5+ Best WordPress Google Maps Plugins to Mark Your Business!


Its the 21st century and we cannot imagine someone taking out the whole detailed paper map to reach their destination! That is just old-fashioned and unless you are in the middle of a forest or looking for a treasure, this is just too much work. And thus Google Maps are here to save the day! And for the WordPress users out there looking to expose their business locations to more visitors, there are WordPress Google Maps plugins!

Helping people reach their destination and find their way in minutes, Google Maps is an advanced online tool that you can access in a matter of minutes. And now that online platforms are getting more exposure every day, integrating Google Maps onto your website is something that is mandatory to help grow your business.

And for our users today we bring to you Best WordPress Google Maps plugins to help your users find your business easier. Making it comfortable for your users and customers to navigate and find the shortest way possible!

Note: Before we move on to our list, we want to clear out that Google Maps API does come equipped with embedding code. But to integrate it you need to switch to the text editor and add it to a post or a page.

And if you want to go through the process of adding the embedding code by Google Maps, here is a quick and thorough guide by Beautiful Themes to help you out!

How to embed Google Maps directly onto WordPress site?

Why Integrate Google Maps in WordPress?

While this is a seemingly good question, here is a simple answer to your confusion. Like we have mentioned before, Google Map API does give you an embedding code that you can add on your site, but integrating plugins onto your site will give you much more advanced features.

Compared to just the locations, many of the plugins mentioned below will give you access to powerful features that make it more useful. You can add filters, street views, custom icons and customize the plugins to match the requirements of your website. Not only this but once you integrate the plugins, you do not need to create an additional page or post just to embed the code again and again.

And when it comes to changed locations or additional outlets, plugins provide more accurate and detailed location status as when it comes to the embedded post. You can just make a change without having to replace the embedded code on every page in case of changed locations!

Best WordPress Google Maps Plugins!

Now that we have outlined the basics of a Google Map Plugin for WordPress, here is our final pick for the best ones out there! Feel free to check them out as we have hand-picked each of them based on their features and options to make it easier for our users!

1. MapSVG ( Free & Premium)

MAPSVG WordPress google maps plugin

More than just a simple Google map highlighter, MapSVG is one of the best interactive WordPress Google maps plugin out there. More than just a Google map embed tool, the WordPress map plugin allows you to enable interactive vector maps, image maps, map-based statistics and more. Convert any png/jpeg image into a highly interactive map complete with tooltips, pop-ups, highlighting, region greying and more.

Use your maps as a form of an informative medium using a wide range of customization the plugin gives you. The plugin extends its features by letting you create detailed Choropleth maps made of different shades of colour based on a statistic range, enabling image attachment to regions and objects, custom Google map styles, filters and more. Create a database of detailed objects with custom fields to enter on your map accordingly for a wide range of informative purposes using the plugin. MapsSVG allows you to mix customizable interactive elements to create amazing Google maps like none other.

Key features:

  • Enables Google maps, Vector maps and image maps easily.
  • Lets you place nifty tooltips and popups for useful information.
  • Allows Creation of templates for Tooltips and popups easily using HTML
  • Create a list of objects using custom fields such as text, checkbox, WordPress post and more.
  • Lets you embellish the maps with custom markers and SVG files.

Price: Free with Premium options of $46

Learn More/Download Live Demo

2. Advanced Google Maps Plugin (Premium)

google maps plugin

The most advanced and best selling WordPress Google Maps plugin, this plugin is designed and built on the recommendation and feedback from hundreds of users all over the world. This simply means that every user’s point of view has been taken into consideration when building this plugin. And once you install the plugin you get access to various customizing options as well as an easy display option for the map.

Once you start using the plugin, you will get the idea of the user-friendly interface in a matter of minutes. So why wait? Increase your customer and visitors rate with this premium WordPress plugin right away!

Key Features:

  • Option to display posts, or pages on maps easily.
  • User-friendly interface for easy understanding.
  • Option to import location using CSV.
  • Customize the display window easily.
  • Option to adjust maps according to screen size.

Price: $59

Learn More/Download   Live Demo

3. Map List Pro (Premium)

map list pro

Another awesome WordPress Google Maps plugin we recommend to our users is the Map List Pro. A premium and easy to use a plugin that is full of advanced and powerful features. Quickly display your locations on your site in a sortable, searchable and customizable way! Great for creating Store Locators, Office address as well as Contact Lists, you get much more features once you get it for your site!

With a really user-friendly and responsive interface, this is a great choice to opt for when you are looking to add Google Maps to your WordPress site. So we recommend you definitely try it out!

Key Features:

  • Create searchable, sortable, filterable lists of locations in minutes.
  • Add custom Markers and Icons easily.
  • Auto Zoom feature to easily find locations.
  • Get Direction option to direct you to the destination.
  • Option to Add featured images for locations.
  • Custom Map styles can be added.

Price: $30

Learn More/Download   Live Demo

4. 5Sec Google Maps (Premium)

5sec google maps

We doubt we need to explain it to you as the name states it all. 5Sec Google Maps is an awesome WordPress Google Maps plugin that helps integrate locations on your WordPress site in a matter of seconds. No need to go to that extra length, as this plugin comes with unlimited maps option. You can either add it as a widget onto the sidebars or onto pages and posts.

No setup and no code editing required making this one of the most easy-to-use plugins of the genre. Not only this but it also comes with predefined marker or icons that you can use on the maps for more effective results!

Key Features:

  • Full-Screen Support.
  • Eligible for sidebars, posts or page.
  • Multiple maps per each post or page.
  • 12 predefined markers or icons to locate easily.
  • Directions to the destination support for effective search.
  • Default shortcode that is customizable.

Price: $13

Learn More/Download   Live Demo

5. WP Google Maps (Free)


If you are looking for something free, then why not try out WP Google Maps? A Free WordPress Google Maps plugin that is as powerful and feature-packed like any premium plugins! Add customized maps to your site in a breeze and easily with supplied shortcodes! With the super user-friendly interface, understanding how to use it something that can be experted by a novice!

Create as many map markers as you need without any coding knowledge. Creative and Responsive maps add to the appeal and there’s more! You even get to choose from 9 popular map themes and find the one that suits your site the best!

Key Features:

  • Responsive and creative map displays.
  • Option to create unlimited map markers.
  • Full-Screen support.
  • Option to add or create your own map theme.
  • Add animations to your markers easily.
  • No advertisement or links!

Price: Free

Learn More/Download   Live Demo

6. Google Maps Widget (Free)


The ultimate useful and handy WordPress Google Maps plugin, Google Maps Widget is an awesome way to integrate locations to your site. No need to wait hours and hours to set-up as this plugin takes only minutes to create a map with a thumbnail as well as a lightbox! Extremely easy to use, we are definite that you would never want to switch to another plugin again!

And the best part about this amazing plugin is that it is absolutely Free! Easily customizable options allow you to add maps to your site in seconds once you get the hang of it. So why not join other thousands of happy users and install it today?

Key Features:

  • Extremely customizable options.
  • Custom Pin Icons option.
  • Interactive Google Map options available.
  • Multilingual and translatable.
  • Option to change Map color scheme to match your site
  • Responsive and interactive layout.

Price: Free

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7. Maps Marker Pro (Premium)

wordpress google maps plugin maps marker pro

Maps Marker Pro is a WordPress Google Maps plugin that can be easily used to integrate the Google Maps for your website. It has a lot of features and elements to help you get the best out of this plugin on your website. You can easily share the location of the spots and tracks that you need to showcase on your website. Similarly, you can also add multimaps to your website. They can include not only Google Maps but also maps from Bing, HERE or Open Street.

This Google Maps plugin for WordPress also has filter options. The website visitors can easily go through the different filter that is available with the map. Then, you can allow them to pick and choose the particular filters that they want to see on the map of the website. You can also create and add animated marker clusters on the website. This can be helpful to show more details on your map for your users.

Key Features:

  • Keyless Geocoding
  • Augmented Reality
  • Dynamic Marker Lists
  • Service and Support
  • GPX Tracks

Price: €39

Learn More/Download   Live Demo

Wrapping It Up!

And this sums up our collection of extremely useful and handy WordPress Google Maps plugins that help you integrate locations and maps onto your site in a matter of minutes! So if you are a store owner, business owner or simply someone who would like to broaden their visitor count, why not try out one of the plugins mentioned above?

While we have mentioned the importance and advantage of adding WordPress Google Maps plugins, we are sure that by now you have a clear idea about the topic. If you liked the post, why not check out more of our Best Plugin lists to find more collection of the useful plugin? Because at the end of the day, we serve nothing but the best WordPress experience for our users!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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