Bluehost Review 2021 – Is it the Best Hosting for WordPress?

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Thinking of using Bluehost and want to know if it’s the best web hosting for WordPress? Are you looking for an honest Bluehost review?

Web hosting is a basic foundation for every website. So, it’s important to choose good hosting for a fast and reliable site.

Among various hosting providers, Bluehost is a popular web hosting company for WordPress. In fact, it’s one of the officially recommended hosting services by Still, it may not be perfect for every type of site.

We’ll review Bluehost hosting features, pricing, support, and everything that matter! Check it out to figure out if it fits your requirements or not. Let’s begin.

A. What is Bluehost? (Introduction)

Bluehost Banner

Bluehost is a highly popular WordPress hosting company out there on the market. Not only this, but it’s also one of the popular domain name registrars that currently powers over two million websites worldwide. 

In 2003, Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth officially launched Bluehost. Since then it’s gradually evolving and using new ways to deliver its services to the users. Due to its remarkable growth, it has become one of the most popular hosting companies in the world.

Not only this, it’s been an official WordPress recommended hosting provider since 2006. Check all recommendations by

Using the hosting services by Bluehost, you can create any kind of website, like a blog, or online store. It offers different hosting packages that you can choose from according to your specific need. Now, let’s explore various plans it offers.

B. Bluehost Hosting Plans & Features

Bluehost offers six different hosting plans to its customers. All of these plans come with different features so that customers can choose one according to their needs. Let’s list out the hosting plans and discuss their features.

1. WordPress Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

First of all, let’s review WordPress optimized hosting by Bluehost.

Bluehost WordPress hosting plan is specifically designed for WordPress-powered websites. This hosting package comes with resources and tools to get the best out of WordPress websites. 

In fact, WordPress optimized hosting service is the most popular and top-selling plan. Now, let’s review its top features.


  • Automatic WordPress Installation
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Free domain name for a year
  • You can securely change your login credentials. 
  • Microsoft 365 is available to boost your image and recognition.

2. WooCommerce Hosting

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting Review

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin using which you can build an online store. In fact, it’s most popular eCommerce platform on the market.

Similar to WordPress hosting, Bluehost also offers web hosting fully optimized for WooCommerce. Now, let’s review it.

The Bluehost WooCommerce hosting provides access to great features for starting your eCommerce site. It’s specifically designed for your eCommerce store and comes with auto-installed WooCommerce. Now, let’s review the Bluehost WooCommerce hosting features.


  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain
  • Multiple caching layers to optimize site load speed.
  • Site monitoring and statistics
  • Domain privacy and protection

3. Shared Hosting

Shared Bluehost Hosting Review

A shared hosting plan is the cheapest and easiest general service provided by Bluehost. In this plan, your website shares server resources with other websites. This means multiple websites operate using the same server and features. It’s not suitable for sites with heavy traffic.


  • Domain Manager- To update, transfer, purchase and manage domains.
  • Resource Protection- To ensure the protection of the site’s performance. 
  • SSL Certificates- To keep personal information, eCommerce transactions, and other sensitive data safeguarded.
  • Scalability- You can start using more powerful options as your website grows.
  • Google My Business- You can list your local business online and connect with customers in your area.

4. VPS Hosting

Bluehost VPS Hosting Review

In the VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting service, multiple websites operate using a single server. But using a special technology known as virtualization, a single server is divided into multiple virtual servers, which then creates separate space for each site. So, there will be more resources available.


  • Free domain name for 1 year
  • Multi-server management
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload, download or modify files.
  • Access control to your account.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

5. Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Review

In the dedicated hosting service, you get the highest level of resource, privacy, and control. You don’t need to share your server with any other website so you’ll have to manage your server on your own. Since you’ll have entire control over your website, your site can be faster. 


  • Improved cPanel to manage your website domains, emails, resources, etc.
  • Multi-server Management
  • Free domain name for 1st year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • You get a 30 days money-back guarantee.

6. Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a service that is provided by Bluehost in partner with ResellerClub. You can use this hosting plan to host multiple clients and allow them to manage their products independently. 

Features Included in Every Bluehost Plan

After review different types of hosting plans provided by Bluehost, let’s check out some of the coolest features it offers in every plan:

  • Free site migration: You can easily transfer your current WordPress website to Bluehost.
  • Live Support: Bluehost offers free live chat support to its users. 
  • Site Staging: You can test new designs in their staging area before publishing them.
  • Jetpack: Bluehost is integrated with the Jetpack plugin which delivers many benefits like enhanced site search, one-click site monetization, and creation.
  • WP-CLI/SSH access: With Bluehost, you can get advanced access to WordPress. 
  • Security: You get access to different security features like SSL, auto backups, malware protection, spam protection, etc.  

C. Is Bluehost Ease to Use?

Using Bluehost, you can smoothly set up your website and manage it. You can manage your web hosting environment and website from the central location without any difficulty. It has an easy to use dashboard which gives a user-friendly experience to the customers.

Bluehost Hosting Dashboard
Bluehost Hosting Dashboard

It has an enhanced cPanel interface which makes using Bluehost easier. With the help of the Bluehost control panel, you can easily manage your website’s hosting and accounts including domain name management, email address/inbox configuration, and payments/billing for the services you receive.

The control panel is divided into various sections i.e. My Sites, Marketplace, Email & Office, Domains, Advanced. You can just click on the icons and reach where you want to go. Moreover, you can also customize the layout of the control panel as per your need and get quick access to your preferred feature. 

Furthermore, you can also use Bluehost’s help features and technical support resources, and easily upgrade and scale your server from the dashboard.

D. Bluehost Performance

Bluehost comes with a built-in scalability feature. It lets you welcome a huge range of visitors to your website and fulfill the required traffic demands.

According to uptime monitoring stats provided by Pingdom, Bluehost offers 99.9% uptime. That means it’s highly available to its users. And, loading time is between 600 milliseconds to 900 milliseconds.

Bluehost Uptime Monitoring Stats by Pingdom
Bluehost Uptime Monitoring Stats by Pingdom

See the stats here.

Now, let’s talk about how it manages good site speed. Firstly, it has more than 200 edge servers. It comes with a CDN of over 200 global locations to store and deliver content quickly.

Moreover, the multi-layer caching system optimizes your site so that the content loads faster. It also has SSD storage that is set up for optimal speed. 

E. Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost is a hosting solution that comes with affordable pricing plans for its customers. Whether you’re a small business owner or a big brand, Bluehost has pricing options that fit your needs. All of its plans come with unmetered bandwidth, so you won’t be charged extra for high bandwidth use. 

Let’s have a look at different pricing structures according to the hosted services offered by Bluehost. 

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Pricing

WordPress Hosting Price

With this WordPress website builder hosting plan, you’ll get three different price structure to start your new WordPress site.

  • Basic Plan: $2.95/month (36-month term) (best for a blog or small site)
  • Plus Plan: $5.45/month (36-month term) (best for small businesses)
  • Choice Plus Plan: 5.45/month (36-month term) (best for growing your business)

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting Pricing

WooCommerce Hosting Price

Let’s have a look at the Bluehost WooCommerce hosting price review. Bluehost offers two different pricing plans for WooCommerce hosting to build your eCommerce site.

  • Standard: $15.95/month (36-month term) (basics to start selling online)
  • Premium: $24.95/month (36-month term) (customization to grow the store)

So, these are the various pricing structures that Bluehost offers according to the hosting plan that you choose. All of these plans come with a 30 days money-back guarantee. This means you’ll get a full refund if you cancel the plan within the first 30 days.

When we compare Bluehost’s pricing with its other competitors, the price sounds quite reasonable. The price of SiteGround starts at $6.99/month. Similarly, A2 Hosting offers its cheapest plan at $2.99/month. So, Bluehost is a bit cheaper in comparison to other hosting companies. 

Shared Hosting Pricing

Shared Hosting Price

It offers four different pricing plans to its customers. If you plan to use shared hosting, you can choose from these price structure:

  • Basic Plan: $2.95/month (36-month term) (best for a single site) 
  • Plus Plan: $5.45/month (36-month term) (best for multiple sites)
  • Choice Plus Plan: $5.45/month (36-month term) (added privacy and security features)
  • Pro Plan: $13.95/month (36-month term) (with optimized web resources) 

Bluehost VPS Hosting Pricing

VPS Hosting Price

It offers three different pricing plans that you can choose from to start your website. 

  • Standard: $18.99/month
  • Enhanced: $29.99/month 
  • Ultimate: $59.99/month 

Dedicated Hosting Pricing

Dedicated Hosting Price

You’ll get three different dedicated server options at Bluehost.

  • Standard: $79.99/month
  • Enhanced: $99.99/month
  • Premium: $119.99/month

F. Bluehost Support

Bluehost provides great customer support as it offers a variety of support options.

First, it has support resources like articles, guides, instructions, FAQs that you can use to solve your query. You can use them to learn about everything Email, Login Management, Domain Names, and Billing Preferences.  

Bluehost Support

Similarly, this web host also offers other options like live chat with the support team, email support tickets, and 24/7 phone support. Using these services, you can easily inform them about your confusion or any problem that you’re facing.

Also, Bluehost offers three different technical support numbers that you can call as per your requirement:

  • General inquiries
  • VPS and dedicated hosting
  • WordPress assistance

So, Bluehost provides various support materials that are helpful to solve your problem. Its support team is always ready to provide you with adequate help and support. However, many customers complain that their response time is really slow.

You can check Bluehost support reviews by real users on Trustpilot for more information.

G. Pros and Cons of Bluehost


Some of the advantages of Bluehost are:

  • Wide range of web hosting options
  • Transfer your existing WordPress site to Bluehost smoothly.
  • PayPal integration for eCommerce store.
  • Scale Managed WordPress plan for selling unlimited products.
  • Advanced access to WordPress.
  • Integrated Cloudflare support
  • Free domain name for a year included in your purchase.
  • Security features such as unique IPs, SSL, and SiteLock protection.
  • Get fast access to features using the enhanced cPanel.
  • Officially recommended by
  • One-click WordPress installation.


Some of the disadvantages of Bluehost are:

  • You have to do your own daily backups for full security.
  • Lack of good backup solution in entry-level plans. 
  • You need to install many of the add-ons to enjoy their full functionality. 
  • Slower loading times than other hosting sites.
  • Slower Customer Service.


That’s all about WordPress and Bluehost review. To conclude, Bluehost is a great hosting company with a variety of hosting plans and features.

If you’re a WordPress user, then you can use the Bluehost WordPress hosting plan which is good and also cost-effective. Best of all, you can get an easy interface to manage your website.

On top of that, you can get support from their experts if you need help. Also, there’s plenty of free resource online on using Bluehost with WordPress.

Don’t forget to share this article and please leave your comments below. Also, check our comparison between Siteground and Bluehost.


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