10 Best SiteGround Alternatives & Competitors for 2022

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Are you looking for the best SiteGround alternatives to host your site? Then, we’ve got your back.    

There’s no doubt that SiteGround is an excellent hosting platform for WordPress sites. Though it offers an incredible feature-rich service, it’s considered costly and has a few other drawbacks.  

And that’s why, you might need to switch to its alternatives and competitors. You can explore various renowned SiteGround competitors that provide equally excellent services and performance.  

So, stay with us as we explore the ten best SiteGround alternatives and competitors to choose from in our article.  

Why Look for SiteGround Alternatives?  

SiteGround is a popular hosting service that even WordPress recommends. It powers 2,800,000 domains and claims to let the site run 500% faster.  

Its remarkable features include integrating the latest technologies and platforms built on premium Google cloud infrastructure that boosts reliability and security.   

Also, you get free Cloudflare CDN, domain name, daily backups with it. To add more, it offers 99.9% Uptime, solid-state drives, and automatic WordPress plugin updates.  

Read more about SiteGround in our review of this hosting service.

Now you must be thinking why look for an alternative at all, when you have SiteGround providing these incredible services. Let’s narrow down the key reasons for you.  

Limited resources:  

Despite having great features and services, SiteGround offers limited resources. Their shared hosting options tend to come off limited, and that’s why you only get a certain SSD space amount after you sign up to their different plans.   

For their StartUp Plan, you get 10GB; GrowBig Plan offers 20GB, whereas 40GB for GoGeek Plan. Your only solution is to change your plan to access more resources. Not to forget, if you want Managed Hosting features, you need to buy GrowBig Plan or GoGeek Plan.  

Hiked Up Prices:  

SiteGround is already on the expensive side. Not to mention the ridiculously high renewal prices. Though you may get 73% off the cost when you’re a new user, you need to pay the total price in the following years, which could be too much for some users.  

And after they moved to the Google Cloud Platform, they’ve hiked their prices which impacted their previous prices. This means you need to pay more than before as they are now more in the premium category.  

So, it’s a wise decision to look for SiteGround alternatives to avoid limitations regarding recourses and hosting costs. 

With that said, let’s dive into the list of best SiteGround alternatives and competitors. They deliver great features and are also on the cheaper side compared to SiteGround.

Let’s get started!  

10 Best SiteGround Alternatives and Competitors  

1. Bluehost  


The first one on our list is none other than the power-packed hosting service, Bluehost. It has powered over 2 million websites with the simplest setup process perfect for beginners. You can get started with their shared hosting, which comes at a cheaper price, if you only manage a small project.  

Bluehost’s WordPress hosting comes with power-packed perks and offers everything you need to kick start your WordPress website. Also, it has a dedicated server great for sites that get big traffic. Not to forget, you can get Bluehost hosting plans at a lower price than SiteGround, even though both of them offer similar services.  

Why is it the Best SiteGround Alternative?  

  • Bluehost’s Basic Plan offers more storage compared to SiteGround’s higher plan. 
  • It offers built-in coaching for extra speed and fast loading time.  
  • Bluehost guarantees 99.99% uptime.  
  • You get a free SSL certificate and Cloudflare integration. 
  • Dual Quad Processor performance servers available. 

Customer Support  

Along with being cheaper than SiteGround, Bluehost’s customer support is remarkable. It offers 24/7 technical support through live chat and also phone. Further, they actively solve your queries with their knowledge bases, how-to articles, tutorials, etc.  

Bluehost Customer Support

Plans & Pricing 

Bluehost has four different pricing plans starting at $3.45/month.

Basic Plus Choice Plus Pro 
$2.95/mo. $5.45/mo. $5.45/mo. $13.95/mo. 
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites 
50gb SSD Storage Unlimited SSD Storage Unlimited SSD Storage Unlimited Storage 
AI-Driven Templates AI-Driven Templates AI-Driven Templates AI-Driven Templates 

2. DreamHost  


DreamHost is another easy-to-use hosting service that offers a fast and reliable hosting so that your site’s speed won’t be affected at all. Also, its advanced and modern control panel is top-notch to manage your site easily.  

With DreamHost, you get to transfer your current domain to DreamHost in simple steps. Thankfully, the transfer process won’t cost you any price.  Besides that, its user-friendly interface is convenient to add users and even create email accounts.  

Why DreamHost Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • It’s cheaper and has more affordable plans than SiteGround if you don’t wish to buy a long-term plan.  
  • You get expandable RAM and storage with it.  
  • DreamHost offers auto FTP site transfer multi-factor authentication for your site’s security.  
  • It specializes in domains as well.  
  • WordPress is pre-installed with DreamHost.  

Customer Support  

DreamHost has everything you need for customer support from their discussion forum to knowledge base. You can even contact their tech support via email and live chats if you want detailed answers to your queries.  

DreamHost Customer Support

Plans & Pricing 

DreamHost offers following pricing structure:

Shared (Starter) DreamPress VPS 
$2.95/mo $16.95/mo. $13.75/mo 
1 Website 1 WordPress Website Unlimited Website 
Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic 
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwith 

3. Kinsta  

Kinsta SiteGround Alternatives

Kinsta is a crowd favorite trusted by 23,000+ companies to host their site. It guarantees top performance and offers custom plans with PHP workers and reverse proxy. Moreover, Kinsta’s built-in tool can help to quickly fix the site’s speed issues after the tool identifies why your site is slowing down. 

It’s no less than SiteGround, with features like 100% custom hosting dashboard to easily manage WordPress sites. Also, it’s effortless for you to automatically restore a backup from your staging site or live server with Kinsta.  

Why Kinsta Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • With Kinsta, you can choose a different data center for each WordPress site. But with SiteGround, you can only select one data center.  
  • Kinsta provides you access to premium CDN service. Though SiteGround provides free Cloudflare CDN, which isn’t entirely new to the platform, you can use Cloudflare with any host.  
  • It has 29 data centers worldwide that contribute to super-fast loading pages.  
  • Google Cloud Platform powers Kinsta for fast transfer and storage of data.  
  • It uses technologies like LXD, Ngnix to ensure fast speed.  

Customer Support  

Besides its services, Kinsta’s customer support also contributes to its reputation as a great hosting provider. It has a 24/7 direct chat that replies to users’ queries within 30 seconds. If you run a multilingual site, Kinsta offers chat support in five languages and documentation in ten languages.  

Kinsta Support

Plans & Pricing 

You can choose from Kinsta’s four different pricing plans as follows:

Starter Pro Business Enterprise 
$30/mo. $60/mo. $100-$400/mo. $600-$1500/mo.
1 Website 2 Websites 5-40 Websites 60-150 Websites 
10GB Disk Space 20GB Disk Space 30-60GB Disk Space 100-250GB Disk Space 
Free SSL and Staging Free SSL and Staging Free SSL and Staging Free SSL and Staging 

4. Cloudways  


The next great SiteGround alternative is the simple and managed Cloudways. It offers similar services to SiteGround, including anti-bot systems, SSL, automatic backups, and more.  

Also, with Cloudways, you get auto-healing and IP whitelisting. So, your website won’t crash because auto-healing tends to resolve your issues within servers automatically.  

Further, your site is set to have high-speed performance as it offers built-in caches and a 3X faster SSD drive. Besides, Cloudway’s real-time monitoring systems and two-factor authentication boost your site’s security as well.  

Why Cloudways Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • Cloudways is faster than SiteGround in terms of cloud hosting.  
  • In general, Cloudways is better when it comes to support and CPU limits.  
  • Offers 60+ data centers globally to choose from.  
  • You can conduct free website migration with Cloudways without impacting the live site.  
  • It offers a dedicated staging environment.   

Customer Support  

Cloudways’s customer support is top-notch with advanced premium support. Apart from 24/7 live chat, you also get to submit online tickets with it. 

Cloudways Support

Plans & Pricing 

With Cloudways, you get four flexible pricing plans mentioned below:

$12/mo. $26/mo. $50/mo. $96/mo. 
25GB Storage 50GB Storage 80GB Storage 160GB Storage 
1TB Bandwidth 2TB Bandwidth 4TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth 

5. GreenGeeks  


As the name suggests, GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting service recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner. On top of being a green alternative to SiteGround, GreenGeeks offers robust hosting at a cheaper price. It provides everything you need from unlimited storage, bandwidth, databases, nightly backups, and more.  

Also, they don’t compromise in terms of speed and offer lightning-fast speed to load web pages faster. It’s mainly due to their LiteSpeed servers, Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN), and LS Cache. Nonetheless, it’s a great SiteGround alternative with power-packed features.  

Why GreenGeeks Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • GreenGeeks is more affordable than SiteGround and gives you unlimited storage space and data transfer. On the other hand, SiteGround limits you with storage space.  
  • Comparatively, GreenGeeks is faster and offers better performance than SiteGround.  
  • It offers an excellent uptime of 99.9%.
  • You get unlimited email accounts with GreenGeeks.  
  • It’s determined to reduce data center pollution with its eco-friendly service.  

Customer Support  

GreenGeeks offers remarkable customer support where they get back to you within a few minutes. You can contact them via live chat that’s available 24/7/365. You can either call them or email them as well. Likewise, their knowledge bases and tutorials are equally handy.  

Greengeeks Customer Support

Plans & Pricing 

You can choose from three pricing ranges with GreenGeeks.

Lite Pro Premium 
$2.95/mo. $5.95/mo. $10.95/mo. 
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites 
50GB Web Space Unlimited Web Space Unlimited Web Space 
Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate 

6. A2 Hosting  

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the fastest hosting service and is perfect for those who prioritize fast page loading. To add more, its Litespeed Cache adds that extra speed boost to sites. Moreover, you get optimized performance and security that helps you improve SEO to rank better and get higher conversion rates.  

With A2 Hosting, you can install WordPress within a few clicks and instantly make it live. On top of that, migrating your existing site with A2 Hosting is free of cost.  

Why A2 Hosting Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • With A2 Hosting, you get higher storage and unlimited bandwidth compared to SiteGround, which is better value for money.  
  • A2 Hosting has an automated and free SSL certificate by default.  
  • WordPress is auto-installed.   
  • Website migration is entirely free with A2 Hosting.  
  • It includes staging features and unlimited email accounts.

Customer Support  

A2 Hosting has a support team that goes by “Guru Crew” and offers 24/7 help via calls, chats, and emails. They also provide knowledge bases and guides to solve users’ issues.  

A2 Hosting Support

Plans & Pricing 

A2 Hosting’s hosting plans includes four different plans as below:

StartUP Drive Turbo Boost Turbo Max 
$2.99/mo. $5.99/mo. $6.99/mo. $12.99/mo. 
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites 
Great for a Single Site 2x Resources Turbo Servers, More Powers Fastest Server 
100GB SSD Storage Unlimited SSD Storage Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage 

7. WP Engine  

WP Engine

WP Engine offers hosting services that keep your site optimized and secure. It provides a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service on all their plans. To add more, its quick and easy migration feature is really helpful to move your site from an old host to WP Engine.  

Further, you can test your site and implement improvements accordingly with WP Engine’s page performance. Their features include one-click restore points, a one-click staging area, top-tier security, and more. They quickly simplify the process of managing your site with their robust servers.  

Why WP Engine Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • WP Engine’s backups can be created on-demand, and downloading and storing it locally are also available. As for SiteGround, it lets you keep only five on-demand backups for each site which can’t be downloaded.  
  • SiteGround’s 99.99% uptime is excellent, but of course, WP Engine’s 100% is top-notch.  
  • With WP Engine, you can move individual sites to different servers, which are not available with SiteGround.  
  • It offers free SSL and 10+ premium themes.
  • It uses cutting edge technologies like the latest version of PHP.

Customer Support  

WP Engine has a team of experts in terms of customer support with 97% customer satisfaction rate. You get 24/7 live chat and phone support available for all plans except the Startup plan. If your queries aren’t solved quickly, they also create an internal support ticket. Further, you get an extensive library for knowledge bases, how-to articles, and tutorials.  

WP Engine Support

Plans & Pricing 

With WP Engine, you get following pricing plans:

StartUp  ProfessionalGrowth Scale Custom 
$23/mo. $56/mo.$115/mo. $290/mo. Need to talk to sales specialist 
10GB Local Storage 15GB Local Storage 20GB Local Storage 30GB Storage 100GB- 1TB 
50GB Bandwidth/month 125GB Bandwidth/month200GB Bandwidth/month 400GB Bandwidth/month 400GB Bandwidth/month 
Suitable for small sites Best value price for all sitesSuitable for growing business Suitable for higher scale experience Suitable for large businesses 

8. HostGator  


HostGator is an outstanding hosting service conducting business for the last 19 years and hosts over 2 million websites. It offers various hosting services, including managed WordPress hosting. Also, the hosting plans fall under the affordable range, best for startups as well as sites with massive traffic.  

HostGator’s best features include unlimited email accounts, unlimited disk space, and an impressive uptime of 99.99%. Also, it offers an intuitive client management area beside a cPanel control panel. With every plan, you also get the native Gator website builder.  

Why HostGator Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • HostGator is cheaper and easier to use than SiteGround, with an entry price of $2.75/month.  
  • It offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and refund policy.  
  • HostGator uses one-click installations to integrate apps.  
  • No charge is needed to register the domain for the first year.  
  • Free site migration and SSL are available. 

Customer Support  

HostGator doesn’t lack anything when it comes to customer support. It provides friendly support through live chats, calls, and emails—also, their tutorials, blogs, knowledge bases are equally resourceful.  

HostGator Support

Plans & Pricing 

HostGator offers three affordable pricing range for anyone on budget.

Hatchling Baby Business 
$2.75/mo. $3.50/mo. $5.25/mo. 
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites 
1 Click WordPress Installation 1 Click WordPress Installation 1 Click WordPress Installation 
Free Domain Free Domain Free Domain 

9. Hostwinds  


If you’re looking for a reasonably priced yet reliable hosting service, Hostwinds can fit your needs. It’s performance-optimized, thanks to its MySQL databases and LiteSpeed web servers. Further, it has partnered with Cloudflare to provide easy access to Cloudflare’s CDN.  

Your site’s speed won’t be compromised as they continuously inspect their network. Even if some issue arises, they resolve it super quickly. And, if your site gets down for more than 31.6% seconds within a year, it guarantees to provide account credit for the whole day’s cost affected by downtime.  

Why Hostwinds Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • Hostwinds scores better in terms of excellent customer support with a lot cheaper price than SiteGround.  
  • It also offers free dedicated IP address.  
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime with Hostwinds’ hosting service.  
  • You get automatic nightly backups.  
  • With Hostwinds, you get cheap VPS plans; managed/unmanaged. 

Customer Support  

Hostwinds customer support is responsive and has been getting a lot of praise. They are swift to resolve issues and send notices in advance if there’s some maintenance going on. Moreover, you can always get in touch with them via live chats and emails. Also, it offers an extensive knowledge base for its users.  

Hostwinds Support

Plans & Pricing  

You can find different pricing structures with Hostwinds as follows:

Hourly VPS Options Shared Hosting Linux VPS Business Hosting Linux VPS 
Starts at $0.006931  Starts at $6.74 Starts at $8.24 Starts at $10.49 Starts at $12.74 
Solid State Drives Solid State Drives Solid State Drives Solid State Drives Solid State Drives 
Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains 

10. Pantheon  


Pantheon was initially created for Drupal but is now widely used for WordPress management. The hosting service can now manage both Drupal and WordPress sites. Also, it offers automated site monitoring, role-based site access, cloud integration tools, and more.  

With Pantheon, your operations will be faster without requiring the server’s command. Not to forget, its ultra-fast cache boosts the service at lightning speed. Further, it’s user-friendly even for beginners and guarantees to deliver excellent performance.  

Why Pantheon Makes a Good SiteGround Alternative?  

  • It offers both Drupal and WordPress hosting.  
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) is available.  
  • It allows conducting migration without any infrastructural change.  
  • Pantheon offers smooth scaling and high-performance hosting.  
  • It maintains 99.99% uptime for your website. 

Customer Support  

Pantheon’s 24/7 support team consists of real developers and engineers. The expert team easily solves your issues, identifies the root causes of problems, and provides solutions.  

Pantheon Customer Support

Plans & Pricing 

Pantheon comes with three cost-effective shared hosting plans as follows:

Basic Plan Performance Plans Elite Plans 
$41/mo. $160/mo. Annual Billing 
20GB SSD Storage Up to 200GB SSD Storage 200GB+ SSD Storage 
Free & Managed HTTPS Free & Managed HTTPS Free & Managed HTTPS 
Entry-level plan Four set plans Custom tier/ Design plans as requirements 


There’s no doubt that SiteGround is among the top web hosting services available in the market. Despite being one of the leading companies, it still lacks in certain aspects. So, it’s always a great idea to go for SiteGround alternatives that are equally good, if not better. 

So, that’s why we’ve covered the 10 best SiteGround alternatives to choose from in our article. They’re packed with affordable prices, reliable speed, performance, and not to forget security and customer support.  

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