11 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for Your Website (Mostly Free) 

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Looking for the best WordPress podcast plugins to launch and grow a successful podcast? Then, your search ends right here.

A WordPress podcast plugin is simply an add-on or a tool that links your WordPress website with the hosting service that stores your podcast files.

Yes, it’s true that you can easily create a podcast without a website. However, it’s always better to have your own website to reach your potential audiences and increase subscribers.

So, for your convenience, we’ve gathered a list of the 11 best WordPress podcast plugins to help you create your podcast with WordPress. Let’s begin!

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Seriously Simple Podcasting

Video Podcasting

Advanced Analytics Report

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Pre-designed Player Layouts

What is Podcast? What are the Benefits of Hosting Podcasts on WordPress? 

There’s a common misconception that only standard audio files are podcasts. However, the ability to allow subscriptions separates podcasts from simple audio files. 

After you upload an audio file to a podcast hosting site, it produces a subscription feed called an RSS feed. This allows the audience to subscribe to your podcast.

So, an audio file on its own is just an audio file, but as soon as people get the subscription, it’s a podcast. 

WordPress has been chosen by top podcasters because of the many benefits it offers. Some of the benefits of hosting podcasts on WordPress are: 

  1. It comes with plenty of customizable features. 
  2. It features a built-in RSS feed. 
  3. It promotes your podcast and helps grow your podcast revenue. 
  4. Your podcast will be discovered by tons of new audiences. 
  5. You can also create a podcast on Anchor automatically from any post. 

So, without further delay, let’s get on to our list of the best WordPress podcast plugins. 

11 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for You

WordPress and podcasting go hand-in-hand. Thus, the WordPress community has developed a number of podcast plugins, an incredible addition to a WordPress treasure.

Furthermore, WordPress audio player and WordPress podcast plugins are great tools for avoiding the hectic procedures for integrating podcasts on websites.

To make things even easier, we have handpicked eleven of the top-notch podcasting WordPress plugins for you to consider:

1. PowerPress Podcasting Plugin by Blubrry  

The PowerPress Podcasting plugin is one of the best WordPress podcast plugins developed by Blubrry.

PowerPress by Blubrry - WordPress Podcast Plugins

This user-friendly plugin has two modes: simple and advanced. So, beginners can start in the simple mode and switch to the advanced mode later.

It supports multiple podcasts. Therefore, you can create episodes in a category or in a media format. Whether you host a video podcast locally or use a Blubrry account or YouTube, you can use their dedicated player to get your content out.

You can also easily submit your podcast to Apple or Google Podcasts. That way, podcast listeners can easily discover your podcast on all Google products and Androids.

Key Features of PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

  • Built-in SEO settings 
  • Handles your schema 
  • Adjust your RSS feed 
  • Monetization option 
  • Download and subscription tools  

Price: Free 

2. Seriously Simple Podcasting 

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a high-rated WordPress podcast plugin built by Castos.

Seriously Simple Podcasting - Best WordPress podcast plugin

Its straightforward setup instructions make using this plugin easy. Further, it’s feature-rich and offers a variety of customization options.

You can directly upload your podcasts to your website using the plugin for free. However, you’ll be charged only if you choose to host your audio files with a dedicated podcast hoster. So, if you’re searching for a budget-friendly plugin, this is it. 

This WordPress plugin gives you more control over your content, so there’s no limit to your podcasting. 

Key Features of Seriously Simple Podcasting

  • Doesn’t require extra payment for add-ons 
  • Creates RSS feeds for Google Play, iTunes, and Stitcher 
  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • Easy management of your podcast series and episodes 
  • Shortcode and widgets to cast podcasts on your site 

Price: Freemium (Premium version starts from $19/month)

3. Podcast Player  

Podcast Player, one of the most renowned WordPress plugins, is truly your podcasting companion. It offers meaningful, relevant, and simple customization options, making it very easy for anyone to use.

Podcast Player Plugin - WordPress Podcast Plugin

The plugin is responsive, allowing the player to adapt to any device size. This will allow more users to easily access your site and hear your thoughts and opinions.

It only uses the podcasting feed URL to showcase and play the podcast. This gives your listeners easy access to all of your episodes, including those from your website. Your audience can even share the audio of the episode.

Because of its features, WordPress Podcast Player makes itself a must-have plugin for a podcast site. 

Key Features Podcast Player

  • Important data can be fetched from the feed URL 
  • Apple, Google, and Spotify podcasts can be added 
  • Self-adjusting layout according to device size 
  • Live search of episodes from the archive
  • Show or hide option available for individual player elements 

Price: Freemium (Premium version costs $39.99/year or $59.95 for a lifetime)

4. Fusebox Podcast Player 

Fusebox Podcast Player (FPP) is an outstanding WordPress podcast plugin created by podcasters Pat Flynn and Mathew Garland.

Fusebox Podcast Player - WordPress Podcast Plugin

This plugin has a user-friendly interface. Despite being an easy-to-use plugin, it’s very powerful. 

FPP lets you display your podcast media tracks and other audio files directly on your blog. It also allows users to toggle between new and old episodes. Podcast listeners can even search for their favorite podcasts. 

Thus, FPP is a must-have podcasting tool if you want to grow your subscribers, increase brand value, and get more shares. 

Key Features of Fusebox

  • Built-in email capturing tool 
  • Custom track player 
  • Loads super-fast 
  • 100% responsive and multi-device friendly 
  • Compatible with every podcast hosting provider 

Price: Pricing starts from $7.50/month

5. AudioIgniter 

AudioIgniter is an MP3 music player. However, it also does a great job as a WordPress podcast player. Authors can easily create a beautiful tracklist for all podcast episodes with a simple interface. 

AudioIgniter Best Podcast Plugins for WordPress

This beginner-friendly plugin also lets you change the player’s theme to match your site’s color scheme.

Additionally, essential tools like playback rate control and adjustable track-skipping functions are available for your listeners’ convenience. 

Furthermore, AudioIgniter is famous for creating podcasts in minutes with the help of the WordPress media upload function.  

Key Features of AudioIgniter

  • Supports audio and video streaming 
  • Both full and simple modes 
  • Consists of maximum player width 
  • Frequently tested on WordPress’s popular free themes 
  • Compatible with Elementor, Visual Composer, and Gutenberg Block Editor 

Price: Freemium (Premium version starts from $34.30/year)

6. Compact WP Audio Player 

Compact WP Audio Player is an HTML5+ Flash hybrid-based plugin for embedding audio files on WordPress pages or posts. Like its name, this tool is compact and easy to use. 

CompactWP Audio Player - WordPress plugin

Furthermore, this WordPress podcast plugin plays audio right after your page loads and replays automatically.

If you plan to sell your audio, you can also provide previews. Users can set the plugin’s volume and tweak the shortcode to add text. 

In addition, this plugin is so compact that it will not take up much space on your website. 

Key Features of Compact WP Audio Player

  • Autoplay and loop option 
  • Supports .mp3 and .ogg files
  • Doesn’t occupy your screen space
  • Compatible with all major browsers 
  • Can be operated on both iOS and Android  

Price: Free 

7. Simple Podcast Press 

Simple Podcast Press is a powerful WordPress podcast plugin that works with any theme.

Simple Podcast Press Podcast Best Podcast Plugins For WordPress

It creates a podcast playlist that automatically updates itself with all your episodes, allowing podcast listeners to discover more content easily.  

This WordPress podcast plugin is simple yet elegant and speedy. All you need to do is enter your iTunes URL. It’ll take care of the rest itself. Therefore, this plugin makes publishing your podcast easy without any technical difficulty. 

This plugin is ideal if you have an established iTunes or SoundCloud podcast and want to showcase it on their site. 

Key Features of Simple Podcast Press

  • Easily collapsible transcripts 
  • Works with leading podcast platforms 
  • Automatically displays iTunes’s podcast review
  • Tweetable and Clammr integration for sharing your audio snippets on social sites
  • Custom call to action (CTA) button that drives traffic to whatever you wish to promote 

Price: Pricing starts from $67/year 

8. Podlove Podcast Publisher 

Podlove Podcast Publisher is another user-friendly option for creating compatible podcast feeds for any operating system.

Podlove Podcast Publisher WordPress Podcast Plugin

It also displays the front-end WordPress Podcast Player on your site. Unlike other complex and unwieldy WordPress plugins, it’s very easy to understand. 

You can point this WordPress podcast plugin to any internal or external server directory to detect new episodes. Then, you can create a complaint RSS feed for submitting your podcast to various sources. 

Besides, it gives your listeners tons of options with a detailed podcast player. The player includes support for chapters, which not many plugins offer. 

Key Features of Podlove Podcast Publisher

  • Complete control over the content 
  • Provides an overview of podcast status 
  • Free and open-source 
  • Provides analytics module 
  • Strong compatibility with podcast directory standard 

Price: Free 

9. MP3 Audio Player 

MP3 Audio Player is a visually appealing WordPress podcast plugin Sonaar developed.

MP3 Audio Player WordPress Podcast Plugin

It allows you to change the player’s color palette. You can also display a playlist or even a single track, which is fantastic for podcasters. 

You can customize almost every bit of this plugin. From selecting fonts for titles and playlists to choosing colors for waveforms. You can even decide how your album appears on your WordPress site.  

This is the ultimate WordPress podcast plugin, with all the features to take your podcast to the next level. 

Key Features of Mp3 Audio Player

Price: Freemium (Premium version starts from $49/year) 

10. Liteweight Podcast 

Liteweight Podcast is an awesome WordPress podcast plugin with a user-friendly interface.

Liteweight Podcast - WordPress podcast plugin

It contains many options and functionality for running your podcasting website. It is also compact and can be fully customized. 

Since this plugin is driven by short code, it can publish any podcast on your site. You can even add podcasts in the widget area. This extension helps you create unlimited podcasts. 

In fact, it’s also very easy to change the audio speed with the setting icon on the front. This best podcast plugin for WordPress also offers an audio file download button that you have full control over. 

Key Features of Liteweight Podcast 

Price: Free 

11. Podcast Importer SecondLine

You probably have an idea of what the plugin does from the name itself, Podcast Importer SecondLine.

Podcast Importer SecondLine - Best Podcast Plugin for WordPress

If not, the popular WordPress podcast plugin allows you to import your podcasts directly into WordPress posts or custom post types if you’ve created one already. It’s compatible with most plugins listed in this article.

You may also purchase one of five different themes from the creators that are tailored for your podcast website.

The best thing about the plugin is that you can enable or disable import scheduling for your podcasts from separate sources at a certain time.

Key Features of Podcast Importer SecondLine

  • Manual syncing options
  • Set a global/default feature image for all podcast episodes
  • Import transcripts from RSS feeds
  • Unlimited podcasts imports
  • Import audio player to custom fields

Price: Freemium (Premium version starts from $24/year)

Which is the Best Podcast Plugin for WordPress? 

So, which WordPress podcast plugin should you choose? This is the question that arises after you review the list we’ve prepared for you.  

These WordPress plugins we’ve mentioned above are all incredible in their own way. The plugin that suits you best would be the one that meets all your podcasting requirements. 

For example, we’ve got PowerPress Podcasting by Blubrry, which has been recommended by most podcasters. It’s best for users who prefer reliability. 

Likewise, there’s Fusebox for easy customization and freedom of your design. 

Seriously Simple Podcasting and Podlove Podcast Publisher are also worthy because of their range of features. 

Again, this is completely our opinion. So, we urge you to try the WordPress podcast plugin yourself and invest in one that meets your needs.

Wrapping Up With WordPress Podcast Plugins!

Finally, that wraps up our article on the best WordPress podcast plugins. You’ll find an incredible range of plugins with unique features. So, invest in the one that suits you best and make your podcasting fun. 

Likewise, if you’re interested, check out our list of the best music WordPress themes and best WordPress hosting providers. We believe these articles will benefit your podcast as well. 

Apart from that, if you’re searching for a hosting platform to start your podcast site, we highly suggest Bluehost, SiteGround, and Kinsta.

We’re also available on Twitter(X) and Facebook. If you need further assistance, you can contact us. Lastly, if you like our article, you can always share it on social sites.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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