20 Best Free WordPress Travel Themes for Travel Agencies and Blogs 2020!

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Traveling to new and exotic places is an experience that many enjoy. However, these days, there is more to adventure than just the act of traveling to a new place. The accessibility of the Internet allows us to help others catch up to our experiences using images, vlogs, Social media and travel blogs.

WordPress, being one of the best CMS platforms on the planet, obviously provides you the tools for all of these activities. But why not go that one small step further and use a WordPress Travel theme designed for these purposes.

Why should We Use a WordPress Travel theme?

First, let’s ask a question. What are the merits of using a specifically designed WordPress Travel theme? Well, first these themes are designed to help you streamline the process of blogging on your website. Enable videos, image, cool galleries and tons of elements related to your adventure on your blog.

Moreover, these plugins are designed to help your blogs be more accessible to other people. From helping you SEO optimize your website to making your entire website more responsive and fun to enjoy. WordPress Travel themes are designed to help you create the most hospital travel blog ever.

But blogging isn’t the only purpose of WordPress Travel themes. Many WordPress themes are specifically designed for business purposes. These include WordPress travel themes built for agencies and companies looking to increase their online marketing presences. Similarly, from great mediums of advertisement to a resource sharing tool, Agencies can also use their WordPress websites for various purposes by simply using a WordPress travel theme.

So, let’s take a look at our list of best free WordPress themes for travel blogs and travel agencies. These plugins are designed to make beautiful travel blogs and travel agency websites accessible to all and exquisite pleasure to use.

20 Best WordPress Travel Agencies and Blogs:

1) Cenote

WordPress Travel theme-cenote

Cenote provides you with a complete blogging experience perfect that is also great for travel blogging. It’s clean and beautiful modern design makes it a great platform to share images from your adventures. Furthermore, Cenote also supports Video and Image blogs for sharing your travel stories. Furthermore, the wide range of features provided with Cenote also lets you stylize your blog to your heart’s content. This includes managing general layouts, post formats, color options, widget areas and more. Moreover, Cenote is not only completely responsive but is also mobile friendly. The website is designed to fit various resolution displays as well as High Dpi screens too.

Key features:

  • Flexible Blog based layouts.
  • Supports Image blogs and Vlogs.
  • Includes Post slider for latest posts.
  • Major browser compatible and browser friendly.
  • Responsive design with SEO optimized coding.

Download + Demo + Details

2) Himalayas

WordPress Travel theme-himalayas

Himalayas is a one page WordPress travel theme that makes use of the One-page parallax design in a spectacular manner. This WordPress travel blog theme features a highly responsive Image slider built to serve as the introduction to your blogs.  Use tons of custom widgets made for a wide range of functions using Himalayas. For example, you can present Contact pages, Call to action buttons, Portfolios and Service listings through the use of widgets alone. The portfolio especially is a great highlight of this amazing WordPress travel theme. Moreover, Himalayas also features a blog section for your travel blogs and contains tons of page and layout customization for your posts as well.

Key features:

  • One page parallax theme.
  • Features an awesome image slider.
  • Sticky header menu.
  • Dedicated Portfolio widget.
  • SEO optimized and extremely lightweight.

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3) Poseidon

WordPress Travel theme-poseidon

Poseidon can be a great choice if you’re looking for WordPress Travel blog theme. Easily manage your blog and its layouts and blog sections using this SEO optimized theme. Poseidon not only features a customizable drop-down menu but also provides you with a cool fullscreen image slider. Poseidon also features tons of customization; ranging from layout options to background and color customization. Manage general settings, headers, slideshow banner and more using Poseidon’s customizer menu. Use various post and page templates to make use of various page designs for your travel blogs. Finally, Poseidon is also designed to be completely mobile friendly as well as cross-browser compatible.

Key features:

  • Responsive and Elegant layout.
  • Fullscreen image slideshow.
  • Mobile friendly HTML5 coding.
  • Various page layout options.
  • Tons of theme and typography options.

Download + Demo + Details

4) Catch Kathmandu

WordPress Travel theme- Catch kathmandu

Catch Kathmandu is an elegant travel theme designed to be lightweight as well as cross-platform compatible. Designed with HTML and CSS3, Catch Kathmandu functions perfectly on all PC and Mobile browsers. Moreover, it’s retina ready design makes it run perfectly on all resolutions and Dpi’s. Catch Kathmandu provides you with a premium blog experience at the cost of nothing with its powerful theme options, integrated webmaster tools, and custom widgets. You can also use a cool Featured carousel for your blogging purposes. Catch Kathmandu lets you easily customize a wide range of theme options, ranging from Layouts to colors to footers and headers, menus and more. This complete WordPress Travel blog is built to make your travel blogs shine.

Key features:

  • Cross browser compatible and Mobile friendly.
  • Extremely lightweight and Retina ready design.
  • Fully customizable theme options.
  • Blog friendly layouts.
  • Bundled with Webmaster tools and Custom widgets.

Download + Demo + Details

5) Travern

WordPress Travel theme-travern

Rather than Travel blogs, Travern is a WordPress Travel theme designed for travel agencies. Create a marketing platform for your hotels and tourism agencies using Travern. It’s simple yet efficient layout design helps you promote your services using Featured sliders, Icon text boxes, and image galleries. Make use of the fully customizable drop down menu for better website navigation using Travern.

Moreover, this free travel theme also comes with a quote/reservation feature for online reservations for your services. The image gallery also features a lightbox viewer for full-screen viewing.  Travern also comes bundled together with custom pages for your website. This includes Contact pages, archive page, single post template, etc that are all fully customizable. Finally, Travern is also completely mobile friendly so they can check out your website while traveling themselves!

Key features:

  • Travel agency and Hotel designed layouts.
  • Strong gallery features.
  • Custom pages for your website.
  • In-built Quote/Reservation form.
  • Awesome Header design with Flex slider.

Download + Demo + Details

6) OceanWP

WordPress Travel theme - OceanWP

OceanWp provides you with a highly flexible blog and its gallery features make it a great theme to use for your travel blogs. Designed with care and expert coding, OceanWp’s extremely lightweight design, and SEO optimization ensure that your website scores the top of Google’s ranking charts. Create impressive travel portfolios, blog to your heart’s content using OceanWp. OceanWp is considered one of the most popular WordPress themes available. And for good reason too, this amazing theme comes with tons of custom widgets and extensions for more refined blogging experience. Moreover, OceanWp also contains a nifty one-click import function. Download pre-built website demos instantly and start blogging immediately with OceanWp.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive and SEO optimized.
  • Extremely fast loading speed.
  • One click import demos.
  • Page builder and Translation friendly.
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Download + Demo + Details

7) Sparkling

WordPress Travel theme-sparkling

If you want a modern WordPress travel theme with a flat and clean design then Sparkling could possibly fit your purposes quite well. This free WordPress travel blog theme takes pride it’s in Bootstrap 3 and HTML coding. This provides sparkling with great mobile-friendly features, making your blogs easy to consume, straight from the comfort of your viewer’s mobile phones. Furthermore, you can use tons of nifty widgets designed for travel blogging using Sparkling. From category management to search bars and Social icon bars, you can use them all on this amazing HTML WordPress theme. Additionally, while Sparkling is a blog-friendly theme by itself, you can also enable an amazing Masonry styled gallery grid. Use this amazing gallery for showcasing your travel adventures and images. Showcase your stories and adventures to your heart’s content using sparkling and its WordPress travel blog framework.

Key features:

  • Cool Featured Slider.
  • A wide range of theme and color options.
  • Infinite scrolls for your blogs.
  • Translation ready and Third party plugin ready.
  • Mobile friendly and WooCommerce ready.

Download + Demo + Details

8) Hueman

WordPress Travel theme-hueman

Hueman provides you with a great travel blog design to improve your website’s traffic and engagement. This high-resolution WordPress blog theme is designed to fit both high-resolution PC and mobile displays. This allows your blog to be lightweight and responsive and be more accessible on smartphones. Manage your blog’s layouts and page design to an absurd degree using the tons of theme options provided on Hueman. You can stylize tons of elements on your website; from your header to your colors to the footers. Hueman also provides a Featured Story slider for your travel blog and its image and gallery slider image provides you with ample tools for sharing your adventure stories.

Key features:

  • Tons of customizable theme options.
  • Various post formats including Image and gallery posts.
  • Featured story/blog slider.
  • Tons of typography and layout options.
  • High resolution, retina ready design.

Download + Demo + Details

9) Sydney

WordPress Travel theme-sydney

Sydney is a highly flexible WordPress travel blog theme that gives you full control over your website’s customization. Manage your logos, color options, Google fonts, navigation options using this powerful blogging tool. The home page can be the most important part of your website when it comes to giving viewers a good impression. Sydney seems to understand this well and provides you with all the tools to make a welcoming home page. Use a custom parallax background with Slider image headers at the introduction screen. You can also improve engagement on your website using the custom social bar as well as great navigation options with sticky headers. As a final touch, Sydney also provides you with access to over 600 Google fonts to fulfill all your blogging demands.

Key features:

  • Highly flexible theme options.
  • Custom parallax background.
  • Featured image slider.
  • Google font options.
  • Retina ready and Cross browser compatible.

Download + Demo + Details

10) Travel agency

WordPress Travel theme-travel agency

Travel agency is a WordPress travel theme that can help you create a digital forefront for your tourism services. Advertise and showcase tourism packages, trips, adventure activities and more straight from your website. Using Travel agency and its quote/reservation forms, your customers can sign up for your services straight from your website. Its compatibility with WP travel engine plugin makes it the perfect plugin to use for tourism purposes. Moreover, Travel agency’s extremely easy to set up and manage from its theme options. But to your added benefit, the free WordPress travel theme also comes with an inbuilt demo importer to instantly enable your website. It’s great documentation, dedicated support team and video tutorials are a great boon as well.

Key features:

  • Inbuilt Reservation form.
  • Compatible with WP travel engine plugin.
  • Detailed documentation with Video Tutorials.
  • One click demo import option.
  • Easy to customize and use.

Download + Demo + Details

11) Shapely

WordPress Travel theme-shapely

One page designs can work wonders for WordPress Travel themes too and Shapely’s a great one at that. This flat designed one-page theme provides you with tons of powerful widgets to spice up your home page. As so, you can manage Portfolios, parallax sections, Hero images, Service listings and much more using Shapely and its amazing Home page focused design. Additionally, you can also manage tons of Call to action buttons, drop down menus, client sliders, and Social media icons too. Furthermore, Shapely’s completely compatible with all 3rd party plugins and page builders. Whether it be WooCommerce or Elementor or any other blog related plugin, use it to your heart’s content using Shapely.  Help your blog or your tourism agency grow using this amazing WordPress travel theme.

Key features:

  • One page design.
  • Custom portfolio and parallax sections.
  • WooCommerce and major plugins compatible.
  • Translation friendly.
  • Highly flexible and responsive.

Download + Demo + Details

12) Travel diaries

WordPress Travel theme-travel diaries

If you’re out on an adventure, you will probably have tons of cool stories to share. Why not consider using Travel diaries as your platform for sharing these amazing stories using travel diaries. Travel diaries provide you with a clean and easily manageable blog layout perfect for the modern day adventurer. Its custom home page comes with tons of cool sections for your blogs. This includes a cool fullscreen header with Newsletter subscription forms, custom social menu bar, milestone tracker, and more. Not only do you get a separate Recent blog and Popular post section, but you can also integrate your travel guides too. Moreover, Travel diaries also come with a significant amount of theme customization and layout options. This seems evident from its amazing Menu customization options, post formats, blog layouts, and sidebar options.

Key features:

  • Amazing header design with Newsletter subscription.
  • Popular posts and Recent blogs sections.
  • Travel guide widget.
  • Social media friendly with custom social icons.
  • Highly customizable and beginner friendly.

Download + Demo + Details

13) Blossom Travel

Blossom Travel

Blossom Travel is definitely the right fit for you if you’re a travel blogger with a feminine aesthetic. The beautifully designed theme comes with handy integrations, like a map section to showcase your travel locations, a newsletter section, and an Instagram section. Additionally, the theme is highly customizable, with unlimited color options, 600+ Google fonts, and a banner that supports static and video CTAs. Blossom Travel is also speed and SEO-optimized, which helps your website rank at the top of search engine results.

Key features:

  • 9 homepage sections.
  • Breadcrumb integrated.
  • Compatible with HTML5 maps
  • 22 custom widgets
  • 4 Posts/Page Layout

Download + Demo + Details

14) Activello

WordPress Travel theme-activello

Activello is a WordPress Travel theme made to help you share your love for traveling and adventure. This highly flexible blog theme’s perfect to pair up with an amazing image gallery for your travel blogs. Activello provides you with a customizable Featured slideshow for your blogs as well as a completely customizable drop-down menu. Moreover, the search bar and category filtering options can help to improve the navigation of your website. Activello also comes with Post formats specifically designed for WordPress Travel blogs. Use featured image layouts, gallery layouts and more for your blogs. Similarly, the tons of typography options included with the theme are also made to help you create amusing stories. Activello also allows infinite scrolling through your blogs. The use of exquisite blog based features and responsive SEO optimized coding is just the perfect mix of theme perfectness.

Key features:

  • Pre-made layouts for blogs using Featured images, gallery and more.
  • Tons of typography options.
  • Infinite scrolling for blog and archives.
  • Font awesome icons and translation ready.
  • Includes an amazing featured slider for showcasing travel blogs.

Download + Demo + Details

15) Travel Eye

WordPress Travel themes - Travel eye

If you’re keeping an eye out for an amazing free WordPress travel theme, then why not check out Travel eye? It’s clean and professional design makes it quite suitable as a theme for professional touring agencies, hotels or tourism operators. You can easily enable parallax effects, cool drop-down menus and custom widgets using this free theme. Use a fullscreen flex slider, call to action buttons, touring package listings and more. Not only can you use the services and package offers sections for advertisements, but you can also use Travel eye’s custom online reservation form. Allow your customers the ability to book trips and tours straight from the comfort of their home. Or their phone! Travel eye is also completely mobile optimized.

Key features:

  •  Travel agency, Hotels and Booking services design.
  • Powered by Site Origin’s Page builder.
  • Parallax options for builder sections.
  • Amazing menu, breadcrumbs, and paginations features.
  • Tons of custom widgets.

Download + Demo + Details

16) Travel Monster

Travel Monster

Want to sell your amazing tours online? Look no further than Travel Monster, a free WordPress theme designed for travel businesses. Whether you offer city tours, adventurous hikes, or relaxing beach escapes, Travel Monster lets you showcase your offerings in style. Plus, it integrates perfectly with the WP Travel Engine plugin. This plugin allows you to create and manage your travel packages, including tour combinations, destinations, trip types, and activities. Finally, it’s built with both search engines and mobile devices in mind. This means your website will be easy for potential travelers to find and offer a smooth user experience on any device.

Key features:

  • Import demos with a single click.
  • Core web vitals optimized.
  • Powerful booking system included.
  • Advanced typography options.
  • Elementor and Gutenberg compatible.
  • Advanced header options.

Download + Demo + Details

17) Tafri Travel

WordPress Travel theme-tafri

Another great WordPress Travel theme, Tafri Travel is designed to be instantly eye-catching and interest-arousing. Ensure maximum advertisement for your hotels and travel agency using the free WordPress travel theme. Tafri travel provides you with a creatively designed home page design. This is completed with cool parallax effects, an amazing Fullscreen slideshow, smooth scrolling and hover effects, well sectioned promotional banners and call to action buttons. List all your tourism offers, care packages, promotional links and sales, and more. Additionally, Tafri travel even comes sections for Travel guides and calendar based events. It’s eye appealing design and a large assortment of custom designed pages and sections ensures maximum promotion.

Key features:

  • Fullscreen slideshow header.
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Fully compatible with all popular 3rd party plugins.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Features for online reservation, events calendars, and offer advertising.

Download + Demo + Details

18) The Minimal

WordPress Travel theme-minimal

The name might give it away but The minimal is a minimal style WordPress theme made for blogs. Travel blogs, in particular, as The minimal is built to give your travel blogs a clean and distinguishing look. Furthermore, this ultra-responsive WordPress theme mixes a clear color palette with minimal yet beautiful typography elements to help your blogs present your adventure’s full details in an exquisite manner. This ensures that the focus always remains on the text on your blogs. Moreover, the customizable full-width carousel can help you instantly attract your viewer’s attention at first sight. Finally, Minimal is also Cross browser compatible which means more accessibility for your viewer too!

Key features:

  • Customizable full-width carousel.
  • Minimalistic blog design.
  • Custom menu, logo and layout options.
  • Custom social media bar, paginations, and sliders.
  • Cross browser compatible and SEO optimized.

Download + Demo + Details

19) Nirvana

WordPress Travel theme-nirvana

Explore the heavens and make your stories heard all over the world using Nirvana, amazing WordPress travel blog theme. This free WordPress theme comes with over 200 settings for a fully customizable WordPress experience. Make use of tons of typography options, layouts, color and page options and more.  You can also choose premade Color schemes to easily set up your website with no hassle. For proper viewer traction, you can easily use an amazing Image slider, an eye-catching portfolio gallery and well-crafted call to action elements. Choose from over 8-page templates for a wide range of purposes that also includes an exquisite blog layout. The mix of amazing blog-centric functions and huge customization makes Nirvana one of the best themes on this list.

Key features:

  • Over 8-page template designs.
  • Tons of layout and color options.
  • Premade color schemes to choose from.
  • Portfolio gallery features and layouts.
  • Blog friendly design and typography features.

Download + Demo + Details

20) Writee

WordPress Travel theme-writee

Writee is a completely blogger friendly WordPress theme, through and through. One of the most popular WordPress themes available on the web, this free WordPress theme comes with a pixel-perfect design made to fully responsive and mobile friendly. Use cool header options, a custom fullscreen carousel, custom widgets, custom designed sidebars and more using Writee. Similarly, the number of typography and blog related options provided to you are also numerous. Use pagination, breadcrumbs, favicon, and logos, background images, over 600+ google fonts, font awesome icons and more using Writee. Your blogs also include built-in related posts, social media icons as well as tons of sidebar options. Moreover, Writee also provides you with WooCommerce compatibility, just in case you want to commercialize your website.

Key features:

  • Features for pagination, breadcrumbs and logo customization.
  • Pixel perfect, retina-ready design.
  • Customizable fullscreen carousel.
  • Well designed sidebars with tons of custom widgets.
  • WooCommerce friendly.

Download + Demo + Details

Wrapping Up!

We hope you were able to find a perfect WordPress travel theme for your website. Moreover, we are looking forward to your comments and what you think about these themes. Moreover, consider commenting about your experience using these themes, if you have and consider providing us suggestions to add to this list. Hopefully, these themes will be able to improve your blog’s popularity and help you reach new heights on your WordPress travel blogs and business websites.

If you are considering to use more niche based WordPress themes, why not consider checking out some of our other WordPress theme lists:

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