9 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services for 2024 (Compared)

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Are you struggling to choose the best WordPress cloud hosting services to host your site? Hop in because this article is just meant to serve your purpose. 

If you’re up for getting WordPress cloud hosting, you’ll indeed be looking for the best option available. Isn’t it? 

Hence, to save time and effort, we’ve exercised and made a list of the best cloud hosting for WordPress for you to choose from.

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

What is a Cloud Hosting Service?

Before we go with our list of best cloud hosting services for WordPress, let’s first briefly discuss cloud hosting. 

Cloud hosting is similar to renting space on the server through cloud computing services.

Cloud computing is the technology that allows computational resources to be rented and consumed on-demand over the Internet on a pay-per-use basis. 

What makes cloud hosting unique and different is its cluster of servers rather than just one. That means your data is spread over a network of servers (a cloud environment) instead of a single server. Hence, named the cloud hosting service. 

Further, it’s flexible in terms of pricing options and resources based on need, meaning you only need to pay for the actual resources you are using.

Thus, it’s suitable for websites of all types, big or small, making it more popular than any other hosting service

With that said, now it’s time to explore the best WordPress cloud hosting services. Let’s dive in!

9 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services for 2024

Here’s a simple comparison table to get a quick idea of different cloud WordPress hosting providers. So, if you don’t want to get into the vague details of each one, you can simply check out the table below:

Logo Hosting ProviderMajor FeaturesBasic Plans
SiteGround Hosting LogoSiteGround
Dedicated IP 
Daily backup

Kinsta Logo IconKinstaMyKinsta dashboard
Several Global centers
Cloudways LogoCloudwaysAuto-healing restart
Dedicated staging environment
HostGator Logo BannerHostGatorUnmetered bandwidth
Multiple layered security
InMotion Hosting LogoInMotionOptional cPanel
Free DDoS protection
A2 Hosting LogoA2 Hosting99.9% uptime
Blazing fast speed
DreamHost LogoDreamHostFree bandwidth
Standard APIs support
Liquid Web LogoLiquid WebUnlimited websites
Nexcess Logo IconNexcessDaily backups
Unrivaled security and uptime

Now, let’s dive into the details of each cloud WordPress hosting.                                        

1. SiteGround   

SiteGround is one of the leading and fast-growing servers that was established in 2004. The popularity of this hosting has gained over 2,800,000 domains from all over the world.

SiteGround WordPress Cloud Hosting

Also, when it comes to SiteGround cloud WordPress hosting, it has A-grade services that please us.

SiteGround uses the Google Cloud with SSD persistent storage, super cacher like NGINX, free CDN services, etc., for ultrafast sites.

Further, you can choose from multiple data centers for better accessibility to the local areas. 

Major Highlights of SiteGround

  • One-click installer
  • Fully managed servers
  • Free dedicated IP
  • White-label reselling
  • Daily backup with seven offsite copies

Also, you can check our article on alternatives to SiteGround Hosting.

Customer Service

One of the reasons SiteGround is one of the best WordPress cloud hosting is its fast and friendly hosting support.

SiteGround Support

It offers multiple help channels, such as 24/7 live chat, phone support, and helpdesk tickets. Besides, you can also get instant self-help with its extensive knowledge base and other automated solutions.

Plans and Pricing

The plans and pricing that SiteGround offers are as follows:

Jump StartBusinessBusiness PlusSuper Power
4 CPU Cores8 CPU Cores12 CPU Cores16 CPU Cores
8GB Memory12GB Memory16GB Memory20GB Memory
40GB SSD Space80GB SSD Space120BG SSD Space160GB SSD Space

2. Kinsta               

Kinsta is yet another popular cloud-based and dedicated WordPress hosting that delivers an amazing performance.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

With this hosting provider, you can expect pretty cool advantages in terms of speed, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. 

Built on Google’s Cloud platform and the fastest C2 virtual machines, Kinsta ensures a smooth experience for your users.

In addition to this, you can sleep easy as this hosting provider monitors and secures your site with automatic backups, Two-factor authentication, DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) protection, and much more. 

Major Highlights of Kinsta

  • Free site migration
  • 99.9% uptime and hack-free guarantee
  • Easy management of the site with the MyKinsta dashboard
  • Free staging environment
  • Option to choose from several global server locations

Meanwhile, check our article on SiteGround vs Kinsta.

Customer Service

Kinsta is dedicated to providing the best-in-class support from a team of experts in five different languages. You can get help with live support, which is available 24/7/365.

Kinsta Support

Apart from that, its knowledge base and help center are also available for valuable tips and guides. 

Plans and Pricing

Kinsta offers four pricing plans as below:

StarterProBusiness (1-4)Enterprise
10 GB Disk Space20 GB Disk Space30-60 GB Disk Space100+ GB Disk Space
25K Visits50K Visits100-600K Visits1M+ Visits
Free SSL and CDN Free SSL and CDNFree SSL and CDNFree SSL and CDN

3. Cloudways       

Another one of the best cloud hosting for WordPress on our list is Cloudways.

Cloudways Best WordPress Cloud Hosting

This is one of the best-managed WordPress cloud hosting services, with a choice from five different cloud servers like Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, VULTR, and Linode.

Apart from this, you can set up your website and go live in minutes without complexities. It’s also WooCommerce-ready and optimized for speed.

Further, building and managing web apps is also efficient with Cloudways. In a nutshell, Cloudways delivers fast performance, managed security, and scalability for your website. 

Major Highlights of Cloudways

  • Options to choose infrastructures, apps, and servers
  • Supports the latest version of MySQL and MariaDB
  • Auto healing restarts to resolve most of the issues within the server
  • One-click free SSL installation
  • Dedicated staging environment for testing applications and changes

Customer Service

Cloudways offers three different levels of support for its customers. Standard support is free and includes live chat access 24/7.

Cloudways Support

Similarly, the Advanced support enables you to get expert answers and deeper troubleshooting with faster response times.

And, if you run a critical business site where every second matters, you can also get Premium support. 

Plans and Pricing

Cloudways offers the following plans and pricing:

25GB Storage50GB Storage80GB Storage160GB Storage320GB Storage
1TB Bandwidth2TB Bandwidth4TB Bandwidth5TB Bandwidth6TB Bandwidth

4. HostGator        

If you haven’t found the best WordPress hosting service that suits your needs until now, then HostGator might be your option.

HostGator Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

It’s one of the best WordPress cloud hosting providers with an intuitive dashboard, less downtime, and super fast speed. 

Not only this, but HostGator also has a fantastic feature of data mirroring that automatically makes three copies of your data for its safety.

What’s more? If there are some issues with your hardware, the site is automatically switched to another WordPress cloud server with this hosting provider.

Major Highlights of HostGator

  • Unmetered bandwidth and disk space
  • Guarantees 99.9% uptime
  • Optimal caching configuration
  • Multiple-layered security for maximum reliability
  • Search engine marketing credits worth $200

Customer Service

HostGator has several video tutorials and knowledge bases for your support.

HostGator Customer Support

And, if you still don’t get the answer to your queries, then you can even chat or call the team to get help and fix your problems.

Plans and Pricing

Below are the plans and pricing of the HostGator cloud WordPress hosting service:

Free SSL and Domain Free SSL and DomainFree SSL and Domain
Single Sub-domainUnlimited Sub-domainsUnlimited Sub-domains

5. InMotion           

From high-performance hardware to scalable resources, InMotion is full of features to make your cloud WordPress hosting experience better than the best.

InMotion Hosting Best WordPress Cloud Hosting

With its Enterprise-Grade hardware, you can speed up your site’s load time. Further, this platform also supports your traffic spikes and resource demand. 

To add more, this cloud WordPress hosting also offers you infinite customization options when you enable root access.

Thus, getting the exact setup and performance the way you desire is possible. In short, you can rest assured of getting the ultimate flexibility and scalability with this cloud WordPress hosting solution. 

Major Highlights of InMotion

  • Optional cPanel for easy management of your entire server
  • Little to no downtime because the hardware clusters
  • Free DDoS protection and backups
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Live-State and scheduled snapshots

Customer Service

InMotion has got your back with reliable live chat support and direct calls.

InMotion Hosting Support

It also has a web hosting support center with over 5000 helpful articles and guides to assist you in finding the answers to your queries. Not to mention, it also has a useful community forum. 

Plans and Pricing

InMotion has different plans and pricing for cloud Small Businesses, Agencies, Applications, and Enterprises. Its annual pricing and plans for small businesses are as follows:

4 vCPU Cores8 vCPU Cores12 vCPU Cores16 vCPU Cores
2TB BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs3 Dedicated IPs5 Dedicated IPs10 Dedicated IPs

6. A2 Hosting       

Don’t know which is the fastest cloud WordPress hosting solution to host your WordPress site? Then, A2 Hosting is the answer.

A2 Hosting WordPress Cloud Hosting Service

It uses the SwiftServers platform with up to 300% faster SSD (Solid State Drives), redundant network, and modern hardware to provide you with blazing-fast loading pages. 

Not to mention, this cloud hosting solution also comes with an intuitive control panel called Webuzo to enable you to install WordPress with a click.

Besides, you can also easily add CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla.

Additionally, with A2 Hosting, you can customize your cloud hosting to your needs with your choice of a Linux Operating System. 

Major Highlights of A2 Hosting

  • Reliable and scalable hosting service
  • Award-winning cPanel with an easy and attractive interface
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Perpetual security
  • Blazing fast speed for better SEO, higher conversion, and lower bounce rate

Customer Service

A2 Hosting has a friendly and knowledgeable support team called Guru Crew.

A2 Hosting Knowledgebase

They’re ready to help you 24/7/365 with the phone, chat, and support tickets. Additionally, an A2 knowledge base is also available. 

Plans and Pricing

A2Hosting’s annual pricing and plans for cloud hosting are as follows:

150 GB SSD Storage250 GB SSD Storage450 GB SSD Storage150 NVMe SSD Storage
2 TB Transfer3 TB Transfer4 TB Transfer2 TB Transfer

7. DreamHost       

DreamHost is yet another outstanding cloud WordPress hosting solution that lets you launch your cloud servers in less than 30 seconds.

DreamHost Cloud WordPress Hosting

All thanks to its SSD disks, accelerated networks, and next-gen processor, which makes this possible.

Also, there isn’t any restriction on your choice of Operating System (OS) or software as the servers can be based on Linux, BSD (Berkely Software Distribution), or even MS Windows.

You can run any application on DreamHost’s cloud server. Besides, you can also get fully scalable storage and secure backups with DreamHost Object Storage. 

Major Highlights of DreamHost

  • Automate WordPress site backup
  • Option to choose the OS to be based on Linux, Windows, or BSD
  • Free Bandwidth for a limited time
  • Supports standard APIs and popular developer tools
  • Provides open-source code

Customer Service

DreamHost has an award-winning US-based team of experts to help you with your queries, whether day or night.

Dreamhost Support

Options like email and live chat are available to communicate with the team. Apart from that, it also has a support forum where you can post your queries.

Plans and Pricing

DreamHost has different plans and pricing for DreamCompute (servers to meet your specific needs) and DreamObjects (seamless access to objects and secured backup).

Here, we’ll provide you with the pricing of DreamCompute.

Max $4.50/monthMax $12.00/monthMax $48.00/month
80 GB SSD Disk80 GB SSD Disk80 GB SSD Disk
512 MB RAM Server2 GB RAM Server8 GB RAM Server
100 GB Block Storage100 GB Block Storage100 GB Block Storage

8. Liquid Web       

Searching for one of the easiest and most creative WordPress cloud hosting services to host multiple websites at the same time? Then, your search ends right here at Liquid Web.

Liquid Web WordPress Cloud Hosting

This platform gives you the complete freedom to host unlimited websites with just a single account.

Additionally, this WordPress hosting solution doesn’t have a bulky setup process, so launching your site in a few clicks is easy.

On top of that, Liquid Web also provides an instant preview link so that you can show off your work to your clients even when it’s in progress. Furthermore, it offers a client management feature as well. 

Major Highlights of the Liquid Web

  • Focused on web professionals with optimized functionalities
  • Launch your site in 2-clicks
  • Optimized for speed and efficiency 
  • Options to manage unlimited websites and apps from one account
  • 100% power and network uptime assurance

Customer Service

With Liquid Web, you can choose from options like call, chat, or email at your convenience to solve your queries.

Liquid Web Support

The team of experts is ready to help you solve your problems around the clock. Besides, helpful resources like knowledge bases and blogs are also there for self-help.

Plans and Pricing

Here are the plans and pricing of the Liquid Web:

10 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth
3.2 GHz Base3.2 GHz Base2.9 GHz Base

9. Nexcess          

Whether you’re looking for WordPress cloud hosting for WooCommerce or other businesses, Nexcess is the perfect solution one can get.

Nexcess WordPress Cloud Hosting

Despite the flexible cloud hosting plan, it offers top-notch features, multiple global data centers, and a managed DNS (Domain Name System) service. 

Besides, advanced user management functionality enables you to manage multiple users and set permissions for them.

You can also access in-depth server analytics, visitor tracking, billing analytics, and more. Further, the platform is integrated with its own Content Delivery Network called Nexcess Edge CDN to improve your page speed. 

Major Highlights of Nexcess

  • Daily backups, which are archived for 30 days
  • Free site migrations
  • Unrivaled security and uptime (99.99%)
  • Smart cloud containers to expand the performance of your site
  • Options to choose from multiple applications like Magento, WordPress, Drupal, etc. 

Customer Service

At Nexcess, you can call, chat, or email your problems to technical specialists. You can also find the answers to your questions in the FAQ section.

Nexcess Support

Nexcess knowledge base is also available for your help. 

Plans and Pricing

Below are the plans and pricing that Nexcess offers:

50 GB Disk Space75 GB Disk Space125 GB Disk Space400 GB Disk Space600 GB Disk Space800 GB Disk Space
1 TB Bandwidth2 TB Bandwidth3 TB Bandwidth5 TB Bandwidth8 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth
Up to 11 sitesUp to 16 sitesUp to 21 sitesUp to 31 sitesUp to 41 sitesUp to 51 sites

Wrapping It Up!

Cloud hosting is based on multiple virtual servers instead of a single server. Hence, your site will operate smoothly even if one of the cloud servers fails or goes down.

Thus, you can expect a high uptime, easy setup, flexible pricing, and other features with cloud web hosting.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to WordPress cloud hosting today and get all the advantages.

We hope our cloud hosting comparison has helped you find the best WordPress cloud hosting for yourself. 

Still confused? Then, we suggest using SiteGround – a leading solution with top-notch cloud hosting features.

If you want the fastest cloud hosting, A2 Hosting is the option. You may also go with DreamHost if you need a cost-effective cloud hosting service. 

And, it’s a wrap-up for now. If you still have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

Want help with similar web hosting solutions? Then, you can also check our blogs on the best cheap WordPress hosting services and the best WooCommerce hosting providers.

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