20 Best Vintage & Retro WordPress Themes For A More Artistic Flair

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Your website’s visualization plays a huge factor when you’re running a niche based website. Aesthetics play an important role in different niche based communities. This is even more so for any Retro themed website. Essentially, A retro or vintage styled design puts a lot of emphasis on old and antique beauty. Moreover, if you’re running a retro-themed website, you want your website to emulate an aged vibe without it feeling off-putting. So if you want to add a bit more beauty to your website, why not integrated your website aesthetics with a bit of Retro influenced culture? This is the exact purpose behind the existence of Retro WordPress themes.

In essence, Retro WordPress themes are designed to reproduce a more old fashion, vintage styled notion. This includes using softer color palettes, unique background design, and page layouts and more. Comfort is a key factor in using a Retro WordPress theme as well and a great one at that.

Furthermore, being a derivative of old fashion trends includes not only fashion but also internet influenced older cultures. This includes old fashioned website designs, Pixel art based designs and more. Keeping all these points in mind, we’ve compiled a list of Both Free and Premium Retro WordPress themes for you to use. These are all designed to be artistically enhanced tools for you to improve your website’s visual style and impress your viewers anymore.

Moreover, if you have any suggestion for this list, feel free to comment about them as well as your experience with them. Our ears are open to your words.

So, without further ado, let’s check out our list of Best Vintage and Retro WordPress themes:

Free Vintage and Retro WordPress Themes

Retro Blog

Retro WordPress Theme- Retro blog

Retro Blog, like its name implies, is a minimalistic blog theme made to encapsulate a vintage atmosphere for your website. This free Retro WordPress theme is designed to be responsive, mobile friendly and SEO optimized so that it can fulfill all your blogging needs. Create your website’s own identity by customizing your logo, headers, home page banner, and sidebars. Likewise, this Retro WordPress theme also comes with the option to enable preloaders and enable a sticky header. Furthermore, you can also set up a cool Home page carousel slider to capture your viewer’s attention instantly. Additionally, Retro Blog also comes with great Translation ready features and even provides you dedicated help through their Support forum.

Key features:

  • Mobile friendly and SEO optimized.
  • Completely Blog ready with tons of post formats.
  • Home page banner slider.
  • Sticky Header option.
  • Preloader options, Logo customization, and Sitewide sidebar settings.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Mh metromag

MH-Retromag is a Retro WordPress theme made for blogs, magazine and news websites. A child theme of MH-Magazine, this free WordPress theme adds upon the already huge catalog of features present its parent theme. For example, you can make use of over 12 different widget areas with tons of custom widgets built for a wide range of purposes. This includes Custom posts widgets, sliders, and more. Furthermore, the vintage designed theme layout and header design give your website a very evocative feel. From Call to action buttons, to custom Social media bars, each element is built to complement each other to present your viewers with a very beautiful website design.

Key features:

  • Cross browser compatible and Translation ready.
  • Over 12 Widget areas.
  • Custom widgets built specifically for Magazine websites.
  • Contact page ready design with custom built-in style for Contact form 7.
  • Organized boxed layout with vintage styled background and color scheme.

Download + Demo + Details

90’s Retro

Retro WordPress Theme - 90's retro

You just can’t go ‘internet retro’ beyond this at all. 90’s Retro is a carefully designed Retro blog theme which evokes that 90’s websites feel. This amazing theme comes with those bold boxed page layout, the quirky low texture designed background, and the iconic green-neon color theme. Similarly, 90’s Retro gives that complete nostalgia driven website design for you to use efficiently. Enable a Pixel art animated header, background midi music, Comic sans fonts, and tons of retro designed buttons and animated GIFS. Furthermore, while the theme itself is designed to give that pre-2000’s Geocities feel, the coding is done completely through CSS3 and HTML5. This ensures that your retro driven blog is also comfortably readable on mobile platforms.

Key features:

  • Pre 2000’s inspired website design.
  • Neon colors and Comic Sans font.
  • Tons of customizer enabled theme options.
  • Customizable menu with retro-themed layout and buttons.
  • Custome Page templates, Multiple column layouts, and Mobile optimized design.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - iRibbon

iRibbon makes use of a very nostalgia driven website design to improve the aesthetics of your website. This free Retro WordPress theme is built to be completely WordPress 5.0 compatible. You can use some amazing retro themed color styles and an old fashioned ribbon styled header using iRibbon. Furthermore, It easy to manage Drag and Drop elements and fully customizable theme options lets you set your website apart from the competition. iRibbon gives your website a unique and refreshing with its retro vintage look and adds upon it with its footer widget layouts, multi-column blogs, and portfolio features. Moreover, iRibbon was built using Twitter bootstrap and ensures smooth responsiveness on touchscreen and mobile devices.

Key features:

  • Built using Twitter Bootstrap for maximum mobile friendliness.
  • Old fashion, Customizable Ribbon styled menu.
  • Nostalgia evoking Color palette and website design.
  • Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 compatible.
  • Drag and Drop elements and tons of theme options.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Siggen

Vintage websites are all about that thought-provoking, eye-catching aesthetics. Similarly, the mix of faded and dark colors is a great palette for any vintage themed website. Siggen provides this vintage vibe to your blogs and much more. Make use of 6 different, Vintage themed color layouts for your nostalgia driven blogs.

Moreover, you can also implement a site-wide Sepia filter for that complete retro look on your blogs. The large thumbnail driven header is complemented quite well with Siggen’s Custom social icon too. Similarly, you can also make use of various Post formats with your blogs too. You just can’t go with the classic vibe SIggen puts out on its blogs.

Key features:

  • Six different Color settings.
  • Sepia filter option for your website.
  • Customizable logo and flexible header.
  • Tons of theme options.
  • Custom social media icons.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Kingrin

If you want a multipurpose Retro WordPress theme with tons of customizability, why not give Kinginrin a try? This WordPress theme is coded to not only lightweight and fast loading but also SEO optimized with proper responsiveness to back it up. Make use of a wide range of post formats to make all the types of content you want to make. Moreover, Kinginrin’s huge customizer options and header/footer options allow complete creative control over your website’s look and feel. Sprinkle in that perfect hipster look to your website using this amazing theme. Additionally, Kinginrin is also made to be Elementor friendly and even comes bundled with different premade Elementor templates for you to use.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and Fully responsive.
  • Tons of layouts to choose from.
  • Complete Header/Footer customizability.
  • Elementor ready with pre-made Elementor styles.
  • WooCommerce ready.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Vintage

Can’t go wrong with this clean Retro themed theme. Vintage’s elegant look makes it fitting for any kind of WordPress website. From blogs to magazines to photography websites. Choose a fitting page layout for your website, set up the color schemes, ready your widgets up and get your website running in no time using this Retro WordPress theme.

Moreover, Vintage also comes with tons of quality of life additions that make customizing and running your websites so much easier. Nifty additions to its design such as dedicated ad spaces, widgets built for specific purposes, and huge theme options is bound to make your work easier. Choose from a huge list of custom widgets for your website using Vintage, from newsletter subscriptions to Instagram feeds.

Key features:

  • Cross browser compatible and Retina ready design.
  • Easy to customize and manage.
  • Tons of custom widgets.
  • Customizable navigation and menu options.
  • WPML compatible.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Retropress

Roll back the time on your website and give your users a homey experience with this excellent Retro WordPress theme. The choice of lighter, nostalgia evoking, color palette provides you with comfortable website design to publish your blogs. Built on the SMT framework 2.0, RetroPress comes with an inbuilt dynamic content loader, Social share bar, custom menus, and even Antispam features.

Consequently, it’s well-coded design makes it a very responsive theme to use. Similarly, using RetroPress, you can make use of the excellent Sidebars that can be fully customized. Adding on top of that, you can also use tons of custom widgets provided specifically for this retro theme. Furthermore, you can also make use of an excellent Contact page that comes with a Google map embed shortcode, all for free.

Key features:

  • Customizable sidebars with custom widgets.
  • Custom menus and Social media share bar.
  • Ecwid compatible design built for eCommerce purposes.
  • Responsive design with Translations.
  • SEO optimization and Translation ready features.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Moderne

Moderne is a perfect mix of retro and modern blogging, made to fit the needs of any hipster. Spread your stories around the world in an attractive fashion using this Retro WordPress theme. The excellent presentation style and the page layout that mixes a nostalgia-evoking design with functionality. Additionally, the faded background design is enhanced with modern elements like a Cool Header bar, minimally designed Menus, and boxed layouts. An excellent Carousel slider is also provided to you to help you put certain blogs on the spotlight. Customize your website with Unlimited color options, and tons of other theme options to add your own charm. Additionally, Moderne is also very Mobile friendly and retains its perfect retro theme on all platforms.

Key features:

  • Built-in Social menu.
  • Excellent large Featured Slider.
  • Mobile friendly design with boxed layouts.
  • Custom styled layout built specifically for blogs.
  • Tons of sidebar options, custom widgets, and page templates.

Download + Demo + Details

Premium Retro and Vintage WordPress Themes:

Fox – WordPress Theme

Retro WordPress Theme - Fox

If you’re a website owner looking for a perfect avenue to publish and showcase with your own unique vision, then why not check out Fox? This excellent premium Retro WordPress theme is the exact tool you need to put yourself at the forefront of your industry. The excellent creative design, custom icons, web page layout, and UI make it a theme that makes great use of Retro aesthetics. Perfect for independent content creators, Freelancers, Photographers or artists, this theme lets you preview your works using excellent responsiveness with a hint of quirkiness on top of it. Furthermore, the use of its detailed Custom options panel, color options, and background customization let you customize your website to your heart’s content.

Key features:

  • Excellent Retro style with custom retro-influenced Social media icons.
  • Detailed options panel and background customization.
  • Built-in widgets and tons of custom shortcodes.
  • Dedicated Work-post type/template.
  • Video embedding option and Blog friendly features.

Download + Demo + Details

Retro Portfolio

Beautiful WordPress Theme - Retro portfolio

One-page designs can use a bit of that retro flavor too! Retro Portfolio is a one-page Retro WordPress theme that perfectly emulates a vintage feeling which makes it a great choice for artistic visionaries. Its excellent Portfolio page layout makes use of cool menu features, customizable color settings, Icon boxes, and more. The responsive slider starts the introduction point for your One-page website, and the rest of the elements only add up from that point on. Freely use tons of Typography elements for your blogs, custom icons as well as social icons. It’s excellent Portfolio gallery certainly deserves recognition for its responsiveness and ease of usage. Let users easily filter through all your published images and mix in all kinds of content with your image galleries. From blogs to videos to lightbox images, the options are endless.

Key features:

  • Excellent filterable Portfolio gallery.
  • Custom Contact form with anti-spam features.
  • Completely Translation friendly.
  • Full Home page customization.
  • Tons of Custom icons, Social icons, and Google fonts integration.

Download + Demo + Details

Vintage Immersed

Retro WordPress Theme - Vintage immersed

Customization is a factor that plays a huge role in any user’s WordPress theme experience. Understanding this, Vintage Immersed provides you with a completely easy to use but highly customizable Admin panel to customize everything about your site. Choose between 5 different; all vintage styled Color templates and three different Home page layout to make customization easier. Vintage Immersed’s exclusive Budha panel provides you with full access to your slider management, color settings, home page settings, background patterns and more. Its excellent footer section lets you add in a wide variety of widgets without any difficulty too. The Vintage styled implementation of excellent menus, tons of custom shortcodes, template pages, etc. makes this theme one of the best Vintage WordPress theme on this list.

Key features:

  • 5 Different color themes with 3 Home page layouts.
  • Full Background and Color settings customization.
  • Tons of Typography options and custom shortcodes for blogs.
  • 4 Widgetized areas with 6 custom widgets.
  • Easy to use Custom admin panel.

Download + Demo + Details

Nostalgia Portfolio

Retro WordPress Theme - Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a portfolio theme that really puts the word Art in Artistic. Make use of an astounding minimal Vintage WordPress theme that is sure to let your website stand out in any crowd. The use of a Fullscreen slider with minimal UI elements keeps true to the theme of Vintage themes. The use of Call to action buttons to implement custom menus is definitely a choice we highly praise. Furthermore, you can not only allow your users to hide or show its custom sidebar, but you can also enable soothing background music using Nostalgia to keep your viewers company. The huge variation of page templates, detailed theme options, Font face fonts, social icons, and custom shortcodes only add to its usability.

Key features:

  • Minimal designed Retro styled layout.
  • Excellent UI implementation with the background music player.
  • Huge range of custom header, social, and page icons.
  • Custom page templates for Blog, Portfolio, About us and Services pages.
  • Fullscreen slideshow-based Home page.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Fineglobe

FineGlobe is a vintage styled newspaper and magazine WordPress theme that is built for easy content creation. In addition to its vintage styled design, This  WordPress theme makes use of Visual Composer to provide you a drag and drop content builder tool to manage all your magazine content easily. Easily set up your vintage themed online magazine using tons of layouts for headers, footers, posts, pages and more. A wide variation of custom widgets and modules lets you easily place various elements on your content with 0 difficulties. The huge variation in layout customization, Google fonts, and integration of Visual composer enhances the usability through the roof. Moreover, it’s dedicated Theme options panel lets your website enhance its classical newspaper structure with tons of modern elements like Social media bars, drop down menus, dedicated widgets, call to action buttons and more.

Key features:

  • Bootstrap powered, Mobile friendly design.
  • Various layouts for footers, headers, single post/pages and archives.
  • Custom widgets and modules built for newspaper centric purposes.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Visual composer enhanced content management features.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Marlow

Perfect for any hipster or Retro enthusiast, create any kind of blog design you can think of using this highly configurable theme. Marlow is a uniquely designed Vintage WordPress theme that can be managed easily with its advanced admin panel. Completely configure all your blog’s elements using Marlow, and it’s excellent theme options. From configuring Color schemes to managing layouts and menus, it is all entirely up to you. For your blog, you can choose from 3 different blog layouts, three post layouts, and five post formats. The use of a wide range of typography options and Google fonts makes it an excellent user-friendly theme. Moreover, Marlow is also made to be properly responsive and lightweight on all platforms.

Key features:

  • Blog centric Vintage themed design.
  • Page templates for Blog pages, Archive, Error 404 and Search page.
  • Customizable Main and Footer menu.
  • Advanced theme customization panel.
  • Unlimited color options and Google fonts.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Vintclub

Designed for websites for exquisite pubs and bars, VintClub combines various professional design choices to give you a stunning platform to share your craft with the world. This excellent Vintage WordPress theme features a retina ready, responsive design that checks the requisite for any hipster. Additionally, you can enhance your website using amazing sliders, contact forms, custom widgets, Font awesome icons, and Google fonts. VintClub also comes with an amazing One click demo import function. This allows you to instantly set up a fully working site design in a matter of minutes. Finally, VintClub is not only completely mobile optimized but also is made to full use of touch sensitive screens perfectly.

Key features:

  • Various Layout options built specifically for multiple purposes.
  • Completely Retina ready and mobile friendly.
  • Unlimited color design with a Vintage based look.
  • Includes FontAwesome icons, Contact form 7, Revolution slider and more WordPress plugins.
  • One click demo import function.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress theme -delimondo

Need a vintage themed WordPress template for restaurants and cafes? If your answer is yes, then your search has just ended. Delimondo is an easy to set up Vintage WordPress theme built to be highly flexible and responsive on platforms. Choose from 5 different theme templates and make use of amazing page templates and designs to set up your website in no time at all easily. For your hotel purposes, you can use a dedicated Book a table form, an insanely intuitive Gallery slider, unlimited sidebars, flexible daily recommendations sections and custom product types for all your menus. Additionally, You can also use nine different prebuilt widgets designed specifically for restaurant websites.

Key features:

  • 5 Different, uniquely designed theme templates.
  • Over 40 prebuilt easy to enable shortcodes.
  • Built-in jQuery powered form and menu creation tools.
  • 2 Different home page variations and  2 menu card designs.
  • Sidebar enabled page elements like Team member section, daily recommendations, galleries, etc.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme - Retro-vintage

You just can’t beat that old fashioned vintage aesthetic of a well-built theme, can you? Retro-vintage gives you the most comfortable Vintage WordPress theme design ever but combines with a dedicated admin panel that grants you full customization options for your entire website. Use predefined Vintage skins, custom CSS styles, and background styles; All of them designed to really evocate that perfect Vintage aesthetic. Moreover, this excellent Retro WordPress theme also enables you with tons of custom widgets, an amazing Contact form builder, Social media integration, Microformats for SEO optimization, anti-spam features and tons of layout options. Adding to this, Retro-Vintage is also completely WooCommerce ready and can be used to enable a vintage themed e-Commerce website as well.

Key features:

  • Predefined Skins and CSS styles to use.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Customizable color, layout, menu and background options.
  • Microformats coded specifically for SEO optimization.
  • Anti-spam option, Social media friendly and tons of Custom widgets and shortcodes.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme- Moose

Go all in with this exquisite Vintage WordPress theme that is built to use unique design concepts and ideas. Use Moose and explore the full potential of this vintage themed websites using this amazing multipurpose WordPress theme. Use its internal integration of Visual composer, Layer slider and tons of CSS3 animation to really spice up your content. Choose from 6 different uniquely built Menu designs and tons of layout choices. Furthermore, its fullscreen elated slider comes with support for image and video support. Besides this, its Parallax effects and cool animations provide the right creative push for your content using this easy to customize the website. Moreover, you can also use its One click demo importer to set up your website using the various demos provided to you.

Key features:

  • Highly customizable and tons of shortcodes.
  • In-built Demo importer.
  • Ajax page transition animations, tons of parallax effects and interactive elements.
  • E-Commerce and E-Shop ready design.
  • SEO optimized, WPML and WooCommerce ready.

Download + Demo + Details


Retro WordPress Theme- Trendblog

Trendblog gives you one of the most elegant, multipurpose Vintage WordPress themes available on the market. Easy to setup and manage, this HTML5 based WordPress theme is built to be ready for all types of creative imagination. Customize every nook and cranny with its in-depth theme options. Moreover, it’s various options for elegant layouts leaves the door open for any kind of website structure. Choose between 2 different unique site styles: White and Black for a stark difference in visual styles. Similarly, the addition of its intuitive Slider makes life much easier for site owners too. Present showcases, carousels and more using a very configuration friendly slider using Trendblog.

Key features:

  • Various design multipurpose layouts, consequently making customization easier.
  • Comes in two styles: Light and Dark.
  • Intuitive Slider with three different styles.
  • Tons of Mega menu customizations.
  • Cross-browser, SEO optimized design.

Download + Demo + Details

Wrapping it up!

Found the perfect fit for you? Using Retro and Vintage WordPress themes are all about exploring various visual styles, so we highly recommend you make use of all the theme options to customize everything about your website. After all, the end goal is to make sure your website looks distinctive and unique.

Moreover, if you want to look for more unique WordPress themes for various cliché based websites and interests, why not consider checking out some of our other articles?

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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