7 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins for 2020! [Free + Premium]

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Are you looking for the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins?

No matter what kind of website you have, you’re always going to want to use Google Analytics. This amazing tool collects data and generates useful reports, that will help you better understand your visitors. Despite being free, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better analytics tool on the market.

However, the process of actually enabling Google Analytics for your site can be confusing, especially if you’re a beginner. But thankfully, there’re plenty of beginner-friendly plugins to help you easily set up Google Analytics on your WordPress site.

We’ve listed out 7 of the best ones in this article. Before we get into that though, let’s talk about Google Analytics first.

What is Google Analytics and Why Use it?

google analytics

If you’re still unsure about what exactly Google Analytics itself brings to the table, then don’t worry. Here are some clear reasons why you should give it a chance:

i) Traffic Reports: Google Analytics will provide you useful data on the visitors that come to your site each day. You can easily see which pages are popular and which are underperforming. Using that, you can uncover insights about the performance of your website.

ii) Conversion Reports: It also allows you to measure how effective links and referral sources are at bringing in traffic to your site. Using this, you can have a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not regarding your incoming traffic.

iii) Data Presentation and Management: Sorting through data doesn’t have to be boring. It allows you to create Google Analytics dashboards to organize and manage relevant data. To make things even easier, you can have interesting visualizations for the statistics.

iv) Cost: All these useful features and you get Google Analytics for absolutely free. If you want, you can even use a free plugin to integrate it with WordPress and get a ton of use out of it, all without spending a single dollar.

With that established, let’s go ahead and check out why to use a Google Analytics WordPress plugin.

Why You Need a Google Analytics WordPress Plugin?

Now that you know Google Analytics is a really useful tool to understand your site visitors and make informed decisions about your business. But how can you add this tool to your WordPress site? The process may be a bit confusing at first.

Firstly, you have to set up a Google Analytics account of your own. Doing so will provide you with a specific tracking code. To allow Google Analytics to track your site, you’ll need to add this code into all the pages of your website.

google analytics tracking code

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also have to go to the Google Analytics website if you want to check your data.

Fortunately, there are Google Analytics WordPress plugins to help you out. These plugins will make the whole setup process super fast as well as easy. You can also view your data straight from your WordPress Dashboard.

Google Site Kit Dashboard

Not just that, some of those plugins can even add new and useful features to your site. With them, you’ll be able to make the best possible use of Google Analytics.

If you’re looking for the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve handpicked the best free as well as premium options so you can go for the one you prefer.

7 of the Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins for your Website

1. Site Kit

Site Kit by Google

Starting this list is Site Kit, an official plugin from Google. It was created to bring data from the various Google services right to your WordPress Dashboard.

While lacking in the in-depth data of the premium plugins, it’s still a convenient option that has the added benefit of being supported by Google. You can set the whole thing up in a few clicks and then you’re ready to start. As long as you have a Google Analytics account, it should all be super easy.

Of course, the main draw of this plugin is the integration with all the other Google services, including Search Console, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights, to just name a few. Site Kit is just a really good all-in-one stop for the stats you can get from Google.

Key Features:

  • Easy to understand stats presented on the WordPress Dashboard
  • Seamless integration with other Google Services
  • Quick and easy setup with zero coding needed
  • Officially supported by Google
  • Lightweight and simple without any unnecessary bloat

Price: FREE

2. MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is a popular plugin designed specifically to help you make the best possible use of Google Analytics. One of the most popular plugins out there, just about anyone can benefit from adding it to their site.

If the idea of setting up analytics for your site is intimidating for you, then MonsterInsights will be of great help. With this plugin, you won’t need to mess about with coding or anything like that. It’s all a simple and streamlined process. After just a few clicks, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of your user base.

This plugin is not just easy to use, it comes with a ton of amazing features as well. You’ll get extensive reports on your user behavior, conversion rates, and much more. You’ll be ready to start optimizing your website in no time at all.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly Dashboard with analytics data
  • Enhanced eCommerce tracking with support for MemberPress, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Automatically track affiliate links, banner ads, and other outbound links 
  • View highly detailed stats for each post and page
  • Compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations

Price: $199 to $799

3. Analytify


When it comes to Google Analytics plugins, Analytify is another great option. This useful plugin has been created to help you effectively collect and manage all your important data. To help with that, all of its stats are presented in a way that just about anyone can understand.

You’ll have a ton of useful statistics about your site presented attractively, right on a Dashboard. Analytify allows you to see the overall stats or just check out the ones for specific posts or pages. The plugin also contains a dedicated dashboard for all your Real-Time stats along with Social Media stats. 

If you’re happy with the basic features then you won’t have to pay anything for Analytify. However, if you’re looking for a premium plugin with a powerful set of features then it’ll serve you perfectly well. If that wasn’t enough, you can even have more features by purchasing its various add-ons.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly presentation of all stats
  • Separate dashboard for real-time stats
  • Supports automated Email reports
  • Special eCommerce tracking features
  • Useful breakdown of Social Media stats

Price: $39 to $199 (Free Version Available)

4. ExactMetrics


ExactMetrics is another popular option when it comes to integrating Google Analytics in WordPress. This plugin boasts a powerful set of analytics tools, put together in a user-friendly package. Right from your WordPress Dashboard, you’ll be able to look up all the important statistics for your site.

With its super-accurate data, you can get a good idea of how things are going for your site. There are amazingly useful stats such as the bounce rates, organic searches, referrals, etc. that will help you optimize your content. It also supports page-level metrics so you’ll be able to check how each page and post is doing.

On top of that, it has features like affiliate tracking, real-time stats, and eCommerce tracking to just name a few. Despite all that, the plugin still manages to be super fast as it has been well-optimized. On the whole, there’s a lot to like about it.

Key Features:

  • Easy Analytics Dashboard with actionable insights
  • Details page-level insights
  • Automatically track external links like affiliate links and banner ads
  • Advanced features to improve performance
  • Compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA

Price: $99.50 to $699.50

5. GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics

If you want a lightweight plugin that does its job without hassle then GA Google Analytics is for you. With this free plugin, you can start tracking the analytics of your website right away.

Designed for simplicity, it will allow you to use the insights provided by Google Analytics without any unnecessary bells and whistles. If you just want to track the performance of your site without having to spend money then you can’t go wrong with GA Google Analytics. However, you’ll need to login to your Google Analytics to check the data

Another convenient feature of this plugin is that it protects the data of your users. It even has a convenient ‘Opt-out Box’ to enable users to disable tracking. As a result, you won’t have to worry about GDPR compliance for your site.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and super fast without any bloat
  • Respects the privacy of your visitors with an Opt-out box on the frontend
  • Allows for easy customization of the Google Analytics tracking code
  • Highly intuitive to use
  • Disable the tracking of admin-level users

Price: FREE

6. Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

As the name suggests, Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce has been designed specifically with eCommerce sites in mind. If you want to learn more about your customers and grow your business, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option.

You’ll be able to install Google Analytics into your WooCommerce store with just a few clicks. There’s absolutely no coding needed at all. Soon enough, you’ll have all the information you need to cater to customers better.

This plugin gives you detailed reports on customer behavior during shopping and checkout. Moreover, the plugin will give you in-depth data on sales and product performance. You’ll even be able to find out the impressions and clicks for all of the products on your site. All in all, this plugin has a lot to offer for online stores.

Key Features:

  • Quick and user-friendly configuration
  • Tracks impressions, clicks, and add-to-cart rates for every product
  • Useful data on preferred payment methods
  • Different reports for shopping, checkout, sales, coupons, and much more. 
  • Special features for the sake of GDPR compliance

Price: $135

7. Google Analytics WD

WD Google Analytics

By using Google Analytics WD, you’ll be able to learn everything you need about your visitors with just a few clicks.

As you might expect, this plugin comes with comprehensive google analytics reports on page views, bounce rates, and similar metrics. However, Google Analytics WD takes things to the next level with real-time data, eCommerce report, custom dimensions, and more. To make things even clearer, you can also make comparisons by data range and metrics.

This Google Analytics WordPress plugin supports automated notifications and email reports so that you can keep track of how your site is doing while the plugin handles the rest. As a cherry on top, it can also provide useful reports for Google AdSense and AdWords.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive stats and reports on your WordPress Dashboard
  • Multiple options design and layout options for the reports
  • Compare by Date Range or Metrics
  • Integration with Google AdSense and AdWords
  • Receive scheduled emails for any report

Price: $85 to $150

Wrapping it Up:

So this was our article on the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins that you can find out there. As you can see, there are a lot of different options depending on your needs and price range. You can’t really go wrong with any of them, since they’re all good in their own right

If you have any questions then we’ll be happy to answer them for you. Just leave them in the comment section below. For more informative content on WordPress, you can check out some of our other articles.


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