How To Get More Views On YouTube: Proven Tricks To Increase View Counts


How to get more views on YouTube? “. This happens to be the common slogan chanted by people that we hear every now and then. Especially, the marketers who are running or who wish to run  YouTube marketing campaigns. 

 And, here’s a situation that most of us can totally relate to. You got a video all ready that you really want to promote and get more views on YouTube. But, you really don’t know where to start from?  Well, this is something you should definitely consider learning.  After all, what’s the point of sharing your video, if your target audience is not going to watch it.  Right?  

Undoubtedly, YouTube has become  the dominant video-sharing  website since its activation in February 2005. Furthermore, it happens to be the second most popular search engine. It offers a wide range of contents to its viewers (by wide I mean like really wide). I surmise, there is not a single thing, single topic that we can’t find it on YouTube. Thus, it has the number of its users growing exponentially over the past few years. Correspondingly, YouTube proves to be one of the best social media platforms to share your video content if you want a large number of global audience to watch it.

I understand how overwhelming it can be to figure it out how to get more views on YouTube. Speaking out of experience, it can also be frustrating at times.  Therefore, in this article, I will discuss some safe and effective methods – “Proven” to increase the number of video views on YouTube.  Hopefully, this article will make you feel  getting  views on YouTube is no more a rocket science  😉

To start with, here are the three fundamental principles that you should follow to generate quicker results with your target audience.

Help your audience find you easily.

⦁ Create great contents so that people will view it.

⦁ Ask your audience to share the video.


These may sound like very basic and pretty obvious things, but it is something lot of people ignore. Surprisingly, some people even struggle with this all the time. Yes, you read that right. And, we all know what the result of those ignorance or the struggle might be.  

Anyways, if you are in a hurry, let’s have a look at the summary of the article 🙂

  1. Create valuable video contents.
  2. Use appropriate descriptions, titles, and tags.
  3. Promote your video on social media, websites, and blogs.
  4. Grow your channel, get subscribers.
  5. Create a playlist.
  6. Create transcripts of your video.

Now, let me elaborate these techniques that you need to put into action to accomplish the above mentioned principles for generating more video views.

1. Create valuable video contents

The first and foremost technique is to create  a great video content. Content in the video is the most essential factor in deciding the number of views it will get. We promote quality contents while writing blog posts, articles or SEO copywriting. Quality of a content helps you rank better. By the same token, quality contents should be a priority while creating videos as well.  Like I mentioned earlier, you should create such contents that provide exceptional level of value. In simple words, the content that you create must be of great use to your viewers.

Not to mention, your content should either educate or entertain your viewers. Does both? Great. If your content is successful in keeping your viewers engaged than getting more views would be a breeze.

Furthermore, good content results in better behavioral analytics. Hence, YouTube’s algorithm will recognize and reward your video with better organic search positioning.


Creating videos covering topical content ( something that is big right now) can help you get lot of views in short period of time.

Use good editing.  Consider adding music and text information in your video.

2. Appropriate descriptions, titles and tags

Among  hundreds and thousands of videos on YouTube making yours stand out is quite a task. Therefore, using appropriate description is as important as creating great contents. Video descriptions help your viewers and the search engine understand what exactly your video is all about. Consequently, it will help in increasing  the click-through-rate  and thus the views. With this in mind, you should focus on providing your video with high quality and keyword rich descriptions.


Furthermore, you should also search for the best title for your video. It should not just be appealing but also short, engaging and to the point. However, it can be difficult to remain generic but still stand out in the crowd. In this case, using the right key phrase shall do the trick.


Another key point is to use the best tags for your video. Like description and title, tags help users to analyze what to expect from your video. Thus, for the tags, simply provide the keywords that are relevant to the topic of your video. Remember, the right tags in right amount will help your video appear in the ‘suggested videos’ section.


Points to Remember

Make the description at least 250 words and include keyword in the first 25 words.

Insert keywords into your video titles.

Load your video tags with rich keywords

Try not to use more than 10-12 tags.

3. Cross-platform promotion

Wouldn’t it be great if only creating a video and uploading it on YouTube would give us the number of views we wanted. Just imagine, how relaxing it would be to just hold back and see the number of views on your video increasing.  Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

Besides creating and uploading , you also need to promote your video to reach out to your  targeted global audience. It is vital that you let your audience know what you have for them. Only then, you will get more views on your video.

Promotion plays an important role when it comes to generating video views. Sharing your video as soon as you post it will help in generating decent number of views for your video. Keep in mind, earlier you share it, more beneficial it will be for you. 

Furthermore, share your video on social medias. For this, various social media marketing strategies can also be applied. Also, connect your social media accounts to YouTube. Make the use of the social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Google+  to the fullest to promote your video. Websites or blogs can also be one of the mediums to promote your video.YouTube provides you with the option to share your video after you publish it via various social medias. 


Additionally, email your video’s link to your peers, co-workers, family, friends and whomever possible and appropriate. It also gives your video exposure it needs to get additional

4. Build and increase your subscriber base

From the simple calculation, if your channel has more subscribers it is likely that you can achieve high view counts. It is sort of a guarantee that more viewers will watch your video as your newly uploaded video will appear on the homepage of your subscribers. If not, they will be notified via email.  Thus, asking your users to subscribe your channel proves to be one of the best ways to get more video views.

Don’t forget, good content is not only the sole factor for getting more subscribers. Apart from creating good content, there are various other ways that should be taken into consideration to build a large subscriber base.

Post Often and Consistently

No doubt, quality content should be a priority. But you should also post videos often and consistently. This provides your users a genuine reason to become your subscriber. Consistency also keeps your subscribers from switching channels. Therefore, increase your uploading frequency. 

Try catering to a specific niche.

Sticking to a specific theme or a certain topic can attract those users who possess a keen interest about that particular topic. Such viewers won’t mind becoming your subscriber.

Use annotation

Annotations are the little boxes which can include text, links and hotspots that appear throughout the YouTube videos. Using annotation can be really helpful in  boosting your subscriber rates.  In fact, YouTube states, “When used correctly, annotations can improve engagement, viewership, and help you grow your audience.”

5. Create a playlist

Playlist is simply an ordered list of videos that are generally created based on a specific theme. Creating a playlist in a way means you are increasing your discoverability. When a well organized playlist is created it becomes easier for your target audience to discover your brand’s content. Hence, your viewers can watch your videos consecutively. In simple words, your next video automatically plays after your first video ends.


According to YouTube Creator Academy “Playlists can showcase your channel’s personality and ultimately, your creativity. Great playlists can increase watch time and create another asset that will appear in search results, and in suggested videos.”

Needless to say, only creating a playlist will not give you view counts.  It is essential that your playlist should be very well organized . Additionally , try to give your playlist a flow. Flow can be generated when the videos are relevant to one another.

I mean, like why would someone prefer watching your playlist if your first video is about free WordPress themes and next video that plays shows the terrorist attack in Iran. Bad example, I know but what I mean is the main purpose of creating a playlist is to keep your viewers engaged. Only then your videos will get more views.

Okay, let me give a better example. If you are creating a playlist about WordPress then stick to the niche.  For example, if your first video is about creating a WordPress site , then your next video can be about responsive WordPress themes for creating WP sites . In the same manner, you can include videos about caching plugins to boost your website and so on.

My point is, if it is created that way then viewers are likely to view more of your videos.


To create a playlist in YouTube:

  1. Create a list of videos that you want to include in your playlist.
  2. Click on “Add To Playlist” button that appears on the right, beside the tags option.
  3. Click on Create new playlist.
  4. Enter your playlist’s name
  5. Let the playlist’s privacy setting be public which is set by default in the drop down menu under the name field.
  6. Lastly, click “Create” button.

6. Transcribe your video


You may not believe but Transcripts or Closed Captions (CC) can do wonders in when it comes to generating views on YouTube. However, its ability to increase the ranking has always been a topic for debate. Transcripts carter to international audiences and the disabled (hearing-impaired) viewers. Moreover, they also produce SEO juice that boosts video’s YouTube ranks.

If you do not want to transcribe manually, there are many services available like Speechpad, GoTranscript, TranscribeMe and more. Also, you can add the transcripts in the video description. It makes it easier for viewers to consume your video. Eventually, you will have a noticeable rankings boost.

In the long run, ranking well in YouTube’s organic results can increase your video views exceptionally.

All things considered, these are only some simple yet major points that I have discussed. There are still many other ways that can contribute in increasing your view counts that I have listed down for you all.

YouTube Community

Make sure that you take advantage of the YouTube community to the fullest.  Commenting on videos that you like and subscribing and following other video makers will do you no harm. Instead, collaborating with your fellow YouTubers will help you spread you channel’s name leading you to more subscribers.

Create end screens

End screens can be a great way to covert the traffic to your channel or video. Generally, it provides your viewers with options: subscribe your channel, link to your other relevant videos or verified associated websites. These features that end screen offers will directly or indirectly boost your YouTube Views.

Optimize your image thumbnail

Optimizing your thumbnail image also plays an important role in increasing your YouTube views. Currently, YouTube offers three thumbnails to choose from. Select the one that accurately depicts your video content. You can use images that feature facial close-ups or readable and engaging fonts (if available in your video).

Consider purchasing views

This technique can help you attract lots of viewers and increase view counts. However, it is little risky as it can violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. It can also result in the termination of your account. Therefore, you need to be very cautious while choosing the provider so that you don’t get spammed. Furthermore, select the one that is reliable and under your budget. 

Engage with your audience

Make personal connection with your followers or subscribers.  Interact with your audience by responding to their requests. Also, reply to their comments politely and as soon as possible. You can also host Q&A sessions or upload video responses. By all means, show them that you care. Little care can grow the number of views immensely.


⦁ Do not describe every component of your video in the description field.

⦁ Don’t record things or locations that will give away your address(home or work).

⦁ Avoid violating Terms of Service.


⦁ Make your channel creative and colorful.

⦁ Be kind to others,especially your audiences.

⦁ Keep patience and accept opinions.

⦁ Center you video around popular and happening topics.


I don’t  say applying these techniques will make your video a YouTube sensation overnight. But it will definitely help you generate more views. In short, you don’t have to dawdle thinking how to get more views on YouTube now.

All in all , these tactics will help your video  get that enough attention it deserves. And who knows you might be immensely successful in marketing your videos and eventually come up with some viral videos 😉

If I have missed something please drop your valuable suggestion in the comment box below.

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