7 Best FREE WordPress Newsletter Plugins to Strengthen Your Email Marketing for 2020


Everyone who owns a website has the same goal to grow the reach of the website visitors. Whether it’s a business website, an online store, a portfolio or even a blog, every website owner wants to increase the number of visitors for their website. There are a lot of sources to increase it too like social media, improving SEO, and so on. One of the most popular methods for it is email marketing in which, the newsletter subscription is considered very efficient and easy. It is especially easy if you use a WordPress website. All you need to do is just install a WordPress newsletter plugin and you’re good to go.

Newsletters can be very beneficial for your website. You can send various updates about your website to the users through emails. It can help to keep your website visitors engaged with your latest news and contents of the website. That is why it is included on many websites. When adding an option for email subscriptions, most websites prefer a newsletter subscription form. The email address of the user is entered and the designation button is clicked. It also appears as a popup in most of the websites.

All these forms and popups can be easily created by installing a plugin in WordPress. That is why we have listed out the best WordPress newsletter plugins for you to grow your email subscriptions in this article.

Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins

1. MailChimp

mailchimp wordpress newsletter plugins

MailChimp is one of the best and most popular WordPress Newsletter plugins in WordPress. It enables you to grow your MailChimp lists. This plugin is also useful for you to write newsletters through multiple methods. It makes easy access for your users to subscribe for your newsletters. It is free for up to 2,000 subscriptions. So, it is widely chosen by most startup businesses. Once the business grows with the help of this plugin, you can easily adapt the premium version with it.

MailChimp also has a lot of features for newsletter subscriptions for your website. You can create multiple forms with the help of the premium version. Whereas, from the free version, you are limited to only a single form. The subscription forms can also be submitted using AJAX with this WordPress newsletter plugin. So, submitting a form won’t reload the entire web page or the form.

Key Features:

  • Styles Builder
  • Reports with Visual Charts
  • Email Notifications
  • Well Documented
  • WooCommerce Integration to Record Sales from Emails Campaign

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2. Newsletter

newsletter wordpress newsletter plugins

As mentioned in the name itself, Newsletter is a WordPress newsletter plugin perfectly suitable to increase the newsletter subscription on your website. If you are looking for a plugin to help you with email marketing, this plugin can help you a lot. It is specifically developed to create a newsletter subscription service for your website. It has a lot of features that you will surely love to have it on your website.

Newsletter allows you to have unlimited subscribers for your newsletter. It also provides the statistics for your website. Similarly, this WordPress newsletter plugin also allows you to use an unlimited amount of newsletters. You can easily send your audience a lot of newsletters to engage with them through emails. Furthermore, it also checks for spam subscriptions so that your website can be secured as well. This is done through the domain or IP blacklists, Akismet, and Captcha.

Key Features:

  • Delivery Speed Fine Control
  • Drag and Drop Composer
  • WPML Ready
  • Multi-list targeting
  • GDPR Compatible

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3. MailPoet

mailpoet wordpress newsletter plugins

If you want to grow the email subscribers of your website, MailPoet can be of great help for you. You can easily grow them on your website without even leaving the admin panel. This WordPress newsletter plugin can be easily used on any WordPress website without any issue. It has a lot of templates for you to choose from. So, you can easily build a beautiful email subscription with them. This can also save a lot of your time as you don’t have to start from scratch.

MailPoet also has an option to schedule your newsletters with this newsletter plugin for WordPress. You can send them the right way, schedule them, or through new blog post notifications. This can all be done automatically with just a few amounts of clicks. Furthermore, this plugin can also help you a lot with managing your subscribers and subscribers list.

Key Features:

  • Send Automated Signup Welcome Emails
  • Multiple Responsive Templates
  • GDPR Compliant
  • WooCommerce Emails
  • Superfast (50,000 emails per hour)

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4. Email-Subscribers

email subscribers wordpress newsletter plugins

To gain more email subscribers for your website, you need an awesome WordPress plugin. So, Email-Subscribers is just the tool you’ll need. It can serve you with a lot of features and elements needed for your email subscription on the website. You can collect leads, send automated blog post notifications and so on. Moreover, you can also send broadcasts to your subscribers. What’s even better is that you can manage all these from one place with the help of this plugin.

Email-Subscribers is a newsletter plugin for WordPress that will fulfill all your Newsletter needs. It can suit the requirement of any type of website owner. This plugin can be suitable for websites of bloggers, marketers, and even developers. You can add the neat looking subscription anywhere on your website. As a result, it has a very beautiful design too. Therefore, you can easily attract a lot of audiences to subscribe to your newsletters via emails.

Key Features:

  • Send Automated Posts on Published Posts
  • Create, Schedule, and Send Broadcasts
  • Collect Customer Emails
  • HTML Editor
  • Include/Exclude Categories

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5. Popup Builder

popup builder wordpress newsletter plugins

One of the easiest ways to indulge your website visitors to use the email subscription is with popups. The Popup Builder WordPress newsletter plugin does just that. You can easily create a pop up for newsletter subscriptions for your website with the help of this plugin. It can be really helpful to manage the popups for it as well. Although it is a very powerful plugin, it is also very easy to use.

Popup Builder can be also used to show various discounts and offers of your website for your visitors. In this way, you can attract a lot of subscribers towards your website with this newsletter plugin for WordPress. Furthermore, it also enables you to add animations for your popups. This can make it easy for your newsletters popups to be noticed and well appreciated by the viewers.

Key Features:

  • Set Popup Location on Screen
  • OnClick/On Hover Popups
  • Redirect Confirmation Popup
  • Autoresponder for Subscriptions
  • Newsletter Modules

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6. Mailjet

mailjet wordpress newsletter plugins

Mailjet is a WordPress newsletter plugin with which you can easily grow your email subscriptions for the newsletters of your website. It is a feature rich plugin designed to gain you more and more email subscribers. This plugin can help you a lot on easy mail management. So, you can manage all your marketing and transactional email with ease directly from the WordPress admin panel. You can also manage sign up forms and contact lists with this plugin.

Mailjet can also help you with automated contact synchronizations. Moreover, there are 3 ways with which you can build your contact lists. You can do it through user roles as well as through comment authors. An option to let the WooCommerce customers subscribe to your newsletter is also available with this newsletter plugin for WordPress. All you need to do is activate the WooCommerce integration and see the subscribers grow through it.

Key Features:

  • Campaign Builder Tool
  • World Class Deliverability
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Translation Ready for up to 5 Languages
  • Real-time Statistics

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7. MailOptin

mailoptin wordpress newsletter plugins

If you want a powerful and flexible WordPress newsletter plugin, then MailOptin can be a great companion for you. You can use it to gain the subscription in many ways with this plugin. You can even use popups as well as forms to use them. It also has an autoresponder that can come very handy for you. Therefore, you don’t have to respond to every new email subscriber by yourself. You can just reply to them be automatically sending them a reply through this plugin. This can save a lot of your time. It can also prevent the subscribers feel ignored as everyone gets a reply.

MailOptin also has automation options that can really grow your email marketing. It can be used for lead generation as well. Moreover, there are also forms for sidebar/widget forms and call to action as well. The sidebar/widget forms are one of the most popular methods to increase the email lists. However, the plugin can be useful to display directed messages to your visitors. The call to action button can urge them to perform an action.

Key Features:

  • New Post Notifications
  • Email Digest of Published Posts
  • Newsletter Scheduling
  • Multipart Emails
  • Beautiful and Responsive Email Templates

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Wrapping Up:

Here are some of the best WordPress newsletter plugins that you can find. You can use them to create and add many types of newsletter subscription forms and popups on your website. Although most of the features are free, some of the plugins are also available with their premium versions. The premium versions provide a wide variety of additional features as well. But the features of the free versions are enough for most of the websites. As you grow your audience, you can switch to the premium versions if required.

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