14 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins for 2020 (Many are FREE)

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Are you looking for the best WordPress affiliate plugins

If you’re a professional blogger and marketer, affiliate marketing plugins will help you sign up for the affiliate programs. By doing so you can promote others’ products and earn a commission. 

Or if you’re a product-selling business owner, then these plugins will help you create your own referral program. And, also you can recruit marketers to promote your products. 

Whether you’re a blogger/marketer or a product owner, this article will help you clearly choose the plugins suitable for you. Hence, keep reading. 

WordPress Affiliate Plugins (Overview) 

But first, let’s discuss in brief about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has become one of the easiest and safest ways to earn money online. If you’re still unaware of this, then you’re missing out on the opportunity. 

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people’s products online. And, in return, you get a commission if someone buys that product through that promotional link. You can promote pretty much anything and everything. 

The one who promotes products is known as an affiliate or marketer. The person who creates produces, and/or sells products are the merchants. And who buys those products are the consumers

The plugins which help the affiliates and merchants to add, create, and manage the affiliate programs are broadly known as WordPress affiliate plugins

How to Choose The Right WordPress Affiliate Plugins? 

Choose the right Affiliate WordPress Plugins

The choice of the plugins may differ for marketers and merchants. The consumer will just buy the products via affiliate links, so they’re not directly related in affiliate marketing. 

Here, we’ll categorize the plugins into 2 types and enlist the best for each type.

  1. Affiliate Program WordPress Plugins for Merchants
  2. WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins for Marketers

Merchants or product owners, they need a plugin to create affiliate programs. This includes creating affiliate links, recruiting affiliates/marketers to promote their products, and tracking all the recruited marketers. 

Before approving, merchants can check the marketers’ previous content to approve them. And then decide if the marketers will be able to promote their product or not. 

Also, the merchants can determine the commission rate. They can do so with the help of the number of successful sales and traffic made through the referral links. Furthermore, they can easily track and get real-time reports about sales. 

On the other hand, for marketers, they need a plugin that helps them to properly add and manage the affiliate links on their websites or blogs. 

One marketer can promote several products from different merchants. Hence, they need a plugin that can help them manage those links. And also help them track those links. 

Top 14 WordPress Affiliate Plugins – Expert Pick

And now here are the top 14 WordPress affiliate plugins for you. You know that merchants and marketers require different categories of plugins. Hence, we’ve listed 7 plugins for merchants and 7 plugins for affiliate marketers separately. 

Let’s begin with the list of best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers.

A) 7 Affiliate Marketing Plugins Useful for Marketers

1. ThirstyAffiliates (Free + Premium)

Thirsty Affiliate WordPress Plugin

ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins for marketers. The plugin helps them to manage and track the links. 

Marketers can create categories and put related links under those categories. For example, you can create a “Themes” category and put all your themes related affiliate links under that category. Similarly, create a “Plugins” category and many more. This way it’ll help you manage your affiliate links easily. 

The plugin also allows you to add images and banners to your affiliate links. Additionally, you can easily track all your links. You can check how many times the links have been clicked or which is the most popular link.

Additional Features: 

  • Easily add the links in your posts, pages, and even in the comments. 
  • Provides options like nofollow and open link in a new tab ( global or per link).
  • Full backup support via standard WordPress backup solutions. 
  • It has an in-built proactive link fixer. This will help you track all your outdated links and fix them automatically.  
  • In-built affiliate link shorter/ link Cloaker. Hence, you can create pretty and simple links. 

Price: Free or $149/year 

pretty links

Pretty Links is another one of the popular WordPress affiliate plugins. This plugin helps you to shorten, beautify, track, and manage your affiliate links. 

As the name suggests, this plugin makes your affiliate link look pretty. Usually, affiliate links are longer, but this plugin helps you shorten your links using your domain name. For example, here’s how your links will look like ‘’. 

Furthermore, the plugin helps to clean, manage, and track your affiliate links easily. You can track links from the email. And also increase the reach of your site by inserting links on forums and comments on other people’s blogs. 

Additional features: 

  • Create simple URLs that redirect to any other URL ( only allows for 301, 302, and 307 redirects). 
  • Provides the report of every click per day. 
  • Cookie-based system for tracking visitors’ activity across clicks. 
  • Track the number of unique clicks per link. 
  • The tracking can be turned on/off on each link. 

Price: $149/year 

Amazon Auto links Affiliate Plugin

Amazon Auto Links help you pick the categories which suit your site the most. Once you choose the category it’ll automatically display all the links of products that fall under that category. 

All the displayed links are tagged with your Amazon Associate ID. This plugin supports 14 Amazon locales and even works on Javascript disabled browsers. 

Furthermore, if you’re good at coding, then you can create your own templates. 

Additional Features: 

  • Add affiliate links to your posts.
  • You can automatically insert product links in your posts and pages. 
  • Allows you to put widgets in the sidebar.
  • Customizable buttons. 
  • Supports all Amazon locales. Such as – Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, etc.

Price: 57.98 USD for single site

Auto Affiliate Links Affiliate WordPress Plugin

With the help of Auto Affiliate Links, you can automatically add affiliate links to your content. It also allows you to add the links and keywords manually. Or else, you can simply allow the plugin to extract and display the links. 

The plugin displays links from Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, eBay, BestBuy, and Envato Marketplace. Additionally, when you automatically add links, your content won’t be modified at all. 

Additional features: 

  • Set if you want your link to be cloaked or not. 
  • Options to make the links nofollow and dofollow, to open in the same page or new page. 
  • Limit the number of links that are shown in the article.
  • You can set the frequency of links from ‘very low’ to ‘very high’. In low frequency, you add 1 link in your post. Similarly, in high frequency, you can set up to 5 links.
  • The plugin will provide you your most used 100 keywords to add. 

Price: $27/month 

5. Post Affiliate Pro (Free + Premium)

PostAffiliatePro Affiliate Marketing Software

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing software rather than just a plugin. It’s an award-winning software with a complete set of affiliate marketing features. 

One of the most unique features of this plugin is that it has combined multiple tracking methods into one powerful tracking system. Hence, making your tracking links so much easier. 

Additional features: 

  • Offers shortcodes for affiliates.
  • Top affiliates widgets with basic affiliate statistics. 
  • Supports WooCommerce.
  • Compatible with MemberPress, MarketPress, etc. 
  • Integration with Easy Digital Downloads. 

Price: $97/month 

6. AdSanity ( Premium)

AdSanity Affiliate Plugin WordPress

If your main strategy of promoting products is from advertisements then, AdSanity is the plugin for you. This is one of the best ad management plugins. 

This plugin makes placing ads on your website so much easier by providing a simple interface. The ads can be placed using widgets, shortcodes in your content, or template tags. 

Furthermore, you can set start and end dates to meet the needs of the campaigns. Also, you can see how your campaigns are performing. The plugin provides streamlined reporting with graphical stats. Hence, you can compare all your campaigns and see which one needs improvement. 

Additional features: 

  • It‘s lightweight and fast. 
  • Allows two publishing options – infinite or data-based. 
  • You can group ads based on categories such as posts. 
  • Use actions and filters to modify the codes.
  • Add extra functionality by adding add-ons. 

Price: $49/year

7. MonsterInsights (Free + Premium)


MonsterInsights is a Google Analytics plugin with an option to track the performance of affiliate links. 

With the help of MonsterInsight you can set up affiliate link tracking in WordPress in easy steps. Your Google Analytics code won’t modify it at all. 

This plugin gives you an exclusive result about which are your most clicked links. Furthermore, it provides an overview of your affiliate link clicks report. Also, by tracking your affiliate links, you can gather all the data you need so that you can optimize your links. 

Additional features: 

  • The plugin makes it easy to set up tracking on your site. 
  • Provides an easy to read report. You can see reports straight from your dashboard.  
  • You can spot your top earning pages so that you can optimize the page more and earn more revenue.
  • It allows you to find new keywords to attract more visitors. 
  • It provides a unique feature – use scroll depth tracking. This allows you to find how far your visitor reads your content and you can place the affiliate links to get more clicks. 

Price:  $199.50/year

B) 7 WordPress Affiliate Program Plugins Useful for Merchants 

1. AffiliateWP (Premium)


AffiliateWP is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins for merchants. It allows merchants to set global referrals rates which all the affiliates/marketers can share. 

The plugin has an integration that supports per-product referral rates. Marketers can sign up for different programs based on commission rates. It lets you build a complete set of an affiliate management system useful for the merchants. 

Besides, it seamlessly integrates with all major WordPress eCommerce and membership platforms. 

Additional features: 

  • It’s a simple, clean, and easy-to-use plugin. 
  • Easily track the detailed log of every payout sent to affiliates/marketers. 
  • Easily pay affiliates directly to their bank accounts with the help of a dedicated payouts system. 
  • Offers real-time reporting. 
  • Allows your referral marketers to create their links from the affiliate area with the built-in referral link generator. 

Price: $149/year 

2. Affiliate Royale (Premium)

AffiliateRoyal WordPress Affiliate Plugin

If you want to quickly increase traffic, attention, and sales, then Affiliate Royale is the answer. And, the plugin also allows you to easily track your affiliates to see how they’re doing. 

Once you’ve recruited the affiliates, you can see how many clicks they’re driving, and sales they’re making. Also, you can calculate how much to pay them at the end of the month. 

Additional features: 

  • Maintain your brand by creating your banners and links. 
  • Drive more traffic to your sites with help of your affiliates. 
  • Increase your revenue with more sales. 
  • Monitor every sale, click, and payment of your affiliates.
  • Create and launch an affiliates program in a minute. 

Price: $165/year 

3. Affiliate For WooCommerce (Premium)

Affiliate For WooCommerce-WordPress Refferal Plugins

Affiliate For WooCommerce is one of the simplest WordPress affiliate plugins. It’s super easy to understand and has a single page UI (User Interface). It’s easier to manage as well. 

With the help of this plugin, your affiliates will effortlessly sign up for your affiliate program. You can approve or deny them and also set the commission rates. 

You can payout the commissions using PayPal, add unlimited number of affiliate links, and many other features. 

Additional Features: 

  • It has a powerful affiliate system that runs everything automatically. 
  • Real-time reports.
  • Set a storewide affiliate commission rate. 
  • Affiliates can sign up, generate links, and track commission themselves. 
  • Regular improvements and updates. 

Price: $129/year

4. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates (Free + Premium)

YITH WooCommerce WordPress Affiliate Plugin

This plugin helps merchants to increase their sales by sharing advertising of their products and their sites in the marketer’s blogs. 

Furthermore, the affiliates can easily register and you can approve whether they can promote products or not. To allow the affiliate registration, you can use shortcodes. 

The plugin saves affiliate ID and credits commission if there’s any purchase through their referral link. You can choose to give credits to only those affiliates who have registered and enabled properly. 

Additional Features: 

  • Create new affiliates directly from users registered to your site. 
  • Set a general commission for affiliates for each order coming from their refer ID. 
  • Filter the basic reports according to the date. 
  • Affiliates can access their dashboard and track all the information about sales. 
  • You can register payments that have to be given to affiliates. 

Price: 99.99 Euro/year 

5. Affiliates (Free + Premium) 

Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Affiliates is another great WordPress affiliate plugins useful for business owners. The plugin provides a complete affiliate system for sellers, distributors, blogs, membership sites, microsites for product launches, and many more. 

Additionally, it provides unlimited affiliate program management tools at the back-end. Also, it has flexible affiliate dashboard templates, blocks, and shortcodes. Hence, you can provide your affiliates with an intuitive experience. 

The affiliate system provided by the plugin is used to manage affiliates, create referrals. Also, you can track visits to your site through affiliate links. 

Additional features: 

  • Individual dashboards available as blocks, shortcodes, and can be customized using templates. 
  • Referrals and affiliate links statistics are recorded and available instantly, as soon as the transactions are processed. 
  • Records browseable traffic statistics with source and landing page, user agents, and related referrals per affiliate. 
  • The affiliates can automatically sign up and also can be added manually with or without the user’s account. 
  • Approve the affiliates automatically or manually and send them notifications to inform them. 

Price: $49 – $159

6. Affiliate Manager (Free + Premium)

Affiliate Manager WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Manager is one of the fastest-growing advertising WordPress affiliate plugins. And, also it’s very cost-efficient. 

The plugin smooths the path for affiliates recruitment, registration, login, and management process. Furthermore, it also tracks the referrals your affiliates send to your site and give commissions accordingly. 

Besides, the plugin integrates with most of the popular eCommerce solutions. Such as – WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Simple Shopping Cart, Paid Membership Pro, etc.  

Additional Features: 

  • Real-time reporting – your affiliate’s traffic and sales are recorded and displayed as soon as they happen. 
  • You can track an unlimited number of affiliates without any difficulty. 
  • It’s translation ready. 
  • Set payments rate per affiliate. 
  • Easily pay your affiliates their commission using PayPal.  

Price: Free or $39 for a single site

7. ReferralCandy For WooCommerce (Free + Premium)

RefferalCandy for WooCommerce

ReferralCandy For WooCommerce is one of the most powerful tools that allow you to automate customer referral campaigns for your WooCommerce store. 

The plugin is super easy to install. Also, you get a 30 days free trial option. 

Additionally, it helps you increase your sales by rewarding your customers when they refer people to your store. The plugin provides your customers with a personal reward link that they can share with their friends. 

Additional Features: 

  • Provides coupon codes to share with friends. 
  • Reward customers for referring their friends to your stores. 
  • Compatible with most of the eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. 
  • Offers sticky emails. 
  • Supports Google Analytics. 

Price: Free or $49/month 


And that was the different WordPress affiliate plugins. As mentioned above, if you’re a merchant or a marketer, choose the plugin useful for merchants and marketers respectively. 

Did you know a great theme is as important as a plugin? Hence, we recommend themes like Cenote, ColorMag, Zakra. They’re some of the best themes for affiliate marketing as they’re beautifully designed for blogging. 

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