How to Create an Online Magazine in WordPress Using ColorMag : Beginner’s Guide


Now that it’s the age of digitalization, almost everything is readily available on the internet. Everything is literally “online” today.  Online food, online clothing, and even the news and magazines. And no wonder, communication these days largely depend on the internet. Thus, people don’t like making an extra effort to know what is going around in the field of their interest. With the increase in technological advancement and easy availability of the internet, the number of people buying printed media is speedily decreasing.

In such case, online magazines are no exception. Online magazines are simply a magazine published on the internet. Sometimes they are also referred to as Webzines as they are distributed through the World Wide Web.  So, in this article, I will provide you an insight into how to create an online magazine.

Why should you go digital with your magazines?

Digital media is a more convenient way of getting information about the subject matter you are interested in. It’s the latest trend in the digital world and doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon.

Another main reason for its popularity is that people today are more tech-savvy. And when everything can be known at a tip of your finger who would want to do that extra hard work of buying and flipping over the pages. Thus, the printed magazines are slowly on the verge of being obsolete.

Benefits of Creating an online magazine: 

  • Reach out to the readers beyond regional boundaries.
  • No more losses from the unsold copies.
  • Content Flexibility
  • Get rid of the costly printing process.
  • Better Engagement
  • Save cost and time.

Thus, it’s time you should also go digital with your magazines. And if you are thinking of creating and visually appealing and a fully functional online magazine, there are a wide range of WordPress Magazine themes available. So, creating an online magazine is even simpler today. But among all the available ones, what can be more appropriate than ColorMag for creating an online magazine.

ColorMag In a Nutshell


When it comes to creating an online magazine, the first theme that might strike our mind is ColorMag. So why is this theme imprinted in our minds? Well, ColorMag has not been enjoying its popularity for no reasons, obviously. It’s the first choice of hundreds and thousands of people because it has so many jaw-dropping features at your disposal.

ColorMag is a fully responsive Magazine style WordPress theme by ThemeGrill.  Thus, it best fits newspaper, news, magazine, publishing and any other types of websites. It is one of the most popular WordPress themes that currently empowers more than 100000+ users.


Moreover, it’s not after all these years after its release has it been in the popular category of In fact, it was just after a week of its first release it started spilling its magic in the WordPress world.

Designed and built with even smallest of details in mind, make your website compete with the raving online publishing industry right away! SEO Optimized and fast-loading, it also makes sure that your website stays on top of the ranking! Relieve yourself from all the coding and digital hassle as nothing is required for this user-friendly theme. Simply use the Drag and Drop website builder to get the finished results in a matter of minutes.

And that’s not all because ColorMag has more advanced features that you can use to create an engaging website in a matter of minutes. We are sure that you will not regret investing in the premium template as you get everything you might possibly want with a simple purchase. But if you want to try out the free version before actually buying the premium version, you have the option to do so too!

Key features

And the list of its incredible features goes on and on…

All things said, if falling in love with a theme is humanly possible then ColorMag is the one to fall for.

How to create an online magazine using ColorMag?

Now, let me walk you through the steps to create an online magazine in WordPress using ColorMag.

1. Installation

Theme installation is the basic of using any theme. But I would like to take you through this process again as even after installing it there are few things you need to keep in mind so as to make the theme work as intended.


Firstly, install the theme like you would do normally. Then you will see a message displayed on your dashboard that you need to install a ThemeGrill Demo Importer and Elementor plugin. Simply install and activate these plugins as well.

2. Importing Demo

After you have installed the theme and all the required plugins, next step is to import a demo. For your convenience, ColorMag provides multiple demos. These demos are available even in the free version.

So to import a demo first go to Appearance>> Demo Importer. After that, you can either click on Theme Demos or on the link that will redirect you to a page from where you can download the demo.


Since we are creating an online magazine, I have downloaded ColorMag Business Magazine demo. For that, just hover over the demo of your choice and click on the Download button as shown in the image below. After that, a zip will be downloaded.


Next step is to upload the demo. On the top, you can see a button to Upload Demo. Just click on it select the file you downloaded and hit the Install Now button.How-to-create-an-online-magazine

Upon the successful installation, a message will be displayed on your screen. Then, click on return to demo importer. After that, you will be redirected to a page where if there are any plugins are required you will see them on the right side under the plugins information section.

Just install and activate the required plugins. On the bottom center of the section, you can see an “Import” button. Click on that button to import your demo.


Hence, you can just make some tweaks to it and get your magazine ready. However, you also have the option to design it yourself from the scratch.

3. Customization

Next, to create an amazing online magazine you have to customize its appearance, widgets and also the layouts. So, let’s start from the start. And, yes you can use the live customizer to monitor your changes in the real time.

Fully Customizable ColorMag modules

One of the best features of this theme is that it’s fully customizable. From site identity to footer you can customize it all as per your liking. Thus, the look and feel of your website are completely under your control. To make it more comprehensive, let me explain all the elements for you in brief.


Site Identity: In this part, you can set your logo and site icon along with the site title and tagline that is suitable for your magazine website.

Colors: From this section, you can choose a background color for your online magazine.

Header Media: Through here you can either add an image or a video or both to your header section. But if you add both, your video will be seen on the homepage but on other pages, the header image you added will only be displayed. To add header video, you have an option to select the media or to embed the YouTube URL.

Background Image: Like its title, you can add a background image from here.

Menus: Through this panel, you can add the different navigation menus to your website as required. Also, you can select the location for them.

Widgets: From this panel, you can add the required widgets to different available widget areas easily.

Homepage Setting: This section provides you with the option to select what and how you want to display on your homepage. It can either be a Posts Page or Static Front Page.

Additional CSS: Generally, you will need this option to add custom CSS if you want to create your own unique design and overall appearance of your website. So, you do not have to rely on just what the theme provides.

Header Options: From this panel, you can customize different header elements like header logo, header area display type and also the position of your header image. Moreover, you can also enable or disable the breaking news section. Other available options are for the date, home icon, and more.

Design Options: Next is the Design Options. Here, you can configure settings for your front page and different layouts as well as colors.

Social Options: It allows you to activate different social link areas on your website. All you have to do is either check or uncheck the boxes. You can activate or deactivate the social links in a bulk or individually.

Footer Options: From this panel, you select the type of footer area display as per your choice.

Additional Options: Under this category, you have the options to customize the related posts and the image lightbox. Here, you can either activate or deactivate the related post and also decide how it is to be displayed (i.e by categories or tags).

Category Color Settings:  It lets you choose the different sheds of color for a different category.

Creating an Online Magazine from Scratch

Now, that you have the basic idea of what the elements are for, let me show you how to create an online magazine. However, in this article, I will be creating the basic layout of an online magazine only.

First, navigate to Appearance>> Customize.  Then, you will be redirected to the page from where you can customize your site and also monitor the results on real time through the live preview feature.

Let’s begin the customization with the site identity. Here, you can add your website’s title, tagline and also the site’s icon. Moreover, you can upload your site’s logo if you want.

Next, to add the header images or video, click on the header media section.After that, add either image or video or both to your site.


Since the menu is an integral part of any website, let’s check out how to add them to the online magazine. Go to menus option and then, click on Create New Menu Button. Next, give your menu a relevant name and click on the Next button below that. You will then be redirected to a new section. Simply, click on Add Items button.

Then, under Custom Links, you have to add the URL and the link text for your menu and hit the Add to Menu button. After creating and adding menus, you can also reorder them as per your requirement. Apart from that, you can also select a display location for your menu.


Now, let’s get to the design and layout of the website. For that, click Design Options.  Here, you can choose the format for your site. Also, configure the front-page setting and choose the skin color (dark or white).

Along with that, you can decide the default layout for your website and for pages and single posts as well. Moreover, selection of the primary colors can also be done from the design options panel itself.


Now, it’s time for customizing the footer section. Just go to Footer Options and select the layouts and do all the necessary tweaks. As simple as that. It’s the same with social links as well.

But how can an online magazine be complete without contents, right? So, let’s see how can we add the content using the most popular drag and drop page builder- Elementor!

ColorMag in Full Integration with Elementor!


Elementor is now accredited with being the number one WordPress Page Builder. And more than 600,000 users can’t be wrong. It provides the easiest way to design your website that too without a single line of a code. Apart from being a free & open source frontend page builder, it is also faster than other page builder plugins.  Thus, this plugin has made creating a WordPress website a breeze!

Elementor is one of the major highlights of ColorMag Magazine WordPress theme. With the release of ColorMag 2.2.3 (Pro) and 1.2.3 (Free), Elementor has been integrated to it. This drag and drop page builder allows you to add and edit your content easily with zero coding skills. You can simply drag the item you want to add to your website and drop it where you want.


Therefore, you do not have to rely on the old method of customizing your webpage anymore. However, you can also go to Appearance>> Widgets and use the available widgets if you do not want to use the page builder plugin. But Elementor offers you unlimited layouts and additional widgets as opposed to the regular available ones.

So, the question is how to add contents or how to create an online magazine as a whole using drag and drop page builder. Let’s get into it.

For that go to Pages>> Add New. Then, a new page will be created. Next, give your page a title.  And on the right hand, under the Page Attributes, select Page Builder Template for template type. After that, click on the Edit with Elementor button.


You will then be redirected to a page and hit Add New Section. Once you select the structure of your choice, all you have to is drag and drop the (ColorMag) widgets on those sections and edit them.


And, that’s all. That completes the basics of creating an online magazine.

Additional elements on Premium version:

Apart from the above-mentioned customization options, there are some additional features that come along with the pro version. Let me put light on some of them now.


Typography Options:

In the pro-version of ColorMag, you are provided with the options to customize the font type and size of your website. Through the Google Font Options, you can select the type of font for your site’s identity, menus as well as contents.

Moreover, you can also choose the font size for different header tags, post &page title, widget title and comment title as well.  You can leave the sizes to the default if you like.

Color Options:

This panel consists of options to change the color of the header, content and footer part of your WordPress site. Here, you can decide which color you want for site title and tagline. Also, you can select the color of your choice for a primary menu, sub-menu, hovered items and header background.

You can also customize the contents, sidebar and footer widgets color along with the button background color and button text color.

Category Color Options:

You might have guessed from its title, that it allows you to customize the colors for different categories. Apart from that, you are also provided with the option to whether or not to display the category in the menu.

To Sum Up!

In the present era, it has become important to create an online magazine as magazines in printed form are slowly getting outdated. And ColorMag is an amazing option for you to create visually stunning online magazine! With tons of customization options, easily create the perfect website that fits your requirements and needs.

With this theme, you can keep your users engaged and interested in each content you post with the responsive and stylish interface. Probably one of the best WordPress Online Magazine themes out there, it is quite obvious why thousands of active users have trusted this template to showcase their website.

Hopefully, this article cleared out your queries about how to create an online magazine in WordPress using ColorMag.

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