eStore Free WooCommerce WordPress Theme | All that you need to build an amazing eCommerce site for 2020

WordPress now covers more than 36% of total websites, that is like 1 out of 4 sites is built on WordPress. And likewise WooCommerce (A WordPress plugin) powers more than 30% of all online stores. And, wait I have one more thing to tell you, Automattic (Company behind acquired WooCommerce in May, 2015. So, it’s sure that WooCommerce is going to grow more and power more online stores. I think this much of stats will be enough to show the importance of WooCommerce.

So, what does this really mean to you (I am particularly referring online stores owner and people thinking of setting online stores to sell their products)? Well, the answer is short and simple.
Using a WooCommerce WordPress theme is the way to go for your online store. There are 100s of extension plugins for WooCommerce that will help you sell almost anything anywhere. A physical product, a digital product, subscriptions.. No Problem at all, just sells whatever you like.

At this point I would like to introduce you to eStore. eStore is the latest and finest premium quality free WooCommerce WordPress theme by ThemeGrill. eStore is fully responsive, even though this is an eCommerce theme showcasing many products, the theme will be displayed beautifully in a well-organized manner when viewed from desktop to small hand-held devices. To begin with, I would suggest you to look at the demo first here and then you join back us again for more information about this amazing awesome theme.

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eStore – How it looks as WooCommerce WordPress theme?

Okay. Lets’ first talk about the header section. Well, in the header part it supports many different sections and links in an easy to access manner. Your potential customers can go right into the pages that they want to. The header can contain lot of information about your shop if you like. Just see the image below, eStore has header text option which accepts HTML and texts. In our demo we have used this option to tell about email address, contact number, address, opening hours of the shop. This is just an example, you can use this space for any information that you like. This option can be found in Appearance->Customize->Header Options of the dashboard. Actually, all options/settings are available in the customize screen. Also, as you change the settings you can see the live preview taking place.

Header text option used to tell some company contact information
Header text option used to tell some company contact information
And this is how the 'Header Text' option looks in the customize screen.
And this is how the ‘Header Text’ option looks in the customize screen.
Wishlist & Cart page icons

Speaking just about the header section it has

  • header text option,
  • custom logo option,
  • header widget area, (demo currently shows advertisement widget)
  • supports 3 custom menu locations right in the header,
  • search icon (search field appears once you click on it and few more options.

Once WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin are activated then it again shows the icon for cart page and wishlist cart page respectively. It also indicates the number of items in the carts (see the image in the right). So, the cart total amount and the number of items will keep on updating as you add more items to the cart.

Now, for any any eCommerce site, it is important that it holds many links in the header that will help the visitors navigate to the pages that they want to. eStore has 3 menu locations right at the top, this will help you show any number of links right in the header in a beautifully organized manner. The primary header menu bar also has two more icons. ‘Search’ icon and ‘My Account’ icon will help the visitors search your store and go to their account page respectively. Also, the header support header widget area which will help you show any widget of your choice. The current demo shows image advertisement.

eStore Header Area
eStore Header Area

Now, moving downwards below the main menu. For any site it is important, what to show right at the top. eStore has two widget areas right at the top:

  • Front Page: Slider Area
  • Front Page: Area Beside Slider.

While you can use any widget that you want, we have created two widgets that you can use specially for these widget areas. You can use

  • TG: Product Slider for Front Page: Slider area, here you can slide any products categories or latest products and for
  • Front Page: Area Beside Slider widget area, you can use the TG: Vertical Promo WC Category to highlight some of your hot product categories.

eStore – Content Area

Now, for the content area. It is also quite simple to setup. The front page content area is actually just a full widget area named Front Page Sidebar. eStore comes with lot of widget that is specially created to create an awesome WooCommerce site. The following images shows the different widgets used in front page.

eStore Front Page

In this article I won’t be going in detail about how to use all those widgets and features, we have put up full documentation on how to use eStore here. This will help you setup almost each and every aspect of the theme. Also, if you get stuck anywhere then you don’t need to worry at all, you can put your query here and ThemeGrill dedicated technical support team will get back to you.

DocumentationFree Support

eStore – Collection Template

Collection Template

Moving forward there are many other important factors that make this theme unique and a perfect choice for your online store. eStore includes a collection template that shows all the categories on one page. Also, there is View all link for every category section that will take you right to the category page for that specific category. This template can surely come in handy to show all the products belonging to different categories in quick-easy accessible manner. This can be important to showcase more products in a go. Also, eventually, if you are able to showcase more products, you are likely to sell more. 🙂

Also, if you noticed in the collection template picture (image on right) you will see that every category can be represented with different color. Here, Featured product collection, men collection, and women collection are all represented by blue, green and red color respectively. This is all dynamic meaning this is all your choice, set the color that you feel like to represent your every category.

Similarly, Cart page, Account page, Checkout page and every WooCommerce related pages and elements are all well designed to fit the unique design of the theme.

eStore – Few Interesting Features

And wait, eStore is not done yet. There are many more interesting features.

eStore is fully compatible with WPML plugin, so if you are looking to set a multilingual site or simply if you sell products in many countries and need to set up the site in many languages, then this is the feature that you need.

eStore also supports RTL (Right to Left) format. So, if your language is Right to Left format language then this theme also handles that quite well.
You can also change the primary color to match your site nature and logo. This changes will be reflected in links, buttons and some areas giving your site a unique look and making the appearance different with just one click.
If you a developer or know some bit of CSS, then you can write custom CSS in the theme’s custom CSS option. This way you can overwrite the theme design and make it your way even further. These changes will even remain even if you update the theme.

eStore – Conclusion

In this post I have just tried to cover the important and unique aspects of the theme. The above mentioned features and description are only the highlighted once. There are many tons of other options that will come in handy for you. In order to learn more and download the theme, please click on the link below.

This theme can well be the next face of your online store. 🙂

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  1. Highly appreciated for the great eCommerce Store Theme. Thank you Sanjip for sharing the instructions and features. Anyone can easily set up the theme by following the details and documentation. Keep it up!

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