Introducing BlockArt Blocks Pro: Explore the Advanced Gutenberg Blocks and Features! 

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Your favorite WordPress Gutenberg page builder plugin has just received an upgrade. We proudly introduce you to our latest release, BlockArt Blocks Pro!

While the free version was a game-changer, the Pro version offers a whole new level of power and possibilities, offering everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything the pro version of the Gutenberg custom block plugin comes with.

Stay with us to unwrap it and discover what’s included in BlockArt Blocks Pro.

An Overview of BlockArt Blocks – The Best WordPress Gutenberg Custom Block Plugin 

WordPress’s default editor is Gutenberg, which allows you to build your website block by block. 

Dozens of Gutenberg block plugins work with the editor to enhance its potential.

BlockArt Blocks is made just for you to create astonishing websites with its dynamic and robust blocks. 

BlockArt Blocks - Gutenberg Page Builder

All the blocks from the plugin are fully responsive, retaining their look on any device. 

With the plugin, you’ll also receive pre-built templates, sections, and layouts, eliminating the need to build your site completely from scratch. 

It’s optimized for speed and performance, ensuring your users’ experience turns out better than ever!

The best part is that this Gutenberg page builder is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins!

Hence, BlockArt Blocks is the only Gutenberg page builder you’ll need to create your dream website without touching a single line of code.

Major Features and Upgrades in BlockArt Blocks Pro 

In our BlockArt Blocks pro version, we aimed to excel in user experience and focused more on creating a website efficiently. 

Let’s take a peek at what makes BlockArt Blocks Pro one of the best Gutenberg block plugins:

1. New Block 

Welcome the newest block in the collection, the Split Content block. With this block, you can create content with text and media files side-by-side. 

Split Content Block - BlockArt Blocks Pro

This block offers much room for experimentation, including the positioning of the elements, alignment, styling options, and more. 

2. Upgrade in the Countdown Block 

You’ll also find the newest feature, addition to the Countdown block; i.e. option to select the countdown type as Evergreen.

This option enables the countdown to restart from the timer you set after the expiration. 

Countdown Evergreen Feature - BlockArt Blocks Pro

3. Advanced Features 

We said earlier that we aimed to make things easier for you, and our features on the pro version do just that! 

Custom Fonts and Icons

You can download any custom font from the Internet and upload it to the plugin. Then, you can implement it throughout your website.

Upload Custom Fonts - BlockArt Blocks Pro

Similarly, you can upload any icons, as you did above.

Import/Export Individual Block Styles

Import/Export Block Attributes - BlockArt Blocks Pro Feature

Export block styles as JSON files and import/re-upload them to the other blocks to maintain consistency. 

Custom CSS on Individual Blocks

Custom CSS for Individual Block

Do you know CSS? If so, it’s a plus point, as you can personalize the blocks by adding custom CSS codes.  

Default Block Styles

Default Block Styles - BlockArt Blocks Pro Feature

Set a set of styles as the default for blocks, eliminating the need to style each block individually. 

How Do You Proceed with Upgrading to Gutenberg Page Builder BlockArt Blocks Pro Plugin? 

You’ll need to install the pro plugin to have all these upgrades to your site.

The first step is to visit the official site and purchase the pro version of the plugin. It costs $55/year.

Pricing for BlockArt Blocks Pro - Best WordPress Gutenberg  Block Plugin

After you complete the payment process, you’ll receive a zip file and a license code in your email.

Download the zip file on your computer and save the license code to a secure place.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins >> Add New Plugin.

Add New Plugin - BlockArt Blocks Pro

You’ll find a button labeled Upload Plugin in the top left corner. Click on it.

Upload BlockArt - WordPress Plugins

Then, upload the zip file to this section. Don’t forget to click on Install Now.

Upload BlockArt Zip File

A few seconds later, your plugin will be installed. You’ll be asked to enter the license code for the plugin sent to you in your email.

Upon entering, BlockArt Blocks Pro will be activated on your website.

If you’re looking for a detailed guide, here’s an article on installing a plugin.

Ready to Enhance the Power of the WordPress Editor with BlockArt Blocks Pro?

If you have yet to try the BlockArt Blocks, we request testing and trying it.

Switch to the pro version of your favorite Gutenberg page builder if you’re already using BlockArt Blocks’ free version to enhance its power.

Rest assured, your purchase of the pro version of BlockArt Blocks is completely risk-free. If, within 14 days, you find that our plugin doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll happily refund 100% of your purchase amount.

For more information about the plugin, you can refer to this article.

Also, check out our article on the best WordPress Gutenberg themes. It might help you create websites more efficiently.

Happy-website building!

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