HostArmada Review – Is this New Hosting Worth it? 

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Are you looking for an honest HostArmada review? If yes, this article is just the thing for you.

HostArmada is one of the best new strides in the world of web hosting services. It has grown consistently ever since it was launched. The reason? It has an excellent performance! 

Through this HostArmada review, we aim to walk you through all the information that you need to know about this web hosting. 

So, let’s get started!  

A Brief Overview: HostArmada Review 

Launched back in 2019, HostArmada is a charming hosting provider from the US that provides cloud web hosting. The hosting ranges from shared servers to dedicated services.  

HostArmada Review

HostArmada is a verified company that updates its services timely, as per the user’s requirements. 

Moreover, this web hosting provider cements three pillars: speed, security, and stability.   

You can get almost everything you need right from the dashboard like services, domains, invoices, and support tickets. 

It has been operating to offer a wide range of hosting solutions to businesses of all sizes. From small startups to large enterprises, it’s suitable for everyone!  

For this HostArmada review, we’ve researched and compared all pricing to performance, security to customer support! Finally, we’ve come up with proof to back it all up.  

Let’s dive in!  

HostArmada Hosting Plans and Features 

HostArmada provides its users with a lot of different features, and best of all, different hosting options. 

So, let’s get familiar with them in detail in this HostArmada review.  

1. Cloud WordPress Hosting 

This Managed WordPress Hosting is powerful and specially optimized for faster loading time. It’s a cPanel-based hosting service built on top of a state-of-the-art Cloud platform.  

HostArmada Cloud WordPress Hosting

It isn’t all. It maintains a limited number of clients per server. This allows low server load time and optimal performance for your website.  

Moreover, its Cloud SSD technology for 99.9% uptime leads to no hardware failures! Enjoy the service of fast and secure website transfer with a top-notch professional team.  

Cloud WordPress Hosting Features:  

  • Free SSL for all websites 
  • Default hosting features  
  • Drag and drop site builder  
  • Unlimited FTP accounts, database, and email accounts 
  • Free website migration 
  • AI-based web application Firewall  

2. Cloud Shared Hosting 

Cloud Shared Hosting has a versatile purpose, that is actually unmatched! This managed shared hosting is created with care and assembled with attention to all the details.  

HostArmada Cloud Shared Hosting

Likewise, you can freely transfer the service one time for your website as a migration service.  

Its intuitive cache mechanism has the best speed test and minimal resource usage footprints. Similarly, it allows a greater number of website visitors on smaller and cheaper plans.  

Cloud Shared Hosting Features:  

  • Tight website security features 
  • Pilot service with cPanel 
  • SSD cloud storage 
  • Free daily backups 
  • One-click installation  
  • Free SSL for all websites 

3. Cloud Reseller Hosting 

Cloud Reseller Hosting is a managed reseller hosting to build a successful web hosting business. All credit goes to its fast, stable, and secure, white-labeled reseller hosting plans! 

HostArmada Cloud Reseller Hosting

Moreover, it has Cloud SSD technology for 99.9% uptime.  

HostArmada offers four different VPS packages that feature free daily backups, free website migration, free email accounts, etc. 

Cloud Reseller Hosting Features:  

  • Removes malware found on the website 
  • Offers multiple PHP versions 
  • Unlimited Addon Domains 
  • 3X less clients per server 
  • Amazing loading speed optimization  
  • 2X CPU and RAM  

4. Cloud VPS Hosting 

Cloud VPS Hosting is a Kernel-based Virtual Machine private server with unlimited control and redundant cloud powering. It’s a powerful scalable solution for the business that is growing rapidly. 

HostArmada Cloud VPS Hosting

As on-demand access is granted to the user of the operating system, there is complete control over everything! 

Moreover, it’s assembled for reliable and long cruises! 

Cloud VPS Hosting provides:  

  • Free WAF and malware protection 
  • Cloud SSD storage 
  • Unlimited subdomains and databases 
  • APC and OPcode cache 
  • Free backups 
  • Technical support 24/7/365 

5. Dedicated CPU Server Hosting  

Dedicated CPU Server Hosting provides managed dedicated CPU servers. It provides dedicated solutions for optimal power.  

HostArmada Dedicated CPU Server Hosting

Get overwhelming power based on a redundant Cloud SSD platform for unmatched website performance!  

Choose between any: LIFT OFF, Low Orbit, and High Orbit plan as per the requirements.  

Dedicated CPU Server Hosting provides:  

  • Free SSL for all websites 
  • Free WAF & Malware protection 
  • KVM virtualization 
  • Cloud SSD storage 
  • Free backups 
  • Technical support 24/7/365 

6. Opensource Hosting 

Using Opensource Hosting, you can optimize open-source web apps. You can discover the vastness of the Opensource universe with its fastness, stability, and security.   

HostArmada Opensource Hosting

Likewise, you can back up a website, and manage the health and up-to-date state of the web hosting solution.  

This hosting provides an optimal level of protection against all dangerous web attacks. Your website will have all the security features provided through innovative AI security technologies.  

It has proper DNS management, domain redirection, parked domains, and subdomains.    

Opensource Hosting Provides:  

  • Free SSL for all websites 
  • Easy to pilot service with cPanel 
  • Tight website security 
  • Cloud SSD Shared Hosting packages 
  • Free cPanel control panel 
  • LiteSpeed web server cache  

7. Development Hosting 

Development Hosting is bundled with amazing tools for web developers. It’s especially enhanced for website performance development and reliable performance.  

HostArmada Development Hosting

Moreover, it has browser cache optimization, proactive defense, daily backups, and more.  

Besides, this hosting has amazing development features like PHP frameworks, Drush, WP CLI, Git, Node.js, Python, and Perl.  

Development Hosting provides:  

  • Provides 7, 14, and 21 daily backups as per the plan 
  • Multiple hosting locations 
  • Maintains low clients number per server for optimal performance
  • Advanced firewall with a herd immunity  
  • Directory password protection 
  • Web hosting account isolation 

HostArmada Performance 

Next, it’s time to discuss HostArmada’s performance in this HostArmada review.  

When it comes to web hosting, performance is the top priority for both customers and hosting providers. This hosting service has both! 

HostArmada has an impressive performance due to its: 

  • Commitment to 99.9% uptime to run the website smoothly. Also, get 10% to 100% credit in the case of a downfall experience that exceeds the promised time. 
  • Speed Reaper plan to improve the loading speed of a website. 
  • Use of fast web servers like Nginx and LiteSpeed. 
  • Delivery of seamless browsing experience for site visitors.  

Usually, when it comes to shared hosting, the use of the same resources as other clients might slow things down.

But, with HostArmada there’s nothing to worry about! You can even use Cloud Shared Hosting with top performance.  

HostArmada has all that we could ask for! It provides its users with faster loading time and an amazing capability to handle traffic.   

Moreover, the latest hardware and software technologies are powered with those hosting solutions to deliver optimal performance.  

This fast, secure, and reliable hosting will let you dive into the vastness of the web hosting universe!  

HostArmada Ease of Use 

In the long run, ease of use becomes an important factor, whether you’re a beginner or a pro in building a website.  

HostArmada is quite simple and easy to use. Getting started with the hosting service and the product configuration is also quite simple!

All you need to do is choose a suitable plan and register a new domain name. Not to mention, you can also transfer your domain from another registrar or use the existing domain and update nameservers.

After that, you can proceed with the following steps.

Step 1: Choose the Billing Cycle

Here you can choose whether you want to pay monthly, annually, biennially, or triennially.

HostArmada Billing Cycle

Step 2: Choose Datacenter 

From here, you can choose the nearest data center for fast connectivity and unmatched availability.

HostArmada Review Choose Data Centers

Step 3: Select Addon Boosters

Here, you can choose additional add-ons to boost your site. However, it’s associated with an extra charge for the service.

HostArmada Select Add-on Booster

After the checkout process, you’ll get an email with the login details. Thus, you can easily log in to your hosting account and start with your website! 

The dashboard provides full control over all the elements like the services, and domain. Hence, you can easily access, edit, and manage your website with HostArmada.

HostArmada Dashboard

Plans and Pricing of HostArmada 

HostArmada is very flexible with your needs. It offers a wide range of pricing options – adding extensible features to each one of them.  

There are various hosting plans meeting the needs of everyone, companies, and professional web developers.  

The pricing ranges from as little as $9.95 per month to $271.43 per month depending on the hosting you choose.  

1. Pricing for Cloud WordPress Hosting  

Now let’s see Cloud WordPress Hosting plans in this HostArmada review:  

  • Start Dock: It’s preferably the best plan to start your brand-new website! This HostArmada plan starts at just $2.99/ month and is suitable for just a website. 
  • Web Warp: This plan is powered by the Nginx web server. Moreover, it can host up to multiple websites to extend the overall availability for just $4.93/month.  
  • Speed Reaper: This plan is probably the best plan to improve the overall load speed of the website. Moreover, it uses a LiteSpeed server. Get it for just $5.92/month.  
Pricing for Cloud WordPress Hosting

2. Pricing for Cloud Shared Hosting  

There are three different shared hosting plans for this hosting, they are:  

  • Start Dock: With 15 GB SSD storage and default hosting features, it’s suitable to get started with your web hosting journey at $2.99/month. 
  • Web Warp: This plan is suitable to host multiple websites and extend their availability. You can get this hosting at $4.93/month 
  • Speed Reaper: You can take your website to the next level with the fast loading speed of this plan. Get it for $5.92/month 
Pricing for Cloud Shared Hosting

3. Pricing for Cloud Reseller Hosting  

Let’s get familiar with different Cloud Reseller Hosting plans in this HostArmada Review:  

  • Sitedust: This plan is suitable for all users who have just started with the reseller hosting mission! Get it for $21/month.  
  • Protoseller: The plan is suitable for all those individuals who are willing to extend their reseller hosting capabilities and prosper.  You can get this plan for just $28.02/month.  
  • Web Giant: Web Giant plan is the best option for anyone and everyone who wants to become a giant in the reseller hosting business!  Get this plan for $35.03/month.  
  • Site Nova: This plan is an all in all plan. It’s powered by LightSpeed which will enable you to grow your business and reach new horizons! You can get this plan for $49.05.  
Pricing for Cloud Reseller Hosting

4. Pricing for Cloud VPS Hosting  

Here are different plans for Cloud VPS Hosting:  

  • Web Shuttle: This plan will load your site on our Cloud VPS Shuttle. Similarly, it’ll prepare you for the next mission.  Get it for $45.34/month 
  • Web Voyager: In the Web Voyager plan you can start your own web voyage with a reliable partner at your side. Get it for $53.59/month 
  • Web Raider: Prepare yourself and your website for the next web raid! Withstand any of your resource bottlenecks! Get it for $70.39/month 
  • Site Carrier: This plan can board all the online projects on a service that can survive rough web conditions. Get it for $111.34/month 
Pricing for Cloud VPS Hosting

5. Pricing for Dedicated CPU Server Hosting  

It provides three different plans, they are:  

  • LIFT OFF: This plan enhances CPUs to prepare your website for Lift Off into the vastness of the web! Get it for $122.93/month  
  • Low Orbit: Skip the rough times! Simply start an amazing online mission with Low Orbit. Get it for $172.43/month 
  • High Orbit: Provide unmatched computing power with High Orbit plan. This plan will enable you to enhance the resources of the server with ease. Get it for $271.43/month 
Dedicated CPU Server Hosting Pricing

6. Pricing for Open Source Hosting  

Open Source Hosting provides three different pricing plans, they are:  

  • Start Dock: It’s the most suitable plan, to begin with your open-source hosting at $2.99/month. 
  • Web Warp: It’s the right hosting plan for you if you need to host multiple websites. Get it at $4.93/month 
  • Speed Reaper: For the website with an unmatchable loading speed, get this hosting at $5.92/month 
Pricing for Opensource Hosting

7. Pricing for Development Hosting  

Moreover, it has three different plans, they are listed below! 

  • Start Dock: It’s the best plan to start with your web hosting. You can get it at $2.99/month 
  • Web Warp: This plan provides you with top-notch hosting features at the best price of $4.93/month. 
  • Speed Reaper: This plan is powered by LiteSpeed for lightning-fast speed for unlimited websites. Get it at $5.92/month. 
Pricing for Development Hosting

You can select the plan and simply upgrade them later as your business grows and needs additional services.  

Customer Support for HostArmada 

HostArmada has reliable customer support. It provides 24/7/365 support for its users. Also, depending on your particular issue, you can choose from different support types. 

You can raise a support ticket and expect an instant reply within a few hours. Further, you can reach out to support via live chat for fast responses to general inquiries and sales-related questions.

HostArmada Technical Support

Besides, you can also directly contact customer support via phone. The support crew is available for direct calls from Monday to Friday during US business hours.

Not just that, but there are a number of blogs and knowledge bases from the team to assist you throughout along with some really helpful FAQs for each of the categories.  

Pros and Cons of HostArmada 

Next, in this HostArmada review, we’ll let you know about some of its pros and cons: 


  • The websites hosted in HostArmada maintain a lower number of users per server. Moreover, it positively affects the load speed of a website.  
  • HostArmada features fully managed cPanel, a free domain, amazing response time, site hosted with Cloudflare and LightSpeed.  
  • Offers free website migration for up to five websites. The technical support staff will help you to perform the migration without downtime or loss of data.  
  • HostArmada’s features are unbeatable and as a result, it’s confident about its service. That’s why it has an extended 45-day money-back guarantee.  
  • It offers tight web security with innovation to protect against dangerous web attacks with its AI-based security technologies.  


  • LiteSpeed web server is provided on only expensive plans.  
  • It doesn’t provide Windows-shared hosting like other hosting companies.  

Customer Reviews  

Users who’ve used HostArmada have a handful of positive remarks about the use of this hosting service. They’ve claimed it to be fast, responsive, user-friendly, and easy to use! 

Also, HostArmada has provided a lot of customer reviews in the form of videos.  

HostArmada Customer Review

Due to its excellent performance and customer support, it has been able to gain 4.9-star ratings in the TrustPilot as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HostArmada? 

HostArmada is a fast, stable, and secure web hosting. It ensures enhancing the visitor’s experience with a uniquely optimized and stable Cloud SSD-based web hosting service.  

Is HostArmada reliable?  

Yes, HostArmada has maximum reliability. It handles all the traffic effortlessly and maintains good security features.  

Does HostArmada work with WordPress?

Yes, of course!  Its server is set up to run with 100% efficiency to support the WordPress platform. Moreover, it also offers free script and theme installations.  

Can we get a free domain with HostArmada?  

Yes, you can get a free domain with HostArmada sign-up.  

How fast is HostArmada hosting? 

HostArmada hosting is lightning fast. It can load heavy content websites in less than a second. Likewise, the average response time of the hosting server is just about 100 milliseconds.  

Final Thoughts  

HostArmada hosting is fast, secure, includes domain service within, and has a user-friendly interface.

Further, it offers great services in their hand – like blogs, active customer support, FAQs, detailed documentation and the list goes on! 

Also, HostArmada fits the needs of small businesses as well as large businesses. 

So, if you’re someone who’s looking for a decent hosting service with some extraordinary features – HostArmada is for you!  

If you’re interested, you can also check similar articles on Hostinger Review, SiteGround Review, Bluehost Review, etc.  

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