Blog Name Generators: How to Come Up With a Good Blog Name?


Choosing a perfect domain name is a really important task if you are planning to start a new website. A domain name serves as your identity on the web, just like your own name as a person does in real life.  So, how do you create a cool domain name? Well, here are some blog name generators to help you out which I will discuss in this post.

Blog name generators are online tools that provide you a number of names for your website based on the keyword you type in. In addition, they tell you if the domain name is available or already taken. Therefore, they save your time brainstorming for a name and checking the availability. Blog/ domain name generators are indeed awesome tools that let you create a unique and creative name for your website.

How to Come Up With a Good Blog Name?

No doubt, blog name generators are helpful in creating a cool blog/ domain name.  However, you may fail to choose the best one if have no idea what makes a domain name ‘best’. What I mean to say here is that there are some certain things you must consider while choosing a domain name.

Therefore I have mentioned some tips and tricks useful while choosing a domain name. Let’s check them out:

1) Keep it short, simple and easy to remember

First of all, a domain name has to be short, concise, easy to pronounce, easily memorable, and catchy. If it’s a long or contains complex words that are hard to remember, users may sometimes fail to type the correct spelling.  And they will ultimately land on 404 error pages. This way you will not only lose a great number of visitors but that’ll also ruin your impression.

Besides, you should avoid using numbers and hyphens in a domain name as they make it difficult and confusing to remember.

2) Include keywords

Keywords are the key to the website SEO. If your domain name has a keyword in it, there are higher chances that search engine spiders easily index your website for the keyword. And therefore your website gets better rankings. However, a domain created using keywords only may look too generic sometimes. Therefore, you have to carefully pick a name that is SEO friendly as well as brandable.

For example, your targeted keyword may be ‘best pizza in New York’ and therefore you may create a domain as ‘’ which seems very much generic and obviously less attractive. Yet, there are some amazing domains like ‘’ & ‘’  that are both SEO friendly and brandable.

3) Create a brandable name

A brandable domain name is something unique and attractive that stands out of the crowd. It is not a generic keyword-stuffed name but something catchy and unique. A brandable name may or may not contain an SEO keyword but looks nice and sounds great. Sometimes, a person’s name becomes a brand like ‘McDonald’s ( ‘ which is a popular fast-food restaurant chain. Similarly, we can take an example of Google (, Twitter (, and Apple ( which are not at all generic but the brand-based domain names.

Therefore if you are creating a personal website, you can just use your own name as a domain name. Similarly, if your company/business is already known as a brand, you can just use the same company name as a domain name. But if you are a complete beginner, you can try out rephrasing your focus keyword, find synonyms of the keyword to find a brandable domain name.

4) Avoid names that trespass on another website

While creating the next website in the same industry, you may happen to choose a name similar to another website. If two websites provide similar services and have similar names, there may be confusion among the users and may kick off a dispute among the two website owners. Therefore, stay away from such names that may create copyright infringement issues in the future.

5) Use an appropriate domain name extension

Domain name extensions are suffixes such as .com, .net, .org, .edu etc. which are added at the end of web addresses. These extensions have specific uses. For example,

.com: Commercial

.org: Organizations

.net: Network

.int: International Organization

.edu: Education

.gov: Government

.co: Company, Commerce or Community

.info : Information

.biz : Business, eCommerce

.me: Blog, Personal site, Portfolio

Despite the fact that there are several domain extensions each for the different purposes, .com is most commonly used. Well, it’s popular because it is easy to remember and users are more familiar with this. Most of the internet users automatically type .com at the end of every domain. Therefore if your website is any way for a commercial purpose, .com is the best.

However most of the time, you may not get a .com domain for a brandable name. In such cases, you can consider other relevant domain extensions.

It may not be just a domain/ blog name you might be searching but also YouTube Channel name, Facebook page, and other social profile names. I mean a brand name that lets you stand as a notable brand in the industry. So, this post will help you how to come up with a good blog/ domain/ YouTube Channel or Facebook page name.

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How to Get a Domain Name?

So, where can you buy a blog/domain name? There are several domain name providers. GoDaddy and NameCheap are some of the best domain name companies you can check out. If you want to learn more, here is the full comparison of the best domain registrars for cheap and high -quality domains.

If you want to buy a domain name from any of the domain name providers, it may cost you $0.99 to $15. However, there are ways you can save this money. Most of the WordPress hosting companies offer a free domain name in the yearly subscription plans.

So before purchasing a domain name, check out if your WordPress hosting plan has included a free domain or not.

8 Incredibly Useful Domain/ Blog/ YouTube Name Generators

Getting a domain name is essential as well as a crucial step to start a new website.

First, it’s the first step of creating a new website, before buying a hosting service. Next, it needs careful consideration of various factors like SEO and brand value while choosing a perfect domain. We can conclude that choosing a domain name is not so easy to do the job however it becomes much easier with blog name generators.

Similarly, it’s vital to come up with a brandable and good YouTube Channel name for the new or old YouTubers. Therefore these tools will serve as YouTube Name Generator Tools or any brand name creator tools.

Let’s explore the eight of the best blog name/ YouTube name generators below:

1. Domain Wheel

Domain Name Generator - Domain Wheels

The first name that tops off our list is the free online tool- Domain Wheel. This is one of the easiest ways to look for suitable domain names, as well as URLs and company names. It is a helpful online source that gets you the best results with extensive resources with a simple entry of a keyword!

Domain Wheel provides you the option to add either one or even several keywords to generate new domain options. It does not matter if you enter a mix of letters or a whole word, this tool will give you options that are suitable, rhyming, or random words that you find appropriate. Best for startup websites and companies, get creative and unique with Domain Wheel!

More Attractions of Domain Wheel Blog Name Generator:

  • Domain Name: With Domain Wheel you get extensive results for your domain names with the keyword that you enter. You can be as creative as you like and get the most appropriate and suitable names!
  • Handpicked Domain Suggestion: Along with the suggestion including your keyword, Domain Wheel also provides the user with their own creative and handpicked selection of domain names!
  • Popular Keyword Suggestion: Below the search bar, you will see a number of Keywords suggested by Domain Wheel. These are the ones that are trending and most searchable! You can use them along with your domain as well.
  • Creative Domain Name Suggestion: With creativity in mind Domain Wheel also provides you similar sounding or topic related suggestions that you can easily use for your site.
  • Domain Registration with GoDaddy: Once you find the domain name that you like, it allows you to check the availability and register the Domain directly from! GoDaddy being the leading domain name registrar company offering domain names at an affordable price, the site allows you to go directly to their official site!
In the nutshell, Domain Wheel is probably the best site to get a creative and unique mix of domain names for your site or company with extensive search resources!

Go to DomainWheel

2. Panabee

Panabee- Blog Name Generator

Panabee is a free online tool helpful for searching domain names for your new blog/ website. It provides a simple way to look for domain names, app names, and company names. All you do is enter one keyword or two and click search, Panabee will instantly display an extensive collection of beautiful blog names for you.

Panabee provides plenty of awesome domain name suggestions based on the original keywords you entered. It automatically merges the keywords, prepends and appends with some sensible suffixes and prefixes. Furthermore, new words are created considering phonemes, syllables, and abbreviations. Panabee ensures popular domain trends.

More Attractions of Panabee Blog Name Generator:

  • Domain Name availability: Panabee shows the availability status of all the domain name suggestions. It has different color symbols for available and already taken domain names.
  • Pick any domain extension: Panabee by default provides a number of domain name suggestions with .com If you want to check out domains with other extensions, you can easily do that. Additionally, you can find international domains like .uk, .au, .in using Panabee.
  • Integration with GoDaddy: GoDaddy is doubtlessly the leading domain name registrar company offering domain names at an affordable price. Panabee directly takes you to the GoDaddy website if you want to buy or want to see buying options for your chosen domain name.
  • App Name Availability: Along with a website, you may like to have your own app in Apple Store and Google Play with the same name as a website name. Panabee checks if the app name is already used or available.
  • Social Media Usernames: Social media platforms are greatly popular and populated so any new business can’t afford to ignore using these platforms for making a brand/ business. You may like to have an awesome presence on social media platforms with the same name, so Panabee checks the availability of your keyword related usernames on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
In the nutshell, Panabee is simply the best domain name generator that offers a quick, simple way to find amazing domain names.

Go to Panabee

3. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search -Find a great domain name in seconds 1

Lean Domain Search is probably the most extensive resource for domain names. It is an awesome online domain name generator tool run by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. You just have to enter a word that you want your domain name to include and wait; you will see an overflow of thousands of domain suggestions. Yeah, I am not making any fluff. When I entered two words as my keyword, it showed 4,900+ available domains in 0.71 seconds.

It has an intuitive search engine where you can sort the results by popularity, length, or alphabetically. You can also have a search term filter (starting with or ending with search term) and search history. If you don’t like checking out the suggested domains, you can instantly check the availability of any .com domain in your mind.

More Attractions of Lean Domain Search:

  • Domain Name and Twitter username Availability: As you click on any domain name in the suggestion list, it shows registration options. It includes the availability status of the domain name and Twitter username.
  • Direct Registration and Create a Site on As it is a product of Company Automattic, it has the option to direct domain registration and starting a website at
  • Domain Registrations with top domain providers: It also provides a direct option to domain registration with four top domain companies BlueHost, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Namecheap. Click on any company you like which will directly take you to the domain registration page.
  • Already registered and favorite domains: It displays the box containing a domain ‘pink’ if it is already registered by someone. If you like any domain name and save it as your favorite, you can click the star on the right side after which the box turns yellow.
In the nutshell, Lean Domain Search is a great domain name generator that provides a number of unique domain name suggestions along with registration options. If you want to create a WordPress based website (be it self-hosted or fully-hosted website), it’s an awesome place to search a domain name.

Go to Lean Domain Search

4. SoftwareFindr Name Generator

Software Finder - Domain Name Generator

SoftwareFindr instant name generator is a free tool to help you come with a great domain name, app name or company name in seconds. The moto behind this tool is to provide great name ideas in a clutter-free way to encourage action and avoid overwhelm. Unlike other tools that show thousands of suggestion, SotwareFindr pulls in thousands of suggestions behind the scene and automatically filter the results to show only the most relevant and popular suggestions.

SoftwareFindr prioritizes top-level extensions over new extension like .tech or .account etc. The tool automatically stores user preferences of phrase combinations and extensions choices to present you with a personalized result.

More Attractions of SoftwareFindr Name Generator:

  • Instant Name Suggestion: The second you start typing the tool algorithm gets to work combining different keywords, extensions, and availability and return suggestion in an easy to read and compact format.
  • Integration with Popular domain registrars: The tool integrates with Godaddy, Namecheap, 1& just to name a few and 6 other domain registrars in an attempt to give you the best deal on your domain registration fee.
  • Language Selection: You have to option to switch between the supported languages, English, French, and Arabic with more languages being added.
  • Domain Name availability: You get the option to look up a domain WHOIS information if the domains not available for purchase.
  • Popular Keyword Suggestion: You have the option to search popular keywords done by other users that came before you to get your creative juices flowing.
In the nutshell, SoftwareFindr Name Generator is a great option for those who DO NOT want to spend all day browsing through thousands of suggestions. But instead, want to get personalized naming ideas instantly!

Go to SoftwareFindr Name Generator

5. Wordoid

WORDOID Creative Blog Name Generator

Wordoid is a creative website/ blog naming tool that helps you to create a unique and catchy name for your new website, company, or product. It has a smart name creating an interface for creating ‘wordoids‘ meaning nice-looking and great-feeling words used for naming things. It suggests a number of great domain names and inspires you for your new venture.

Main Features of Wordoid Domain Name Generator:

Wordoid provides you some great options with which you can get an exact or much closer name for your website.

  1. Language Selection: First, it has ‘language options’. It supports five most used languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German of which you can choose one or multiple languages to blend the tastes of different languages.
  2. Define Domain Quality: You can define the quality of the domain you want; high, medium, or low. The higher quality means more natural words of the selected languages.
  3. Pattern: You have to enter a keyword and choose your domain name pattern; beginning with the keyword, containing or ending with it.
  4. Length: Wordoid generates domain names including 15 characters or less. You can set the maximum length of the wordoids; 5 to 15 characters.
  5. Show/ hide not available domains for both .com and .net: Some of the domain names may be already taken for both domain extensions .com and .net. You can choose to show or hide such already taken domains for both extensions.

Once you enter a keyword and define all these characteristics, click on ‘create wordoids’. Now, it displays a number of domain name suggestions for two extensions .com and .net.

More Attractions of Wordoid Blog Name Generator:

  • Favorite wordoids and recent searches: You can click ‘pin’ on the right side of any domain you like to save it as your favorite domain and also see your recent searches. But these features are available only when you sign in with your Google or Facebook account.
  • Domain Registration at Godaddy: It allows you to get an available domain directly at GoDaddy. You can also check it at GoDaddy if it’s already taken.
In the nutshell, Wordoid is an intelligent domain name generator that provides a platform to create a great-looking domain name.

Go to Wordoid

6. NameBoy

Cool Domain Name Generator Nameboy

NameBoy is yet another cool domain name generator where you can find domain names, company names and register your domains. It allows you to enter keywords and it generates domain names based on the keywords. You must enter your main keyword in ‘Primary Word’ box and optionally enter an additional keyword in ‘Secondary Word’. Furthermore, you can check the boxes below if you want the rhyme and hyphens in your website URL. Then, click ‘go nameboy go’.

Now, you can see a number of domain name suggestions. It displays domain names with mainly four major types of extensions .com, .net, .org and .info. It uses different colors to show if the domain name is already taken, available, or available to make an offer/re-sale. If you choose any available domain name, you can simply add to cart and register at NameBoy.

More Attractions of NameBoy Blog Name Generator:

  • Save your favorite domain names: You can log in and save any available domain name you like for later registration. NameBoy’s domain cart will save your favorite domains which is an advantage.
  • Manage the domain names you own: NameBoy’s Domain Cart also lets you manage the domain names that you own. After you log in, you can check out all the domains you own. And then, manage them from the single location i.e. domain cart.
  • Expired and expiring domains: The domain ‘search results’ page also suggests a link to expired and expiring domains. It will be a great opportunity for you if there were domains related to your keyword.
In the nutshell, NameBoy is a great tool for searching, registering, and managing the domain names and company names.

Go to NameBoy

7. Name Mesh

Name Mesh Domain Name Generator For Perfectionists

Name Mesh is an amazing domain name generator tool. It suggests you a number of domain names and helps you to choose your awesome domain. The tool has a huge resource of words which it displays in various categories based on your target keyword. It will show domain suggestions on the separate categories such as common domains, similar names, SEO friendly, short, extra domains, etc.

Simply insert a word or multiple words and type ‘Generate’. It will come up with a number of domain name suggestions. Yeah, it shows a really huge number of names as it kept loading as I scrolled down the result page.

More Attractions of Name Mesh Blog Name Generator:

  • Multiple Domain Registration Platforms: By default, you will go to GoDaddy for domain purchasing. However, you can change it as it supports multiple domain registration platforms including GoDaddy, BlueHost, iwantmyname, 1and1, NameCheap, etc.
  • Four Domain Extensions supported: Name Mesh lets you search domain names for any one or all four domain extensions .com, .io, .co and .net. You can check the type you want.
  • Set Maximum length: You can set the maximum length for the domain name suggestions.
In the nutshell, Name Mesh is an incredibly useful and great tool for searching a domain name for your new website.

Go to Name Mesh

8. NameBounce:

namebounce blog name generator

NameBounce is a powerful new business name generator. The tool allows you to enter 1-3 keywords into the search box on the home page. Then, it will return hundreds of business name ideas with available domain names for you to choose from. Click at the bottom of the search results, and NameBounce will show you even more name ideas.

More Attractions of NameBounce Business Name Generator:

  • Multiple Domain Extensions Supported: NameBounce has an extensive list of domain extensions to choose from. When you search on the home page, .com is selected by default, but you can also select extensions like .net, .org,, and .co.
  • Filtering Options: After the search results appear, you can narrow down your options using the filters on the left side. You can show domains that start or end with your search term. Then, exclude domains over a certain length or syllable count.
  • Favorites: If you find a name that you like, click the star next to it. This helps you to add it to your brainstorming list on the right side.

In the nutshell, NameBounce is an incredibly useful tool that’s really easy to use. It’s worth your time to check it out.

Go to NameBounce

Wrapping Up

Domain/brand name selection must be done very carefully as it carries the value of your entire identity on the web. Think long-term, make it SEO friendly and choose a brandable name. Moreover, your website/ blog/ YouTube Channel name must resemble your work. And, at the same time, it should sound natural to your target audience. So, take time, get the help of the blog name generators and create a cool domain.

Once you choose a domain name/ a brand identity for your new project, start building your website. WordPress may be a nice platform for you to start your website which powers 27% of the whole web. Simplicity with unlimited design possibilities with thousands of awesome free and premium themes and incredible plugins make WordPress the best of all platforms.   So, start your new WordPress website with a cool domain name today!

So, start your new WordPress website with a cool domain name today!

Or build your own YouTube channel and start sharing videos.

Have any thoughts on this article? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Artificial intelligence can help the most, you should try our AI-powered domain name generator, it call Here is more detail about DeepNamer:

    The platform is built based on a deep learning-based architecture, which uses the most advanced natural language processing algorithms. To find a domain name, you simply need to input a list of keywords that describe the company/business. The AI model then suggests a list of available names that relate to the business. The DeepNamer team even used their impressive AI algorithm to find their own completely unique name that is the perfect fit for their business.

  2. Blog name generator is the best tool for choosing domain name. I also suggest this tool for all. It is very helpful tool to find the domain name. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s very hard to come up with a name for a business. some of the the site mentioned do a great job helping with the naming process, some of them don’t and are a complete waist of time. anyway thanks for putting up the list.

  4. Hi Sunita thanks for the great post and sharing these great resources to brainstorm some domain names. What are your thoughts on domains that don’t end with a .com

    For example, “.ly” or “.tv” or “.co”

    The reason I ask is sometimes I really want a certain domain name but it’s already taken and I’ve contemplated if I should buy the other extension type.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      You are welcome and thank you so much for commenting here.
      There is no problem using other domain extensions except a .com in case the .com domain is already taken. The only reason we prefer a .com is that it’s more familiar, easy to remember, and most of the internet users suppose .com as something default that comes at the end of a domain.
      Else, you can try out alternative names so that you can get one with .com extension.
      Hope this helps. Thanks!

  5. Blog name generator is wonderful tool for choosing domain name.I suggest this tool for all. It is very helpful tool. Thanx to the author for providing such useful information

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