15 Best Brizy WordPress Themes for 2020 (With Stunning Starter Sites)

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Are you in search of the best WordPress theme for Brizy? Look no further. We can understand how difficult it is, choosing from the thousands of WordPress themes. 

Brizy is one of the easiest web page builders for WordPress. Though it’s relatively new, there are many themes that feature seamless integration with this page builder. 

Through the words of this article, we’ll present to you the best WordPress themes for Brizy. Before we do so, we will also talk about the Brizy page builder itself.

What are the Brizy WordPress Themes? (Introduction)

Brizy is a new webpage builder for WordPress. Launched by Themefuse in April 2018, Brizy is one of the most user-friendly WordPress page builders with tons of layouts and amazing blocks. A simple drag and drop is enough to put them in action. 

Brizy WordPress Page Builder

That was the short introduction of the Brizy page builder plugin. Now let’s talk about what a Brizy theme is.

A Brizy WordPress theme is a WordPress theme that has full support for the Brizy page builder. Simple, it’s a WordPress theme that you can customize with Brizy. Brizy unlocks the customization potential of a theme to its fullest so you can change every simple aspect to your liking. 

The reason we want to give you the list of best Brizy WordPress themes is that not every theme will work well with every page builder.

There are some themes perfectly compatible with the Gutenberg editor, the default page editor for WordPress. But they may not work with other page builders. Similarly, the best themes compatible with Elementor, may not work well with Brizy. 

So, we bring you the list of WordPress themes that work perfectly with Brizy and have some stunning starter templates to save your time and effort.

15 Best WordPress Theme for Brizy Page Builder

1. Zakra

Zakra Brizy Demo Site

Zakra is a fully responsive WordPress with deep integration with the Brizy page builder. The theme will provide tons of customization options to create great websites. Plus, it has full WooCommerce support to build online stores. 

Zakra even has starter templates to get you started. And the template library is ever-growing. Moreover, Zakra is one of the fastest and most powerful themes you can find.

Key Features:

  • Perfect compatibility with Brizy
  • Optimized for speed
  • SEO friendly
  • Fully responsive
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • RTL and translation ready
  • Awesome Support

Price: Free or $49/year for the personal plan, lifetime plans starting from $149/year for 1 site license.

2. Astra

Astra Theme Brizy Demo

Astra is a lightweight and responsive Brizy WordPress theme. Its front-end consumes less than 50KB of space. With an extendable codebase and a good SEO practice, Astra is both a beginner and developer-friendly theme. 

Astra features great integration with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin. The theme also provides stunning starter sites to fasten up the website making.

Astra Features:

  • Responsive and Lightweight
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Easy Customization
  • Variety of starter sites
  • Stable and Extendable Code Base

Price: Free or $47/year for Astra Pro, lifetime deals starting from $249

3. ColorMag

ColorMag Brizy Demo

ColorMag is the best magazine WordPress theme. It’s easy to use and easy to customize the theme with different layouts to get your website started. If your site is about news or blog or any publishing site, look no further.

With seamless integration with page builders like Brizy, ColorMag allows you to design a beautiful magazine website. 

 ColorMag Features:

  • Advanced Typography
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Search Engine Optimized 
  • Amazing Custom Widgets
  • Advanced Color Options
  • Unique Post Systems

Price: Free or $69/year for single site license, lifetime deals starting at $199

4. Spacious

Spacious Brizy Demo

Spacious is a responsive WordPress theme compatible with Brizy. Ideal for small to medium businesses, Spacious can help you build any kind of business and online stores. It features a dozen widget areas, dark and light skin, and much more. 

In addition to the beautiful features, Spacious provides tons of starter sites to save your time and effort. You can import one of them and get started in no time.

Spacious Features:

  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Advanced Typography
  • Beautiful Starter Sites
  • Multiple Widget Areas
  • WooCommerce ready theme
  • Amazing Support

Price: Free or $69 for a single-site license, lifetime deals starting from $199

5. Flash

Flash Brizy Demo

Flash is a very responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme. The beginner-friendly and easy to use environment that users get makes Flash one of the best Brizy WordPress Themes. Flash is rich in features including very good Search Engine Optimization, WooCommerce Compatibility, etc.

Flash also provides you with various starter templates to get you up and running. And the library of the starter sites is ever-growing.

Flash Features:

  • Flexible and very easy to use
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Custom Widgets
  • Multiple Header Styles
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • RTL and Translation ready

Price: Free or $69 for a single-site license, lifetime deals starting at $199

6. Neve

Neve Brizy Demo

Neve is a lightweight and multipurpose theme for WordPress. This responsive Brizy WordPress theme is easy to customize and will deliver your content at rocked speed. The theme is WooCommerce compatible and features a variety of starter templates. 

Neve boasts less than 30KB of page size and an extendable platform. The theme also features custom designs for headers and footers

Neve Features:

  • Optimized for SEO and Speed
  • RTL and Translation ready
  • Custom Header and Footer Design
  • Responsive and AMP compatible
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Easy Customization

Price: Free or $69 for the personal plan, lifetime deals starting at $189

7. Olsen

Olsen Brizy Demo

Olsen is a beautiful Brizy WordPress theme made for blogging. It has two versions of itself: Olsen Light and Olsen Pro. Olsen Light is a free theme with basic features while Olsen Pro is a premium one. 

The theme is a customizable platform, but if you want to get your hands on those pre-built layouts, you’ll have to spend some money and buy the pro.

Olsen Features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Widgets
  • Translation Ready
  •  Search Engine Optimized
  • Social Networking Options and Instagram Integration

Price: Free or $39/year on basic plan

8. OceanWP

OceanWP Brizy Demo

OceanWP is a responsive and lightweight WordPress theme for Brizy. The fast-growing theme is SEO optimized and translation ready. The theme also features WooCommerce compatibility and an extendable codebase. 

OceanWP provides users with extensions like cookie notice, Instagram extension, etc to power up the theme. Not to mention the beautiful starter demos to get you started with website building.

OceanWP features:

  • SEO and Speed Optimized
  • Extendable codebase
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Responsive design
  • RTL and Translation Ready
  • Easily Customizable

Price: Free or $39 for a single-site license, lifetime deals starting at $159

9. Blocksy

Blocksy Brizy Demo

Blocksy is a lightweight and beautiful WordPress theme, created for the Gutenberg editor. It’s very compatible with WordPress page builders like Brizy. Blocksy comes with amazing starter templates to make website building easier and faster. 

Blocksy is a responsive theme with an extendable codebase. It also has light and dark skin. This Search Engine Optimized theme is from people at Creative Themes.

Blocksy Features:

  • Responsive and lightweight design
  • Extendable codebase
  • Optimized for Speed and Search Engines
  • RTL and translation ready
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Variety of Starter templates

Price: Blocksy is Free.

10. Zita

Zita Brizy Demo

Zita is a powerful WordPress theme made for page builders like Brizy. It offers a very user-friendly environment to work in. Like other themes in the list, Zita offers WooCommerce compatibility, customization options, responsive designs, and more.

The Zita WordPress theme uses the Zita Sites plugin to bring you demo templates to your dashboard.

Features of Zita:

  • Lightweight and Responsive
  • RTL and Translation Ready
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Easy Customization
  • Search Engine and Speed Optimized

Price: Free or $49/year for a personal plan

11. Suki

Suki Brizy Demo

Suki is a multipurpose and lightweight WordPress theme. It offers a stable and extendable codebase. Suki also boasts a drag and drop builder for header and footer that can result in hundreds of possible layouts.

This theme also features starter templates to speed up website building. Also, Suki is one of the most lightweight WordPress themes with 26.6KB of size. 

Features of Suki:

  • Search Engine and Speed Optimized
  • Stable and Extendable code base
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • RTL and Translation ready
  • Drag and Drop Header and Footer Builder
  • Responsive and Easy Customization

Price: Free or $59/year for a pro-essential plan, lifetime deals starting at $249

12. Futurio

Futurio Brizy Demo

Futurio is a multipurpose and responsive Brizy WordPress theme. Designed for page builders, Futurio features custom widgets, starter sites, Google fonts, support for popular plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO, and more. 

Futurio is very beginner-friendly and offers a highly customizable platform. It also has design options for WooCommerce. 

Futurio Features:

  • Easy to use and Easy to Customize
  • Support and designs for WooCommerce
  • Optimized for Speed and SEO
  • Built-in Header Styles
  • Responsive design
  • RTL and Translation Ready

Price: Free or $39/year for the basic plan, Lifetime deals starting at $89

13. Customify

Customify Brizy Demo

Customify is a fast and flexible WordPress Theme for Brizy. It has excellent integration with popular plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, OrbitFox, etc. Cuostomify follows the best SEO practices and offers a highly customizable platform. 

The lightweight theme offers various starter demo sites to save you some time and effort while building your website. 

Customify Features:

  • Highly customizable platform
  • Search Engine and Speed Optimized
  • Responsive Design
  • Unique page header for each page
  • Unlimited Typography and Color design
  • WooCommerce Compatible

Price: Free or $59/year for a single-site license

14. Esteem

Esteem Brizy Demo

Esteem is a vintage WordPress theme created for business and blogging sites. The theme is perfectly compatible with Brizy and has a growing library of pre-built sites. Esteem offers amazing WooCommerce Compatibility, awesome support, and many more features.

Esteem is very easy to use and easy to customize Brizy WordPress theme. That’s made possible because of advanced typography options, custom widgets, and other incredible aspects.

Esteem Features:

  • Responsive and Beautiful Design
  • RTL and Translation Ready
  • Advanced Typography
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Optimized for Speed and Search Engines
  • Awesome Support

Price: Free or $69 for a single-site license, lifetime deals starting at $199

15. Page Builder Framework

Page Builder Framework Brizy Demo

Page Builder Framework is a lightweight and minimalist theme for WordPress. This Brizy WordPress theme is highly customizable and has very good compatibility with page builders. 

Page Builder Framework also has features likes WooCommerce Compatibility, extendable codebase, fast site loading speed and more. Although, with this theme, it is harder to get your hands on templates and layouts.

Page Builder Framework features:

  • SEO and speed optimized
  • Extendable codebase
  • Translation Ready
  • Responsive and highly customizable
  • Child Theme Generator
  • WooCommerce Integration

Price: Free, premium add-on available at $58, lifetime deals starting at $248

Wrappping up

Today, there are a billion websites competing with you, and millions on your own game. So to reach more people, you need the best, customizable, flexible, and responsive theme in the market. The themes above have great compatibility with Brizy, the new and fast-growing page builder. 

In the world of WordPress, you can find themes for anything. There are themes for gaming, app showcase themes, themes for cryptocurrency, themes for resumes and CVs, and many more.

If you think the list was helpful, then please share it. Let someone else also know that there is a list of Best Brizy WordPress themes on the internet.

Want to explore a theme for a specific purpose? Check out our other list of themes:

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