10 Best Namecheap Alternatives & Competitors for 2022

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Are you searching for Namecheap alternatives? Well, we got your back; because in this article, we’ve rounded up the reputed domains and hosting providers that are the best alternative to Namecheap.

As the name suggests, Namecheap is the cheapest domain and hosting provider that offers feature-rich products and services suitable for any website. But, cheap price doesn’t always guarantee quality in every aspect.

So, in this article, we’ve included the 10 best Namecheap alternatives that deliver top-notch features, unparalleled quality, secured network, fast loading speed, and website building tools.

But before starting our list, let’s look at why to go for a Namecheap alternative!

Why Look for Namecheap Alternatives?

Undeniably, Namecheap offers the most affordable domain registration and hosting plans with essential features and webmaster tools. Likewise, all domain plans have unmetered bandwidth, easy-to-use cPanel, domain privacy, backups, etc.

Similarly, in its starter hosting plan, you’ll get a free domain name, 20 GB SSD, free Content Delivery Network (CDN), free website migration, etc. Perhaps this is why they have 10 million domains under its management.

So you may be wondering why to look for Namecheap alternatives. To be honest, Namecheap’s performance is indeed quite inconsistent, as they have just two data centers worldwide. Therefore, choosing a server location closer to your audience is difficult.

In addition, their Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are not completely free, and they charge you more to get an encrypted connection for your website. Also, the cost of Namecheap renewal plans is twice in comparison to their regular plans.

Moreover, their products and services lack features like caching managers and site analytics tools. Finally, talking about their support system, they’re unable to provide phone support for their users so far.

These are some major flaws of Namecheap. And due to these reasons, you may need to look at its alternatives that fulfill your needs and preferences even if you’ve got a limited budget.

So, now without any further ado, let’s jump into our list of 10 best Namecheap alternatives and competitors.

10 Best Namecheap Alternatives & Competitors

1. Bluehost

Best Namecheap Alternative Bluehost

Bluehost is a prominent name in the industry that has powered more than two million websites as of today. It offers a range of products and services at a cheaper price, yet loaded with extensive features. Moreover, Bluehost’s all web hosting service plans include a free domain for the first year, free CDN, SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, etc.

You can also seamlessly update, transfer, purchase, and manage your domain with Bluehost. Besides that, it offers 99.99% uptime, and its loading time is between 600 milliseconds to 900 milliseconds. Plus, its features like SiteLock secure your website from malware and hackers, and CodeGuard provides more backups options.

What Makes Bluehost a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • In all domain plans of Bluehost, Microsoft 365 is integrated. However, Namecheap only offers this feature in their business package.
  • Unlike Namecheap, Bluehost offers Domain Privacy + Protection that scans your website and alerts you if there is any harmful malware.

What Makes Bluehost a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • Most of the Namecheap hosting plans come with limited storage space, but Bluehost provides unlimited storage space in all of their plans except for shared plans.
  • Bluehost provides more IPs, backups, high security, and A.I driven website templates and layouts.

Customer Support

Bluehost has a great customer support system that includes live chats, email, support tickets, and 24/7 phone support. Also, it has a knowledge base section that has every material and resource you need to solve your problem.

Bluehost Support

Bluehost Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$12.99$18.99$9.99$4.99

Bluehost Hosting Plans and Pricing

Shared HostingDedicated HostingVPS Hosting

2. GoDaddy

Aternative to Namecheap Godaddy

GoDaddy is among the best domain and hosting providers with 20 million customers and 84+ million domain names under its management. It provides fast and reliable service and has 37,000 servers located in 9 facilities across the globe.

In fact, with its 99.95% uptime, your site will be online almost 100% of the time. Moreover, It’s officially recommended by both WordPress as well as WooCommerce.

It has a user-friendly cPanel, and you can install an application like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal with a single click. Plus, it offers DDoS protection for your site so that you’ll be able to mitigate the incoming threat. Also, it offers marketing tools like custom templates, images, themes, analytics, free WordPress installation, etc.

What Makes GoDaddy a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • Unlike Namecheap, GoDaddy provides 2-factor authentication when you transfer or delete a domain which adds an extra layer of security for your domain.
  • GoDaddy secures your DNS with DNSSEC and a built-in error checking system.

What Makes GoDaddy a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • To secure your site’s data and information GoDaddy has 37,000 servers across three continents.
  • With the industry’s best performance and load times, GoDaddy also offers Windows Hosting for .NET, ASP, .Net Core, SQL server user, etc.

Customer Support

GoDaddy has great customer support, and its support system is available in multiple languages. You can get in touch with them from their online community, live chats, phone calls, and 24/7 help center.

Godaddy Support

GoDaddy Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$3.92$14.33$1.47$7.12

GoDaddy Hosting Plans and Pricing

Web HostingDedicated HostingVPS Hosting
(Standard RAM)

3. InMotion

Inmotion Hosting

InMotion has 20+ years of experience in delivering the best hosting services, and so far, it has amassed 570,000+ customers. It’s a complete solution to host your apps, websites, and register domain. Furthermore, InMotion is dedicated to security for protecting your website or projects from online threats and offers free Content Management System (CMS) installation.

Apart from that, it’s one of the best Namecheap alternatives that come with a free SSL Certificate, unlimited bandwidth, website builder, advanced caching, and more. Plus, it has a bare metal server that is a physical server dedicated to a single tenant. Also, it offers free dedicated IPs, data transfer, Software RAID, etc.

What Makes InMotion a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • Even with the basic plan of InMotion, you get 10 free emails whereas, with Namecheap, you need to pay an extra cost for email.
  • Unlike Namecheap, InMotion offers unlimited SSD storage and free security suite.

What Makes InMotion a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • With the InMotion hosting plan, you can host unlimited websites, whereas Namecheap only allows you to host limited sites.
  • InMotion offers free marketing tools, Google workspace, and advanced caching.

Customer Support

InMotion provides 24/7 live chat and phone calls. In addition, it has an online community where users can interact to solve their problems. Also, it has a separate WordPress tutorial section helping you to set and manage your WordPress website effectively.

Inmotion Support

InMotion Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$17.99$17.99$17.99$17.99

InMotion Hosting Plans and Pricing

Web HostingDedicated HostingVPS Hosting

4. Hostinger

Hostinger Best Namecheap Alternative

Since 2007, Hostinger has been providing high-quality hosting services with the most affordable plans. It offers enhanced security features such as a SPAM filter, virus scanner, custom email filters, DNS Editor, etc. Plus, to make your website stay up and running all the time, it offers 99.9% uptime.

It has a reliable server, and fully supports Cloudflare CDN – making your website load faster. You also get Zyro website builder with Hostinger, which comes with A. I tools, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. Besides that, Hostinger is also a trusted domain registrar company offering a wide range of top-level domain (TLDs), affordable renewals, domain privacy protection, etc.

What Makes Hostinger a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • With Hostinger’s basic plan for a domain, you can get 30GB SSD, whereas you’ll only get 20 GB SSD with Namecheap’s basic plan.
  • It offers Domain Privacy + Protection for scanning your website and alerts you if there is any malware or vulnerability.

What Makes Hostinger a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • Unlike Namecheap, Hostinger’s shared plans offer CloudLinux OS, 100+ apps, and a website builder that too free for a month.
  • Hostinger is the best alternative to Namecheap due to its LSCache plugins, dual uplinks with multiple ISPs, and GZIP compression.

Customer Support

Hostinger provides phenomenal support where they resolve their customer issues with live chat throughout the year using the Messenger-style platform called Intercom. And they also offer a knowledge base and how-to tutorials to solve your issues.

Hostinger Support

Hostinger Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$9.99$12.99$9.99$0.99

Hostinger Hosting Plans and Pricing

Web HostingCloud HostingVPS Hosting
(Single Shared Hosting)
(Cloud Startup)
(VPS 1)

5. DreamHost


DreamHost offers feature-rich services that are suitable for every hosting need. Also, it gives webmasters an easy-to-use tool to create a new website in no time. Moreover, DreamHost offers unlimited storage, data transfers, backups, 24-hour support, free SSL certificates, and more at a pretty minimal cost.

Besides hosting, DreamHost is also well known as a domain registrar company. It offers free WHOIS domain privacy in all of its plans. In addition, it provides professional web designing, development, marketing, and site management services.

What Makes DreamHost a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • With DreamHost’s Shared, VPS, and Dedicated plan, you’ll get an unlimited subdomain for free.
  • DreamHost makes it easy to manage domains, edit DNS records and set up domain forwarding.

What Makes DreamHost a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • With the DreamHost starter plan, you can get free automated WordPress migration, website builder, and unlimited traffic.
  • Unlike Namecheap, DreamHost offers a pre-installed Jetpack plugin for free, and also you can get an unlimited email for your site.

Customer Support

DreamHost allows you to chat every day between 3:00 AM-9:30 PM PT through the panel, and they have an email support system for 24/7/365. Also, to ease you, it offers a knowledge base and forums where you can get solutions to each problem.

Dreamhost Support

DreamHost Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$7.99$10.99$11.99$2.99

DreamHost Hosting Plans and Pricing

Shared HostingDedicated HostingVPS Hosting
(Shared Starter)

6. HostGator


HostGator is a well-known domain and hosting provider offering tons of features and tools to create any website in a breeze. For example, it allows you to activate Cloudflare to improvising your site’s performance, reduce latency, lowers CPU usage, etc. In addition, HostGator offers free SSL certificates, automated backups, free website migration, site builders, and more.

It guarantees 99.9% uptime. Plus, its site loading speed is 1.03 seconds, and the average response time is 143.4 milliseconds. Furthermore, it has advanced security features like the SiteLock which scans your website for malware. And, you’ll get the Spam Assassin feature on their email plans to prevent spam from hitting your inbox.

What Makes HostGator a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • It makes sure to prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain names.
  • At an affordable price, you can buy a wide range of TLDs that comes with DNS management, privacy protection, and auto-renewal.

What Makes HostGator a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?               

  • With HostGator, you’ll get unmetered disk space, Cloudflare CDN, and free emails.
  • It allows you to transfer MySQL and script for free. And offer free HostGator website builder in all of their plans.

Customer Support

You can contact HostGator through 24/7 live chat, phone calls, and email. In addition, they have a customer portal, support portal, video tutorial, and blogs to help you fix any issues.

Hostgator Customer Support

HostGator Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$12.95$12.95$12.95$3.95

HostGator Hosting Plans and Pricing

Shared HostingDedicated HostingVPS Hosting
$2.75/mo(Hatchling Plan)$89.98/mo(Value Server)$23.95/mo(Snappy 2000)

7. SiteGround

Namecheap Alternative Siteground

SiteGround is one of the best Namecheap alternatives that offers reliable uptime, high security, extensive features, and flawless performance. Its all plan includes daily backups, staging tool, unlimited subdomain, free CDN, unlimited MySQL database, and more. You’ll also get WordPress and Joomla toolkits to create any website in no time.

Furthermore, it has SuperCacher, i.e., a complete caching solution for boosting your website loading speed. Also, it has deployed Brotli by default, so hosted websites could get up to 15-20% speed gains. And, SiteGround uses QUIC technology that allows your site to load faster even if your visitor has slow internet.

What Makes SiteGround a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • Along with unlimited free subdomains, it offers domain extensions, like .xyz, .email, etc.
  • It also offers free email accounts, DNS records, and a setup/edit domain forwarding feature.    

What Makes SiteGround a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • Every SiteGround comes with free SSH and SFTP access and automated daily backup.
  • Its hosting plan offers fast server monitoring, LXC-based Stability, hardware, and power redundancy.

Customer Support

Similarly, like the rest of the hosting providers, it also provides 24/7 support. You can get expert help through email, chat, or direct phone calls. Also, you can use their knowledge base section to fix your problem.

Siteground Customer Support

SiteGround Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$17.99$19.99$19.99$24.99

SiteGround Hosting Plans and Pricing

Web HostingCloud HostingWordPress Hosting
(Jump Start)

8. Domain.com

Best Namecheap Alternative Domain.Com

If you want a feature-rich domain register service that also offers secure web hosting plans, then Domain.com is the best option. For example, you can register top-level domains and buy over 25 country code top-level domains (ccTLD) with Domain.com. Plus, it comes with one-click WordPress installation, website builder, SiteLock, etc.

Moreover, its basic hosting plan offers unlimited storage, free domain name, free SSL certificate, and scalable bandwidth. You can also get 25 databases and 25 FTP logins with its deluxe plan. Best of all, it provides expert help to build a website and strategic marketing plan that helps to grow your business.

What Makes Domain.com a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • You’ll get Domain Privacy + Protection, which prevents your personal information from being exposed.
  • Unlike Namecheap, Domain.com stops domain-related junk email, spam, and phone calls.

What Makes Domain.com a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • Every Domain.com hosting plan includes 24/7 network monitoring and DDoS protection.
  • Its starter plan offers unlimited storage, 10 MySQL databases, and 5 FTP logins.

Customer Support

Domain.com provides easy-to-understand video tutorials, a knowledge base, and blogs so you can fix your issues by yourself. However, if you need expert help, you can contact them through live chat and email.

Domain.Com Customer Support

Domain.com Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$9.99$12.99$8.99$4.99

Domain.com Hosting Plans and Pricing

BasicWordPress Hosting
(WP Starter)

9. iPage


iPage is another trustworthy alternative to Namecheap that provides a complete domain and hosting package. In addition, it offers autoresponders, spam filters, virus checking, free SSL certificate, etc. To add more,  every hosting plan includes unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, and popular CMS platforms.

Furthermore, it has customizable layouts and an iPage website builder for creating a professional and eye-catching website without hassle. iPage also protects your website from spammers and malware as it offers security features like a custom firewall. Besides that, it has analytics tools included in its web hosting plan to evaluate your site’s performance.

What Makes iPage a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • With iPage, you can seamlessly transfer your domain free of cost.
  • Its all domain plan includes DNS management, email forwarding, domain lock, and automatic renewal.

What Makes iPage a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • Unlike Namecheap, iPage offers unlimited domain, email marketing integration, unlimited MySQL databases, etc.
  • It allows you to manage your email accounts with third-party apps, like Outlook.

Customer Support

iPage has an expert support team that responds fast to fix any issues. You can contact them through live chat, phone support, and emails. Also, it has a blog section where you can get related articles to solve your problem.

iPage Customer Support

 iPage Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$9.99$11.99$8.99$8.99

iPage Hosting Plans and Pricing

BasicWordPress Hosting
(Go Plan)
$3.75(WP Starter)

10. Network Solution

Network Solution

Network Solution is another Namecheap competitor with 25+ years of experience and is trusted by fortune 500 companies. It offers unique features like free business LLC formation and daily malware scans and removal. It also has a CodeGuard feature that automatically backs up your website and keeps your information safe.

Furthermore, all hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate to make your website secure. Its fast loading speed and easy-to-use cPanel give you the best hosting experience. Other than that, it’s also well-known for selling domains with multiple layered security for maximum reliability.

What Makes Network Solution a Good Namecheap Alternative for Domain?

  • It prohibits the registration of your trademark with domain extensions that help to protect your online reputation.
  •  It provides 2-factor authentication when you transfer or delete a domain.

What Makes Network Solution a Good Namecheap Alternative for Hosting?

  • Offers free business LLC formation
  • It back up your website files automatically and safeguards the important information and data.

Customer Support

To fix your problem, its support teams are available 24/7/365. They offer live chats, phone, and email support as well.

Network Solution Customer Support

Network Solution Domain Plans and Pricing

1st Year (Purchase)$12.99$14.99$9.99$27.99

Network Solution Hosting Plans and Pricing

Web HostingWordPress Hosting
(WordPress for Entrepreneurs)

Wrapping It Up!

So that’s all for our list of 10 best Namecheap alternatives. Of course, like every domain and hosting provider, Namecheap has pros and cons. Likewise, there are several services that Namecheap fails to provide, such as unlimited SSD storage, free emails, phone calls, analytics tools, etc.

However, you can get what you need at an affordable price with our listed domain and hosting provider. In addition, most of our enlisted platform comes with the best uptime, easy-to-use cPanel, backup, security, expert customer support, and more. So don’t hesitate to pick one that suits you best for your business.

Other than that, if you want to know about the best cheap WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, or best domain registrar, then don’t forget to visit our blog.

Lastly, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates about the latest WordPress articles.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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