Tips to Effectively Boost Traffic and Generate Leads on Your WordPress Site

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If you are an aspiring developer, marketer or an entrepreneur using a blog to promote their content and related items then lead generation is an obvious point you should be focusing on. SEO optimization, the ability to read content, interlinking and media embedding are all elements that can help you boost blog traffic. But the other elemental part of boosting blog traffic is increasing and maintaining leads for your products.

Lead generation is defined as a process through which you generate interest into a potential customer to buy your product. You can then use various processes to cultivate interest and this customer is now a lead. When you’re blogging, especially about content made to promote your products, you want to create and maintain leads. This not only helps you sell your products but also boosts blog traffic. This is because a lead generated through your blog tends to use your blog even more for related purposes.

So, how do you create leads using your blogs? Good content can obviously help but there are areas you can focus on solely to create more leads off your blogs. Thus, ThemeGrill presents you with this short guide on tools and tips you can use to generate leads and maintain them as well as provide a significant traffic boost in the long run.

Lead generation using User Interactions

The most important thing to realize about lead generation is that the process starts when the user forms an idea related to your content. This leads to them talking about it or responding to it. When conversation happens between you and your potential customer, the chances of them finding more interest in your product rises sharply.
boost blog traffic user interaction

Cultivating conversations and stimulating people to submit their opinions is an important part of lead generation. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve user interaction your websites and blogs:

1) Boost Blog Traffic Using Contact forms

Contact forms are the most widely used and successful element to improve lead conversion all over the internet. Contact forms are a great way to improve communication and relationship with your blog readers. It lets you have a rough idea about the general consensus regarding your blogs, what you could improve upon and what content your blog readers appreciate. This not only provides you with the chance to connect with your readers but also lets them understand their opinions are well respected. Answering back all these contact forms can also give your readers a more user-friendly experience on your website.

Boost blog traffic contact forms image

But there are things you need to keep in mind to make sure that your Contact forms are beneficial to your website and not necessarily a chore to fill up.

There are things you can do to improve Contact forms such as:

  • Creating a well-formatted contact form situated in a conspicuous section of your webpage.
  • Using short, easy to understand fields that are not excessive in number.
  • Using an accessible call to action button to link your users to your contact form.
  • Embedding Forms in various Widget sections.
  • Using Popups and Lightboxes to provide users with Contact forms.
  • Using reCaptcha instead of Captcha forms to make filling up the form more convenient.

There are tons of amazing dedicated Contact Form plugins available for WordPress websites. You can check out our personal recommendations here.

Creating a Contact form can be quite easy using dedicated plugins as you can see our example which prominently uses our plugin Everest form builder.

     Everest form builder

Boost blog traffic Everest forms

Our amazing contact form plugin features an easy to use Drag and Drop form builder interface. Here you can simply drag your fields on the form layout and choose how the fields will appear. Clicking on the fields lets you easily customize their details as well. You can freely add rows on the form as well as customize the form to have more fields to fill in. Enable Placeholder texts on fields, CSS classes, Description and more: All the fields can be easily customized with just a click of a button.

boost blog traffic Everest forms

Inserting these forms into posts and pages is easy as well. The plugin requires you to insert the corresponding shortcodes to enable the contact form. Everest form compiles an easy and convenient method of creating and connecting contact forms, all in a free to use package.

Boost blog traffic-Contact forms

Here are the key features of our awesome Everest form plugin:

  • Easy to setup unlimited number of Contact forms and edit their fields and Structure.
  • The forms seamless merge with the Theme’s design and color scheme and are completely mobile friendly.
  • reCaptcha ensures protection from Spammers and bots while streamlining the fill-up process.
  • Premade form templates to instantly create a setup form.
  • Drag and Drop builder which ensures easy form and field management.
  • Entries can be viewed straight from the Dashboard.

Download + Demo + Details

2) Boost Blog Traffic Using Social Media

Social Networking platforms are no longer considered a website to place personal content and thoughts on the internet. When the top most used websites on the planet are Social media websites, the potential for marketing on them rises heavily. The idea of Social media marketing is to put your product or website out on the social media outlets.

Boost blog traffic-Social media image

Users might come across your products and might learn about it through repeated exposure (which is coincidentally how advertisement in general works.) There’s also the case where users might use social media outlets to provide queries about your products. Using these to your advantages can massively increase your lead generation.

Thus, using Social media integrations, Social bar, and related plugins can be quite beneficial to your website. Here’s a list of great social media-centric plugins you can use to share your content on social media platforms, improve user interactions and more.

   Easy Social Sharing plugin:

Boost blog traffic Easy social sharing


Our Easy Social Sharing plugin is also a plugin prominently featured on this list. The plugin is built to suit all your social media demands and more. Easily display a customizable Social bar with sharing features built to help your viewers share your content easily. The Social bar icons can arrange by simply dragging and dropping the options as well. These share buttons can also be enabled in an Inline layout as well as Sidebars.

boost blog traffic easy social sharing

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using Easy social sharing plugin to boost blog traffic:

  • Supports 18 Popular Social networking websites and various other Social Media API.
  • Supports Inline and Sidebar layouts.
  • Users can share your posts and content with just a click of a button.
  • Comes with various Design schemes and can be fit to appear below or above content.

Similarly, using Social media isn’t just allowing your users to share your content on them. You can also connect your viewers to your own Social networking pages. For this purpose, we can use Social media bars and custom social media icons. These elements exist to easily allow your website viewers to reach you on Social networking websites. This allows you to broaden the range of your audience and connect a different platform with your blogs which can help you improve blog traffic.

Boost blog traffic Easy social sharing bars

Download + Demo + Details

    ThemeGrill Social Icons plugin:

Boost blog traffic Social icons

Consequently, we’ve created a WordPress plugin fit for this exact purpose. Using our Social icons plugin, you can enable customizable Social icons sections for your website. The plugin comes with support for almost all Social media profiles and these icons can be arranged simply by dragging and dropping. All it takes you to enable each profile is just simply pasting the respective link to these profiles.

Similar to Everest form, if you want to enable these Social Icons on a post you can use their shortcodes and simply paste them onto your pages and posts. These icons can also be enabled using Widgets if required.

Using this amazing plugin you can:

  • Enable a fully customizable Social media bar.
  • Create defined design schemes and greyscaled social icons.
  • Easily place Social media links on Footers and Sidebars.
  • Can be enabled on posts and pages as well.

Download + Demo + Details

3) Boost Blog Traffic Using Newsletters and Mail subscription lists

Newsletters and Subscription lists are great ways to send information to users who may want to learn more about your products. This helps you generate more interest as well as improve lead retention. Subscriptions and MailLetters are also crucial for blogs and news-based websites as they help you inform your users when new blogs come out. Similarly, target your subscribed users and provide them editorials, newsletters, and infographics for a more compact form of information sharing. Marketers can use these subscription lists to inform users about various changes regarding the company, new sales, and discounts as well as ask them reviews for new products and more.

boost blog traffic newsletter image

Once you build a sizable Subscription Email list, here are some of the things you can do to boost website traffic:

  • Provide Sales and News regarding products to users.
  • Send automated Blog posts and Emails.
  • Provide free trial offers and demos for new products.
  • Use it as an advertisement and promotion medium.
  • Request User reviews and Comments about website or products.

You can learn more about Email marketing here and check out our list of the best plugins available for this task.

4) Boost Blog Traffic Using Popup pages and Lightbox plugins

Popups and Lightboxes are overlay screens and windows that pop up when users either click on an item or automatically when they open a page. Popups and lightbox can supplement your lead generation on areas that Subscription lists don’t. The fault with Subscription forms is that either user can completely miss them or they ignore them without taking a second to learn more. By using Popup windows and lightboxes you can inform users more about your products. You can also ensure that your viewers cannot easily dismiss this information easily. Furthermore, you can enable these popups and lightboxes to contain Contact forms, Subscription forms, User registration forms and more.

Popups are a great means of website traffic boost. Using these elements you are free to do various actions that boost lead generation such as:

  • Provide an automated way of providing detailed information to users.
  • Provide users with a ready-made, automated subscription or user registration form.
  • Make automated announcements or provide important info automatically.
  • Provide users with impressive ads that are sure to be viewed.
  • Give important key information that can improve their website viewing experience.

You can make collecting user responses and creating an Email subscription list is much more effective this way. Most of the Lightbox and Popup plugins available are highly customizable and quite lightweight as well. Here are the recommended lists for each one of them:

10 Amazing WordPress Lightbox Plugins

7 best WordPress Popup Plugins

Lead Generation and SEO Optimization

Now it may not come as a surprise but when it comes to blogging traffic boost, SEO optimization is a must. You can polish your content all you want but if the product is never seen, you won’t gain much traction from it. The entire idea of SEO copywriting is to optimize your content and blogs so that it reaches the readers who are searching for the content. By increasing Site rankings, using proper keywords, and various other elements you are ensuring that when users search for any blog or products, yours is the first one to be recommended by Google.

Boost blog traffic SEO optimization

But the second question is, Does SEO affect Lead generation? The answer is Yes, yes it does. When people find your content through search engines as a result of proper SEO optimization, you’ve gained an Organic traffic. This is defined as traffic not achieved by Paid advertisements or marketing. This organic lead is converted into a lead if your blog or your product fits their needs or answers their demand.

As so, SEO is less of a means to convert leads than it is of creating one. When your content checks all the marks on the SEO copywriting requirements, you can funnel in all these visitors to your website and enable the process of lead generation.

If you want to learn more about SEO and SEO copywriting as well as things you can do to boost blog traffic, you can check out this amazing article.

Furthermore, we’ve also built this easy to use checklist to help you check whether your website is fully SEO optimized.

Lead Generation Through  Free Trials and Demo products

Trial-based advertisements have been an integrated part of advertisement since the dawn of time. Digital Marketing has seen its wide range of Trial and Demo based advertisements. Furthermore, many products have found major success due to this business model. It wouldn’t be a far fetched statement to many WordPress related companies run through these models as well.

The entire idea is to generate some incentive for your potential customers to buy your product and what better way to do it than to enable a Trial system. Whether it’s a Free version of your product or a Demo trial, you can try various approaches to help your viewers understand why your product is better.

In terms of Lead generation, these trial items are usually considered as Lead Magnets. Moreover, these items do not necessarily have to be free items or products for each other. Discount offers and Coupons, Initial discount and Offers and many more items can be enabled to heavily incentivize viewers. These can work quite well in conjunction with Newsletter and Popups. For example, you can set up a system where Users can free download one of your WordPress plugins if they were to subscribe to your newsletter. This offer along with the Form can be set up on a Popup and viewers can read about it when they open your website. Automatic emails with the required file attachments can be sent to the once they confirm their email and Voila! You have now successfully generated a Lead.


While it is a good idea to enable all these features on your website, it is also important to understand that they can work better in conjunction. If you want to heavily boost blog traffic, you should consider using all these elements and ideas. However, It is difficult to understand how we can simply boost website traffic and implementing these ideas is doubly so. So, we recommend you keep reading up on more of our articles that tackle this element so you can have a better idea on things you can do. Here are some of our other articles that teach you how to boost website traffic:

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