How to Come Up with a Cool Blog Name? (30 Best Domain Name Ideas)

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If you’re thinking of starting a blog, then you might also be wondering how to come up with a cool blog name.

Your blog/domain name is the foundation of your whole website. Hence, you have to make it unique and catchy. But coming up with creative blog name ideas isn’t so easy. 

No need to panic! After all, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll provide the ultimate guide on how to choose a perfect blog/domain name for your site.

Let’s first understand the importance of a blog name before we dive into how to choose a blog name.

How to Come Up with a Good Blog Name? (30 Smart Ideas)

Obtaining a domain name is the first step of creating a website. Your whole website nestles on this name, and it serves as your site’s identity. Also, it’s what your users will type in whenever they want to view your website.

Domain Name Example ''
Domain Name Example ‘’

In a nutshell, a domain name is a name with which your target audience will recognize you online. And, it’ll influence your blog’s marketing, branding as well as ranking in search engines. 

No doubts, choosing a good domain name holds paramount significance. So here, we’ll present you with the 30 best domain name ideas to help you choose a perfect domain name for your blog or website.

Without further ado, let’s get going.

1. Know About Your Blog Niche

Research Your Blog Niche

You must have heard of the proverb: think before you ink. If you aren’t sure about your blog niche, how are you going to name your site? 

Suppose you spend hours and come up with a blog name ‘Fashion Dome,’ but you decide to create a blog on a different niche ‘lifestyle’. Then what’s its use? You’re just wasting a considerate amount of your time.

Therefore, the foremost thing you need to do for targeting your goal of the fit domain name is knowing your blog niche. Take your time and do in-depth research on the blog of your interest. 

2. Get to Know Your Target Audience

The blog posts you write must appeal to your audience and so should your blog titles. But this is possible only when you know who exactly is your target audience. For instance, let’s compare the two blog names ‘Nerd Fitness’ and ‘Pinch of Yum’.

Nerd Fitness’ targets all the audiences interested in fitness.

Nerd Fitness Example How to Choose a Blog Name

On the other hand ‘Pinch of Yum’ targets the audiences curious about kitchen recipes. 

Pinch of Yum Blog Name Ideas

When you’re confused about how to choose a domain name, getting to know your audience can help you choose an ideal name for your site.

3. Decide Your Blog’s Tone/Voice

The voice tone of your blog name provides an idea about the type of blog posts you’ll be writing. So, it’s essential to decide whether the tone of your blog is going to be funny, serious, sarcastic, or humorous and provide the domain name accordingly.

For example, ‘The Penny Hoarder’ is a popular website exclusively meant for people looking to make and save extra money. This blog title sounds quite humorous and reflects its writing style.

The Penny Hoarder Example How to Come Up with a Blog Name

On the other hand, ‘Serious Marketers Only’ has a serious tone. This website is especially meant for those people who are determined in building a successful online business.

Serious Marketers Only Example How to Choose Domain Name

4. Keep Your Domain Name Short

A domain name should be short as such names are catchy and can be quickly captured by your audience. On the other hand, long names are boring and difficult to recall for your visitors.

You can use 1-3 words at most or an appealing phrase but avoid using a full sentence as your blog name. Facebook and Twitter are good examples of a short domain name.

Twitter Logo Banner

5. Try to Find the Simple Word for Your Blog Name

Your domain name doesn’t need to be complex to appeal to your visitors. Even simple words can work wonders. In fact, simple words are straightforward and can be easily remembered by your visitors. 

We don’t need to go far for the example as we’re very much familiar with popular domain names such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and so on.

Google Banner

6. Try to Find an Easy-to-Pronounce and Easy-to-Remember Name

It’s a good idea to choose blog names that are easy to spell as they don’t confuse your readers. Such names are also easy to memorize. As a result,  your readers will be able to search for your blogs without making any mistakes.

For instance, the name of our website is ThemeGrill. It’s easy to pronounce and catchy enough to be remembered, isn’t it?

ThemeGrill Website Example How to Come Up with a Blog Name

7. Avoid using Hyphens, Numbers, and Special Characters

Using special characters, numbers, hyphens in email username and password or social media account is common. But it’s wise if you don’t follow this trend while choosing a blog name.

Including hyphens, numbers, or special characters often complicates your domain name, making it hard to remember. Further, using them can make it sound unprofessional. 

For instance, a blog name; art-travelblog11 appears quite confusing and complex.  This may cause typing errors and ultimately result in the loss of lead generation.

8. Don’t Go for a Too Specific Blog Name

Let’s suppose that you’re starting a travel blog and therefore choose the domain name New York Travel. But in the future, you might eventually want to expand your travel blog to other interesting destinations like Paris, London, and so on. 

In such a case, you may have to change your site name, which isn’t easy, or start a new site entirely. Hence, it’s better to avoid a too narrow domain name. Instead, you can choose a domain that provides room to grow.

9. Include Keywords in Your Blog Title

Using keywords is one of the best SEO practices for any website. Similarly, a domain name with keywords in it has a higher chance of ranking in search engines. It’s because the search engine spiders can better index your website for the keyword in your domain name.

Keyword in Blog Name

For example, if your targeted keyword is bakery, then the possible domain name with the keyword in it can be ‘’.

10. Create a Brandable Name

A brandable name is something that’s unique and catchy. It doesn’t necessarily contain the keywords but sounds great. A good example is McDonald’s ‘‘ which is a popular fast-food chain.

McDonald's Example How to Choose a Domain Name

Similarly, Google, Apple, Twitter are also brand-based domain names. If your company/business is already known as a brand, then you can use the same name for your domain. Or else you can rephrase your keyword, find its synonym to find the brandable domain.

11. Choose an Appropriate Domain Name Extension

Domain name extensions are the suffixes that are added at the end of a web address like .com, .net, .org, .edu, .info, .biz, and more. Each of these extensions has their own uses. For example,

  • .com: Commercial
  • .net: Network
  • .edu: Education
  • .info: Information
  • .biz: Business, eCommerce

According to Statista, .com is the most commonly used extension among them. It’s quite popular as it’s easy to remember and people are more familiar with this domain. 

Therefore, it’s best to use .com domain extension for your website if it’s for commercial purpose. However, if it’s not available, you may consider using other domain extensions.

If two websites have similar names then it may create disputes among the website owners and even land you in legal trouble. Therefore, it’s essential to come up with a unique name that doesn’t resemble any of the existing brands and domains to avoid copyright infringement issues in the future.

Avoid Copyright Infringement Blog Name Ideas

For example, if you copy the trademarked names such as Amazon, Disney, or others then your website may be sued for violating trademark rights.

13. Use Domain Name Generators

If you don’t know how to choose a blog name, domain name generators are one of the reliable solutions that help you get one.

A Domain Name Generator is an online tool that helps you find the top-level domain name for the keyword you enter. Apart from that, it also checks its availability status and helps you register a domain with the available registrars.

Some of the best online domain/blog name generators that you can use for good blog names ideas are:

a. Domain Wheel 

Domain Wheel Domain Name Generator

Domain Wheel is an awesome online tool providing creative domain name ideas. On entering the keyword of your interest, it provides extensive ideas relevant to your search term. 

This tool also suggests keywords that are on-trend below the search bar. And if you come up with a suitable blog name for your site, then you can also register the name with top registrar Bluehost directly.

Lean Domain Search Blog Name Generator

Lean Domain Search is a free tool for cool blog name ideas. It’s possible to get thousands of domain suggestions in a matter of seconds with this tool. Not to mention that it also allows filtering search results based on popularity, length, and alphabetical order.

Since Lean Domain Search is by Automattic – a company behind, it allows direct domain registration and website creation at

Don’t know what’s the difference between and You can find out here.

c. Wordoid

Wordoid Blog Name Generator

If you want to get intelligent blog name ideas for your website, company, or products then Wordoid is the best option for you. The name ‘Wordoid’ itself makes clear that it’s developed with a motto of providing help for creating words that look unique and sound natural.

Wordoid also enables defining quality for the domain name. You can select the quality level as high, medium, or low as per your desire. Likewise, you can even pin your favorite domain from the list.

d. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-Mator Blog Name Generator

Dot-o-mator is a creative domain name generator that provides intelligent name suggestions. Here, you can mix and match words to get the perfect domain for your site. 

The process for generating a name is unique compared to other tools as you need to enter the words that you want your domain to start or end with. The tool combines the words you’ve typed in and presents several results that you can save to the scratchbox if you like. 

Want to check out more? View our complete list of best blog name generators!

14. Try Thesaurus

If you’re tired of thinking about how to choose a blog name, then one of the great options for getting clever domain ideas is using a Thesaurus. It’s a useful writing tool. However, you can also use it for catchy blog names as it displays several alternatives for the single word that may sound way better.

Thesaurus especially comes in handy when you want to present your word in an interesting manner. For example, when you enter the simple word ‘travel’, it provides more captivating synonyms for the word like excursion, expedition, voyage, sightseeing, and so on.

Thesaurus For Cool Blog Name Ideas

15. Try Alliterations

One of the fun ways to choose a domain name is trying alliterations. It’s the repetition of the same letter or sound at the beginning of the adjacent words and sometimes at the short interval. For instance, Wonder Woman, Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse, etc.

Using alliterations with your blog name can spice it up and make it catchy and easy to remember for your audience. Some good examples of domain names using alliteration are: Call Me Cupcake, Budget Bytes, Money Saving Mom, Cats who Code, and so on.

Cats Who Code

16. Use Abbreviations

Using abbreviations can prove beneficial as it makes your domain name short, simple, easy-to-spell, easy-to-remember for your audience. Not to mention, these are all traits of a great blog name. 

You can think of using abbreviations in different ways. Either you can fully abbreviate your blog name like ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) – a popular sports channel. 

ESPN Example How to Choose a Domain Name

Or, you can mix and match abbreviations with words to create an effective domain name. For example, ‘WPEverest’- home of powerful WordPress (WP) plugins. 

WPEverest Example Cool Blog Name Ideas

17. Use Your Own Name

The answer to the question of how to come up with a blog name can be as simple as using your own name. Many bloggers who succeeded in their blogging journey have given their name to their website. Neil Patel and Syed Balkhi are pretty good examples in this case.

Syed Balkhi Example

Your name can prove effective for a personal blog as it sounds unique and branded. Also, one good thing about it is that you’ll be quickly recognized by the people as your website gains more popularity on time. 

However, providing your name to the website isn’t a good idea if you want to blog about products or other such niches.

18. Consider Including Action Verbs in Your Blog Name

You might have noticed social icons while reading the blogs. They’re meant to prompt the visitors for certain actions i.e. either to make users follow them or share the content across the social platforms. Similarly, you can also make your blog name a call to action for your audiences by simply adding suitable verbs to them. 

When you use action verbs like start, do, click, make, bake, etc. to your domain name it triggers a sense of action in your user’s head. Finally, your visitors are attracted to read your blogs. For example, Fluent in 3 Months, Learn to Code With Me, Click it Up a Notch, etc.

Learn to Code with Me Example How to Choose a Domain Name

19. Consider Using Other Languages 

Sometimes it’s necessary to come up with a slightly different plan to beat the competition in the market. Using languages other than English can work as a great strategy for obtaining impressive blog names.

You don’t need to know other languages for this purpose. Creative online tools like Google Translate are available to help you out. You can completely use a foreign language to name your blog or combine it with other words to create a unique blog name that stands out from the crowd.

Google Translate for Blog Name Ideas

For instance, the word ‘magnifique’ is a french word for beautiful, which sounds super catchy.

20. Use Humor

Using humor to name your blog is a good idea if your blog post has a similar tone. Humorous names can bring laughter to your visitors’ faces and make them cheerful. 

Moreover, they sound appealing and attract lots of audiences to read your blog posts. As a result, you can get a significant amount of clicks, and your blogging business can succeed.

Some of the websites using humorous blog names are Mommypotamus, The Lazy Vegan Baker, Cats Who Code, etc.


21. Check your Competitor’s Blog Name

Occasionally, it’s worth checking out your competitor’s name for coming up with blog name ideas. It’s because the ideas that do good to them might work out for your blog as well. It doesn’t mean fully copying your competitors; it’s strictly a big no, and we’ve already mentioned that before in our lists.

What we’re trying to convey here is you can take a part from your competitor’s name and twist it with other words to obtain a name that best reflects your blog creatively. 

Let’s look at these lifestyle blogs:

The blogs mentioned above consist of the common word ‘luxury’ plus other combination words. And both of them reflect their distinct niche.

22. Get Inspired from Books and Articles

If you think you’re out of ideas for your blog name one thing you can do is get inspired from the books or the articles. They are a powerful source of knowledge, ideas, and skills. 

Books and Articles for Blog Name Ideas

Giving a quick read through any of the books or the articles of your interest can skyrocket your imagination. Hence, it can help you solve your query on how to come up with a blog name. Contrarily, your book or article itself might hold the words or a phrase that you might consider using as your blog name. 

23. Create a Portmanteau

Using portmanteau is a popular and fun way of creating smart blog names that are catchy and brandable. It’s a word that derives from the blending of sound and meaning of two different words together. Such as:

  • Biopic: Comes from Biography and Picture
  • Medicare: Comes from Medical and Care
  • Animusic: Comes from Animation and Music

Portmanteaur’, which is the combination of ‘Portmanteau’ and ‘Generator’, is a perfect domain name example using portmanteau. Interestingly, it’s a website that helps you generate clever portmanteau names for your blog, business, products, and more.

Portmanteau Generator

24. Choose Good Puns for Your Blog Name

Getting punny is yet another great option if you want to create fun blog names. Audiences tend to remember names that are fun to hear. That’s probably one of the reasons why most bloggers use puns for their blog titles.

Some examples of blog titles with puns are as follows:

She's in the Glow Punny Blog Name Ideas

25. Choose Unrelated Words

We’ve been emphasizing finding the domain names that are relevant or reflect your blog till now. But you know, sometimes it’s okay that your blog name doesn’t correlate with your blog’s content.

Often the unrelated words are worth considering for the blog name ideas. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that it’s appealing enough for your audience. 

Who isn’t familiar with the multinational company ‘Apple’ today? The name ‘Apple’ has nothing to do with technology. However, it’s one of the most brandable names that we might have heard of. 

26. Think Outside of the Web

We often forget our creativity and capabilities while competing and trying to copy from our website competitors. Therefore, occasionally thinking out of the web and getting inspired from the examples aside from the web is beneficial for unique blog name ideas.

Let’s take an example of the ‘Apple’ company once again. Who would have thought of naming a tech company based on a fruit that we eat? The people behind this company did, and they came up with a name that stands out of the crowd. 

Hence, it’s essential to come out of the web sometimes and think of examples from our daily life activities, things around us, and so on.

27. Combine Words

If you want to come up with an appealing and unique domain name then one of the clever strategies that you can use is a combination of words. Many of the websites have used this technique for obtaining catchy blog titles.

Let’s look at the following examples to make it clear.

Green Geeks

While utilizing this technique, make sure that the words you choose are short as it’s easy to memorize and sound right when they’re combined.

28. Work Out Using Paper and Pen

Sometimes you can find great blog names simply by working out using a paper and a pen. Yeah, it sounds old-fashioned, but it’s an evergreen strategy for generating new ideas or concepts. 

This method can prove effective to open up your mind and get your creative juices flowing. Try to jot down whatever you can think of, and you’re sure to come up with inspirational ideas that can work out for your blog.

29. Check Out How it Reads when it’s in Domain URL

Though your domain name may sound right in title form it may not be the same when it’s in a URL format. It’s because in the URL your domain is presented in a single string without any space in between words. As a result, your words may give awkward meanings or sound inappropriate while reading.

For instance, ‘Childrenswear’ is presented as ‘’. Here, the readers may misread the words and assign a completely different meaning to your blog name.

Childrens Wear

Hence, you must check your domain name in the URL format before you finalize it to prevent any kind of misunderstanding or embarrassment.

30. Ask for Feedback from Peers

Your family, friends, or colleagues can be of great help if you’re confused about how to choose a blog name for your site. 

Feedback from Peers for Blog Name Ideas

Firstly, your peers can help you brainstorm powerful domain names for your site as two heads are better than one. Also, they may come up with brilliant ideas that you may consider implementing for your blog name.

On the other hand, if you’ve already come up with the name, your peers can provide the opinions from your audiences’ viewpoint. They can let you know if the name you’ve chosen is good enough for your site and provide advice if it needs any improvement.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect domain name is essential for a successful blog. The perfect domain name is short, easy-to-spell, memorable, and reflects the tone and message of your blog content. Take your time and think of such names for your blog.

That’s pretty much it for the cool blog name ideas. We hope that the points mentioned above will help to solve your query on how to choose a blog name.

Once you come up with a blog name, check for its availability and get it registered using the best domain registrars. Choose the best WordPress hostings like Bluehost or Hostinger, and get ready to start your blogging journey.

We recommend using WordPress to start your website because it’s one of the best CMS platforms powering 40% of the whole web. Besides, with tons of free and premium themes and plugins available, WordPress is sure to help you build your dream website without any difficulty.

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