8 Best Free WordPress Review Plugins for 2020

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In the digital world, customers rely on reviews online to determine the quality of any product or service. According to a survey by Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, reviews work better than the word of mouth when it comes to increasing brand awareness and reliability. Online reviews have become indispensable means through which buyers can inquire and decide on what to buy. As a matter of fact, most customers don’t even visit a shop or business before reading reviews about them. So if you want to manage your reviews online, having a good WordPress Review Plugin is a must.

Businesses and customers both benefit from reviews. Especially, customers get genuine information about products online from reviews without having to go through the trouble of physically testing them. For business owners, good customer reviews attract more attention to the products while bad reviews give the chance of improvement. It’s always a good idea to make customers review and rate your products after they purchase them. And with the help of a WordPress customer review plugin, your customers can leave reviews on your site effortlessly.

Inevitably, review sites flourished so much in the past few years. From makeup products to restaurants to movies, nothing is left un-reviewed. Reviews not only help customers get product information but also help businesses increase brand loyalty. As a business owner, you can choose any form of review you want to incorporate in your site. But, we suggest installing a WordPress review plugin as it is the best option for integrating reviews.

Why do you need to use a WordPress Review Plugin?

Even though you can review products without using WordPress reviews plugins, it’s not a good look for your site. Reviews are important, we all know that by now. For this reason, there are many review plugins available that make this work easy for you.

First of all, it’s simple to use; just a few clicks to install and activate. After that, you can easily integrate product or customer reviews in any post or page on your site. These WordPress reviews plugins provide user-friendly interface and settings for website owners to implement adding reviews in their site.

With the help of a WordPress review plugin, you can also add popular and top reviews in your pages using widgets. Similarly, it also makes your site’s review system customer-friendly. Creative looks and productive features of the review system provided by the plugins make customers participate more in reviewing in your site. The editing options to change the styling, color, review system, etc. make your reviews look more attractive. Therefore, customers enjoy reading and giving feedback on your site.

Furthermore, a WordPress review plugin gives you the ability to choose from various review methods such as comparison tables, listing tables, etc. Comparing products is made simpler. It’s up to you to make reviewing experience engaging for you and the customers.

Besides, most of the best WordPress reviews plugins are free with amazing features. If you’re a beginner with a tight budget, you can still add reviews to your site. Reviews are great for creating your brand online. Even if you’re not the one writing them, you need them. And, adding reviews is not hard at all; just choose the best review plugin for WordPress, and your work is done.

Let’s waste no time and take a look at 8 of the best WordPress reviews plugins that we recommend.

8 Best Free WordPress Review Plugins

1. WP Product Review Lite

WordPress review plugin

WP Product Review Lite plugin is one of the best review plugins for WordPress which is free. This plugin lets you interact with your users and post your reviews in an easy-to-read way. You can add Buy Now buttons that helps generate more money to your site. It also supports Rich Snippets for your posts so that you can get SEO benefits. Integrating review details in your posts and pages is very easy. And, all the plugin’s settings and colors are customizable.

WP Product Review Lite lets you put up top products reviews and update all the colors of the widget from theme options. Add a pros and cons list to compare the advantages of products. Also, you can add an awesome wrap-up widget at the end of your articles. With WP Product Review Lite you can add specific user review options to WordPress comments.

Key Features:

  • Pros and Cons list.
  • Options to edit colors and change icons.
  • Supports rich snippet.
  • Disable/enable affiliate buttons.
  • Create the latest and top products widget.
  • Option to add a download button.

Download + Demo + Details

2. WP Review

review plugin WordPress

WP Review plugin is the most popular WordPress review plugin with 70000+ active installationsFormerly a premium plugin, it is now free for WordPress user. It is 100% fluid responsive, lightweight and fast and also supports Google Rich Snippets. Likewise, it is WP Multisite and Multiuser (WPMU / WPMS / WordPress MU) compatible. The reviews are displayed to visitors in a friendly format. In the same way, you can customize which fields to ask for, require and show. There is even support for adding your own custom fields.

WP Review has a minimal design but you can change settings to make it look more modern. Specifically, It offers stars, percentage and point review types. You can easily modify the CSS to better fit your theme style. This plugin also offers the options to set Global Position and change the colors and position. It has a tabbed widget to show recent reviews and popular reviews. Also, it works with caching plugins and all the majority of themes.

Key Features:

  • Stars, percentage and point rating system.
  • 2 Review box templates.
  • Option to change individual review Colors and Positions.
  • Unlimited color options.
  • Translation Ready.
  • Supports Shortcodes.

Download + Demo + Details

3. WP Customer Reviews

WordPress reviews plugins

WP Customer Reviews plugin is the best WordPress customer review plugin that allows you to set up a review page on your blog for customers to leave their feedbacks or write reviews about a product. It is fast and lightweight so it doesn’t slow down your site. The plugin can be used on more than one page and on posts. Here, the admin can respond to the reviews and edit the reviews for content and date. You can show the dates under each review. Also, you get to choose which reviews get shown.

WP Customer Reviews is highly customizable with support for custom fields. The format of your reviews is used for search engines while visitors are displayed a friendly format. You can add shortcodes to insert reviews and forms on any page or widget. Moreover, you can edit the CSS to fit your theme. It also has multiple anti-spam measures to prevent automated spambots from submitting reviews.

Key Features:

  • Includes an external stylesheet so you can modify it to better fit your theme.
  • Supports both Business and Product review types.
  • Shows aggregate reviews microformat.
  • Reviews can be edited by admin for content and date.
  • Shortcodes for inserting reviews on any page or widget.
  • Support for adding your own custom fields.

Download + Demo + Details

4. Site Reviews

best WordPress review plugin

Site Reviews plugin is another easy WordPress review plugin that allows visitors for your site to submit reviews with the rating system. It has a clean and easy-to-configure interface. With this plugin, you can pin your best reviews at the top, require approval before new review submissions, require visitors to be logged-in in order to write a review, send custom notifications on a new submission, and much more.

Site Reviews provides a shortcode button dropdown in the Classic Editor and Block Editor support with custom configurable blocks. Also, it has backup and restore plugin settings. It is easy to set up and implement, but it matches popular themes, form plugins, and CSS frameworks. In addition to that, there are other review features such as review avatars(, blacklist, categories, responses, and reviews summary. This plugin also uses Google’s Invisible reCAPTCHA on submission forms.

Key Features:

  • Configurable widgets.
  • Rating Snippets in Google search results.
  • Bayesian ranking for posts with assigned reviews.
  • Assign reviews to a Post/Page ID.
  • Polylang integration for multilingual websites.
  • Honeypot (spam trap) implemented in the submission form.

Download + Demo + Details

5. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

wordpress product review plugin

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin is the best WordPress review plugin when it comes to sites that use WooCommerce. If you already have an online shop set up with the help of WooCommerce, this review plugin is the right choice for you. Whenever a customer buys any product from your site, it invites the customer to review the product through email. Then, the customer reviews the product in a simple form. You can also set up to send the customer discount coupons for future purchases. Hence, this helps to build a bond with your customers and get great reviews for your online business.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce offers a lot of features to implement a reviewing system on your site. Send manually or automated emails to customers that purchased your products and restrict reviews from particular customers. Also, you can customize the review forms to your requirements and prevent SPAM by enabling reCAPTCHA for reviews. Last but not least, generate new coupons for customers who review your products.

Key Features:

  • Remind customers to review.
  • Aggregated review form.
  • Enhanced customer reviews.
  • Discount for customer reviews.
  • Import reviews.
  • Integration with Google Shopping.

Download + Demo + Details

6. Reviews

WordPress plugin review

Reviews plugin is an easy-to-use product WordPress product review plugin that allows your visitors to submit reviews for products, events or others. This plugin simply includes two smart shortcodes in particular; one that displays your reviews and one that displays a form that your visitors can use to submit reviews. It also includes Gutenberg blocks to display reviews and review forms in posts and pages. It displays rich snippets/schema microdata for individual reviews.

Reviews offer different rating systems including points and percentage reviews. You can create additional review fields such as value, appearance, quality, etc. and custom review fields such as text, checkbox, radio button, and drop-down fields. So, this plugin is very customizable with multiple layouts, styling, and review ordering options. 

Key Features:

  • Flexible styling using the Custom CSS option.
  • Gutenberg blocks for displaying reviews and review forms.
  • Multiple rating systems, including points and percentage.
  • Allow in-depth reviews.
  • Add in custom fields to the review.
  • Allow users to upload Image or Video with reviews.

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7. Reviews Plus

best review plugin for wordpress

Reviews Plus plugin is another free WordPress review plugin that lets you display customer reviews in your site. It has a simple and user-friendly design. You can insert shortcodes to display reviews in any WordPress page, post, or custom post type. You can even integrate this plugin with WooCommerce to manage reviews. Next, you can choose to replace comments for the selected post type. Each post type has separate reviews admin page.

Reviews Plus allow you to manage the reviews in your site easily. Also, you can you take advantage of WordPress built-in functionality like reviews moderation, spam, trash with the same interface without mixing the comments and reviews. It is also compatible with other WordPress plugins.  And, this plugin provides reviews summary in SERPs with helps boost the organic SEO of your site.

Key Features:

  • Display reviews with a shortcode.
  • User-friendly design.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Compatible with WordPress comments system and other plugins.
  • E-commerce product catalog compatible.
  • Reviews summary in SERP for organic SEO.

Download + Demo + Details

8. WP Google Review Slider

wordpress plugins reviews

WP Google Review Slider plugin is yet another WordPress review plugin that let you insert Google reviews in your site. You can display your Google reviews in a slider in posts or widget areas. The image-like slider gives a cool look to your reviews. Or, you can also display your Google reviews in a responsive grid or list. First, there are multiple templates that you can use on posts, pages and widget areas. Then, you can customize as you like with options to show how/hide star rating, show/hide date, border radius, background and text colors.

WP Google Review Slider allows you to display high rating reviews only. You can also choose how many Google Places reviews to display per row and even have multiple rows. You can use shortcodes, template function, or a widget in order to display Google reviews.

Key Features:

  • Highly customizable.
  • Supports custom CSS.
  • Display reviews using shortcode, template function or widget.
  • Option to display high rating reviews or hide reviews.
  • Option to sort reviews randomly or by date.
  • Download and save your Google Places reviews in the database.

Download + Demo + Details

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, you can write reviews and allow your visitors to write reviews effortlessly using any of these WordPress review plugins. The customizable and creative features of these plugins make your reviews appealing for your visitors. According to your requirements, you can choose from the product, customer or user review plugins. You can edit the colors and fix the settings to match the themes of your choice. Also, you can protect your site from SPAM and malicious reviews.

Moreover, all of the plugins we mentioned above are completely free. Some of the plugins have premium versions. So, you can upgrade once you implement the plugins in your site. Although, these free WordPress review plugins are enough to implement a great review system for your online business.

Similarly, if you want to take a look at more of our plugin collections, here are some posts you might find helpful.


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  1. I highly recommend looking at JReviews. The functionality and support are amazing. I’m shocked at what I’m able to build with their product. It’s inexpensive and awesome! I love that they have a demo site where you can see a live working prototype and get into WP Admin to see how it actually gets set up! SO WELL DONE!

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