How to Find Out What Theme a WordPress Site is Using? (7 Easy Ways)

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Have you ever stumbled upon a site, liked its design, and wondered how to find out what theme a WordPress site is using? If yes, let us help you. 

Picking out a perfect WordPress theme is crucial for any site owner. In fact, it can be a big hassle sometimes.

But you don’t need to always start from scratch. Sometimes, you can take inspiration from what themes other websites are using. 

If you like any website’s theme but don’t want to waste too much time searching for the theme, our article can save you time and energy!  

How to Know What Theme a WordPress Site is Using?  

So, in this article, we’ll disclose different ways to find out what theme a WordPress site uses. Let’s begin without further waiting!  

A. From the Website’s Footer 

So, some WordPress websites display the theme used on their footer, which is the easiest method to determine the site’s theme.

However, this does not apply to detecting themes on all WordPress websites, as not all have it on their footer.  

Here, you can see an example on BlockArt’s website. It displays Powered by Zakra and WordPress on its footer. This means the site uses the Zakra theme.  

Powered by Zakra

So you can also check it on other WordPress websites, but if it’s unavailable, you can use the methods explained below in our article. 

Using a WordPress theme checker tool is the easiest way to know what theme a site is using. So, we’ll first share 5 online theme finder tools and how to use them. 

B. Find Out What WordPress Theme with a Theme Detector Tool  

A theme detector tool is the most straightforward way to detect a WordPress theme. With the theme detector tool, you must enter the website’s URL, which you want to check.  

1. WordPress Theme Detector by Kinsta  

You might be familiar with one of the best cloud hosting services, Kinsta. The same Kinsta has a WordPress theme detector that lets you find the website’s theme within seconds.  

To use the tool, go to the Theme Detector page by this link: Kinsta Theme Detector

After that, you need to copy and paste the URL of the site whose theme you want to detect.  

Kinsta How to Know What Theme a WordPress Site is Using

Then it’ll show information about the theme’s name, URL, and version number alongside the theme’s author.  

Kinsta Showing Theme Details

Further, you can also view the last update, the theme’s download number, creation time, license, required PHP, description, and more about the theme.  

Price: Free  

2. WPThemeDetector  

WPThemeDetector is another excellent tool to find out about WordPress site’s theme.

After pasting the URL in the search bar, you can view the information. 


 You’ll see the theme’s name, version, author, and a short description.  

WPThemeDetector Theme Details

Further, it also detects the number of plugins the site uses alongside the theme’s information.  

WPThemeDetector Detecting Plugins

You can even download the plugin and theme from the same result shown by WPThemeDetector.  

Price: Free  

3. What WordPress Theme Is That?  

What WordPress Theme is That is another famous tool that detects what theme a WordPress site is using.  

Similar to the above tools, all you do is paste the URL, and the tool will identify the theme within a second.  

What WordPress Theme Is That

You can view the theme’s name, license, version, and other essential details.  

What WordPress Theme Is That Theme Detail

Alongside the theme, the tool also detects WordPress plugins used by the particular site! 

What WordPress Theme Is That Detected Plugins

Further, you’ll also be shown both parent and child themes used by the site.  

Price: Free  

4. IsItWP  

Another best tool to discover a site’s theme is IsItWP. It will first check whether the website is using WordPress.  

Then, you need to copy and paste the URL of the site whose theme you want to check.


It quickly discloses information about the site’s theme alongside the same site’s WordPress hosting provider and plugin.  

IsItWP Theme Details

But the tool might not always show information about custom WordPress themes or child themes. 

Also, it’ll show the option to google the theme’s name to download it.  

5. WordPress Theme Search Tool by CodeinWP  

The last tool on our list is WordPress Theme Search Tool by CodeinWP. It does the same job as all of the tools mentioned above.  

All you need to do is add the site’s URL, and it’ll now show information in list format.  

WordPress Theme Search Tool by CodeinWP

The list includes the theme URL, author, author URL, license, and version alongside the theme’s description!  

WordPress Theme Search Tool by CodeinWP

Price: Free  

C. Detecting What WordPress Theme Manually  

If you don’t want to use the tools mentioned in above, then a manual way of detecting themes can be handy.

You should know that every WordPress theme has a style.css file to detect it. In this file, you can find a theme header that shows the WordPress theme’s name, version, etc., alongside the CSS styles used by the theme.  

If you’re using Chrome, you only need to right-click anywhere on the site whose theme you want to identify. Next, from the menu, click on ‘View Page Source.’  

View Page Source

This will open the page’s source code in a new tab. Here, you must find a line with “wp-content/themes/.” To do that, use “Ctrl + F” and search for the “wp-content/themes/” 

Search for WP Content Themes

 When you find it, you’ll see a link with “wp-content/themes/” so click on it which will open on a new tab. 

Link with WP Content Themes

Now, the link will display all the details of the theme you’re searching for. It’ll display the theme’s name alongside its description, author, version, and more. 

Theme Details Manually

Also, remember that if the website uses a custom theme, it’ll not show up, and you won’t be able to find it.  

Recommended WordPress Themes for Your Website 2023  

If you’re searching for a theme to build your site based on various niches, we can help you. We’ve listed some of the best themes for 2023 that could shape your site toward perfection!  

1. Zakra   

When we say, Zakra is one of the best WordPress themes in the theme market; it’s entirely accurate. It’s a lightweight theme designed most beautifully and professionally possible.  

Zakra Theme

You can customize the theme to fit your site’s interest and rely on it for fast performance. It’s because the theme is fully optimized for performance with proven results in speed testing tools!  

Further, you can make the most out of Zakra’s 80+ starter demos. It includes templates for WooCommerce sites, portfolio sites, business sites, and much more niches!  

Key Features  

  • One-click demo import.  
  • Compatible with popular plugins like Jetpack and Yoast SEO.  
  • Supports significant page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, and Divi.  
  • SEO optimized – fast, mobile-friendly, integration with popular SEO plugins.  
  • Fully reliable and friendly support service.  

Pricing: Zakra is a free + premium theme. As for the premium version, you can pick from Zakra’s following pricing plans:  

Personal: $37.95/year for a Single Site License  

Personal Plus: $47.17/year for 3 Sites License  

Professional: $144.50/year for 10 Sites License  

Developer: $149.50/year for Unlimited Sites License  

2. ColorMag  

If you’re searching for a magazine theme, ColorMag has got you covered. It’s ideal for creating any news, magazine type of site. Also, it’s loved by many as it’s empowering 100,000+ sites now!  

ColorMag Theme

You can choose from ColorMag’s 25+ ready-to-use starter sites and replicate it with one click import.

Customizing your site with ColorMag is easy, as it offers a wide range of color options, widgets, typography, and more.  

Key Features  

  • Clean-coded to maintain security standards.  
  • Loads under a second and proven results with various speeding tools.  
  • Compatible with WooCommerce.  
  • Starter sites for various types of magazine sites.  
  • Well-written documentation.  

Pricing: The theme has both free and premium versions. You can choose from two pricing plans:  

Single Theme: $38/year for Single Site License.  

All Themes Plan: $50/year for Single Site License.  

3. Spacious 

Spacious is a feature-packed business theme appropriate for small to medium businesses. If you wish to sell your products via your business site, it’s easily possible with Spacious. It’s cause the theme is WooCommerce Compatible.  

Spacious Theme

Additionally, it has WooCommerce features like layout options for WooCommerce pages and a cart icon in the menu area.

A good support facility is vital with any WordPress product, and Spacious has the best. Their friendly and dependable team will respond and help you solve queries quickly!  

Key Features  

  • Responsive design to look good on any screen size.  
  • Offers footer copyright editor.  
  • Offers 30+ starter sites.  
  • Replicate any starter site with a one-click import
  • Smooth customization option with custom widgets and color options, 

Pricing: Spacious has a free version as well as a premium one. The premium one offers the following pricing plans:  

Single Theme: $38/year for Single Site License.  

All Themes Plan: $50/year for Single Site License. 


We’ve made it to the end, and we hope you know how to find out what theme a WordPress site is using.   

If you need help choosing a theme and finding one you like on a site, you could use the tools mentioned above or manually find them.  

Also, using the same theme as other sites is fine, but remember to choose an easily customized theme. If you want to learn about such themes, read our article on customizable themes.  

Further, if you want to know more about themes, read about blog themes, free business themes, and more on our blog.  

Finally, if you want to stay updated, remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  

Happy Reading! 

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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