How to Use Facebook Debugger to Fix the Issue of Open Graph Meta Tags?


When it comes to WordPress, it is the leading platform that users tend to choose whether you own a company website, online portfolio or even your very own personal or travel and food blog. And social sharing is one of the most integral parts of it all. Often times we have combined our social feeds on our sites to increase user participation on both ends whether it is our Instagram or even Facebook.

But we have often seen users having a complication and struggling with sharing Facebook posts and getting the wrong image displayed. Sometimes when we share a feed, it automatically tends to show the thumbnail that is different from what we chose. And sometimes it shows an entirely different featured picture instead while displaying the post. Well, for our users, we dwell on the topic and everything that might have caused the problem as well as the solution!

So if you are having problems displaying the right picture while sharing your Facebook feeds, this article will help you solve your problem with a simple to follow tutorial. While this is a common problem, the major task here is to understand what is wrong! So before we start on the solutions, let’s get into the identifying the problem!

Identifying The Problem!

You need to understand that this problem is caused by more than one reason, so it is important that you identify your problem before getting into the roots of solving it! Here are some of the major reasons that your Facebook feed might have having problems!

  • Improper use of the OG (Open Graph) tags. This is the most likely cause of the problem because Facebook tends to automatically upload the image that is best for the user through the use of OG tags.
  • Some CDN system, cache plugins, and hostings might not be able to pick the correct image.
  • Sizes that are smaller than 200×200 pixels are usually not recommended by Facebook and hence will not use the image if it is too small, instead, going for larger sized images.

Solving the Facebook Image Issue

Solution 1: Manually Uploading Images


While there are many alternatives to solving this problem, let’s get into the basics first. The first thing that you can try out is to manually upload the image for the feed you share. But this is just an easy alternative and we don’t guarantee that this will solve your problem. Because manually uploading the images will not redirect your users to the article but instead opens the image in a lightbox!

Solution 2: Resizing and Uploading Images

If you realize that the thumbnail you chose is smaller than what the Facebook usually recommends, the best solution is for you to get a larger image and re-upload it on Facebook. You can easily do this and is not much hassle if this solves your problems entirely!

Solution 3: Using Facebook Debugger

The best and guaranteed solution for the issue of image and Open Graph is to use a simple Facebook Debugger. Not only will this resolve your image problem, but this will also test the URL’s, Titles as well as a description and other media files. Here we have a short tutorial on how to use the Facebook Debugger to fix the issue. You can easily get it from the Facebook for Developers Toolbox. So let’s get into how to use the Facebook Debugger to fix the issues.


First, go to the Facebook for Developers page through the link above and redirect to their page. You will see the option for Support and Tools where you will then see the Facebook Debugger tool that we will be using for the purpose.

You can then add the URL of your WordPress and Debug the site to see how the post will appear on your Facebook page. This will not only debug the media, but this will also test the URL’s, Titles as well as a description and other media files showing any issues with the post.

The Facebook Debugger will then give you a preview of what the feed looks like once you share it. If there are any issues with it, it will also give you the details on what is wrong. Here are a few examples of some of the issues and how we can fix them!

# No Featured Image/ Featured Image Too Small

When it comes to the right featured image, it is very important to choose the right image and image size. Often times, we tend to forget to add the featured image and sometimes even when we do add the image, the size of the featured image is too small for Facebook to catch.


So what happens is, when we post the feed, Facebook automatically chooses the featured image for us which is the right size and dimensions.  Here you can see that we have not set a featured image, so it’s displaying all the images used in the post.

When there is a featured image which is smaller than the recommended size of the featured image 200×200, it shows the images used in the content. Most of the times, it is the first image on the post that is displayed or if that is too small, Facebook automatically chooses the next image on the blog.

# Fixing Open Graph Tags


Other than just the issues with the image sizes, the other issues that may be causing the havoc are the OG tags. This basically means that the OG tags or Open Graph tags that the Facebook wants are either wrong or is missing. You can verify the issues through the Open Graph menu on the Facebook Debugger.

After going through the issues, the easiest way to fix them is by using the plugins like Facebook Open Graph or Yoast SEO. This will make sure that your image that you want to be displayed will stay there, by making sure Facebook gets all the required information or right OG tags.


Here is an example of us using the Yoast SEO making sure that we include the information that Facebook requires including the title, description, as well as an image selection for each post! You can redirect here through the Social Tab. 

Concluding It All!

Well, fixing Open Graph Facebook issues is simply not an easy task, but we hope our article helped. The simple-to-follow tutorial and with the help of the plugins, we hope you have no problems with your future Facebook Posts and the featured images. But if you still come across any issues, do let us know down in the comment section. So what did you think of the article? Was it helpful?

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