons, and deals on its blog page. Though its main focus is beginners, it’s also very helpful for professionals, experts, and bloggers as an inspiration. 

It’s one of the best WordPress blog examples that specializes in listings of the best themes and plugins for WordPress. Premium or free, you’ll find them all from its blog.

Twitter @wpbeginner

People behind WPBeginner: Syed Balkhi & team

4. CodeinWP Blog

CodeinWP Blog Page

If you are a beginner trying to set up your WordPress website, CodeinWP Blog is one of the best resources to help you start out. This blog aims to provide content that is easy to understand involving the various aspects of WordPress. What’s more interesting is that while being guided, you can build your dream site with the tools available on the site. 

CodeinWP is updated every other week, and you’ll find tutorials and comparison lists to help you out. Each of their contents is highly researched and finalized, so you can fully rely on them. What more can you ask for if you’re a beginner or even a designer looking to design? 

Twitter @codeinwp

People behind at CodeinWP: Adelina Tuca & team

5. Yoast Blog

Yoast Blog Page As One of the WordPress Blogs to Read

While most blogs deal with the overall outlook of your site, Yoast Blog specifically specializes in improving your WordPress site’s SEO. As you might already know, Yoast SEO is the #1 most popular WordPress SEO plugin. Along with their amazing plugin, the Yoast team provides awesome content about WordPress SEO. 

On this blog, you’ll find content related to their WordPress plugins and how you can use them to optimize your WordPress site. In addition, you can find general information and tutorials on on-page SEO, off-page SEO, SEO copywriting, etc. As SEO is a major aspect of online marketing, Yoast Blog is one of the best blog sites to follow for a successful WordPress website. 

Twitter @yoast

People behind Yoast Blog: Marieke van de Rakt & team

6. WPEverest Blog

WPEverest Blog Page

WPEverest is the home to the popular WordPress plugins User Registration and Everest Forms. User Registration is the best front-end user registration plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin, you can create custom user registration forms with tons of extra fields, assign them different user roles and have them contribute to your site. On the other hand, Everest Forms is a super simple WordPress form plugin to create contact forms, survey forms, etc.  

On the WPEverest Blog, you can find tutorials about these WordPress plugins as well as other general WordPress guides. So, if you’re using any of these plugins or want to learn about forms and user registration features, then it’s your go-to blog!  

Twitter @wp_everest

People behind WPEverest blog: Rabin Shrestha & team

7. WPMU DEV Blog

WPMU DEV Blog Page One of the Top WordPress Blogs

WPMU DEV Blog is a great platform for professionals to start up their WordPress business. This site provides you with everything you may require for your WordPress site, including templates, plugins, security, updates, marketing & SEO tools, and professional support. You’ll also have access to WP Academy membership once you sign up. 

The blog page has a large number of categories, including News, Development, Marketing, and Reviews. Not only this, but you’ll be able to find developers to advertise your business. You can get tips, tricks, and tutorials on getting your website to work to an optimum level. It’s one of the best WordPress blogs out there with all these functionalities. 

Twitter @wpmudev

People behind WPMU DEV Blog: James Farmer & team

8. Zakra Theme Blog

Zakra Theme Blog Page One of the Best WordPress Blogs

Zakra is one of the best free WordPress themes available on the internet. You can use this theme to build various websites, including blogs, business sites, portfolios, eCommerce stores, to LMS sites. Along with the awesome theme, it also has a great blog. For starters, the Zakra blog has detailed how-to tutorials on creating websites, using the Zakra theme, page builders, and adding more features to them.  

 You can find hostings for your page and even coupons and deals that you can use to purchase your WordPress accessories. That’s not all. You can also look up comparison blogs if you’re confused about which service or tool to use for your WordPress website.

Twitter @ThemeZakra

People behind Zakra Theme Blog: Sunita Rai & team

9. Kinsta Blog

Kinsta Blog Page

Kinsta is one of the best WordPress-managed hosting companies on the market. They provide fast and secure hosting for WordPress websites. In addition, they also have a great blog for WordPress users, including beginner-friendly tutorials and technical guides. All of their articles are easy to follow, even for WordPress users without extensive technical knowledge. 

If you run into any problems on your WordPress site, you’ll find detailed tutorials to help you solve them. Kinsta also offers actionable tips to improve WordPress websites, product comparisons, and recommendations. 

Twitter @kinsta

People behind Kinsta Blog: Mark Gavalda & team

10. Elegant Themes Blog

Elegant Themes Blog Page

Elegant Themes Blog, as the name suggests, is also a theme collection blog. But it’s not limited to just that. You’ll find WordPress plugins and templates as well as guides and tutorials. You can find almost everything related to WordPress right here on this blog. 

Moreover, it features all the news and updates available for WordPress. Also, the blog page has large fonts with a clean and simple interface that makes it easy to navigate. Perfect guidance tool for beginners as well as on a professional level; yes, that’s why this blog is listed on our list of best WordPress blogs. 

Twitter @elegantthemes

People behind Elegant Themes Blog: Randy A. Brown & team

11. The WooCommerce Blog

WooCommerce Blog Page

If you own a business website, you obviously know how WooCommerce works. But if you don’t, The WooCommerce Blog is perfect for you. Are you wondering how to start your online store? This blog will help you along the way with its guides and tips. Not only tutorials but anything related to WooCommerce; this is the site for you. 

You can get the latest news and updates about WooCommerce and its extensions. It has articles under various categories like Sell Online, Marketing, Shipping, Business Ideas, and so on. If you’re a WooCommerce user, this WordPress blog is your go-to website.

Twitter @WooCommerce

People behind WooCommerce Blog: Mark Forrester, Magnus Jepson, and Adii Pienaar & team

12. WPExplorer Blog

WPExplorer Blog Page

Here is another WordPress blog example that deals with everything related to WordPress. Just as the name says, WPExplorer Blog explores all of the aspects of WordPress to give you quality content. Easy-to-follow tutorials and guides, comparative and product reviews, and a collection of themes and templates are all right here. 

Not only that, but this blog also has awesome tips and tricks that you can use to gain more traffic and viewers to your site. Complete with options for coupons and hosting, this site is one of the best out there because of all of its power-packed content and reliability. 

Twitter @WPExplorer

People behind WPExplorer: Kyla Glover & team

13. WP Mayor

WP Mayor Blog Page As One of the WordPress Blog Examples

WP Mayor specializes in WordPress plugins, themes, and product service reviews. You’ll see comparative or listed reviews related to the products, making this site the one you must visit before you decide to get the premium plugins or templates for your WordPress site.  

Although WP Mayor mostly deals with review content, it also showcases tutorials, guides, and news contributed to the site. You can find the best templates, plugins, and even hosts that help you along the way. The blog page also displays the article as Editor’s Picks, Hot Review, Best Picks, and so on. That doesn’t let you miss the important articles.

Twitter @wpmayor

People behind WP Mayor: Jean Galea & team

14. Blogging Wizard

Blogging Wizard Blog Page

Blogging Wizard is an award-winning blog that provides learning resources for those who want to start blogging. It includes plenty of content for aspiring or new bloggers and resources for entrepreneurs. Further, you can build, grow, and earn profit from the blog using the advice of the Blogging Wizard.  

Similarly, it provides valuable tutorials, strategies, and tactics you can use immediately. Their blog has been featured and mentioned by other popular sites like Search Engine Journal, Microsoft, Forbes, and many others, which indicates that the blog offers credible and useful resources. 

Twitter @bloggingwizard 

People behind Blogging Wizard: Adam Connell & team 

15. SiteSaga

SiteSaga Blog Page

Next on the list is, SiteSaga, an online resource that helps you build a successful website. It mainly covers in-depth articles, tutorials, and step-by-step guides on creating any kind of website. The strategies it offers are tried and tested by themselves, which helps you grow your site and make money online by monetizing it. 

Along with this, the blog has beginner-friendly guides on digital marketing, website security, SEO, speed optimization, and so on. Also, it offers product reviews, tools, tips and tricks, and other resources. The categories of the blogs include Beginner’s Guides, Tutorials, Reviews, and Marketing. 

Twitter @sitesaga 

People behind SiteSaga: Editorial team 

16. ShoutMeLoud Blog

ShoutMeLoud Blog Page

ShoutMeLoud Blog is a community of bloggers who share tips and tricks for beginners to skip the hard way of getting used to WordPress. You can find tons of tips and tricks to earn money from your blog here. This site also features a forum for enthusiasts who would like to hang out and discuss topics related to WordPress.  

This site is not only dedicated to one type of genre, but you can also find others, like tips to optimize your business, fashion, food, or travel blogs. In addition to the tutorials, some videos are included in the tutorials themselves. What’s more? This site also offers a free android and IOS app to download and view its blog. With ingenious thinking and options for users, it’s listed on our list of the best WordPress Blogs.  

Twitter @shoutmeloud

People behind ShoutMeLoud Blog: Harsh Agrawal & team

17. ManageWP Blog   

ManageWP Blog Page

ManageWP is one of the most successful WordPress website management tools. It provides you with everything you require to manage multiple WordPress websites. The blog section of ManageWP is even more interesting, with the contents made just for WordPress. 

ManageWP creates and publishes blogs to inform readers about useful tools, strategies, plugins, and so on. Likewise, you can also get recent news about WordPress updates and new features. On the other hand, the business category of the blog provides you with different techniques to improve your business website

Twitter @managewp 

People behind ManageWP Blog: Predrag Zdravkovic & team 

18. WPKube

WPKube Blog Page As One of the Best WordPress Blogs

WPKube is yet another WordPress site that deals with almost all of the categories of a WordPress beginner. You’ll find tutorials for the beginner’s level as well as guides for professionals for better understanding. Other than that, this site also does listings and comparative articles for users to get the best of WP. 

Whether you want templates or plugins for your blog, you can find them here as well. You’ll also find detailed reviews of different WP products. Not to mention their amazing content on tips and tricks about WordPress. Featuring all this, WPKube is one of the top WordPress blogs you can find on the internet. 

Twitter @wpkube

People behind WPKube: Devesh Sharma & team

19. WinningWP

WinningWP Blog Page

WinningWP is another award-winning blog that focuses on exploring techniques and resources related to WordPress. It provides valuable information and insight to people with an interest in WordPress. With more than 20 categories, the blog covers almost all the elements required for running and managing WordPress sites. 

Also, for the readers of WinningWP, it provides exclusive deals and coupons by partnering with different hosting companies, WordPress themes, content editor plugins, and so on. The blog is also transparent about the plugins, web hosting, and the services it relies upon. 

Twitter @WinningWP 

People behind WinningWP: Brin Wilson & team 

20. WP Buffs

WP Buffs Blog Page

WP Buffs is a team that solves WordPress challenges by positively impacting the community. It helps you make bold decisions about your website when you hesitate due to a lack of technical knowledge. The categories under which it publishes blogs are Community, How To, News, Plugins, Themes, Webinars, and News. 

Along with the blogs, it provides video tutorials and 24/7 emergency support, and website monitoring. On top of that, it also frequently publishes podcasts under WPMRR that you can listen to. And you also get to download eBooks made to improve your WordPress site for free. 

Twitter @thewpbuffs 

People behind WP Buffs: Editorial team 

21. Wordfence  

Wordfence Blog Page

Wordfence is one of the plugin developers leading in securing WordPress. It prioritizes serving the needs and challenges of users. At the same time, it publishes various WordPress blogs. The majority of blogs that Wordfence publishes are related to vulnerabilities in different WordPress-related products and tools.  

The blogs provide you with knowledge of recent breaches, hacking, and other security reports. You can also subscribe to Wordfence to get information about WordPress security research directly in your inbox. 

Twitter @wordfence

People behind Wordfence: Chloe Chamberland, Ram Gall, & team 

22. WPEntire  

WPEntire Blog Page

As the name suggests, WPEntire contains the entire WordPress resource. You’ll find everything from basic WordPress tutorials to themes & plugin reviews. The major highlight of this site is its simplicity and systemic division of related articles. This attribute helps even a novice who has no prior knowledge of WordPress. 

WPEntire also offers a huge discount for its users with WordPress coupons and deals. You can go & check their site and select the incredible business plans today. Further, WPEntire dedicates itself to the community of enthusiastic WordPress users. We’re pretty sure this blogging site will enlighten a little more towards the wisdom of WordPress. 

Twitter @wpentire_blog

People behind WPEntire Blog: Sandilya Kafle & team 

23. Tuts+

Tuts+ Blog Page

Tuts+ is a part of Envato’s ecosystem that helps people learn and earn online through their how-to tutorials, courses, eBooks, and guides. It offers one of the leading online tutorials and courses focused on self-directed learners. They provide tutorials for WordPress and other niches such as JavaScript, PHP, React, and many others.  

From Tuts+ WordPress tutorials, you learn about different plugins, WordPress communities, and other WordPress-related knowledge. These tutorials have step-by-step instructions and screenshots that let you learn without any confusion. 

Twitter @tutsplus 

People behind Tuts+: Collis Ta’eed & team 

24. Chris Lema

Chris Lema Blog Page

If you’ve been in the blogging or WordPress community for some time, you must have heard the name, Chris Lema. Chris Lema is an active member of the WordPress community and an author, coach for startups, storyteller, and public speaker who also runs one of the most famous WordPress blogs. He focuses solely on helping to grow your business. 

Since Chris Lema has spent more than 15 years understanding the WordPress ecosystem’s product landscape, his blog is worth a read. The blog is engaging, concise, easy to understand, and helps to improve your WordPress site. Meanwhile, you can also read his e-books to manage your team remotely. 

Twitter @chrislema 

People behind Chris Lema: Chris Lema 

25. SiteNerdy

SiteNerdy Blog Page

SiteNerdy is a hub where you get help to build and manage your professional site on WordPress. It provides solutions through how-to guides, reviews, and comparisons on different WordPress-related topics. Further, the WordPress blog helps everyone from beginners to experts with easy-to-read articles. 

It also provides lots of tutorials for SEO, security, speed, marketing, and so on. Along with this, it also writes about the new updates and features of WordPress to let you know about them. For ease, you can directly read the blogs under Useful Links, Popular Articles, and Blogging Guides. 

Twitter @sitenerdy 

People behind SiteNerdy: Editorial team 

26. WPeka

WPeka Blog Page

WPeka is a fantastic blog that writes about WordPress, SEO, digital marketing, and web design. It offers valuable tips, tutorials, and various deals to help you grow your WordPress site and business. Reviews of the products or tools help you decide whether or not you should use them on your WordPress site. 

Another amazing thing you can read from the WPeka blog is the interview of various highly experienced people in WordPress and its community. Moreover, it also gives you information about the coupons and deals so that you can use the discount coupons to buy some of the WordPress tools and services. 

Twitter @wpekadotcom 

People behind WPeka: Editorial team 

27. aThemes

aThemes Blog Page

aThemes is one of the successful WordPress blogs and a theme developer that creates well-designed, easy-to-use themes. Its themes are loved by many users. Likewise, its blog is admired by most. The blog publishes tutorials, tricks, and guides to help you manage your WordPress site. 

aThemes has categorized its blogs as Reviews, Collections, Tutorials, Hosting, and Guides for WordPress. In addition, you can get the news about the deals on WordPress themes, plugins, or hosting providers and get the news of their upcoming or newly released themes.  

It’s the site that you must visit once if you are a WordPress enthusiast. Why? Because it covers everything related to WordPress.

Twitter @athemesdotcom 

People behind aThemes: Anna, Liza, & team 

28. Colorlib

Colorlib Blog Page

Colorlib is a WordPress theme-developing company that provides free and premium themes. At the same time, it also publishes blogs on various topics related to the WordPress theme collection that helps you choose some good themes for your site. 

With over 300 theme collections under various blog topics, it strives to add at least three new theme collections every week to its blog. The theme listed mainly falls under the categories of WooCommerce, multipurpose, blog, photography, portfolio, and so on. Apart from the themes, it also provides website templates that you can use on your site. 

Twitter @colorlib 

People behind Colorlib: Aigars Silkalns & team 

29. WPLift Blog

WPLift Blog Page

WPLift is a blog dealing with content that is aimed at helping you get a better understanding of how efficiently you can use your WordPress site. Asking how? With the help of the guides and tutorials that this site offers. 

You’ll find tutorials that are beginner-friendly as well as content-rich. The site also features all the latest news and updates on WordPress. Also, it has its own theme gallery that you can check out. Not only this, but you’ll find other helpful stuff like plugins and security widgets. All of this on one site makes this another hotspot for the best WordPress Blog. 

Whether you need WordPress tutorials and guides or want to try out a template or plugins, this site has it all.  

Twitter @wplift

Some top bloggers at WPLift: Editorial team 

30. Torque

Torque Blog Page

Torque Magazine debuted in July 2013 and is now one of the leading resources for WordPress news. It’s at the forefront of all the news and events of the WordPress community. Besides, the blog helps new and advanced WordPress users with expert insights and information to grow their WordPress sites.

Further, it has various categories of articles such as Plugins, Themes, Development, Marketing, and so on. You can also subscribe to its newsletter and get information about the fresh content right in your weekly email.  

Twitter @TheTorqueMag

People behind Torque: Editorial Team 

31. WP Newsify

WP Newsify Blog Page One of the Most Popular WordPress Blogs

The main aim of WP Newsify is, just like any other WordPress site, to help a beginner go through the basics of WordPress. This site features articles, tutorials, and guides to help you use all of the features of WordPress more efficiently.  

The site provides theme roundups, plugin guides, and all the latest news on the blogging world, making this one of the top WordPress blogs. WP Newsify also features guest posts and stories contributed and submitted to them. Thus, you can also try writing about WordPress and its related content and submit articles to this. blog page. So, this is one of the best WordPress blogs for you, without a doubt. 

Twitter @WPNewsify

People behind WP Newsify: Peter Nilsson & team 

32. Dessign Themes Blog

Dessign Themes Blog Page

Dessign is a theme developer company with creative professionals. It releases free and premium themes to help users make their websites look great. And it also writes about various WordPress-related stuff on its blog – Design Themes Blog.  

The blog involves tutorials, guides, tips, reviews, news, and WooCommerce that are useful and easy to understand. Reading through the blogs, you can get solutions to your problems, answers to your queries, and information about the deals on various WordPress products. 

Twitter @DessignNet 

People behind Dessign Themes Blog: Marios Lublinski & Team 

33. Blog Page is a website dedicated to providing resources on various WordPress-related topics. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate WordPress user doesn’t matter, WebsiteSetup has a guide for everyone. You’ll find detailed guides to setting up your WordPress website as well as product reviews and comparisons. 

Moreover, it also offers blogs with topics ranging from tips to improve your site to the collection of tools and services for WordPress. And the best thing is that all their reviews and recommendations are genuine since they try and test these tools and services themselves.

Twitter @WebsiteSetupOrg

People behind WebsiteSetup: Kenert Kumar, Nick Schaferhoff & team 

34. Pressidium Blog

Pressidium Blog Page

Pressidium is a reputed technology company that builds secure, powerful, and scalable infrastructure for businesses. And the Pressidium Blog adds to the beauty of the company by creating and publishing amazing blogs. You can easily develop WordPress sites, manage your sites, and secure them by following the blogs available. 

It covers publishes blogs about hosting, reviews, design, and tutorials. Similarly, you can read about the news and updates for WordPress and its related products through the blog. Moreover, it also provides e-books, case studies, and brand assets.  

Twitter @Pressidium 

People behind Pressidium Blog: Tassos Antoniou & team 


WPLeaders Blog Page is a blog made for WordPress users to enhance their WordPress sites. It covers everything related to WordPress, such as themes, plugins, web hosting, etc. With years of experience, the blog’s author is on a mission to make this blogging site a powerhouse of WordPress resources. 

It also frequently publishes a review of the themes or plugins. You get to learn about the best themes and plugins for a particular niche in WordPress, alternatives for WordPress tools, and many others through the blogs of Additionally, it has partnered up with some big WordPress companies to provide you with discounts. 

Twitter @thewpleaders 

People behind Istiak Rayhan & team 

36. WPFounders

WPFounders Official Website

If you want to know about your favorite WordPress businesses and how they became what they are today, WPfounders is the right place. It shares the stories of successful WordPress business owners as a source of inspiration. As of March 2023, it already has over 85 stories published in its blog.

You can also be part of the blog by sharing your business success story. You just need to fill out the form by providing your business details and sharing your story. It’s a great place to motivate others and inspire you to build a successful WordPress business.

Twitter @WPfounders

People behind WPFounders: Mustaasam Saleem & team

37. Gutenberg Times

Gutenberg Times Blog Page

When discussing WordPress, you can’t miss Gutenberg – WordPress block editor. And the Gutenberg Times, as the name implies, is also about the same block editor and Gutenberg plugins. From this website, you can get all the important Gutenberg news.

Apart from posting on its website, it also provides useful links and news through the email weekend edition. On top of that, it releases an episode for the Gutenberg Changelog as a podcast every other week. What’s more amazing is the website holds infrequent Live Q&As on the platforms like Zoom and YouTube.

Twitter @gutenbergtimes

People behind Gutenberg Times: Birgit Pauli-Haack & team

Some FAQs Related to WordPress Blogs

What are the most popular WordPress blogs?

Some of the most popular WordPress blogs are ThemeGrill Blog, WP Tavern, WPBeginner, Zakra Theme Blog, and so on. Besides, the Official WordPress Blog is also a popular blog you shouldn’t miss.

Is WordPress still the best blogging platform?

Yes, WordPress is still the best blogging platform, without any doubt. Its extensive library of themes and plugins, flexibility in customizing the websites, ease to use, and scalability are some of the qualities that have helped the platform remain at the top of the list.

Which are the best WordPress blog themes?

Some of the best WordPress blog themes are Zakra, ColorMag, eStory, Cenote, Radiate, Flash, Astra, etc. They are available in free as well as premium versions.

How do I start a WordPress blog?

To start a WordPress blog, you must first register a domain name from a domain registrar and get a hosting service from the hosting company. Next, you can install a blog theme and build your WordPress blog. Simultaneously, you can install the plugin to get the functionality you want on your blog.

Wrapping Up!

Apart from the above-mentioned best WordPress blogs, the Official WordPress Blog is an essential blog you cannot ignore. It’s the official source of information about WordPress news, updates, changes, events, etc.  

The blog presents every detail about the WordPress core updates, monthly news, and all the changes happening with WordPress.

Thus, the official WordPress blog is equally important for WordPress developers, bloggers, and ordinary users. 

That was our list of the best WordPress blogs to read and, of course, where the top WordPress bloggers write.

All of them publish useful content about WordPress to help WordPress users, developers, bloggers, and everyone interested in this platform.  

We’re pretty sure you’ll also love these blogs, while your go-to blog can be ‘ThemeGrill blog.’ Apart from it, Zakra and WPEverest blogs are also equally helpful and are successful WordPress blogs.

You can take them as best WordPress blogs examples if you want to start blogging. Finally, if you want to start a blog, you can follow our easy guide on creating a website.  

For that, you can also choose from the best free WordPress blog themes. For professionals, you may use one of the best premium WordPress blog themes

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