How to Add WordPress Rich Snippets- 5 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins for 2020!

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WordPress Rich Snippets might be a familiar term to all the SEO experts. However, this might not be the case for the SEO newbies. And if you are one of them, when you see the stars thing or pricing under the topic you just searched for, you all might sometimes wonder what that is? Well, they are called WordPress Rich Snippets. And that is what we will be discussing in this article.

Simply, snippets are the small block of PHP codes that written to enhance as well as to extend the functionalities of the WordPress websites. Thus, snippets are the content right under the link that provides the quick overview to the users what the link offers after being clicked. The image given below is the example of a normal snippet.  Here, the title is in blue while the URL of the page is displayed in green.


Rich Snippets, on the other hand, comes along with some add-on to the title and the URL. Now, let me describe what is Rich Snippets WordPress in brief.

What are WordPress Rich Snippets?

According to Google, “Snippet is a description of or an excerpt from the webpage.” Thus, we can simply define snippets as the description portion that is relevant to that of the phrase the researchers look out for on the web. Hence, Rich snippets provide the insights about the page or website not just to the users but also to the search engine.

Moreover, Rich snippets usually contain more information than that of the simple snippets. Here’s an example of the rich snippets WordPress:


Depending on the web page contents, Rich Snippets might include different content types.  The content format can be:

  • Reviews
  • Pricing
  • Product
  • Person
  • Event
  • Recipe and more.

Why Use Rich Snippets on your WordPress site?

Now, here comes the topic for which most of the people are continually searching for answers. So, why exactly should we use WordPress Snippet on our website?

Well, it is essential for your website or webpage to get noticed only then, the click rates will be increased. Thus, Rich snippets in a way help in making your site more visually appealing and noticeable. Just image yourself where you are searching for a product. What catches your eye instantly? The plain link or the one with all those ratings, pricing and other such additional contents? Obviously, the latter, right?

Hence, it helps in enhancing the SERP’s display. Moreover, people usually tend to click on Rich Snippets. Thus, it also helps in increasing the Click through rates(CTR).

Besides, it makes your web page seemingly more interactive with all the images, reviews, and similar add-ons. Thus, it makes your content stand out from the crowd.

However, there is no direct relation between Rich Snippets and SEO of your website. In short, Rich snippets does not directly affect your website’s ranking. It only aids in enticing the searchers and making them take more educated click decisions.

How to Add Rich Snippets to WordPress

Well, there are two ways to add Rich Snippets. The first one is by using a plugin and the second option is to add manually. Since using a plugin is more convenient so I will show you how to implement WordPress Rich Snippets step by step using a plugin in this article.

For this article, I have used a very popular plugin All In One Schema Rich Snippets, which is the best plugin in the niche.

Firstly, start by installing the plugin and then, activate it. Upon, the activation, a menu of Rich Snippets will be added to your dashboard. Just, click on the menu after which you will be redirected to a configuration page. In this page, you will come across four tabs for Configuration, customization, how to use and FAQs as shown in the image below:


Under the configuration tab, you will see varieties of content type. Just select the one that best suits your content. Here, for example, I have chosen Article.


And as you click on it, it will display a field where you have to insert the strings that you want to be displayed on the frontend. Like in the image above, the available fields are for Article name, author, description, etc.

On the second tab that is for customization, you are provided with the different color customization options for the rich snippets box.


Third and the fourth tabs simply provide you the guidelines on using the plugin and display the frequently asked questions about it.

After that, navigate to Post>> All Posts. Then, select a post in which you want to add the Rich Snippets. You can either pick an existing post or create a new one. After you choose a post of your preference, you will see a Configuration Rich Snippets section right under the text editor section.


Now, all you have to do is select a content type that best represents your content type and then fill up the fields.


Lastly, don’t forget to save your changes. And, that’s it. That is how we can add rich snippets in few easy steps using a plugin.

Anyways, if your website is powered by WordPress, then, I have listed down some of the best Rich Snippets WordPress plugins. All you have to do is install the plugin, and it will take care of adding the markups.

So, here’s the list of the quality Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins:


1. All In One Schema Rich Snippets (Free)

all-in-one-schemaorg-rich-snippetsAll In One Schema Rich Snippets is one of the best and by far the most popular Rich Snippets WordPress plugin in the market. For a free plugin, All Schema plugin is a way to advance as it consists of lots of powerful and outstanding features. The number of downloads which is currently, more than 70,000, itself tells the success story of this plugin.

This plugin comes loaded with all the basic yet essential schemas like photos, star ratings, price, product availability and more.

Key Features:
  • Free and Easy to Setup
  • Support Varieties of Rich Snippet Types
  • Fully compatible
  • Frequently Updates
  • Excellent support

Learn More/ Download

2. Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin (Premium)

Rich-snippets-WordPress-pluginRich Snippets WordPress Plugin is a premium plugin powered by WP-Buddy. The operating principles of both Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin and All in one Schema Rich Snippets are similar. However, to justify the amount it charges it does surely come along with some unique and awe-inspiring functionalities.

Moreover, with this plugin, you can also generate your own schema shortcodes if required. The best part of this plugin is that not a single line of coding is required.

Key Features:
  • No coding is required
  • Supports different types of Schema markups
  • 7 schema markup shortcodes
  • Generate own Schema shortcodes

Price: $59

Learn More/ Download

3. WP Review (Free + Premium)WP-Review-WordPress-Rich-Snippets-PluginWp Review plugin is one of the best Rich Snippets plugins. This plugin has an easy to use options panel that makes it customization a breeze. Moreover, it supports multiple rating systems like stars, percentage, and circle. Hence you do not have to stick only to star rating systems.

Besides, this plugin is also best known for its rich user experience. With it, users can leave a comment on your post and it will easily integrate with it. Best of all, it works seemingly well with all themes.

Key Features:
  • CSS Animated reviews
  • Automatic Star Rating On Thumbnails
  • Fully Fluid Responsive
  • Multiple Rating Systems
  • Global Rating Type

Price: $97

Learn More/ Download

4. WP Product Review (Free + Premium)WP-Product-review-lite

WP Product Review yet another Rich Snippets plugin that comes loaded with amazing features. This plugin not just adds the smart reviews and rich snippets to your post, it also helps in improving the user interaction through improved comments.

Besides, it allows you to add the buy now button to your posts. Thus, it might also be beneficial in increasing your product sales. Some other notable features of this plugin are Amazon integration, comparison table, affiliate buttons for reviews and more.

Key Features:
  • Custom rating Icons
  • Comparision Tables and Review Templates
  • Affiliate Buttons For Reviews
  • Shortcodes Enabled
  • User Reviews

Price: $59 (Personal)

Learn More/ Download

5. Rich Reviews (Free)Rich-Reviews-WordPress-Plugin

Last but not the least, another on our list is Rich Reviews. Rich Reviews is a free WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin that currently empowers 10000+ users. Despite being a free plugin it contains many outstanding features such as infinite color options, external stylesheets, unlimited customization options and more.

Moreover, it integrates with user accounts and gravatar images. In addition, the moderated submissions allow you to easily select the type of review you want to add to your site.

Key Features:
  • Minimalist, lightweight, and efficient code.
  • Compatible with all themes
  • Available for translation
  • Unlimited color options

Learn More/ Download


All in all, the idea of adding rich snippets to your content or post is to make it more alluring and thus, visible in the search engine results. Next, there are wide ranges of WordPress Rich Snippets plugins available. Thus, you need to be careful while selecting one. So, to help you avoid the pressure and to save your time, I have listed down 5 of the Best Rich Snippets plugins for you all.

Hopefully, this article was helpful enough to clear out all your queries regarding WordPress Rich Snippets.

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