How to Create Multi-Step Form in WordPress Easily?

Create Multi Step Form in WordPress

Are you wondering how to create a multi-step form in WordPress? Well, if your answer is yes, then your search ends right here.

Multi-step forms are significant in converting visitors into leads and making it easy to collect relevant information from your users by keeping them engaged.

Hence, this article will guide you to create multi-step forms that are interactive, conversational and help to secure and qualify quality leads.

But before we start, let’s first understand why to create a multi-step form in WordPress!

Why Create Multi-Step Form in WordPress?

Avoiding monotonous and lengthy forms and keeping things short and interesting is only possible with multi-step forms.

Besides, there are even more reasons to create multi-step forms for your website which are listed below.

  • To collect your user’s information: Lengthy and single page form is irritative and considered to gain less engagement. Therefore, a multi-step form comes to the rescue to help you collect user information effortlessly.
  • For leads capturing: With innovative multi-step forms, capturing responses and converting your visitors into leads becomes seamless.
  • To analyze qualified lead: When users fill all of the form sections, it’s clear that it’s a qualified lead. So, even if they don’t purchase, converting them into a customer will be easier in the future through their given information.
  • To attract new customers: Most of the time, users don’t give away their information even if you offer exactly what they need. In that case, optimizing these forms helps remove these kinds of barriers and helps to gain generates new leads.

Now, you know why to create multi-step forms in WordPress. Let’s have a glimpse regarding one of the best WordPress plugins Everest Forms to deploy engaging multi-step forms for your WordPress website.

Choose the Best WordPress Forms Plugin (Everest Forms)

Everest Forms WordPress Plugin

A WordPress form plugin Everest Forms is the best tool to cater to the needs of any professional website. Whether you want to create contact forms, registration forms, or multi-step forms, everything becomes easy and quick with Everest Forms.

How? Well, the amazingly user-friendly UI is a start. It’s extremely easy to use, customize and display forms with just a few clicks! Another highlight is its amazing add-ons that extend the features of the form builder even more. And that’s why we’ll be using the same plugin to create a multi-part form on our post today.

As this post is dedicated to both the experts and the beginners, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process to create a multi-step form in WordPress using this amazing form builder plugin.

Without further ado, let’s start!

How to Create a Multi-Step Form in WordPress?

Here’s a detailed guide you can follow to create a multi-step form in WordPress using the Everest Forms. You should be able to build one for your website quickly by following these simple steps.  

That being said, let’s begin our step-by-step guide to create multi-step forms in WordPress.

1. Installing Everest Forms Plugin

To start your process for making a multi-step form, you need to install and activate Everest Forms on your WordPress site. So, log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins>>Add New.

Plugins to Add New Navigation

In the search bar, type Everest Forms. Then, to run Everest Forms in your dashboard, click on the Install Now button.

Installing Everest Forms Plugin

After that, you’ll see activate option. So, click on the Activate button.

Activate Everest Forms Plugin

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed Everest Forms for your WordPress website.

2. Installing Everest Forms Pro and Multi-Part Add-on

You’ve installed the free version of the Everest Forms on your site. However, you’ll also need Everest Forms Pro to deploy multi-part forms for your website.

To do that, you need to purchase the Everest Forms pro version from its official site first. After making a purchase, you can create your account on WPEverest and log into it.

Now, go to the Downloads tab and download the Everest Forms Pro add-on.

Download Everest Forms Pro

Everest Forms Pro will be downloaded as a zip file on your computer. Then, from your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins section, and click on Add New. Again, press on the Upload Plugin button.

Uploading Plugin

Then, you’ll see the Choose File option. Click on it to upload an Everest Forms Pro zip file that you downloaded earlier and press the Install Now button.

Premium Plugin install

Once it’s installed, hit the Activate Plugin button.

Activate Everest Forms

Soon after that, an automated message pops up at the top that will ask you to enter the license key.

Enter License Key Pop-Up

So, for the license key, go to your WPEverest dashboard>>License Keys, and copy your license key.

License Key Everest Forms

After coming back to your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see Enter Your License Key option, you need to paste your license key there.

License Key

Remember, the free version of Everest Forms must be installed and activated for Everest Forms Pro to be functional.

Now, to add a multi-part add-on, go back to your WPEverest dashboard and download the Everest Forms Multi-Part add-on.

Everest Form Multi-Part Download

After that, you can upload the add-on to your site following a similar procedure as we did for the Everest Form Pro.

3. Creating a New Multi-Step Form

Now, that the plugin and the add-on are ready to be used let’s get into the process of creating a multi-step form. First, go to the newly added menu for Everest Forms on the WordPress dashboard.

There you can see the options for All Forms, Add New, Entries, Settings, Tools. To get started, click on the Add New option.

Add New Form How to Create Multi-Step Form in WordPress

After that, you can start creating forms using several pre-made forms, or you also get an option to start from scratch.

Here, we’ll show you how to create a multi-step form from scratch. Hence, click on the Start From Scratch option.

Create Multi-Step Form from Scratch

Then, provide a suitable name for your form and click on the Continue button.

Naming Multi-Part Form How to Create Multi-Step Form in WordPress

Now, a form editor window will open up. There you’ll see several form fields on the left side that can be added to your form. The process is pretty simple as it features a user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder

Drag and Drop Fields for Multi-Part Form

To create the first page of the form, we wanted to add the contact fields. So, we dragged in the fields for Name, Last Name, Email, and Number. Likewise, you can also use Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Checkboxes, etc. to obtain single line or paragraph information and so on.

Now, you’re all set to add a new part to your form but for this, you need to enable the multi-part function at first.

Enabling Multi-Part Form

To enable the multi-part form, go to Settings>> Multi-Part. Then, checkmark Enable Multi-Part form option. Further, you’ll also see other multi-part form options which we’ll be discussing in the later steps.

Enabling Multi-Part How to Create Multi-Part Form in WordPress

Now, you can go back to the Fields tab to add a new part to your form.

Field Tabs

Adding New Part to the Form

As soon as you enable the multi-part option, you’ll see various Multi-Part Options on your left-hand side. It’ll enable you to edit the Part Title, Next Label, and Previous Label from here. Not to mention, you can also delete the part altogether.

Multi-part Form Options How to Create Multi-Step Form in WordPress

Likewise, at the bottom right side of the form editor window, you’ll see the Add New Part option. Clicking on it will redirect you to the next blank page, where you can add additional required fields to your forms again.

New Blank Part for Additional Fields

Thus, with Everest Forms, you can easily add multiple parts to the form, customize your part title and labels, and add unlimited form fields without any hassle.

If necessary, Everest Forms also allows you to re-order the form parts by simply dragging the parts to the required position.

Re-ordering Parts in Multi-Part Form

4. Customizing Your Multi-Part Form

Similar to form field addition, customizing the individual form field details is also pretty easy. For this, click on the Field Options tab and you can effortlessly change the Label, Description, etc. as per your requirement.

Field Options

You can even make the fields required so that users cannot proceed with the form without filling that particular field.

Likewise, you can get some Advanced Options from where you can add the Placeholder Text, Set Default Value, add CSS Classes, etc. You can even enable the Conditional logic feature if you want.

Advanced Options for Multi-Part Forms

Once you finish making the necessary changes, make sure you hit the SAVE button at the top.

Save Settings

5. Editing the Settings for the Multi-Part Form

The next step of our tutorial on how to create a multi-step form in WordPress is to edit the form settings. As you click on the Settings tab, you’ll see three sections namely General, Email, and Multi-Part.

Hence, from the General section, you can edit Form Name, add Form Description, add Successful form submission message, edit Submit button text, and do more.

General Settings of Multi-Part Form

Likewise, from the Email section, you can configure your email settings to communicate with your visitors effectively. You can add To Address, From Name, From Address, and even add Email Subject and Email Message with ease.

Email Settings

Besides, you can also configure the settings for your multi-part form. For this, click on the Multi-Part option. There, you’ll see three major options to edit your multi-step forms (that we encountered before).

Multi-Part Form Settings How to Create Multi-Step Form in WordPress

Progress Indicator
It allows you to customize the type of indicator that you want for your multi-step form. Actually, there are four types to choose from i.e Progress Bar, Arrow Bar, Circle Bar, None.

Progress Indicator Color
This option enables you to select the right color that suits your website. Basically, it allows you to customize your multi-step from color with the website’s theme color.

Part Navigation Alignment
The Part Navigation Alignment option allows you to choose where the navigation buttons appear in the form. And there are four options available, i:e Left, Right, Center, and Split.

6. Displaying Multi-Part Form on Your Site

You’re done with the major parts of the multi-part form creation. However, your form won’t be visible to the users unless and until you publish it. Hence, there are two ways to display your multi-step form on your site, i.e., using the shortcode and block addition method.

For the shortcode method, copy the shortcode of the form that you’ve created.

Copy Shortcode

You can add your form to pages, posts, sidebar widgets, or wherever you find it suitable. Here, we’ll be adding to the posts. So, go to Posts, and click on Add New.

Navigate to Add New Post

Now, provide a suitable title to your form, paste the shortcode that you copied earlier, and hit the Publish button at the top.

Shortcode Method

Similarly, for the block method, navigate to Posts>>Add New and click on Add New Block (+) button.

Add New Block

After that, search for the Everest Forms block and click it.

Everest Forms Block

Now, click on the dropdown menus and select the required form.

Select Multi-Step Form

After that, you can give title to your form and go ahead to click on the Publish button to make your multi-step form visible to everyone.

Publish Multi-Step Form

And, this is how you create a multi-step form in WordPress.


So, with this step-by-step tutorial, we hope now you know how to create a multi-step form in WordPress with Everest Forms.

Everest Forms is a prominent form builder with diverse use and features for creating any form useful for any nature of business. Moreover, with intuitive and revolutionary drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily and quickly create multi-step forms on a WordPress website.

And, if you want to know more about Everest Forms, you can also check our article on Everest Forms vs WPForms, or if you want to create an application form for a job or create a survey form in WordPress, you can go through our website.

Lastly, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook accounts to remain updated about more WordPress-related posts.


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