LearnPress vs LearnDash – Which WordPress LMS Plugin is Better?

LearnPress vs LearnDash - Which WordPress LMS Plugin is Better

Are you confused about which is the better Learning Management System (LMS) plugin between LearnPress vs LearnDash? No need to worry, this article is intended to help you choose the right LMS plugin that best compliments your website requirements.

LMS WordPress plugins are spectacular tools that help you convert your WordPress website into a robust eLearning platform without any coding skills. They facilitate creating, managing, and selling your online courses right from your dashboard.

Both LearnPress and LearnDash are popular names in the world of WordPress LMS plugins. Therefore, it might be quite intimidating to decide between these two options.

Hence, we’ve compared both the plugins from different facets to help you make a clear decision. Let’s begin the LearnDash vs LearnPress battle!

A. Overview: LearnPress vs LearnDash

Before we start a comparison between LearnDash vs LearnPress, let’s briefly introduce them at first.

What is LearnPress? (Overview)

With over 100,000+ active installations, LearnPress by ThimPress is a comprehensive online course plugin for WordPress.

LearnPress LMS Plugin

The plugin allows you to create an online school and another educational website without any coding knowledge.

The plugin is free of cost yet comes with several LMS features for creating a beautiful online course website. It also offers plenty of free and premium add-ons that you can add to your core plugin to empower your LMS website.

Further, creating Udemy-like online course sites becomes a plain sail as LearnPress fully integrates with all the major WordPress themes such as Zakra, Course Builder Kit (CBKit), Colead, etc. Not to mention, it also provides support to the WordPress multisite. 

What is LearnDash? (Overview)

LearnDash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins trusted by famous names like Yoast, Digital Marketing, Tony Robbins, and so on. This LMS platform is built by eLearning experts and hence delivers an amazing learning experience to engage your learners.

LearnDash WordPress LMS Plugin

It’s a popular and powerful online course plugin for WordPress that provides everything you’ll need to create a successful eLearning website. Further, building an online course is a walk-in-a-park with its drag-and-drop course builder. It also offers advanced features like quizzing, dynamic content delivery, and so on.

Again, if you want to extend the functionality of your online course then LearnDash makes it possible by integrating with several popular apps like Stripe, PayPal, bbPress, BuddyPress, etc.

B. Key Features: LearnPress vs LearnDash

Now, let’s take a closer look at the features provided by LearnDash vs LearnPress plugins.

Features of LearnPress

  • Create Impressive Online Courses: Easily create unlimited courses, lessons, and quizzes using this drag and drop course builder.
  • Easy Course Management: Manage every aspect of your course via WordPress backend with LearnPress. Control student enrollment, student & instructor access, revenue, and so on.
  • Monetize Courses: Sell your courses using secured payment gateways like PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, and more.
  • Forum Support: Seamless integration with BuddyPress enables active communication with students to make your online courses even more impactful.
  • Multimedia Support: Add multimedia like images, video, slideshows, and so on to make your content engaging.
  • Import and Export Courses: Easily import and export your courses to the website using LearnPress.
  • LearnPress Wishlist (Free Add-on): Enables learners to add their favorite course to the wishlist.
  • LearnPress Course Review (Free Add-on): Allow enrolled students to review courses to get the basic idea of your course content.
  • Assignments (Premium Add-on): Make your courses more interactive with assignments and grade the assignments submitted by the students later.
  • Certificates (Premium Add-on): Create a well-designed certificate to offer to your student after successful course completion.

Features of LearnDash

  • Drag and Drop Course Builder: Create amazing online courses with the best course builder in no time.
  • Advanced Quiz: Offers the best quizzing options such as 8 question types, flexible question display, time limits, etc.
  • Automated Notifications: Automatically triggers personalized emails based on your student’s activities.
  • Discussion Forum: Add discussion forums relevant to your course studies and encourage interactions or conversation among the learners.
  • Assignment Management: Allow instructors to give assignments to the students and approve or comment on the submitted assignment.
  • Drip Feed Content: Release the content gradually as learners progress through your content.
  • Detailed Reporting: Track the reports on the enrollment, progress, and performance of your students.
  • Certificates & Badges: Offer rewards like certificates or badges to encourage your students upon completion of a course or quiz performance and so on.
  • Tons of Customization Options: Easily customize colors, logos, or course displayed and more in a few clicks.
  • Multimedia Support: Use any media like images, audio, video, SWF files, HTML5, and so on.
  • Sophisticated Marketing and Sale Options: Set the price of your courses and sell it using various payment options, create memberships, add a shopping cart, sell course bundles, and do a lot more.

Both LearnPress and LearnDash have a lot more features to offer other than what we’ve mentioned above. To view all of their features, you can visit the official feature page of LearnPress as well as the LearnDash Features page.

Winner: Careful review of the features of both the plugins has led us to the conclusion that LearnDash offers more advanced functionalities for creating a powerful eLearning website that’s one of a kind. Hence, LearnDash is the winner here.

C. Ease of Use: LearnPress vs LearnDash

Along with the great features, the plugin should also possess an easy-to-use interface so that the users can navigate through it easily to create impactful courses. Having said that, it’s time to compare the ease of use of both LearnPress and LearnDash. Let’s get started.

Ease of Use of LearnPress

LearnPress comes with a clean and simple user interface hence you don’t need to be a technical expert to use this plugin. Even a beginner can navigate through the plugin as every option is clearly defined.

To use this plugin, you need to install the plugin first. Since LearnPress is a free LMS plugin you can easily download it from the WordPress repository. Log in to your WordPress dashboard if you haven’t already and go to Plugins >> Add New.

Plugins to Add New Navigation

Now, in the search box, type LearnPress and install and activate the plugin.

Install and Activate LearnPress Plugin

Soon after the plugin is activated, you need to quickly run through the setup wizard. However, you can also skip that for later.

Setup Wizard Notification

The setup wizard runs you through the 4 setting pages namely:

  • Currency: Choose the currency type and currency position to accept payment.
  • Static Pages: Allows displaying landing pages for your LMS website like courses, profile, checkout, and become a teacher.
  • Payment: Add a PayPal email address to get payments via PayPal or Sandbox Mode.
  • Email: Enable/disable the email system to be sent to the users or teachers for the particular action.
LearnPress Setup Wizard How to Create an Online Course Using WordPress

Thereafter, you can start creating your courses, lessons, and quizzes right from your dashboard.

Besides, configuring the course settings is also quite easy. Navigate to LearnPress >> Settings and you’ll be able to make the important pages set up and select the currency format.

LearnPress Settings

Further, you can also review the courses created by instructors, enable or disable login forms, register forms, make necessary email settings, add course thumbnails, add payment options, and do much more without any problem. 

Ease of Use of LearnDash

LearnDash also comes with a user-friendly dashboard with every option displayed clearly. Hence, you’ll be able to create and sell courses effortlessly.

LearnDash is a premium plugin, so to use it you need to purchase the plugin first. Then, from the WordPress dashboard navigate to Plugins >> Add New.

Now, click on the Upload Plugin at the top and press the Choose File option to select the zip file of the plugin you’ve purchased before. After that, install and activate the plugin on your site.

Install and Activate LearnDash Plugin

Once you successfully activate the plugin to your site, you’ll see the LearnDash LMS option on the left sidebar. Again, navigate the Overview section and enter your email and license key (which you’ll receive after purchasing the plugin). Finally, click on the Save license option.

LearnDash Overview Section

Now, you’re all set to get started with your course creation journey. In the Overview section, you can also find useful videos and documentation on LearnDash to avoid any difficulties while using the plugin.

LearnDash Video and Documentation

Hence, with this plugin, you’ll be able to create course materials, lessons, quizzes, assignments, and certificates like a plain sail. Not to mention, it also enables you to create and sell user groups (membership) and user reports easily.

Furthermore, you can configure the design and content elements to alter the look and feel of your LMS website. And, you can also make necessary settings like global pagination, and REST API settings effortlessly.

LearnDash Settings

Winner: Both the plugins have an equally easy-to-use interface. Hence, both LearnPress and LearnDash are winners here.

D. Course Builder: LearnPress vs LearnDash

Your LMS website should be able to deliver dynamic courses to engage your learners. Therefore, the online course plugin should come with amazing course-building options to help you create impressive and quality courses without any hassle.

Now, let’s discuss which course builder is better between LearnPress and LearnDash.

Course Building Options of LearnPress

LearnPress has an intuitive course-building interface as creating a course is no different from creating pages or posts in WordPress. Hence, if you’ve used WordPress before then creating courses with LearnPress will be as easy as ABC.

To add courses, navigate to LearnPress >> Courses >> Add New from your dashboard.

Navigation to Add New Course

Now, on the Add New Course page, you can add a title to your course at first then start adding descriptions to it. It even allows adding categories, tags, and featured images to your online course.

Add Course Title and Description LearnPress vs LearnDash

Further, you can scroll down your page to the Curriculum where you can directly add various sections and lessons to your course without navigating to the Lessons tab separately.

Curriculum Section LearnPress vs LearnDash

Again, scroll down your page and you’ll see various setting options to configure your course which is explained as given below:


This section enables you to set the duration of the course in a week(s), days, hours, and minutes. You can also enable/disable to block courses when the course is completed or the course duration expires. Likewise, you can configure the maximum number of students that can enroll in your course.

LearnPress General Settings


This section allows you to add the price for your course or you can also leave it blank if your course is free. Additionally, you can add the course sale price to attract more learners to your site.

LearnPress Pricing Settings

Extra Information

Here, you can add information such as course requirements, target audience, key features of your course, FAQs, and so on.

LearnPress Extra Information Settings


Under this setting option, you can choose the method to evaluate your student for a course. Moreover, you can also set the passing condition value in percentage to complete a certain course.

LearnPress Accessment Settings


The author denotes the tutor of your online course. As an admin, you can also set the author of the course.

LearnPress Author Settings

Course Building Options of LearnDash

It’s quite easy to create online courses with LearnDash as well. Similar to LearnPress, navigate to LearnDash >> Courses.

LearnDash Add Course LearnPress vs LearnDash

Now, click on the Add New button at the top.

Add New Course LearnDash vs LearnPress

Right after that, you’ll be able to add a course title and course content as shown in the image given below. LearnDash also enables you to add course categories, tags, featured images, and post attributes just as in WordPress.

Adding Course Title and Description LearnDash vs LearnPress

Likewise, you can navigate to the Builder tab where you can add lesson titles and section heading to provide a better shape to your courses.

LearnDash Course Builder

After adding lesson titles and section headings, you can further click on the drop-down menus. This shows with an option to add quizzes relevant to your lesson. Except for that, you can even add the Final Quizzes which will be displayed amongst the students after completing the entire course.

Adding Quizzes LearnDash vs LearnPress

Likewise from the Setting tab, you can configure all the necessary course settings as given below:

Display and Content Options

Here, you can choose to show or hide your course materials. Also, you can select the certificate if you want to provide it to your learners after the course completion. Besides, you can make your content visible all the time or make it visible only to the enrolled students.

Display and Content Option Setting LearnDash

Course Access Settings

Under this setting option, you can choose the access mode as open, free, buy now, recurring, or closed. In addition, you can also show/hide course prerequisites, course points, and course access expiration.

Course Access Settings

Course Navigation Settings

Here, you can choose the course progression as linear or free form. You can select the linear option if you want your users to progress through the courses one after the other in a sequential manner or if you want your users to go through the courses freely it’s better to choose the free option.

Course Navigation Settings

Similarly, you can also create a user group and assign a group leader to track your users’ performance.

Winner: From the above comparison, we can see that both LearnPress and LearnDash are intuitive course builders with plenty of course building options. Hence, it’s a tie.

E. Integrations & Addons: LearnPress vs LearnDash

Both the plugins provide all the required features for creating a comprehensive LMS website.

However, you may want to extend the functionality of your online course website to make it stand out from the crowd. For this, you’ll need to integrate other third-party add-ons to your LMS plugins.

Hence, in this section, we’ll briefly discuss how LearnPress and LearnDash integrate with third-party extensions.

LearnPress Addons & Integrations

LearnPress integrates with several add-ons and extensions for additional services and functionalities. Some of them are free while others need to be purchased individually.

Integration LearnPress vs LearnDash

The popular integrations offered by LearnPress are as follows:

  • LearnPress Prerequisites Courses
  • Forum Plugins Integrations: bbPress and BuddyPress
  • LearnPress Offline Payment
  • LearnPress Fill In Blank
  • Co-instructors Add-on
  • Content Drip Add-on
  • Paid Membership Pro Add-on
  • Payment Method Integrations: Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout
  • Gradebook Add-on
  • Random Quiz Add-on

LearnDash Addons & Integrations

LearnDash seamlessly integrates with a total of 22 extensions as of now. Just like LearnPress, it also provides both free and premium add-ons.

Integrations LearnDash vs LearnPress

Some of the popular LearnDash add-ons are listed as given below:

  • eCommerce Integrations: WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads
  • Payment Gateways Integrations: Stripe, SamCart, PayPal, 2Checkout
  • Forum Plugin Integrations: bbPress, BuddyPress, Slack
  • Membership Plugin Integrations: Paid Memberships Pro, MemberPress, Restrict Content Pro
  • Gamification Add-ons: BadgeOS, GamiPress
  • Email Marketing Add-ons: MailChimp, ConvertKit
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Salesforce, Zapier

Winner: In comparison to LearnPress, LearnDash integrates with several powerful CRMs, Gamification, Email Marketing add-ons, and so on. Therefore, LearnDash is the winner here.

F. Support and Documentation: LearnPress vs LearnDash

While using the plugins or other such software, it’s obvious that you may run into some problems now or then. In such cases, you might need help from the responsive support team to solve the issues as quickly as possible.

Hence, our comparison would be incomplete if we don’t review the support and documentation of LearnPress and LearnDash. So, let’s take a look at how these plugins perform in terms of customer service.

Support and Documentation for LearnPress

LearnPress provides documentation on installation, admin guide, instructor guide, student guide, and FAQs. Further, you can also place your issues in the support forums on its official page at the WordPress repository.

LearnPress Documentation

Apart from that, you can join its private Facebook group to get support and consult about the issues with other users. Besides, if you want help with the premium add-ons then you can also use its Help Desk.

Facebook Group LearnPress

However, the forum support with this free LMS plugin isn’t effective. If we check out the support forum of LearnPress on WordPress.org, very few issues are solved in the time period of 2 months.

Issues Resolved LearnPress

Fortunately, the plugin has an intuitive user interface so you hardly need to contact the customer support team. However, if you need support, it’s better to check their support tutorials first. Besides, you can ask for help in a Facebook group.

Support and Documentation by LearnDash

LearnDash offers amazing support from the very first step you install and activate the plugin to your site.

If you go to its Overview section, you can find detailed documentation and videos to navigate through your online course set up without any problem as we’ve discussed earlier.

Further, with LearnDash you can also get reliable email support. Email support is available from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 4 pm EST.

LearnDash Support

Moreover, it has an official YouTube channel and Facebook support where you can talk with other LearnDash users. Not to mention, it also has an extensive FAQs section where you can find answers to common questions.

Winner: When it comes to dependable support and documentation, it’s quite clear that LearnDash has an edge over LearnPress.

G. Pricing: LearnPress vs LearnDash

Pricing is also an important factor to be considered before you decide on which is the best LMS plugin for your site. You need to make sure whether the plugin is worth the amount you’re expending for the features it’s providing or not.

That being said, let’s take a look at which LMS plugin is more economical for you between LearnDash vs LearnPress.

LearnPress Pricing

Pricing LearnPress vs LearnDash

LearnPress comes with 3 pricing options as given below:

  • Free: $0 (Offers basic LMS features)
  • LearnPress Theme Builder: $49-$69 for 1 Site License (Provides theme of your choice plus access to some LearnPress add-ons)
  • LearnPress Pro Bundle: $249 for 3 Sites License (Provides access to all LearnPress premium and advanced features)

LearnDash Pricing

Pricing LearnDash vs LearnPress

LearnDash is a premium LMS plugin having 3 different pricing solutions as given below:

  • Basic Plan: $159 for 1 Site License
  • Plus Package: $189 for 10 Sites License
  • Pro Package: $329 for 25 Sites License

All the above plans provide awesome features such as unlimited courses, users, drip-feed lessons, free integrations, email notifications, 1year support & updates, and so on.

Not to mention, all of these plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, there isn’t any risk in giving this LMS plugin a try.

Winner: If you need a free LMS plugin, LearnPress is for you. But if you want to boost the functionalities of your LMS website, then LearnDash is the best! With LearnPress, you’ll need to purchase several premium add-ons individually. And, it cost you more than purchasing a premium LearnDash plugin.

Which LMS Plugin is Better? LearnPress vs LearnDash

After investigating both the LMS plugins from different angles, we declare LearnDash as the winner for advanced LMS sites. But LearnPress is a great alternative for those who want to build an online learning site for free.

To conclude, LearnDash is flexible, easy to use, and offers several course-building options. Further, it has the upper hand with advanced LMS features required for building a robust eLearning website. Above all, it provides amazing customer support which also determines the success of your site.

On the other side, LearnPress is a simple LMS plugin with plenty of features for free. You can easily build an eLearning site using this plugin and our theme Zakra.

Nevertheless, you know the best about the requirements of your website. So, we leave the final decision solely in your hands.


Both LearnDash and LearnPress are the best LMS plugins for building stunning eLearning platforms with WordPress. No matter whichever LMS plugin you choose, you’ll be able to create, manage, and sell your courses and lessons without any hassle.

Well, this is pretty much it for our comparison article on LearnPress vs LearnDash. We expect that it has helped you decide which LMS plugin is better for your site. If it did, please consider sharing this article with your friends as well.

Want to read more? You can check out our comparison articles on WordPress vs Tumblr and All in One SEO vs Rank Math.

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