15 Best Free WordPress Hosting Services for Startups in 2024

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Looking for the ideal free WordPress hosting for your startups? That’s what this article is about!

A website must have reliable web hosting to form a strong backbone for online presence. However, not everyone, especially startups, can bear the cost of web hosting.

But don’t worry; numerous web hosting companies provide free hosting specifically for WordPress sites. Yet, selecting the right one from dozens of free hosting for WordPress can be challenging.

Thus, we’ve shortlisted the top 15 free WordPress hosting services in this article. Keep reading till the end to find the perfect fit for your startup.

Let’s begin!

Wait! Don’t have time to explore free WordPress website hosting one by one? Here are our top picks.

Top Picks


Hostinger Logo

99% Uptime

Free FTP Account

Large Disk Space

Built-in Website Builder

2nd Official Logo

Multiple Options for Themes

SEO Tools Available

Drag-and-drop Interface

Highly Secure


InfinityFree Logo


Ads Free

Automatic Updates of CMS

Free DNS Service

Over 25 Domain Extensions

Is Free WordPress Hosting Worth it? 

The big question is, are free WordPress hosting services worth it?

Frankly speaking, if you’re the one who is passionate about creating your business website or even a professional who is low on budget, free web hosting services are the ideal solution.

However, while these free WordPress hosting services are cost-effective solutions, they often have limitations regarding features, performance, and support.

This could pose limitations for businesses expecting exponential growth and advanced features.

Below, we’ve mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of free WordPress hosting to help you evaluate and choose the hosting according to your needs. 

Advantages of Free WordPress Hosting Plans

  • The very first benefit of free WordPress hosting is undoubtedly the price. You don’t have to pay a dime to host your site. 
  • Since these free hosting services don’t have many advanced solutions, this might be useful to beginners or non-tech savvy. 
  • Another great advantage is getting experience with the services and learning all the tips and tricks before making a financial commitment.
  • Let’s not forget all the amazing layouts the free WordPress hosting services provide. With the help of these layouts, you can make your site go live in a matter of minutes. 

Disadvantages of Free WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Many hosting service companies place ads on your sites. The profits made by these ads go to the hosting companies. On the other hand, you’ll get fewer earning opportunities.
  • Also, the bandwidth, disk space, and even web pages are limited and more restricted than paid WordPress hosts. 
  • The technical support prioritizes the paid users over the free hosting users. Free user response times are longer, and the level of support provided may not meet expectations.
  • Your domain name might contain the free hosting provider’s name as well. For example, This can make your site look unprofessional and unauthentic. 

With that said, let’s start the list of free hosting for WordPress, for which you’ve come to this article. 

15 Best Free WordPress Hosting for Your Website

Before getting into the details, let’s start with a brief introduction of each free hosting for WordPress sites:

Name Disk Space Support
Free Hostinger Hosting300 MBLive chat, Emails, FAQs, Tutorials, Knowledge base
WordPress.Com1 GBFAQs and Forums
InfinityFree5 GBKnowledge base, Forum
CloudAccessUndisclosedLive chat, Phone calls, Support tickets, Tutorials, Knowledge base
AwardSpace1 GBLive chat, Emails, Blog, Video tutorials, FAQs
AccuWeb Hosting2 GBSupport tickets, FAQs, Emails, Blog, Discussion Forum,
x10hostingUnmeteredDiscord, Forum Support
WPNode1 GBBlog, FAQs
ByetHost1000 MBSupport tickets, Knowledge base, Video tutorials, Blog, Forum
100WebSpace100 MBLive chat, Emails, Video tutorials, Forum
Freehostia250 MBSupport tickets, Online documentation, Video tutorials
FreeHosting10 GBSupport tickets, Emails, Knowledgebase
GoogieHost100 MBKnowledge base, Email, Blog
FreeHostingNoAds1 GBPhone call, Email, Support ticket, Chat, Knowledge base
HostAwesome100 MBSupport ticket, Live chat

1. Free Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger is one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers on the market. They offer highly optimized hosting services for small to big websites, including a fully free-of-cost hosting plan.

The free hosting plans are managed by 000WebHost, their child property. Free Hostinger hosting is seemingly the choice of millions of active users.

Hostinger Official Site - Free WordPress Hosting

It’s a zero-cost website hosting with PHP, MySQL, cPanel, and no ads. Also, it ensures a smooth transfer of your WordPress site.

The free services allow you to host one website. It also offers 300 MB of disk space and 3GB bandwidth.

It’s great for starters or medium-level projects. Also, you can set it up in minutes; all you need to do is sign up with your credentials, and you’re good to go.

Key Features of Free Hostinger Hosting

  • 99% uptime and speed optimized
  • One-click installation process 
  • Custom control panel available
  • Support for PHP and MySQL databases
  • In-built website builder available
  • Provides a free FTP account

Pros of Free Hostinger Hosting

  • Huge disk space and bandwidth
  • Includes a Cronjob to schedule or automate tasks
  • Tutorials and guides to help with the processes
  • Dedicated servers with Intel Xeon processors

Cons of Free Hostinger Hosting

  • High chances of spamming
  • Minimal security; free SSL is not available.
  • A limited number of concurrent MySQL connections

Hostinger’s free hosting is worth trying out, but why settle for a compromised service when you have a better deal for almost free?

Yes, you can try Hostinger’s Single Web Hosting plan, which only costs $1.99/month.

Even better, you can try their Premium Web Hosting plan that lets you host 100 websites + free domain + free SSL. It costs you just $1.99/month and $6.99/month when you renew.

Meanwhile, you can get an additional 8% discount for all yearly or longer hosting plans from Hostinger using the “THEMEGRILL” coupon code.

2. is one of the best free WordPress platforms in the market. Unlike, the site takes care of all the hosting for you.

You don’t have to buy any software, pay for hosting, or even manage a web server. Thus making it the perfect place to start if you’re a beginner. Official Site - Free WordPress Hosting

While it’s an online platform similar to, the major difference is less hassle. Another difference could be the control you have over the site, which is limited. 

However, it’s enough to start effortlessly online with what you get! Apart from that, it’s seemingly easy to set up.

If you’re interested in learning about the complete difference between them, here’s an article – vs

It also has a drag-and-drop interface and a huge collection of design patterns, all seamlessly integrated within its intuitive block editor.

While they offer various premium upgrades if you wish, the free hosting solves most of your WordPress needs.

Key Features of

  • Built-in social sharing with in-depth stats
  • Hundreds of themes to choose from
  • Mobile-friendly site creation
  • Fast and friendly customer support
  • Includes premium plans other than the free service
  • Built-in SEO tools available

Pros of

  • Brute-force protection
  • Free for up to 1 GB of disk space
  • Automatic updates and backups
  • Hundreds of customizable themes are available

Cons of

  • Your site can be deleted if you violate their Terms of Service
  • You cannot build membership websites
  • Ads will be placed on your free site without you getting the advantage

3. InfinityFree

InfinityFree has been providing free hosting for WordPress sites for over 10 years. With 400,000 active users, it’s one of the leading free hosting services with WordPress support.  

Furthermore, InfinityFree offers unlimited hosting, meaning there’s no limit on the number of WordPress websites you want to host.

InfinityFree Free WordPress Hosting

Not to mention, you can also use your domain name or choose a free subdomain from over 25 domain extensions. 

You can even create accounts automatically with InfinityFree in just a few minutes.

Moreover, it provides 5 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL on all your domains, and free DNS service

Key Features of InfinityFree

  • No ads on your website
  • Full .htaccess support
  • Supports PHP 7.4 and MySQL 5.7
  • Offers 400 MySQL databases
  • Automatically updates CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress
  • Two-factor authentication to protect your account

Pros of InfinityFree

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Always up-to-date
  • Completely free, no credit card required

 Cons of InfinityFree

  • No live chat or phone support
  • Limited disk space

4. CloudAccess

An open-source network and value, is yet another best free WordPress hosting on our list.

It’s one of the managed hostings offering hands-on support without AI, bots, or autoresponders

With their service, you get a basic CCP (Cloud Control Panel) and other features like Site Replicator and App Snapshot tool absolutely free. 

CloudAccess Free Hosting for WordPress

Other than that, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data as they keep it updated and backed up daily.

Not only this but for beginners’ and novices’ sake, the site also provides full and free training to help get started on their hosting service.

What are you waiting for? Get this hosting right away!

Key Features of CloudAccess

  • Full access to MySQL
  • Open-source flexible hosting service
  • Site Replicator for ease of access
  • Training and tutorials are available
  • Instant installation and launch
  • Written and video tutorials are available

Pros of CloudAccess

  • Easy to scale using Compute Booster
  • CCP with awesome tools
  • Free training and tutorials
  • Daily backups for safe-keeping

Cons of CloudAccess

  • Limited to sub-domains
  • Need to log in to CCP every month
  • Can remove your site at any time if you violate their terms

5. AwardSpace

This award-worthy free hosting for WordPress is another great option to begin your online journey. Why?

Simply put, AwardSpace is a completely ad-free and user-friendly platform to gain the awesome experience you wish for online. 

AwardSpace - Free WordPress Hosting Service

Create any website, from a blog or temporary sites to small businesses, as AwardSpace provides hosting one domain with three different sub-domains.

Besides, you don’t need to wait for account approval and activation. Simply sign up with your preferred social network and start creating the website you’ve always dreamed of right away.

Another awesome thing about this hosting company is that it provides a 99.9% guarantee for network uptime, making it one of the most reliable and speed-optimized hosts. 

Key Features of AwardSpace

  • Advanced control panel
  • Spam/virus-protected online environment
  • Web-based file manager for easier uploads and downloads
  • Great range of disk space and bandwidth
  • Free website builder with one-click installation
  • Offers 1 GB disk space and 5 GB monthly traffic

Pros of AwardSpace

  • Ad-free hosting platform
  • Full MySQL database support
  • Full DNS management

Cons of AwardSpace

  • Password protection is not available
  • Limited ticket system for customer support

6. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is another renowned name when it comes to the best free WordPress website hosting service.

Most of the free hosting for WordPress comes with extra promotional banners or ads. However, with AccuWeb Hosting, you don’t have to deal with all those hassles. 

Accuweb Free Hosting for WordPress

With a lifetime guarantee of free hosting service, you also get 2 GB SSD storage space and 30 GB monthly bandwidth. Ideal for around 5000 visitors monthly; you can easily set it up as well. 

As an open-source platform, it’s effective, making it ideal for individuals and businesses seeking an adaptable web solution

Meanwhile, to enjoy the lifetime free service, you only need to sign up for absolutely no cost and with no requirement for credit card details!

Key Features of AccuWeb Hosting

Pros of AccuWeb Hosting

  • Provides full root access
  • Lifetime free offer
  • Extremely fast-loading website
  • Free of advertisement and sponsored links

Cons of AccuWeb Hosting

  • Limited support for free hostings
  • Free website migration is not available
  • Shell Access is not available

7. x10hosting

x10hosting is a free cloud hosting service that claims to have ten times better services than most of the cheap hosting services in the market.

It’s a fully-featured web hosting solution helping you to set up your sites in a few minutes.

x10Hosting WordPress Hosting Service

With 100% pure cloud SSD servers powered by top-of-the-line enterprise hardware, it’s a complete hosting package that covers all your hosting needs.

Similarly, it offers free website builders and eCommerce templates. You also get full control over the account and the latest PHP, MySQL, and cPanel versions.

Key Features of x10hosting

  • Easy file uploads and editing through FTP
  • Provides unmetered bandwidth and disk space
  • Over 300 one-click software installers
  • Easy upgrades and daily updates
  • Offers over 150 fully customizable templates
  • Full access to the latest DirectAdmin control panel

Pros of x10hosting

  • Optimized for high performance
  • Easy to configure email inboxes and domains
  • Premium upgrades are available
  • A flexible and user-friendly aspect of web hosting

Cons of x10hosting

  • No live chat or phone support
  • Limited security

8. WP Node

Lightening fast and equipped with robust security features, WP Node stands out as another excellent free hosting for WordPress we suggest.

Free from advertisements, contracts, and the best aspect of it all: there are no strict policies to follow. 

WPNode Hosting Service

Besides, it provides strong security, free CDN (Content Delivery Network), and email. Also, you get a preconfigured W3 Total Cache plugin.

Furthermore, you can also easily migrate your WordPress site with a click to WP Node; the process is swift and painless.

Not to mention, you can manage the database via phpMyAdmin and upload as well as download files via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). 

Key Features of WP Node

  • Free 1 GB RoundCube-powered email service
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Full control over the PHP database
  • Easy file upload through SFTP
  • Ad-free and spam-free hosting platform
  • Free site migration

Pros of WP Node

  • Blazing-fast speed
  • High-leveled security
  • Free Global CDN by Cloudflare
  • Unlimited WordPress sites

Cons of WP Node

  • Limited support for free hosting
  • Doesn’t provide backups

9. ByetHost

Byethost is a free WordPress hosting service that maintains its clustered hosting network by providing a powerful and load-balanced platform.

With a high range of reliability and speed, this free hosting for WordPress sites is another name we do not hesitate to recommend. 

ByetHost Hosting Service

In addition, it provides 1000 MB disk space and 50 GB monthly transfer. Also, you get 5 addon domains, 5 parked domains, and 5 subdomains.

Likewise, Byethost also offers email accounts to their customers. Besides, you also get a custom error page manager.

Talking about the support, it has a support ticket system, a knowledge base, video tutorials, a domain definition guide, and more. 

Key Features of ByetHost

  • Free community access
  • Password-protected folders
  • FTP account, as well as a file manager
  • HTTP SSL on all free hosting domains
  • MySQL databases and PHP support
  • Multihomed network

Pros of ByetHost

  • No advertisements
  • Excellent speed and quality of the network
  • Clustered network with load balance
  • Full access to control the site
  • Space provisions with sub-domain

Cons of ByetHost

  • Limited support for free hosting

10. 100WebSpace

If you want to get started online without any hassle and risk, 100WebSpace is the right choice.

Along with all the basic features, this free WordPress hosting includes a special bonus- Web Apps Installer. This helps you launch a blog, photo gallery, etc., all within minutes. - Free WordPress Hosting

Furthermore, it offers 100 MB disk space, 3 GB monthly traffic, 1 hosted domain, and 3 email accounts.

Also, customer support is as helpful and efficient as ever! Not only do you get 24/7 live support, but you also get a 1-hour ticket or email response.

Nevertheless, this plan includes a small banner ad on your site, though it’s negligible. Perfect for any website, we certainly recommend this service when starting!

Key Features of 100WebSpace

  • Offers free website templates
  • Multilingual control panel
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Helpful site management tools
  • Extensive online documentation
  • Password protected directories

Pros of 100WebSpace

  • Optional dedicated IP address
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Site statistics to keep track
  • Anti-virus protection

Cons of 100WebSpace

  • No free domain registration
  • Trial not available

11. Freehostia

Another major name when it comes to providing free hosting for WordPress with a free domain is Freehostia.

As their chocolate plan, a basic hosting service, Freehostia offers free cloud hosting services for your site. 

Freehostia Hosting Service

Not to mention, it provides 250 MB disk space, 6 GB monthly traffic, 5 hosted domain(s), and 3 email accounts.

It doesn’t end here; Freehostia further provides 1 MySQL v.5 databases and 10 MB MySQL Storage. This free plan perfectly suits your small online business.

Along with their free hosting, you can also opt for their premium plans whenever you wish.

Key Features of Freehostia

  • Includes site management tools
  • Statistics to evaluate progress
  • High leveled security
  • One-click installer for easy access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Option to choose from shared and cloud hosting platforms

Pros of Freehostia

  • Advanced e-mail manager
  • Easy switch to premium plans
  • URL redirector available
  • Optimized features for easy access

Cons of Freehostia

  • Limited bandwidth and disk space
  • Limited MySQL database access

12. FreeHosting

FreeHosting lives up to its name, offering cost-free hosting, including WordPress support and all necessary features and tools to build a website.

Managing hosting accounts has never been simpler, all thanks to the user-friendly web hosting cPanel it offers.


The drag-and-drop site builder is another feature you get that will make your WordPress website-creation smooth like butter. 

Moreover, it offers 10 GB disk space, unmetered bandwidth, 1 email account, and your domain hosting

And if you want extra features, you can always upgrade to the premium plan. 

Key Features of Free Hosting

  • Serves unlimited visitors of pure HTML website
  • Over 170 predesigned templates
  • 1-click application installer
  • One MySQL database
  • Upload website using frontpage
  • Compatible with the majority of web applications

Pros of Free Hosting

Cons of Free Hosting

  • Limited support
  • Limited MySQL database

13. GoogieHost

GoogieHost is a cloud-based web hosting service available for everyone all over the globe. This free web hosting gives you a drag-and-drop website builder to create a stunning site.

It operates on NVMe SSD-based web hosting, a high-speed storage technology. Besides, it offers a user-friendly cPanel. 

GoogieHost Free Web Hosting WordPress

Also, you don’t need any coding knowledge. Further, it provides free sub-domains, Cloudflare internet security, and 100 MB SSD space

To add more, if you choose GoogieHost, you don’t need to worry about security at all. It offers malware protection and SSL certification.

Also, it provides a knowledge base and blog tutorials for customer support. Further, if you encounter any problems, you can also contact the support team via email.  

Key Features of GoogieHost

  • 1-click installer
  • SitePad website builder available
  • Lightweight web server
  • Free business email accounts
  • Provides WordPress manager
  • Hotlink protection available

Pros of GoogieHost

  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • 2 MySQL database
  • Speed optimized
  • Free CMS installer

Cons of GoogieHost

  • Features intrusive ads
  • No live chat support
  • Falls short compared to its competitors

14. FreeHostingNoAds

FreeHostingNoAds, as the name implies, guarantees that it’ll not add any text links, banners, or pop-ups to your site. Also, you can add your own ads and earn money. 

Besides, it allows you to use your custom domain name. However, if you don’t have one, FreeHostingNoAds provides multiple short sub-domains.

FreeHostingNoAds - Free WordPress Hosting

Also, an easy-to-use control panel is available to manage your hosting account, install apps, and check stats. 

Meanwhile, it offers free technical support, ensuring that your queries about hosting accounts, features, and website tools are solved instantly.

Additionally, it provides complimentary technical support, ensuring swift resolution of inquiries related to your hosting account, features, and website tools.

Key Features of FreeHostingNoAds

  • Free email hosting
  • 1 GB web space 
  • 5 GB bandwidth
  • Guarantees 99.99% uptime
  • Fast and reliable server
  • Free app installer

Pros of FreeHostingNoAds

  • FTP and File Manager
  • Instant activation
  • No forced ads

Cons of FreeHostingNoAds

  • Limited web space and bandwidth

15. HostAwesome

Last but certainly not least, to make it on this list of best free hosting services is HostAwesome.

It’s a simple high-speed SSD hosting that is 100x times faster than regular hard drives, perfect for your WordPress website.

HostAwesome Free WordPress Website Hosting

It provides a range of features to help users build and manage their websites. It uses LiteSpeed and Cloudlinux, providing lightning-fast speed.

Besides assisting with hosting issues, the support team also helps with anything related to WordPress. Therefore, you can focus on building your content only.

Key Features of HostAwesome

  • Integrates SSL certificates
  • 100 MB storage with 2000 page views per month
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Fully scalable as your site grows
  • Generates daily backups
  • Automatic updates for WordPress themes and plugins

Pros of HostAwesome

  • Automatic WordPress installation
  • Free migration of your site to HostAwesome
  • Full access to cPanel

Cons of HostAwesome

  • Displays ads for the free hosting plan
  • No support for email hosting

Some FAQs Regarding Free WordPress Hosting

Can I get WordPress hosting free forever?

Yes, some hosting service providers offer free WordPress hosting for a lifetime. However, these plans usually have limitations and may not be suitable for high-traffic websites.

Which is the best free WordPress hosting?

Some of the best free WordPress hostings are Hostinger,, InfinityFree, and CloudAccess. However, determining the best hosting depends on your specific needs and requirements or your experience with the hosting service provider.

Is free WordPress hosting reliable?

To be honest, free WordPress hosting might not be as reliable as paid hosting services. Free hosting comes with limited resources, bandwidth, and support. Some might also place some ads on your site. As a result, it might affect your website performance. However, to get started, you can opt for free WordPress hosting and upgrade to premium services as your site grows.

Can I use free WordPress hosting for my business website?

Yes, you can use free WordPress hosting for the business website. But you should know your needs and compare them with the hosting service provider’s offerings. For small businesses like startups, free hosting can work well.

How do I choose the best free WordPress hosting provider?

When choosing the best free WordPress hosting provider, you should first know your website’s specific needs and requirements. Next, you can consider factors like features, limitations, customer support, uptime, user reviews and ratings, hidden fees, etc.

Wrapping It Up!

That covers the free WordPress hosting services.

While premium yet affordable WordPress hosting might become a better choice in the future, these free services enable effective setup to create your WordPress website.

Free hosting for WordPress offers a fantastic opportunity to explore and experiment, especially for those on a tight budget or starting as a beginner.

You must have realized by now that being free doesn’t always mean lacking value! In this case, it holds much more significance than you might have thought.

With that, we hope you enjoyed exploring free hosting for WordPress sites. If so, don’t forget to share the article among your circle through social media channels.

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