How to Show Random Posts in WordPress? (Beginner’s Guide)

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Wondering how to show random posts in WordPress? Well, let us help you because showcasing random posts is a great way to promote all your website’s content regardless of publish date.

And adding this section benefits you in various ways. To name a few, it improves visitor engagement, SEO, brings traffic to your older post, etc.

So, in this article, we’ll walk you through showing random posts in WordPress so that your visitors can discover more of your website’s content seamlessly.

But first, let’s understand why to display random posts on your website!

Why Display Random Posts?

By default, WordPress displays your posts in the newest to oldest order. And that’s why you see the most recent articles first on your site’s blog page.

So, if your website has been live for a considerable amount of time, you may have published many articles by now. Due to this, your older posts might receive less traffic as your latest posts put them out of your visitors’ sight.

Showcasing random posts helps your users to reach posts they would not see otherwise. In other words, random posts are a way to show additional or older content on your site.

You’re retaining your visitor’s engagement by displaying it, which results in a lower bounce rate and increases your website’s visibility in search engine results. Moreover, you can add random posts in the sidebar, footer, below the header, etc.

Your site’s overall appearance is set to improve drastically by doing so. At the same time, your visitors get easy access to other articles on your website.

With that being said, let’s find out the best way to show random posts in WordPress.

Best Way to Show Random Posts in WordPress

WordPress doesn’t have any built-in feature or function to display random posts on your site.

As a result, you may need to install a plugin or theme with a built-in function for displaying random posts.

So, in terms of plugins, you may discover a variety of plugins for showing random posts. However, most of these plugins are either outdated or difficult to use.

For example, most blogs recommend plugins like Advanced Random Posts Widget and Random Content. But these plugins haven’t been updated in over a year,  so eventually, they don’t have any good use.

Similarly, there are also plenty of premium WordPress themes with an in-built feature to display random posts. One of the best options available is the ColorMag theme. 

ColorMag Theme

It’s one of the best and easy-to-use themes for displaying random posts. Plus, you’ll get excellent customer service if you need any help with customization.

ColorMag is the most popular WordPress magazine theme used by over 100,000+ websites online. It delivers amazing performance along with a fast loading speed. Also, its SEO-optimized supports WooCommerce, has a sticky menu feature, and more. 

Some of its prominent features are explained below;

  • AdSense Optimized: The theme offers multiple spaces to place Ads, and it helps your website monetize quickly and easily.
  • Responsive: With ColorMag, your website and its content automatically adjust perfectly regardless of your user’s device.
  • Extensive Customization Tools: This theme is compatible with Gutenberg. And supports page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver, Brizy, etc.

Remember that the feature to show random posts only comes with a premium version of ColorMag. Therefore, you need to buy ColorMag Pro to add random posts to your website. 

So given all the features and richness of ColorMag Pro, we’ll be using it to show a detailed step-by-step process on how you can add random posts to your WordPress website.

Steps to Add Random Posts in WordPress

Installing and Activating ColorMag Pro

First, you need to purchase the ColorMag Pro theme from its official website. As we mentioned above, the random posts feature is available only on the theme’s pro version.

To purchase the theme, go to the ColorMag theme page, choose a plan and purchase it. After the purchase, you can Download the theme file to your local computer.

Downloading ColorMag

After that, you get a License Key which you can copy because you need this key to activate the theme later. 

ColorMag License Key

After that, go to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance>>Themes >> and click on the Add New button.

Adding ColorMag

Then, click on the Upload Theme option at the top, and press the Choose File button.

Uploading ColorMag

Next, upload the file you’ve downloaded earlier and click on Install Now and Activate it.

 Activating ColorMag Pro

After activating the theme, you’ll see a pop-up message where you need to paste the license key that you copied earlier.

ColorMag Pro License Key

Or, in case you’ve forgotten to save your key, then visit the ColorMag dashboard, go to the License section, and copy it.

License Key

Then, paste the key and press Agree & Activate License button.

License Key Paste

That’s it! Congratulations, you’ve successfully activated the ColorMag Pro theme.

Displaying Random Posts With ColorMag

ColorMag offers a user-friendly widget for displaying random posts on your site. It’s called TG: Random Posts. You can place it in 20+ widget areas provided by the theme. 

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add random posts on the Left Sidebar. So, go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance, and click on the Widgets option.

ColorMag Widgets

Here, you’ll see all the widget areas offered by ColorMag. Now, to add random posts widget click on the widget area where you want to show random posts. Here, we’ll add it in Left Sidebar. 

Now, you should navigate to your selected widget area (Left Sidebar, for example). Open the widget area panel and then you’ll see the (+) button on the right-hand side. 

Left Side Button

Just click on that, and a search bar will appear, and from there, you can search for the ‘random posts’ widget. Next, you’ll see the TG: Random Posts Widget. Simply add it by clicking on the random posts widget icon.

Random Posts Widget How to Show Random Post in WordPress

Alternatively, you can also add random posts simply by going Appearance>>Widget and clicking on the (+) button which is at the top of your left side.

Adding Random Posts Widget

After clicking the (+) button, the Search bar will appear, where you need to type Random Posts Widget.

Widget to Show Random Posts in WordPress

Next, click on the icon TG: Random Posts Widget. Then, simply drag and drop it in the widget area where you want to show random posts. And here we did it in the Right Sidebar widget area. 

Adding Random Post Widget

That’s it; you’ve successfully added the random posts widget. 

After adding the widget, you’ll further see two options. The first one is Title, where you can give a name for your random posts widget. Similarly, another one is the Number of Random Posts to be Displayed which allows you to show any number of articles in your random posts section.

Widget Options

Showing Random Posts by Tags, Category & Authors 

In this section, we’ll show you how to show random posts with desired tags and categories.

Here we’ve used the Right Sidebar widget area to show random posts, however, you can choose any widget area you want. Thus, go to the Widgets section as we did earlier, and click on the Right Sidebar.

Then, click on the first post shown in the widget area. After clicking, new options will appear. The first option allows you to add the Title. Here, we’ve provided the title as Random Posts

Rename Title

Just below this option, you’ll see multiple checkboxes. So, tick the first one to show random posts, which says Check to display the random posts from either the chosen category or from the latest post.

Check to Display Random Posts with ColorMag

And to show random posts with different tags, categories, etc., the following options will help.

  • Show the latest post: This allows to show newly published articles in the random posts section.
  • Show post from a category: Enables to showcase random posts with a specific category. 
  • Show post from a tag: To display random posts with tags.
  • Show post from the author: You can show random posts based on the author.
Option to Show Random Posts with ColorMag

So here, as you can see, we’ve selected the Entertainment category; however, you can select whichever category you want to display in your random posts section. 

Similarly, you can also choose any tags and author names to show random posts bin your website.

Displaying the Random Posts on Your Website

Remember to click on the Update button that appears on top of the right side while adding the random posts widget. 

Update Button

Doing so allows you to display random posts section on your website’s front end. Now, you can go ahead and check the widget areas where you added the random posts option. 

Displaying Random Posts


Displaying random posts increases the traffic to all your content and allows visitors to view more of your post. ColorMag gives you full control to display random posts, and its advanced feature allows you to showcase any number of random posts across your website.

Besides that, this theme is bundled with extensive features so you can create a fully functional website in no time. In addition, its easy-to-use interface lets you customize every aspect of your website easily. Plus, its fast-loading speed helps deliver the best user experience.

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