13 Best Blog Name Generators 2022 (Free Online Tools to Find Good Blog Names)

Blog Name Generators Find a Good Blog Name

Are you in search of the best blog name generators? If so, you’ve just entered the right place.

Getting a domain name is an essential and crucial step for anyone thinking to create a new website. However, it’s not an easy task to come up with a unique and perfect domain name for your site. But there’s nothing to worry about as the blog name generators make this job easy-peasy.

Hence, in this post, we’ll discuss the best free blog name generators that will help you create a cool domain name for your site. But before that, let’s take a quick look at what blog name generators are.

What are Blog Name Generators?

Blog name generators are awesome online tools that help you come up with unique and creative blog/domain names. All you need to do is enter the keyword relevant to your blog niche, and the tool will provide numerous domain name ideas.

Additionally, the tools also let you know if the particular domain name is available or has already been taken. Hence, they save your time and energy brainstorming for a name and checking its availability. Besides, it also helps you to register the shortlisted domain name for your blog.

What Makes a Good Blog Name?

Domain name generators help in creating a cool blog name without any doubt. However, you may fail to choose the best domain name if you don’t know what makes a good domain name.

But don’t you worry. We’ve listed the tips and tricks for choosing a righteous blog/domain name here.

  • Keep Your Blog Name Short and Simple: A short and simple domain name is catchy and easy to remember for your visitors. 
  • Choose a Domain Name of Broad Niche: It’s beneficial to go for such a domain name that provides a bigger room for your blogs. 
  • Use Keywords: Blog names with keywords in them are more likely to be indexed by the search engine for higher rankings. 
  • Choose a Brandable Domain: A brandable domain is unique, attractive, and capable of standing out from the crowd.
  • Use an Appropriate Domain Name Extension: People tend to think of .com for any web address as they’re more familiar with this extension. 
  • Avoid Names that Trespass on Another Website: It’s wise to stay away from such names that may create copyright infringement issues in the future.

If you’re still confused about how to come up with a good blog name, here are 30 smart ideas that can help you.

Having said that, it’s time to explore the 13 best free blog/domain name generators.

13 Best Domain Name Generators

1. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel Domain Name Generator

The popular and free blog name generator that tops our lists is Domain Wheel. It’s one of the easiest ways to look for suitable domain names as well as URLs and business names. You can simply enter the keyword in a search bar and instantly get the domain ideas relevant to your keywords.

Domain Wheel allows you to add either one or several keywords to generate the best possible blog names. Regardless of what letters or words you type, this tool provides the relevant options, rhyming, or random words that you’ll find appropriate.

Domain Name Suggestions by Domain Wheel

Let’s suppose that you want to start a travel blog. Now, to find the appropriate name for the blog, your keyword can be ‘travel blogging’. When you enter these keywords, this is how the blog name generator tool displays the best domains for you.

Domain Wheel Search Results

Key Features

  • Domain Name: With Domain Wheel you can get extensive results for your domain names with the keyword that you’ve typed in.
  • Popular Keyword Suggestions: Below the search bar, you’ll see several keywords suggested by Domain Wheel. These keywords are the trending and the most searchable ones.
  • Creative Domain Name Suggestions: With creativity in mind, Domain Wheel also provides rhyming, topic-related, or random word suggestions as you scroll down the window.
  • Hand-picked Premium Domain Name Suggestions: This tool also helps you find a list of the premium domain names from the Domain name search dropdowns at the top.
  • Domain Registration with Bluehost: Once you come up with the domain name you like, you can register it using the leading domain name registrar Bluehost.

2. Panabee

Panabee Free Blog Name Generator

Panabee is a free online tool for searching blog names if you want to start a blog. It provides a simple way to look for domain names, app names, and company names. All you need to do is enter either one or two keywords and click search, and it’ll instantly display an extensive collection of beautiful blog names.

It also suggests plenty of terms related to the original keyword you’ve entered. Panabee automatically merges the keywords, prepends, or appends with sensible suffixes and prefixes. Further, new words are created considering phonemes, syllables, and abbreviations.

Domain Name Suggestions by Panabee

If you want to find a suitable food blog name, you may type in ‘tasty bakery’ as your search term. Here’s how the Panabee generates the suggestions for your original keywords.

Panabee Domain Name Ideas

Key Features

  • Domain Name Availability: Panabee shows the available or the taken domain names with different colored heart symbols.
  • AI-powered Domain Name Generator: This online tool leverages AI technology to generate great ideas for businesses, domains, apps, and more.
  • Pick Any Domain Extension: By default, Panabee provides domain name suggestions with .com. However, you can also check domains with other extensions. 
  • App Name Availability: Along with a website, you may like to have your app in Apple Store and Google Play with the same name as a website name. Panabee checks if the app name is already used or available.
  • Integration with GoDaddy: GoDaddy is the leading domain name registrar company offering domain names at an affordable price. Panabee directly takes you to the GoDaddy website if you want to buy or see buying options for your chosen domain name.

Lean Domain Search Blog Name Generator

Lean Domain Search is probably the most extensive resource for domain names. It’s an awesome online blog name generator tool for free run by Automattic, the company behind WordPress itself. You just have to enter a word that you want your domain name to include and wait and you’ll see hundreds of domain suggestions. 

This tool has a unique feature that allows you to sort the results by popularity, length, or alphabetically. Moreover, you can also have a search term filter. It means you can filter the search results starting or ending with the search term that you’ve entered.

Domain Name Suggestions by Lean Domain Search

If you enter ‘sports market’ as your keywords, Lean Domain Search will come up with available domain suggestions in a matter of seconds as seen in the following image.

Lean Domain Search Domain Suggestions

Key Features

  • Domain Name and Twitter Username Availability: Clicking on any of the domain names in the suggestion list will let you know about the availability status of the domain name and Twitter username.
  • Direct Registration and Create a Site on WordPress.com: It’s a product of ‘Automattic’ i.e. a developer behind WordPress.com. Therefore, it provides the option of direct domain registration and website creation at WordPress.com.
  • Domain Registrations with Bluehost: It also provides a direct option of domain registration with a top-level domain name registering company, i.e., Bluehost
  • Previously Registered Domains: If you click on any domain name that’s already registered, a small window pops up informing you about this. And later the box containing a domain turns ‘pink’. 
  • Only .com Domains: According to Statista, .com is the most commonly used extension. This is probably why Lean Domain Search only checks for the domains with .com. 

4. Wordoid

Wordoid Blog Name Generator

Wordoid is a creative blog name generator tool free of cost. It helps you to create a unique and catchy name for your new website, company, or product. It has a smart name-creating interface for originating ‘wordoids’ meaning nice-looking and great-feeling words used for naming things.

This tool suggests many great domain names and inspires you for your new venture. Besides, Wordoid enables you to pin any domain you like to save it as your favorite domain, and also see your recent searches. But these features are available only when you sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

Domain Name Suggestions by Wordoid

Let’s assume that you want to start a food blog so you enter the keyword ‘pizzahut’. The domain ideas provided by Wordoid as a food blog name generator will be as follows.

Wordoid Domain Options

Key Features

  • Language Selection: Wordoid supports the five most used languages i.e. English, Spanish, French, Italian, and, German. From there you can choose two or more to blend the tastes of different languages.
  • Define Domain Quality: This tool also lets you define the quality of the domain you want as high, medium, or low. The higher quality means more natural words of the selected languages.
  • Define Pattern: You can enter a keyword and choose your domain name pattern as beginning with the keyword, containing, or ending with it. Further, you can even leave it empty to produce the random wordoids.
  • Set the Length of Wordoids: Wordoid generates domain names including 15 characters or less. You can set the maximum length of the wordoids starting from 5 to 15 characters.
  • Choose to Show All or Available Domains Only: This tool lets you choose whether to show all the domains including those that are already taken, or limit it to the available domains only.

Once you enter a keyword and define all these characteristics, click on the Create wordoids button at the top. Then, it’ll display several domain name suggestions.

5. Nameboy

Nameboy Domain Name Generator

Nameboy is yet another cool domain name generator where you can find domain names, company names, and register your domains. It allows you to enter one or two keywords and it generates blog names based on the keywords. Furthermore, you can check the domain availability with Bluehost.

This awesome tool combines your keywords with other random words to provide top domain name suggestions that meet your needs. Apart from that, it also provides domain WHOIS information (a service that lets you lookup for domain name information) if it isn’t available for purchase.

Domain Name Suggestions by Nameboy

Let’s suppose that you add the keywords ‘fashion nova’ to find suitable blog names for your fashion blog. This is how Nameboy will display the naming options for these terms.

Nameboy Search Results

Key Features

  • Popular Domain Extensions: Besides, .com domain Nameboy also provides other popular domain name extensions such as .info, .org, .net, .co, .biz, .blog, etc. 
  • Best Deals for Registering Domain Names: Nameboy provides the two best deals for direct domain name registration. You can either register with Bluehost which charges for hosting but provides a free domain or with Domain.com which gives up to 25% off.
  • Domain Name Availability: This tool lets you distinguish between the available and taken domain names at a glance. 
  • Filter Suitable Name Generator: One unique feature of this tool is that you can select the ideal name generators for business, store, etc. from the ‘All Generator Tools’ drop-down menus for getting a perfect domain. 
  • Multiple Language Support: Nameboy provides an option of 3 different languages i.e. English, Espanol, and Francais. You can select any of them depending upon your need.

6. NameBounce

NameBounce Blog Name Generator

NameBounce is a powerful business name generator. This tool allows you to enter a keyword into the search box on the homepage. Then, it’ll return hundreds of business name ideas with available domain names for you to choose from. Click at the bottom of the search results, and it’ll show you even more options.

NameBounce is a great blog name generator for free, providing unique domain suggestions along with the registration option. The tool adds suitable suffixes and prefixes to the keyword you’ve typed in and provides the best ideas for your website names.

Domain Name Suggestions by NameBounce

Let’s say that you enter the term ‘insurance’ in the search box. For this keyword, NameBounce will provide several available domain options as given below.

NameBounce Domain Name Ideas

Key Features

  • Multiple Domain Extensions Supported: NameBounce has an extensive list of domain extensions to choose from. However, .com is selected by default when searching on the home page, but you can also select from .net, .org, .co, .co.in, and so on.
  • Search Term Filtering Options: This tool allows you to narrow down the search results using the filters on the left side. You can show domains that start or end with your search term.
  • Length and Syllable Filtering Options: With NameBounce you can also exclude domains over a certain length or syllables count.
  • Confirm Domain Name Availability: NameBounce only comes up with the available domain name suggestions. However, you can click on the particular domain name to confirm its availability with NameBounce’s partner domain registrar (Domain.com). 
  • Direct Registration Option: Once you find out the suitable domain name for your website, you can directly register it with the top domain registrar Domain.com

7. Domain.com

Domain Free Domain Name Generator

Domain.com is a familiar name that you might have heard before. It’s because Domain.com is one of the best domain name registrars of all time. Apart from being the popular registrar for registering your domain names, it’s also a free yet powerful blog name generator for successful blog websites.

This tool helps you come up with a great domain name in a matter of seconds. Also, the tool suggests suitable name ideas in a clutter-free way to encourage action and avoid overwhelm. It focuses on finding .com domains for your word however it also provides other extensions if .com isn’t available.

Domain Name Suggestions by Domain.com

If you want to start a blog on photography then your search term can be ‘nature photography’. The domain name options by Domain.com in this case will be as follows.

Domain Name Suggestions by Domain.com

Key Features

  • Creative Domain Name Suggestions: Domain.com provides productive ideas for your domain name based on the keyword you’ve typed.
  • Domain Name Availability: This tool lets you know at once if the .com domain for your keyword is available or not. If it isn’t available; it gives you great domain options with other extensions.
  • Premium Domain Name Suggestions: Domain.com also suggests several premium domain names. The pricing options associated with the domains are relatively high. However, if you’ve got that budget these premium domains are probably worth the price.
  • Direct Registration with Domain.com: You don’t need to search registrars for getting your domain registered as Domain.com itself is among the best registrar companies as well.
  • Domain Privacy and Protection: One great feature of Domain.com is that it ensures the security of your personal information along with your domain and website. 

8. DomainsBot

DomainsBot Blog Name Generator for Free

With a clean interface, DomainsBot is one of the easiest blog name generator tools for free. It’s built with a motive to help users find the perfect domain quickly and easily to pay off all their hard work. Simply enter the keyword of your choice and hit the ‘search’ button and it’ll generate the available domain names.

DomainsBot isn’t only the tool that suggests qualitative domain names but it’s also a fully GDPR-compliant domain name finder. Thus, it respects the users’ privacy and treats their queries in compliance with GDPR. This is what makes it one of the best domain name generators of the rest.

Domain Name Suggestions by DomainsBot

Suppose you’re planning to start a personal blog and therefore add the keyword ‘my life’ in the search box. This is how DomainsBot displays the suggestions for your search terms.

DomainsBot Domain Option

Key Features

  • Multiple Domain Extensions: DomainsBot provides the options to choose from the popular domain extensions like .com, .net, .us, .biz, including gTLDs (generic top-level domain extensions), ccTLDs (country code top-level domain extensions), etc.
  • Language Selection: With DomainsBot you can switch between 9 different supported languages such as English, Deutsch, Swedish, Dutch, and so on.
  • Dashes: You can allow or forbid using dashes to the domain name suggestions.
  • Filtering Options: Once the search results appear, you can use the ‘filter’ option to narrow it down for your ease. You can search the domain name suggestions by the desired extensions or the combination of words, etc.
  • Multiple Domain Name Registrars: The tool provides the option to register the desired domain name using several registrars’ platforms like Register.com, Register.it, Fasthosts, One.com, and so on.

9. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator Best Blog Name Generator

Business Name Generator is a brilliant tool for finding awesome business name ideas. Not to be confused with its name as this tool also allows generating cool names for your store, blog, podcast, username, etc. You just need to enter a word or group of words and click generate then it’ll instantly suggest unlimited domains. 

Besides, this domain generator also suggests trending and searchable keywords just below its search bar to help you out. Further, you can easily find out if the desired domain is available for purchase by typing it in the ‘Check Availability’ button on the left-hand side of the page.

Domain Name Suggestions by Business Name Generator

Suppose you’re starting your travel blog therefore enter the search term ‘travel’. The result provided by the Business Name Generator relevant to your keyword will be as follows.

Domain Name Suggestions by Business Name Generator

Key Features

  • Industry Filter Option: Business Name Generator has a unique option of industry filter. You can either add or remove this filter to get the relevant results for your keyword.
  • Result Filter Option: It’s also possible to sort the domain name results by character length, number of words, rhyming, and insertion of the keyword before or after.
  • Integration with GoDaddy: Business Name Generator directly takes you to the GoDaddy website if you want to register or see the buying options for your chosen domain name.
  • Save the Favorites: If you want to save the favorite domain suggestions, click on the star icon present at the side of each domain. Later you can view them all under the ‘Saved ideas’ tab.
  • Multiple Language Support: The tool supports several other languages besides English so you can choose from any of these languages. Some of them are French, German, Spanish, Thai, Swedish, etc.

10. SoftwareFindr


SoftwareFindr is a free tool to help you come up with a great domain name, app name, or company name in seconds. This blog name generator provides great name ideas in a clutter-free way to encourage action and avoid overwhelm. Unlike other tools, SoftwareFindr filters the results to show only the relevant suggestions.

SoftwareFindr prioritizes top-level extensions over new extensions like .tech or .account, and so on. The tool automatically stores user preferences of phrase combinations and extension choices to present you with a personalized result.

Domain Name Suggestions by SoftwareFindr

If you type in the keywords ‘pure diamond’ in the search box, SoftwareFindr will generate the naming ideas as shown in the image below.

SoftwareFindr Domain Combinations

Key Features

  • Popular Keyword Suggestion: SoftwareFindr suggests some of the popular keywords below the search bar to help you get your creative juices flowing.
  • Instant Name Suggestion: The second you start typing, the tool algorithm gets to work and returns with the best available domains combination.
  • Integration with Popular Domain Registrars: The tool integrates with the domain registrars like Namecheap and 1&1 to give you the best deal on your domain registration fee.
  • Domain Name Availability: You get the option to look up a domain WHOIS information if the domain isn’t available for purchase.
  • Set Your Domain Length: The tool also allows you to set the maximum length for your domain name.

11. Blog Name Generator by Themeisle

Blog Name Generator by Themeisle Free Blog Name Generating Tool

Blog Name Generator by Themeisle is the novel domain name generating tool in the market. This tool presents an exceptionally clean and easy-to-use interface. It pulls in all the unavailable suggestions behind the scene and filters the results to show only those cool domain names that are available.

Add the keyword of your choice in the search bar and you’ll quickly get suggestions for the perfect domain name. Moreover, just below the sidebar, you’ll see many trending keyword suggestions to get started if you cannot think of any other words.

Domain Name Suggestions by Blog Name Generator

For instance, if you type in ‘fashion dome’ in the search bar to get a domain name for your fashion blog. Here’s how the Blog Name Generator by Themeisle will come up with the domain names for your blog.

Blog Name Generator Naming Ideas

Key Features

  • Multiple Domain Extensions: The tool comes with an ample number of extension options. Besides, .com you can also select from .net, .info, .org, .us, .co, .online, and more.
  • Premium Alternative Suggestions: Apart from the domain name suggestions related to the keywords, it also provides suggestions for premium alternatives that you may want to buy.
  • Handpicked Random Suggestions: Along with the keyword-relevant domain suggestions and premium alternatives, the tool also offers its own handpicked random ideas that may come in handy for your site.
  • Creative Keyword Ideas: This tool also comes up with productive keyword suggestions that sound similar or rhyme to your original keyword. 
  • Direct Registration with Bluehost: Once you find the perfect domain name simply click the ‘View Details’ button next to it. This will take you to the official website of Bluehost where you can get it registered.

Instant Domain Name Search Best Blog Name Generator

Instant Domain Search is a free tool to search for the domain name instantly as the name itself. One outstanding feature of this tool is that you can find the domain extensions, generators, and domains available for sale on the same page.

This tool starts suggesting several domain ideas from the moment you start typing. Just put in your key terms and it’ll return tons of domain name ideas in seconds. Additionally, you can click on the ‘See all’ option to explore more of its suggestions.

Domain Name Suggestions by Instant Domain Search

Suppose you enter the ‘healthy habits’ as your keywords. Then, Instant Domain Search will refer you with extensive domain names as follows.

Domain Suggestions by Instant Domain Search

Key Features

  • Display Search Results in 3 Columns: For your convenience domain search results are divided into 3 columns. Domain Extensions consist of domains with various extensions. The Generator contains .com domains. Lastly, Domains For Sale holds domains available for sale.
  • Domain WHOIS Information: This tool comes with the feature to look up the WHOIS information if the domain name isn’t available for purchase.
  • Save the Favorites: Instant Domain Search lets you save your favorite domain suggestions. You can view all the starred results later to come up with a strong blog name for your site.
  • Domain Registration with GoDaddy: After finding the domain name that you like, it allows you to register the Domain directly from GoDaddy.com.
  • Pro-version Available: Instant Domain Search also has a premium version where you’ve to pay $9.99/month. You can explore more features with its pro-version that help you find the best possible domain for your site. 

13. Namify

Namify Free Domain Name Generator

An excellent free business name generator on our list, Namify suggests captivating and memorable names for your business and blogs. All you need to do is enter at least two keywords and hit ‘Generate Names’ and voila you’ll get thousands of name suggestions in a matter of seconds. 

With Namify, you can instantly check the availability of the desired domain name and get it registered with popular registrar GoDaddy if it’s available. Besides, it enables you to choose the desired category and narrow the search results with different filter options. 

Domain Name Suggestions by Namify

Let’s assume that you entered the keyword ‘clothing stores’ in the search bar. Here’s how Namify will come up with suggestions for your business names.

Namify Business Name Ideas

Key Features

  • Save Your Favorite: Namify allows you to save your favorite domain suggestions if you cannot decide at once. So, you can view all these shortlisted name suggestions anytime later and choose the ideal one for your business. 
  • Choose Your Category: This tool also lets you choose from different categories like fashion, beauty, tech, hospitality, and more. 
  • Select Filters: Filters like words (one, two, or multiple words), styles (prefix, suffix, rhyming), and lengths of characters can be used to narrow down the search results. 
  • Recommend Premium Domains: Namify also suggests high-end premium domains. And, you can access these premium domains easily. 
  • ‘Show More Names’ Button: Clicking on the ‘Show More Names’ button will further display tons of name suggestions for you to come up with the best name possible. 

How to Get a Domain Name?

You’ve learned about the best free blog name generators above. However, just generating a domain name isn’t enough. You need to register it as well. So, where can you buy/register a domain name that you’ve generated?

There are several domain name providers. Among them, GoDaddy and Namecheap are the best domain name companies you might want to check out. If you want to learn more, here’s a comparison of the best domain registrars for cheap and high-quality domains.

However, there are ways to save this money. Most WordPress hosting companies offer a free domain name in the yearly subscription plan. Good examples are Bluehost and Hostinger. So, before purchasing a domain name, check out if your WordPress hosting plan has included a free domain or not.

Summing It Up!

You should carefully pick a domain/brand name since it carries the value of your entire identity on the web. However, coming up with the perfect domain name is quite an overwhelming and brainstorming task indeed. So, take your time, get the help of the free blog name generators above and create a cool domain for your site.

Once you come up with a domain name or brand identity for your new venture, start building your website. WordPress powering over 41% of the entire web is a great platform for starting your website journey.

Its simplicity, endless functionalities, and design possibilities with tons of free and premium plugins and themes make it one of the best CMS platforms of all. And if you’re confused is WordPress good for SEO then go ahead and clear this doubt as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your new WordPress website with a cool domain name today!

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