6 Excellent FREE Responsive Social Media Plugins for WordPress 2020


If you want to drive more social media traffic to your WordPress blog, you may love these free WordPress social media plugins. These plugins let you add a beautiful set of social share buttons on your post which encourages the site visitors to share your content on their social networks. This helps your website to get better exposure as well as increases user engagement.

Social media has shown mounting progress with about 2.34 billion users in 2016 which is expected to reach some 2.95 billion by 2020.  This is why it is an unavoidable reality of modern generation which also serves as a great means of sharing information. According to Techiestate Social media is considered as one of the most powerful tools in the modern marketing world and obviously a major source of traffic for most of the websites online.

Therefore, Social media integration is an essential thing to do for marketing and branding of your website in 21st century. In WordPress framework, the task is much easier with plenty of choices available in the forms of plugins. Actually, there are several free and premium social media plugins for WordPress due to which it’s often confusing to choose one from many identical options. So I have handpicked 6 best free responsive social media plugins for WordPress which you can confidently use.

If you are wondering why I picked only free plugins, the answer is as simple as, “Why look at premium plugins if the free plugins are doinga great jobb for you?”. Meanwhile, some of the plugins described here have premium versions too. You should decide what actually works best for you.

Let’s explore the plugins:

1. Easy Social Sharing

Easy Social Sharing -best free wordpress social media plugin

Easy Social Sharing is one of the best free social sharing plugins for WordPress. Firstly, it is our home product i.e. created by ThemeGrill, tested and also used in many of our own and client projects. Secondly, it is easy to use, simple yet powerful that is suitable for beginners as well as experts. Like its name, Easy Social Sharing plugin has simplified social sharing on WordPress.

The plugin is FREE yet provides a plenty of premium-like features. You can choose from the 18 most popular social networks and add shiny sharing buttons for your posts. You can also choose the locations for displaying the social share icons: above the content, below that content or above and below the content. Besides, it lets you to add floating social media bar on the left or right side of your page.

easy social sharing plugin sharing in content

There are multiple layouts to display social share buttons: rectangular design with label, rectangular design without label, rounded design with label and rounded design without label. Additionally, it also displays share counts.

It is super easy to use this plugin. After you install and activate the plugin, you can find a dashboard like shown in the screenshot below. You can simply define the specific locations to show sharing buttons, choose social networks and integrate with your Twitter and Facebook account from the general options. In order to customize display options, color options and individual layouts for inline or sidebar buttons, you must open ‘layouts‘ tab next to general.

Easy Social Sharing plugin -settings -options

It is fully responsive so that share buttons will appear beautifully no matter what users are visiting from.

You can use Easy Social sharing plugin if you want a simple and beautiful solution for social sharing.

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2. Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar WordPress Plugin

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar is a free WordPress plugin for social sharing that provides option to create custom share buttons. That is to provide you with the ability to customize the share buttons the way you want and look unique and distinct from others.

The plugin support 9 social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit etc. You can choose what social networks to be displayed as per your wish and also add a custom message along with the share buttons. You can add social share buttons on the floating sidebar or the top or bottom of the content.

custom share buttons with floating sidebar plugin demo screenshot

The main feature of the plugin is extensive ability to customize share buttons including options to add custom image for any buttons and selecting background color. Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar plugin settings has 5 tabs: General, Floating Sidebar, Social Share Buttons, Support, and Go Pro. You can easily customize the settings from the first three setting tabs, view ‘support’ for any issues and ‘Go Pro’ for its premium version.

custom share buttons with floating sidebar plugin settings

The plugin is lightweight so that it does not affect your website speed.

You can use Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar plugin if you want a plugin with more customizability and option to upgrade to PRO version.

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3. MashShare Social Media Share Buttons

MashShare Social Media Share Buttons WordPress Plugin

MashShare is a free WordPress social media plugin, highly customizable ecosystem for social media sharing and optimizing your content. The plugin provides an attractive design to display three major social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Subscribe. By default, it will display a button for total share counter beside three prominent social icons so that your site visitors can have idea about total share count at a glance.

If you are worried that a social media plugin may slow down your site, you are wrong as the plugin does not affect your site speed. The plugin does not use external scripts that can increase the loading times.

mashshare plugin demo

Customizing MashShare is easy. There are mainly six sections at MashShare plugin settings as: General, Networks, Visual, Position, Short URLs and Debug. You can make the necessary changes easily from there.

mashshare plugin settings

MashShare offers a number of awesome Add-ons  (premium) for extensive features.

You can use MashShare if you want to display tiny set of beautiful share buttons with total share count.

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4. Kiwi Social Share


Kiwi Social Share is a Social Media plugin that takes pride in its functionality and usability. While it doesn’t allow the same level of customizations as some of the plugins out there on the web, it certainly does a great job at simplifying its features.

No CSS coding, no installation hassle, just simple UIs, buttons and Click-and-Drag arranging. If you want to add or remove something, just click on a handy little button to fix it.


The plugin is incredibly lightweight and supports multiple Social media websites. Furthermore, it allows easy customization of the Social media buttons, Floating bars and article bars. It’s incredibly convenient GUI design makes it one of the best Social Media plugin choices amongst new website owners and beginners.

Moreover, it provides further customization for your Social media elements. It has features for changing button shapes and size, bar sizes, share count etc while providing you a live demo of your front end buttons. This allows you to easily customize the plugin while seeing how it would like on the frontend without the need of any other activity.

Along with these features, it also provides even more options such as a Meta-box for Page/post meta handling and a Click to Tweet bar for Twitter posts.

You can increase interaction and content sharing with your website viewers, even more, using the Tweet options and Google Analytics tracking provided in the advanced section


These are all features unlocked in the Free version. However, the Premium version provides even more additional benefits. Premium users have the freedom for customizing colors for the Social media bar and adding Monochrome and Custom effects. Furthermore, additional support for websites like Reddit, Telegram and WhatsApp is added in Premium version.

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5. Share Buttons by AddThis

Share Buttons by AddThis WordPress Plugin

Share Buttons by AddThis plugin helps you to increase traffic to your site with stunning social share buttons. The plugin supports over 200 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. so that you are free to add any social media you want to add in your WordPress website. You can choose whether to display the social sharing icons on your website homepage, archive pages, category pages, other pages or posts.

The plugin allows you to choose the position of the share buttons i.e. above or below content. Besides, it has multiple button styles and sizes which you can choose as per your wish. The plugin dashboard has mainly four sections as: Sharing Buttons Above Content, Sharing Buttons Below Content, Sharing Sidebar and Mobile Sharing Toolbar. Each section has two tabs as ‘Style’ and ‘Options’ for customizing the plugin.

share buttons by addthis plugin settings

Mobile Sharing Toolbar is created for mobile responsiveness in order to provide optimal mobile user-experience.

You can use Share Buttons by AddThis plugins if you want extensive social network options.

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6. Shareaholic

Shareaholic share buttons WordPress Plugin

Shareaholic is more than just a social sharing plugin. It is a free all-in-one content amplification platform for great functionalities you need: share buttons, related posts and social analytics. Shareaholic plugin helps you to increase site traffic, improve engagement, boost conversions as well as monetization for FREE. It allows you to add promoted content, native ads and affiliate links as well.

Shareaholic provides a simple user-interface to add social share buttons your posts, pages, category or index page. You can display social share buttons above the content, below the content or on both places. There are four stylish theme layouts: Classic, Flat Square, Flat Circle, Sexy.  Additionally, you can choose horizontal or vertical layout, size, headline, custom icon colors, total share counts and more.

shareaholic plugin dashboard

Furthermore, it has official support for Google’s URL shortener and Google Analytics.

You can use Shareholic plugin if you want extensive features more than just social sharing buttons.

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Wrapping Up

Sharing is caring! Make sharing easy for your content, boost user engagement and drive more traffic.

And the 6 best free WordPress social media plugins mentioned above are sure to help you add impressive share buttons you’re your WP website.

Additionally, there are several other social media (social sharing, social icon, social login) plugins. Below are some extremely useful plugins worth checking out (bonus plugins :D)

  1. Social Icons – Easily add 100+ Popular social icons of your WP site
  2. AddToAny Share Buttons – WP Plugin for social sharing

If you are already using any of the plugins, feel free to share your experience with us.

Want more? Here is our collection of essential WordPress plugins.

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39 thoughts on “6 Excellent FREE Responsive Social Media Plugins for WordPress 2020

    1. Hello Hari. Social Media Plugins help your users to share your posts/pages on their social media timeline. They also allow you to display the total number of shares of your posts. In our opinion, Easy Social Sharing is a great social media plugin. You can try it for yourself. Hope this our helpful. Thanks 🙂

  1. How to style the social icons like you did in your site, with those gaps and lines, i don’t know how to edit CSS, please guide

  2. A few hours left and I found this pretty interesting blog about best free WordPress social media plugins. I have been using Kiwi social share and right now I am thinking to change my plugin so that I would use one of here which is MashShare Social Media Share Buttons.
    Thanks for the help. And keep sharing.

  3. Thanks for the article. Do you know if I can use any of these with Elementor. I currently have the free version of Elementor. I’d have to pay for the premium to get their social share links. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. I think #1 Easy Social Sharing is the best. I loved that and going to use it. Thanks for share a great article #themegrill

    1. Hello Al Mamun,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. We hope that Easy Social Sharing will be a helpful social media plugin for you. 🙂

  5. Hi Sunita,
    great article. Well am using social warfare social plugin for many years and I got amazing results from it. I get a good amount of social traffic from this plugin’s share buttons. Social warfare is free to use but with limited features and I think those features are enough to see good results.
    you can read more about social warfare from here: https://socialwarfarepro.com


    1. Hi reynor,
      We are using Easy Social Sharing plugin, the plugin which is discussed in the first place on of this post.

  6. Hey Sunita Rai, Once again Thankyou for mentioning these best WordPress social media plugins but it will be more awesome if you will update the list of best social media share plugins for WordPress to give your audience more in-depth knowledge about plugins. I have seen a list of great social media plugins https://www.wpblog.com/social-media-plugins-for-wordpress/ and i would love if you will update the social media plugins list. Once again Great efforts you do to write such an incredible articles.

  7. First of all thank you for posting. The plugin I am looking for is the one you are having on your website. Could you please let me know what plugin are you using.???

    1. Right at the top, it says “Easy Social Sharing… is our home product i.e. created by ThemeGrill… used in many of our own and client projects.” In the sidebar, as of today, they’re using Social Icons (another ThemeGrill product; hyperlink is at the bottom of the article).


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for notifying us about the plugin. We will surely consider mentioning it as additional plugin worth checking out.

  8. yeah, exactly all plugins are good and very popular.
    But are they heavy for a WordPress website. just wanna know this thing. Otherwise very nice article i ‘ve read here
    thanks for sharing..

    1. Heavy in what sense? Well, if you are talking about issues, some plugins create issues sometimes if they are not compatible with the theme or other plugins activated. So, please research on the compatibility of themes and plugins before installing them. Thank you!

  9. What a useful and well written article… I’ve subscribed to Elegant Themes and never realized they had a plugin for social sharing LOL nor would I probably have worked that out without your help! What theme are you using for this website? Love the clean lines and breathing space… I am looking same wordpress plugins for my site Free Wall Arena please share if you have some useful links

  10. Hi

    I love Mashshare plugin. It gives very attractive looks that force to share on social media. Here we can show fake share count to pretend like this is viral post 😉

    & I also used Addthis social share plugin. This is also friendly for me.

    Thanks for showing similar social plugins.

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