GeneratePress vs Zakra: Which is the Best Free WordPress Theme for You?

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Wondering which is the best free WordPress theme between, GeneratePress vs Zakra? Find out from this article.

Choosing the right theme is most important when building a website because it drives desired functionality and overall user experience.

But when it comes to choosing between the two best themes, it’s pretty tough. GeneratePress and Zakra are the two most popular multipurpose WordPress themes, with thousands of active users.

Both themes excel in terms of features, templates, add-ons, support, and other aspects. However, a detailed comparison of these two themes in every aspect can help you choose the best.

So, read the article until the end to find the best WordPress theme between Zakra vs GeneratePress.

GeneratePress vs Zakra: Overview

Before we begin to compare these two WordPress themes, let’s briefly introduce them:

GeneratePress Overview

GeneratePress is a popular WordPress theme that is well-known for its lightweight foundation.

It offers the right amount of customization, allows you to build websites in various niches, and seamlessly integrates most WordPress plugins.

GeneratePress Homepage for GeneratePress vs Zakra

Besides, it supports over 20 languages; thus, language is not a barrier. Using valid HTML/CSS and following WordPress coding standards, the theme provides complete security.

As of the date of writing this article, it has a whopping 600K+ active installations and 5 out of 5 stars in the WordPress repository.

Zakra Overview

Zakra is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme that is beginner-friendly, allowing you to create a professional-looking website in any field without using any coding knowledge.

It suits every purpose, from a restaurant website to a large travel booking site, as the theme offers over 100 starter templates.

Zakra Home Page For GeneratePress vs Zakra Comparison

From letting you quickly set up a website to customize the pre-built template from header to footer, it’s the theme you’ll love using.

It has only been a few years since the theme was introduced, and the active installation is already over 50K. Also, it has 4.9 out of 5 stars as of the date of writing this article.

GeneratePress vs Zakra: Starter Templates

Templates are the pre-designed WordPress website layouts developed by the themes. They contain every element, such as header, footer, page, sidebar, and so on.

Both these themes are multipurpose. But one might have more options or genres than the other. Hence, let’s look at the templates offered by both of these themes:

TemplatesGeneratePress ThemeZakra Theme
Number of templates100110
Categories of templates39
Page-builder support✅ ✅ 
In-house block usedGenerateBlocksBlockArts Blocks

GeneratePress Starter Templates

GeneratePress has 100 templates available, including both free and premium. The categories for the templates include Business, E-commerce, and Blog.

Top Picks

GeneratePress Demo for Website





Built with Generate Blocks

GeneratePress Demo for Decor

User-friendly Interface


eCommerce site with WooCommerce support


Scroll to the top button available

GeneratePress Demo for Business

Clean and minimalistic


Lots of Customize Options


Fully responsive

GeneratePress Demo for Portfolio Website

Unique design


Compatible with contact form plugins



GeneratePress Demo for eCommerce Website

Simple and aesthetic


Supports WooCommerce


Shopping cart

GeneratePress Demo for Freelance Website

Multiple sections on the homepage


Social media icons


CTA buttons

The theme also uses GenerateBlocks to build some of these templates. You can import the template with just a single click and use it accordingly.

Zakra Starter Templates

Zakra offers 110 free and premium templates for different niches. It has nine categories of templates: Blog, Business, eCommerce, LMS, Magazine, Non-Profit, One-Page, Portfolio, and RTL.

Top Picks

Zakra Demo for Agency
Agency 03

Built-in sorting


Built-in cart page


Integrates Google map

Zakra Demo for Business
One Page

Single page


Slider to display team members


Smooth scrolling

Zakra Demo for Fitness Website
Gym V2

Multiple CTA buttons


Over 10 sections on the homepage


Built-in contact form

Zakra Demo for Job Portal
Job Portal V2

Clean and distraction-free homepage


Built-in FAQs page


Multiple grids to display job categories

Zakra Demo for News Website
Kantipur News

Attractive grid layout


Space to display ads


Scroll to the top button

Zakra Demo for Lawyer Website
Lawyer V2

Built-in page for practice areas


Beautifully displays past works


Newsletter subscription form

Those templates are made with Gutenberg, Elementor, and Brizy. Meanwhile, you can also suggest a demo site to the Zakra developers through their website.

And yes, importing the template is just a matter of a click.

Our Verdict:  Between GeneratePress vs Zakra, Zakra has much more options and categories for the templates. So, clearly, Zakra is the winner in the case of starter templates.

GeneratePress vs Zakra: Key Features

To find the best free WordPress theme, let’s compare the free features of Zakra vs GeneratePress.

Features Comparison (Free Version)

Here’s a brief overview of the features offered by these themes on their free version.

FeaturesGeneratePress ThemeZakra Theme
Weight 1.01 MB (gzipped)3.06 MB (gzipped)
Gutenberg compatible✅ ✅ 
Page builders and plugin compatibility✅ ✅ 
WooCommerce support✅ ✅ 
Fully responsive✅ ✅ 
TranslationOver 25 languagesOver 25 languages
Color control60+Unlimited
Dynamic typography✅ ✅ 
Widget areas 912
Sidebar layouts66

For advanced features, you can try their premium versions.

Our Verdict: Comparing the features between Zakra vs GeneratePress, both the themes offers similar features. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for both the themes.

GeneratePress vs Zakra: Pricing

Have a look at the different pricing plans offered by the themes and find out the most affordable theme between Zakra vs GeneratePress:

Plans GeneratePress ThemeZakra Theme
Free ✅ ✅ 
Lifetime $249$199
Other Plans-All Themes from ThemeGrill at $103/year and $319 for a lifetime
-All ThemeGrill Company Products at $299/year and $999 for a lifetime

GeneratePress Pricing Plans

GeneratePress is available for free and in premium versions. The premium plan has two pricing plans: Annual and Lifetime.

The yearly price of the theme is $59, with one year of updates, premium support, and access to the site library.

GeneratePress Pricing Plans

The Lifetime plan costs $249 and provides lifetime access to the site library. Both plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Zakra Pricing Plans

Zakra also has a free plan and premium plans. The pricing plan for the premium version starts from $55 per year.

The updates and premium support are available for up to one year for the annual plans. You can also renew the plan and upgrade accordingly.

Zakra Multipurpose theme Pricing Plans

Since ThemeGrill developed Zakra, you can get all of the company’s products for just $299 annually under the ThemeGrill Agency plan.

Meanwhile, it also has a lifetime plans.

Zakra Lifetime Pricing Plan

You also get Companion Addons for Elementor and future plugins with all the plans. Zakra also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for the Zakra Pro package.

Our Verdict: Zakra is much cheaper than GeneratePress. Also, the ThemeGrill Agency plan and All Theme Plan are more profitable than GeneratePress’s Lifetime plan. Zakra is, without any doubt, the winner here.

GeneratePress vs Zakra: Customizer Interface

WordPress market is flooded with many themes these days, offering flexibility in customization.

Although some offer mind-blowing features, users often find them useless due to their complex interface while customizing.

Hence, the WordPress customizer is one of the most important aspects of any theme and should not be ignored.

However, the complex user interface might not be an issue if you habitually navigate through complexities. Let’s compare the customizer interfaces of both themes.

GeneratePress Customizer

GeneratePress has a clean and easy-to-use customizer interface. You get the options for customizing at the left, while you can preview the changes on the right of the same interface.

GeneratePress Theme Customizer

The customizer allows you to modify the header and navigation content, copyright messages, sidebar layout, footer widgets, and more.

You can also use the free GenerateBlocks plugin to build every aspect of your website without touching a single line of code.

Besides, you can easily add logos and icons to menus and adjust featured images using the customizer. 

Zakra Customizer

Zakra also has a simple and easy-to-use customization interface.

Compared to GeneratePress, Zakra offers more customization options and the option to apply customization globally.

Zakra Theme Customizer

You can also edit the header, navigation, and footer, add menus and widgets, and modify another setting through a Customizer. Meanwhile, Zakra offers twelve widgets area in the free version.

Our Verdict: The customizer interfaces of GeneratePress and Zakra are similar and easy to use. So, it’s a tie for us when comparing Zakra vs GeneratePress in terms of interface.

GeneratePress vs Zakra: Performance

The theme directly influences your website’s performance. It also influences user experience and overall search engine optimization.

So, let’s compare the speed between GeneratePress vs Zakra. We’ve used three tools, Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Google, to find the speed of the themes.

Here’s the result for both themes obtained using those tools:

Speed Testing ToolsGeneratePress Theme ScoreZakra Theme Score
PingdomA sample page to test the speed of the theme isn’t available to the public199ms
GTmetrixA sample page to test the speed of the theme isn’t available for the public 100%
Google’s PageSpeed Insights 100% 100%

GeneratePress Performance

Although the sample page used to test the theme’s speed is visible in the image below, GeneratePress has not made it available for the public to use.

GeneratePress Performance Test Result Taken From its Website

Thus, the test result of PageSpeed Insights for GeneratePress was taken from its website.

Zakra Performance

The speed test for the Zakra theme was done using the It’s the sample page created using the Zakra theme by the theme developer.

Here’s the Pingdom test result obtained for Zakra:

Zakra Speed Test Using Pingdom Tool

Here’s the GTmetrix test result obtained for Zakra:

Zakra Performance Test Using GTmetrix

Here’s the Google’s PageSpeed Insights test result obtained for Zakra:

Zakra Performance Test Using PageSpeed Insights

Meanwhile, if you’re also testing the performance of the Zakra theme using these tools, know that the result might vary slightly.

That’s due to server load and location, network conditions, caching, device, browser, content delivery network (CDN), and other resources.

Our Verdict: Since the sample page to test the speed of GeneratePress isn’t available for public, we had to rely on the information from its website. Thus, in terms of performance, Zakra wins due to its transparency in performing the speed tests.

GeneratePress vs Zakra: Integration and Add-ons

If you’re new to WordPress and trying to figure out the best free WordPress theme, know that theme is not only the ultimate product you’ll be using.

As soon as you start building your website, you’ll need to enhance its functionalities through contact forms, image optimization, SEO, and so on.

You’ll need plugins, add-ons, and other integrations to do so. Hence, let’s find out if these two themes support other integration and add-ons.

CompatibilityGeneratePress ThemeZakra Theme
Plugins✅ ✅ 
Page Builders✅ ✅ 
WooCommerce✅ ✅ 
LMS✅ ✅ 
RTL✅ ✅ 

GeneratePress Integration and Add-ons

GeneratePress is built using the highest coding standard and supports most plugins and page builders, including Beaver Builder and Elementor.

Also, it follows the WCAG 2.0 standard to support both LT and RTL. Hence, language is not a barrier in GeneratePress’s case.

Likewise, the theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Thus, creating an eCommerce website with GeneratePress is not a problem.

Zakra Integration and Add-ons

Zakra follows the latest WordPress coding standard. Thus, the theme is compatible with most plugins like BlockArt, Everest Forms, WP Rocket, and more.

Similarly, Zakra supports SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math. You can also seamlessly use page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy, and so on.

Meanwhile, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce and LMS, such as Masteriyo. Hence, creating a LMS site with eCommerce features is also possible with Zakra.

Our Verdict: Both themes are compatible with extra integration and add-ons. Thus, it’s a tie between Zakra and GeneratePress in terms of integration and add-ons.

GeneratePress vs Zakra: Support and Documentation

Support and documents are the most important aspects of buying any product. Whether it’s a theme, plugin, domain service, or hosting an excellent support team must accompany you.

Hence, let’s compare how these themes offer WordPress support and documentation.

Support Channel GeneratePress ThemeZakra Theme
WordPress Forum✅ ✅ 
Knowledge Base✅ ✅ 
Live Chat✅ 
Support TicketAvailable for premium usersAvailable for premium users

GeneratePress Support and Documentation

For free version users, GeneratePress provides support through a WordPress forum. You can simply log in and ask them on the WordPress forum.

If you want to use the premium version, you must first create an account and get the Support Key. Once you have the Support Key, you can proceed with your queries.

GeneratePress also has a knowledge base to support you with common questions and tutorials.

GeneratePress Knowledge Base

It offers a wide range of documentation covering general queries, customization tutorials, and queries related to modules and developers.

Zakra Support and Documentation

Support for the free theme can be gained through the WordPress forum. Zakra responds pretty quickly. Meanwhile, live chat is available 24/7 to help everyone with their queries.

You can also join their Facebook community.

Premium users can get support through a support ticket. If you’re using the Zakra Child theme, you can simply fill out the form and get support.

Zakra also has extensive documentation on how to get started and use every feature.

Zakra Knowledge Base

Meanwhile, they regularly update the documents with every new version release.

Our Verdict: Regarding support, Zakra wins over GeneratePress with multiple support channels. Getting support for the Zakra theme is also hassle-free.

Final Verdict!

Did you find a winner between GeneratePress vs Zakra? Well, if not, here’s our view.

Both WordPress themes – GeneratePress and Zakra, offer flexible designs with extensive features and customization options. And you’ll not go wrong with anyone either.

However, after reviewing the details of each theme, it’s clear that Zakra dominates GeneratePress in many aspects.

It offers an efficient way to kickstart your website with an extensive set of templates that support a range of page builders.

Its compatibility with WooCommerce and LMS empowers you even to get your hands on the LMS website.

Meanwhile, Zakra also provides premium plans at a comparatively low price compared to GeneratePress. Getting a multipurpose theme with over 100 templates at just $55/year is worth the investment.

If you’re just starting out or have a professional practice in creating a website, Zakra is a great option to consider. Therefore, Zakra is a clear winner for us as the best free WordPress theme.


Both GeneratePress and Zakra are fabulous free WordPress themes that can help you build a website for any niche.

However, choosing a winner also depends on your needs and business preferences. Hence, choose the theme that best fulfills your needs.

We hope this article helped you choose between Zakra and GeneratePress. For more such articles, visit our blog page.

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