Everest Forms Review 2021: Is it the Best WordPress Form Builder?

Everest Forms Review (Is it the Best Form Builder)

If you’re wondering whether Everest Forms is the best WordPress form builder plugin or not, this Everest Forms review is for you.

Everest Forms is an excellent drag and drop form builder plugin that has gained a lot of popularity with its easy to use interface, useful add-ons, and awesome support. But, what about now? Can it still outshine its competition?

We’ll discuss all about what makes Everest Forms so good, and whether it is the right form builder for your WordPress website. So, let’s jump right into it!

Introduction to Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a WordPress form builder plugin with amazing functionalities and features. It’s one of the most popular form builder plugins with over 100,000 active installs. The success of the plugin is mostly due to its user-friendly drag and drop form builder and the variety of useful features that it provides. 

Everest Forms WordPress Plugin Review

The plugin has many pre-built templates that you can use instantly for any type of form. All you need to do is make some changes to it as per your requirements, and add it to your website.

It also provides the best in class support from the Everest Forms team, which is a big plus point for the users. 

Similarly, you also get a wide range of useful add-ons that can really advance your forms. These add-ons help you create any type of form that you can possibly think of in a website, and will also increase its functionalities.

Key Features: Everest Forms Review

As mentioned previously, the Everest Forms plugin has a wide range of features. But, the highlights are as follows:

Simple User Interface to Get Started

Once you install and activate the plugin, just click on the Everest Forms tab from your WordPress dashboard. This’ll introduce you to a very simple user interface with which you can start building your form.

From here, you can manage almost everything with options like view and manage all forms, entries, settings, tools, and add-ons. Similarly, you can even add a new form right from the dashboard.

Every option is pretty straightforward to use. For instance, when you click on All Forms, it displays all the forms that you’ve created from this plugin.

All Forms

If you want to add a new form, this plugin provides you with various well-designed form templates. You can select a template depending on which type of form you want to build. You may also start from scratch to build a custom form instead.

After that, you’ll be able to edit and publish your form using the drag and drop form builder.

You can also access the Entries section from your dashboard itself. All the form entries entered on any of your form created with Everest Forms can be viewed here. You can also edit and manage all your form entries with options like export, delete, hide, disable, and even restore the trash from this tab.

Form Entries

The Settings tab will show you all the available settings that you can configure for your form. You can navigate across the different tabs and configure any setting you think is necessary. You get access to more tabs in the premium version depending on the add-ons that you have installed.

Furthermore, the simple and straightforward user interface is adapted in the submenu tools and extensions as well. The same goes for every other aspect of the plugin too.

Form Templates to Create Any Type of Form

Everest Forms plugin has a number of form templates carefully crafted to suit any type of form. They have all the basic field options depending on the type of form you want to create. 

Once you click on Add New Form on your dashboard, you’ll see the form templates. Few of these form templates are available in the free version while the rest of them are available in the premium versions only.

Form Templates

The form templates available in the Everest Forms WordPress form plugin are:

  • Simple Contact Form (Free)
  • Advanced Contact Form (Premium)
  • Leave Request Form (Free)
  • Simple Support Form (Free)
  • Medical Appointment Form (Free)
  • Restaurant Table Booking Form (Free)
  • Job Application Form (Premium)
  • Product Survey Form (Premium)
  • Donation Form (Premium)
  • Simple Registration Form (Premium)
  • Design Agency – Request a Quote (Premium)
  • Ebook Form (Premium)
  • Hotel Booking Form (Premium)
  • Modeling Application Form (Premium)

You can view our guide on how to create a donation form to easily create a form on your website using the Donation Form template.

Easy-to-Use Drag and Drop Form Builder

Everest Forms has a very easy to use drag and drop interface through which you can effortlessly create and edit field options of your forms. Once you select the form template or choose to edit an existing form, you can use the form builder. 

The form builder consists of two parts. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see all the field options and on the right side, you’ll see your form design and layout. You can drag the form fields from the left side and then drop the field wherever you want on your form to the right side of the screen.

The fields are also divided into specific categories like General, Advanced, Payment, and Survey Fields so that it’s easy to find them.

Add Fields in Form Builder

Additionally, you can also access the field options from the left side of the screen with the Field Options tab. Here you can edit various options for your form fields like labels, meta key, description, and more.

Field Options Everest Forms

Furthermore, you can find other configuration options on the settings menu tab as well. The options in these menu tabs depend on the version and add-ons of Everest Forms that you’re using. 

Once you’ve made all the changes for your form, just click the Save button.

Two Column Support

Everest Forms plugin supports single column as well as double-column layouts for your forms. So, if you have a form with many form fields, you can make it short and attractive by adding another column. 

Adding the second column will let your users fill up all the form fields with lesser or no scroll at all. Hence, it will be more convenient for them to fill and submit the form on your website as well. 

To add an additional column, just click on the edit row icon on the preview side of your screen and select the two-column option. Now, drag the fields that you need on your form to this additional column as well.

Two Column Support

Create Unlimited Number of Forms

You’re free to create an unlimited number of forms for your website with Everest Forms.

Better yet, you can disable or enable multiple forms through your dashboard itself with a single click.

Unlimited Forms

Shortcode Ready

The forms you create with Everest Forms WordPress form plugin can be easily added to your website with the help of shortcodes. After you’re done editing your form, just copy the form shortcode from Everest Forms >> All Forms, and paste it on the page or post you want to display it in.

Shortcode Ready Everest Forms Review

And that’s it! Now, you’ll have a fully functioning front-end form without the need for coding.

Some More Features: Everest Forms Review

The above-mentioned features are some of the significant features of Everest Forms. But other than that, there are plenty of free and premium features that make this form builder plugin one of the best out there.

Free Features

  • Editable Form Validation and Success Messages
  • Quick Form Entries Access from Dashboard
  • CSV Exporter for Entries
  • Google reCaptcha Support
  • Advanced Email Settings
  • Multiple Email Notifications
  • Smart Tags
  • Translation Ready
  • Fully Responsive Design

Make sure that you have one of the best responsive WordPress themes to support the plugin features as well.

Premium Features

  • Advanced Form Fields
  • Premium Form Templates
  • Conditional Logic
  • Multiple Email Recipients
  • Anti-Spam Honeypot
  • File Upload to Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Premium Support

These premium features are available to you through add-ons and extensions, which we’ll discuss in detail in the next section.

Add-ons and Extensions: Everest Forms Review

Everest Forms plugin’s extensions add advanced features to the already self-sufficient free tool. So, you can use the following add-ons and extensions for a more flexible form building experience:

General Purpose Extensions

Here are all the general purpose extensions you can use to create any type of custom form for your WordPress website:

  • Style Customizer: Helps you to change the design elements of your form with a drag and drop customizer with a live preview. So, you can use this add-on to customize colors, background, spacing, fonts, etc.
  • PDF Form Submission: With the PDF Form Submission extension in Everest Forms, you can either download or attach all the form details in PDF format. 
  • Geolocation: Collect geolocation data like city, country, zip code, and location map for the users who submitted the form.
  • Multi-Part Forms: Break your forms into multiple parts or multiple pages for a convenient user experience. We even have a guide to creating multi-step forms in WordPress with this add-on.
  • Survey Polls and Quiz: Create fascinating and intuitive survey, polls, or quizzes with the extra fields provided by this add-on.
  • Conditional Logic: Create more dynamic forms based on user inputs. Specific fields can be hidden or shown depending on multiple conditions.
  • User Registration: Additional functionalities for registration and login to create a user registration form
  • Post Submissions: Create posts or pages directly from the form in the frontend. 
  • Captcha: Create a custom captcha for verification in your form along with a math captcha or any random pre-set questionnaire.
  • Form Restriction: Control and restrict form submissions on your WordPress website. 
  • Email Templates: Create and customize different email templates that can be used for different types of forms. 
  • Save and Continue: Allow users to save partially-filled form and submit the completed form later.

Email Marketing Extensions

The email marketing extensions of the Everest Forms plugin enable you to connect to various email marketing services. We’ve listed them below:

Using these extensions, you can add or collect the subscribers directly from the forms created with Everest Forms.

If you want to boost your email marketing campaign even more, have a look at some of the best WordPress email marketing plugins and newsletter plugins. These WordPress lead generation plugins might also be helpful for you.

Add-ons for Payment Gateways

The following Everest Forms add-ons function as the payment gateway options for your form.

  • PayPal Standard: Accept payments through PayPal in your forms.
  • Stripe: Accept payments through Stripe in your forms.

Through these gateways, you can receive payments for product sales, donations, and many more through the forms on your website.

Additional App Integration

You also get a few more extensions for other applications and services. They are:

  • Zapier: This allows you to connect hundreds of web applications like Google Docs, Trello, Twitter, and Facebook automatically to your form.
  • Google Sheets: Send contact form data directly to your Google Sheets and create multiple connections to send data to multiple sheets. 

If you want to view all the addons of the plugin, you can visit the Everest Forms addons page as well.

Support: Everest Forms Review

One of the major features of Everest Forms is its support. It provides support for both free as well as premium users, with the premium version having more dedicated support.

You can easily get in touch with the support team in case of any queries through the support forum or email that are accessible from their Support page.

Support Everest Forms Plugin Review

Additionally, the plugin is also well-documented with detailed instructions and tutorials for every minute feature of the plugin. So, when it comes to the support and documentation, the Everest Forms team has left no stone unturned.

Pricing: Everest Forms Review

After going through everything Everest Forms can provide for you, it’s essential to consider its price as well for our final verdict on this Everest Forms review.

You can use Everest Forms with a free version with limited features. If you opt for the premium version, you get to choose from four different pricing plans which are personal, plus, professional, and agency.

In the Personal plan which costs $49/year, you get all the premium features for a single site license with 1-year of premium support and free updates.

Pricing Everest Forms Review

The Plus plan costs $99/year with 5 sites license while the Professional plan is priced at $149/year with 25 sites license.

Lastly, with the price of $199/year, you get the Agency plan in which there are unlimited sites license and everything in the professional plan. 

Similarly, a lifetime pricing plan is also available with this plugin which costs $199 for Personal plan, $399 for Plus plan, $599 for Professional plan, and $699 for Agency plan.

Do visit the Everest Forms Pricing page if you want full details on their premium plans.

Our Verdict on Everest Forms

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Everest Forms is one of the most popular form builder plugins available in the market. And after this detailed review, it’s clear to see why it has been able to keep up with its competition. 

With the wide range of features and addons, you can easily create any type of form for your WordPress website using Everest Forms. The plugin also provides top-notch support for its users. So, if you compare the price of the plugin with what you’re getting, it’s absolutely worth it.

Yes, there might be few other form builder plugins with more active installs and downloads than Everest Forms. But, there isn’t any type of form for your WordPress site that you can’t create with Everest Forms.

So, we can assure you that you won’t regret using Everest Forms to create the fantastic forms that you want.  


Now that we’ve come to the end of this Everest Forms review, you must already have a clear understanding of why it’s one of the best WordPress form builder plugins.

It’s extremely easy to use, even for beginners. This enables you to create any type of form for your WordPress website in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the form templates that it provides can speed up your process of form building even more.

If you’re looking for a particular feature to create your form in WordPress, you’ll surely find them in the numerous premium add-ons Everest Forms comes with. Besides that, you get dedicated help from their superb support team who can provide you with a solution for any problem you encounter while using this plugin.

So, we hope we cleared your confusion on whether Everest Forms is a good form builder plugin with this review.

We recommend going through our blog if you’d like to know more about using Everest Forms to create survey forms, contact forms, and other specific forms.

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