Everest Forms Vs WPForms – Which is Better WordPress Forms Plugin?

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Having trouble choosing between Everest Forms vs WPForms? If so, you’re at the right place.

Contact forms are an effective means of communication that work as a bridge between you and your potential audience. So, they remain one of the fundamental requirements for any kind of website.

You can find pools of options for WordPress contact forms today. However, Everest Forms and WPForms are amongst the best and popular WordPress form plugins that you can find. So, deciding between the two of them is quite a tough decision to make indeed.

But you don’t need to worry about this anymore. Here, we’ll be comparing and highlighting features of these two popular WordPress form plugins.

So after reading the complete article, you can confidently decide which one of the Everest Forms vs WPForms best fits your site.

A. Overview

Before diving directly into the comparison, let’s first have a brief introduction to the form builder plugins – Everest Forms and WPForms.

Everest Forms

Everest Forms WordPress Plugin

With over 100,000 active installs and a 5-star rating, Everest Forms by WPEverest is one of the best drag and drop form builder plugins in the market today. Built with simplicity in mind, this plugin has a clean user interface that is really easy to navigate. Therefore, it’s suitable for both the newbies as well as advanced users.

With Everest Forms, you can build any kind of form in no time. For example, you can easily build simple and advanced contact forms, job application forms, newsletter signup forms, donation forms, survey forms, and many more. That’s what makes this plugin an all in one form building solution.


WPForms Drag and Drop Form Builder

WPForms is a popular Everest Forms alternative. It’s an easy yet powerful form builder plugin that allows you to build all types of online forms without any coding knowledge. This drag and drop WordPress plugin focuses on providing an excellent user experience.

Additionally, the plugin allows adding custom form fields and arranging them easily. It also ensures that you can create a beautiful and professional form in no time. With WPForms, you can build simple contact forms, donation forms, subscription forms, payment forms, survey forms, and so on.

B. Features and Add-ons: Everest Forms Vs WPForms

Both WPForms and Everest Forms come with an amazing set of features out of the box. Apart from that, the availability of various add-ons further strengthen the functionality of these plugins. Thus, let’s explore the features and add-ons provided by these plugins here.

Everest Forms Features

Everest Forms Features

Everest Forms is a feature-rich drag and drop plugin that allows building a robust form for your WordPress site. The plugin makes it possible to design multiple-column forms in a click. Best of all, there isn’t any limit for form creation. So, you can create as many forms as you want for your website.

Moreover, the ability to use conditional logic gives you full control over your form field’s visibility. The plugin also utilizes smart CAPTCHA and Honeypot to prevent spam form submissions. Further, WPML compatibility and translation-ready features help you to transform your form into your native language.

Some other features provided by Everest Forms are as follows:

  • Form preview option
  • Multiple email notifications
  • Import and export of forms
  • CSV export option for entries
  • Redirection options after form submissions

Everest Forms Add-ons

The plugin has plenty of add-ons available in its pro-version. With these add-ons, you can build any kind of form imaginable like payment forms, survey forms, multi-step forms, etc. Some of such useful add-ons are:

  • Style Customizer
  • Mailchimp
  • MailerLite
  • Active Campaign
  • User Registration
  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • PayPal Standard

WPForms Features

WPForms Features

WPForms also provides salient features for WordPress forms creation. First of all, you can build 100% responsive forms that look equally good on any mobile device. Besides that, its instant form notification alerts you to respond to the incoming inquiries swiftly.

Further, the multi-page forms let you shorten unnecessarily long forms to multiple pages, improving the user experience. Apart from that, collecting important files such as photos, CVs, or necessary documents is also possible with the File uploads field.

Some other features offerered by WPForms are listed as given below:

  • Form confirmation
  • Smart conditional logic
  • User registration forms
  • Signature forms
  • Smart CAPTCHA and Honeypot for spam protection

WPForms Add-ons

Similar to Everest Forms, WPForms also has several add-ons to integrate services like payments, donations, newsletter creation, and so on. Some of the major add-ons provided by WPForms are:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Mailchimp Forms
  • Campaign Monitor Forms
  • Constant Contact Forms
  • Drip Forms
  • AWeber Forms
  • Zapier

Winner: Both are feature-rich form builder plugins with plenty of add-ons. So both WPForms and Everest Forms are winners here.

C. Ease of Use: Everest Forms Vs WPForms

While searching for WordPress plugins, one of the primary things that people consider is its usability. As a large part of WordPress users today are non-tech savvy; they prefer such plugins that aren’t only powerful but equally easy to use.

Everest Forms Ease of Use

Everest Forms offers a clean user interface compared to any other form plugins. You can either choose from pre-existing form templates or start from scratch for building forms for your site. The free version offers you a few templates like Simple Contact Form, Simple Support Form, Leave Request Form, etc.

Everest Forms Free Templates

However, with Pro-version you can get access to many niche form templates.

Premium Templates Everest Forms

With the drag and drop interface of the plugin, you can easily drag the required form fields from the left-hand side and drop them to the right if you’re starting from scratch. Likewise, you can add, rearrange and delete the fields if you’re creating a form using a template.

Drag and Drop Interface Everest Forms

The plugin provides a total of 11 form fields in its free version categorized as General and Advanced form fields. Under General Fields, you can find First Name, Last Name, Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Number, Email, etc.

Under Advanced Fields, you get website/URL and Date/ Time fields. Other advanced form fields can be also unlocked by upgrading to its premium version

Customizing Form Fields

To customize the form fields, you need to proceed to the “Field Options” tab.  Here you can change the label and provide the description if you want to.

Besides, you can also make the important fields compulsory to be filled by simply ticking the “Required” checkbox and provide a Required Field Message.

Customizing Form Fields in Everest Forms

Everest Forms allows you to live preview the form while you’re customizing it. Nevertheless, the “Preview” option is also available to know how your form looks exactly from the frontend.

Preview Option Everest Forms vs WPForms

Configuring General Settings

Under the “General” tab, the basic settings of your forms can be changed. For example, you can provide Form Name, Form description, and Form disabled message. You can also configure a successful form submission message.

General Settings Everest Forms

Apart from that, there are 3 “Redirect To” options. Once your users submit the form, you can either redirect them to the same page, custom page, or external URL of your choice.

Redirect Options

It’s also possible to edit your submit button. You can change the text to “Send”, “Apply”, “Contact Us” or something like that instead of “Submit”. It also allows editing the submit button processing text.

Besides that, you can toggle the spam protection of your form, AJAX form submissions, etc.

Configuring Form Notification

Configuring form notification is crucial to get information whenever your visitors submit the forms. Alternatively, you can also notify your users to confirm that their form has been successfully received. To configure notification, you need to turn on email settings.

It’s worth mentioning that Everest Forms allows setting unlimited email notifications. You can configure Admin Email Notification, User Email Notification, and more. Admin Email Notification is already set up by default. To create other email settings you need to hit the “Add New Email” button.

Configuring Form Notification

Thereafter, you can configure “To and From” Email Addresses, From Name, Reply-To and further customize the Email subject and Email Message.

Displaying Forms on WordPress Website

The form you created can be displayed in either of the two ways. Firstly, you can use the Gutenberg block editor for this purpose or you can utilize the shortcode method.

Adding Form Using Block Editor

After completion of form creation, you can add it to the desired location of your website using block editor. For this open the pages/posts where you want to add your form. Then click the “Add block” icon, which will show you different blocks including Everest Forms.

Everest Forms Block

When you click on the block, it’ll display “Select a Form” dropdown menu. Then, you can select a required form. Finally, hit the “Publish” button.

Select a Form Drop Down Menus Everest Forms vs WPForms
Adding Form Using Shortcode

Alternatively, you can copy the shortcode of the form at the top.

Copying Shortcode Everest Forms vs WPForms

Paste the copied shortcode to pages/posts or wherever you want it to display. Lastly, hit the “Publish” button and your form will be displayed on the required pages/posts.

Pasting Shortcode to Pages

WPForms Ease of Use

WPForms also provides plenty of pre-built form templates for your ease. But you need to upgrade to a premium version where you’ll get “Form Templates Pack Addon” for several pre-built form demos. The free plugin just provides limited form templates such as Simple Contact Form, Suggestion Form, and Newsletter Signup Form.

Form Templates WPForms

Once you choose your form template or select the blank template to completely create a form on your own, you’ll be directed to the form field screen.

The interface is quite similar to the Everest Forms where you drag the required form fields from the left-hand side and drop them to the right-hand side. However, the user interface of WPForms seems a little cluttered when compared with Everest Forms.

Drag and Drop Interface WPForms

This plugin provides 9 different form fields categorized under Standard Fields. Those fields include Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Name, Email, Number, and so on. Further, WPForms has Fancy Fields and Payment Form Fields, though different license levels determine the accessibility to these form fields.

Customizing Form Fields

Form field customization option in both the form builders is similar. You should proceed to the “Field Options” and provide the label or add discussion to the selected field. Further, ticking the “Required” check box makes the particular field mandatory to be filled by your users.

Customizing Field Options WPForms

Besides, you can also configure the advanced options. These include Field Size, First and Last Name Placeholder and default value, hiding labels and sub-labels, and CSS classes. Conditional logic is only accessible in the pro-version of the product.

Configuring General Settings

Under this section, you can change the Form Name, and provide a Form description. Likewise, the submit button can be customized as “Send”, “Apply”, etc. Submit button processing text can also be configured. Moreover, you can enable or disable anti-spam, dynamic field population, AJAX form submission.

General Settings WPForms

Configuring Form Notification

Under the notification tab, you’ll be able to configure the email settings that are automatically sent out once your users submit the form. Here, you can set up From Name and Email, Send To Email Address, Email Subject, and so on. However, you can turn the “Notifications” tab on or off as per your wish.

Configuring Form Notifications WPForms

One limitation with WPForms is that you cannot set up multiple email notifications in its free version as in Everest Forms. You need to buy a pro-version of the plugin for this purpose.

Multiple Notification Feature Pro-version WPForms

Confirmation Email Configuration

Confirmation emails are sent to your users confirming that the form they submitted has been successfully received by the authorized person. The good thing is that WPForms allows you to configure the confirmation settings page easily.

First of all, you can choose the Confirmation Type as Message, Show Page or Go to URL (Redirect) once your users submit the form. Besides, you can edit the confirmation message as per your desire. 

Email Confirmation WPForms

Displaying Forms on WordPress Website

WPForms allows you to add and display the form to your WordPress website either by using the block editor or through the embed wizard.

Adding Form Using Block Editor

Go to the pages/posts where you want to embed the form and click on the “Add block” icon. It’ll display several blocks including the WPForms block.

Adding Form Using Block Editor WPForms

When you click this block, “Select a Form” drop-down menu will show up where you can select the previously created form. Now, all you need to do is hit the “Publish” button.

Select a Form WPForms
Adding Form Using Embed Wizard

Once you complete your form, you can simply click the “Embed” wizard at the top. Thereafter, name your page and finally, click on the “Let’s go” button to embed your form.

Adding Form Using Embed Wizard WPForms vs Everest Forms

Winner: Since Everest Forms offers a cleaner user interface compared to WPForms. So, we declare Everest Forms as the winner.

D. Forms Tracking: Everest Forms Vs WPForms

Only creating and publishing your form to your website isn’t enough. How will you know who has been filling up your form and hitting the send button? That’s exactly why form tracking is required. Hence, let’s find out how each of the form builder plugins helps to manage the form entry.

Everest Forms Form Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great if you could handle all the form entries right from your dashboard? It definitely would. That’s why Everest Forms not only enables you to create forms for your site, but also allows accessing all the form entries from your WordPress dashboard itself.

To view the entries, navigate to Everest Forms >> Entries. Then, filter the form for which you want to view the entries.

Filtering Form Entries Everest Forms vs WPForms

You can individually view each form’s entries in detail as well. Aside from that, Everest Forms even lets you export all your form entries as CSV files to your device in a matter of seconds.

Form Entries Everest Forms vs WPForms

With the pro-version of this plugin, you’ll get an advanced feature where you can star the desired form entry. And you can view all your starred entries from the “Starred” tab. Similarly, you can also mark the form entry as unread and view them from the “Unread” tab.

WPForms Form Tracking

Unlike the Everest Forms plugin, WPForms lacks the form entry tracking in its free version. So, you’re compelled to buy its pro-version for entry management of all your forms.

Entries WPForms vs Everest Forms

However, with pro-version, you’ll be able to view form entries right from your WordPress dashboard. And it also allows exporting all the form entries in CSV format. Besides, you can star important entries as in Everest Forms plugin.

Winner: Everest Forms enables form tracking with its free version, whereas you’re required to upgrade to pro-version for WPForms. Hence, Everest Forms is the winner here.

E. Pricing: Everest Forms Vs WPForms

The pricing associated with both the form plugins is quite different. Let’s compare their pricing so that you can pick the right plugin that satisfies your needs and fits your budget.

Everest Forms Pricing

A free version of Everest Forms provides enough features required for basic form building. But still, you might want to build more robust or advanced forms for your website. For this, you get 4 pricing options from which you can pick the plan that best suits your site’s needs.

  • Personal: $49/Year for 1 Site License
  • Plus: $99/Year for 5 Sites License
  • Professional: $149/Year for 25 Sites License
  • Agency: $199/Year for Unlimited Sites License
Pricing Everest Forms

WPForms Pricing

WPForms also offers 4 different pricing options based on the number of site licenses and the features it provides. They are:

  • Basic: $39.50/Year for 1 Site License
  • Plus: $99.50/Year for 3 Sites License
  • Pro: $199.50/Year for 5 Sites License
  • Elite: $299.50 Year for Unlimited Sites License
Pricing WPForms vs Everest Forms

Winner: Though the basic plan in WPForms is cheaper than that of Everest Forms, all the other plans are much more cost efficient in Everest Forms. So, Everest Forms is the winner here.

F. Support and Documentation: Everest Forms Vs WPForms

Support and documentation are also important factors to focus on while choosing the plugins. It’s because you might need help from the developers regarding the plugin you’ve installed on your site. A plugin with a responsive support team provides help to solve the possible issues whenever you need it.

Everest Forms Support and Documentation

First of all, you get well-written, easy to understand, and detailed documentation with Everest Forms.

Nonetheless, sometimes you might need to fix issues or bugs for which you need to contact the support team. The support teams are available 24/7, and they provide the best support you can ever get with any of the other plugins.

Everest Forms Support

For the free plugin, you can add a support forum under the “Support” tab from the WordPress repository. While for the premium version, you can create a support ticket if you face any difficulty, and the support team will get back to you.

WPForms Support and Documentation

WPForms also provides good documentation to help you navigate through the plugin. When you first install the plugin to your site, it also provides a video tutorial for your ease.

Video Tutorial Support WPForms vs Everest Forms

Besides, the customer support is also great regardless of any premium plans that you choose. It provides a ticket-based email support system similar to Everest Forms. However, priority support is given to Pro and Elite users. Free users should go to the support page of the WordPress plugin repository for help.

Winner: Both Everest Forms and WPForms provide equally great user support and detailed documentation. Hence, it’s a tie.

G. Updates: Everest Forms Vs WPForms

All WordPress plugins should be updated on a regular basis to ensure compatibility with your WordPress version. In fact, you might face serious problems if your plugin isn’t supported by your version of WordPress. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to check the updates of the plugin you choose.

Everest Forms Updates

Everest Forms plugin is maintained and updated on a regular basis by its developers. So, this plugin can be used on your site without any doubt. It’s compatible with WordPress version 5.0 or higher. Further, the plugin is also tested with the latest version of WordPress.

WPForms Updates

WPForms is compatible with WordPress version 4.9 or higher. Plus, it’s also tested with the latest version of WordPress.

Winner: Since Everest Forms is regularly updated and tested for compatibility with the latest WordPress version. It’s the winner.

Wrapping Up

From the above comparison, we can clearly see that Everest Forms is the ultimate winner in this battle. Many outstanding features provided by Everest Forms makes it a better WordPress form plugin compared to WPForms.

For instance, the plugin has a cleaner interface and it offers features like multiple email notification creation, form preview, form entry tracking, and regular updates which are lacking in free WPForms. While the free version of the plugin itself has a lot to offer, you can always upgrade to its pro-version for even better functionalities.

However, the final decision is yours. You know the best about which plugin among WPForms vs Everest Forms better fits your site and your budget. But one thing is for sure; you won’t be regretting using either of the plugins.

We expect that we’ve helped you choose between WPForms vs Everest Forms.

if you’re interested, you can check out our review of Everest Forms and a comparison article on Everest Forms vs Contact Form 7 as well.

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