5 Amazing Tools To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard

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In the context of our current state of the world, it’s not common to see a single individual owning and managing multiple websites. This is especially evident in professional organizations and companies, where owning multiple domains and outlets for their productions is a natural progression of business. But managing multiple websites can be difficult. Having to use multiple dashboards for various websites can be time consuming and convoluted. In today’s Themegrill article, we’ll be discussing the solution to this problem: Tools we can use to Manage multiple WordPress sites.

Creating a website these days is not as difficult, no less due to the existence of CMS such as WordPress. Building a website can be quite easy these days but maintaining them is a different task. The number of tasks to perform, stats to track, viewers to please increases everytime you decide to create a new website to accompany your business. The existence of different interfaces, different plugins and Dashboard management doesn’t make this task any easier.

However, what we can do is streamline the process. There are a lot of tools in the WordPress market that exist to help you create a single interface to manage multiple websites. The services of these tools can range from a simple post and content management to large-scale data tracking, user/account management and more.

Considering this, Themegrill brings you this article that lists out 5 tools that can help you manage multiple WordPress sites through one dashboard.

Choosing The Right Multiple Sites Manager

In order to explain why we’ve selected these plugins to feature on our lists, we need to explain the factors that we considered the various aspects a multiple site management tool can have

  • Login access, Saving credentials
  • Ability to create backups of multiple sites through a single dashboard
  • Security management for multiple sites
  • User/Account management
  • Plugin/Theme management

The presence of these services is something you should always look for multiple WP dashboard manage tools as they’re the things that can be difficult to handle when you are running multiple sites. This drops a lot of load off your shoulders and easily streamlines your management process and overall, save time and efficiency for you and your company.

5 Best Tools to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites!

While there are tons of options available, today we have made a list of the best ones out there. So let’s take a look at some plugins that focus on these aspects and distinguish how they accomplish they achieve this:

1. ManageWp

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp

Perhaps the most popular Wp multi-site management tool, ManageWp is a complete solution that helps you manage multiple WordPress sites. The server contains its own dedicated backup service for your websites, compiles all data onto a single dashboard, allows bulk actions and bulk updates, security checks, spam cleanups and more.

While ManageWp contains the core essentials that we listed out above, it supplements this with added features such as Google analytics integration, Client report creation and statistics tools, Multi-site Theme/plugin updates with auto backups, website cloning and maintenance task scheduling. The plugin is also quite easy to use and has a lot of free features. It’s no surprise that ManageWp has cemented its position as one of the most popular tools to use to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard.

Key features:

  • Free to use and easy to use interface.
  • Provides you with a single dashboard to help you set up backups, updates, content management for multiple WordPress sites.
  • Bulk actions for multiple sites to streamline your tasks.
  • Performance, Security checks, Logging and spam cleanup for multiple sites.
  • Manage multi-site logins, posts, comments and more.

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2. Jetpack

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. With over 5 million+ users, this huge WordPress package provides a wide range of survives to help you manage, customize and run your WordPress websites. The plugin also contains a module to help you manage multiple websites through its interface. Jetpack multiple site management tool referred to as Jetpack manage, can help you manage the security, statistics and content aspect of multiple sites at once.

You can easily create and update content on various websites, manage theme settings, check and monitor various site data and statistics and more through a single dashboard. All these features are completely free as well and come with the wide range of security, marketing and design feature the plugin provides itself that can help you flourish your WordPress website better.

Key features:

  • Completely Free and comes with a multitude of other useful features
  • Single interface for all its content management and security features
  • Detailed site stats and analytics as well as website monitoring services
  • Automatic as well as manual updates for various websites and its plugins.
  • Posts and content management through a single dashboard

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3. InfiniteWP

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin InfiniteWP

Another great management tool, InfiniteWP is a dedicated plugin created to manage multiple WordPress sites and their content. Unlike a lot of services out there, InfiniteWp is self-hosted, separate admin client. The plugin provides the regular services such as multisite posts management, one-click updates for plugins and themes and instant backup/restore.

Furthermore, InfiniteWP adds onto this large list of services with extra unique features such as test/staging features for website changes, dedicated malware monitor and protection service, client reporting and more. These features are available in the freemium versions of the plugin and the paid model adds the features of the addons made for a various range of purposes.

Key features:

  • A backup and restore service is provided in the free model
  • The plugin’s data, backups and settings are personal servers hosted for better accessibility and security.
  • Provides a maintenance/testing mode with the staging features
  • 1 Click admin logins, plugin/theme updates with bulk plugin/theme installation
  • Malware and security protection services with SSL encryptions.

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4. CMSCommander

manage multiple WordPress sites plugin CMScommander

CMScommaner is a dedicated multi WordPress site content manager. The plugin provides you a single interface to help you manage and monetize all your websites with ease. The premium plugin provides you posts, plugins and theme management tools as well as analytics and reporting tool to improve your website over a long run.

The plugin lets you create individual backups as well as a clone for all your website with a single click and upload it on cloud storage such a Google drive, Amazon S3 or Dropbox. CMScommander also contains various APIs and tools to help you manage and affiliate ads, manage media and enable other amazing content on your website.

Key features:

  • Singe powerful dashboard that lets you manage all content, plugins, data and theme customization as well as bulk post and manage comments.
  • Google analytics integration with uptime monitoring and page speed tracking services
  • Provides over 20apis for a wide range of purposes such as ad management and more.
  • An intelligent backup system that lets you backup your website completely to cloud storage with a single click
  • Provides content optimization services such as Bulk content posting, editing, auto posts and schedule posting on all your websites.

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5. IControlWP

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin icontrolWp

IControlWP is a complete package created to help you solve all management and security issues on multiple websites, all at once. The plugin provides a single centralized panel to help you manage all your website’s functions. Furthermore, from bulk updates to managing security settings, you can do it all for all your websites through a single dashboard.

The plugin also integrates Cloudflare protection and Google analytics for improving your website’s performance and content as well as helps you monitor and clean the data on all your websites.

Key features:

  • Provides bulk updating, settings management, automatic updates, and content management through a single dashboard.
  • Inbuilt integration with Cloudflare and Google analytics
  • Ensures that all your website have maximum security features enabled on them and helps you monitor them through its centralized dashboard.
  • Collects and provides visitor statistics and data from all websites.
  • Features to help you track website uptime, backups management, and more, all inbuilt on the plugin.

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Using a plugin to manage multiple WordPress sites from one Dashboard

In order to briefly explain how you can set up these plugins to manage multiple WordPress sites, we’ve created this demonstration guide. This guide will focus on ManageWp and how you can add various websites to its dashboard. Furthermore, many of the alternative plugin choices work in a similar manner and with the help of this guide’s instructions and the plugin’s own documentation you should easily be able to setup your multisite dashboard.

To start, we need to first install the ManageWp’s plugin to every website’s dashboard that you plan to use in conjunction. If you are not aware of the process required to install a WordPress plugin, you can read this article.

Next, you need to sign up on ManageWp’s own website and sign up for its service.

Signing Up for ManageWP

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp-sign Up

After redirecting, you will end up on their official sign-up page. Once you enter your email and click on Sign up, the website should redirect you to ManageWp’s admin panel. 

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp setup

If you’re a new user, the website will ask you to fill up your user data. First, you need to fill in your First and last name. Next, you’ll be given a prompt to fill in your website’s URL.

Go ahead and enter the URL in the field and you will be asked for admin credentials for your website next. You can enter your WordPress admin name and password for this. Alternatively, you can use a connection key given by the plugin to access the website as well.

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp add website3

This connection key can be received by referring to the plugin lists under ManageWp’s descriptions. For this click on Plugins on your WordPress dashboard and scroll down to the ManageWp listing. On the description section, a link named Connection key will be given.

manage multiple WordPress sites connection key

Click on it and on the bottom of the popup, your connection key will be provided.

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp connection key

Next, go back to the prompt asking you to enter your website credentials and click on the Use connection Key instead on the bottom.manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp credetials

In the field that appears, enter your connection key and the verification will start. Once your key is verified, you will be provided access to your ManageWp dashboard.

ManageWP Dashboard and adding new websites

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp dashboard

This entire dashboard will provide access to various functions on your WordPress website. If you want to add more websites, click on the plus button on the top right. Then, click on Add New websites.

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp add website

Similar to above, you’ll need to enter the URL to your website. Then, you need to provide either the credentials or the connection key for the site. This requires you to install the plugin onto the other website first.

manage multiple WordPress sites Plugin manageWp add website2

Once you’re done, you can use ManageWp’s features to help you manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard.

Wrapping it up!

Thus, using these various tools you can easily manage your online outlets and websites. Most of these plugins require you to use their own dedicated Dashboard instead of WordPress. This can be quite beneficial because expecting a single to manage multiple WordPress WP is impossible. Furthermore, having your workload streamlined onto a single platform can improve efficiency a lot.

So if you own various active websites you need to monitor and manage, consider checking out these tools and choose which one feels better for your personal or business purposes.

These aren’t the only tools you can use to improve your workflow. Check out our other articles on useful tools and plugins that might help you out.

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