How to Design a Logo for your WordPress Site: 10 Free Logo Makers

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A logo serves as an important part of a company’s brand identity, just as your domain name. Whatever popular company you think of, the first thing that would come to your mind is its logo. A well-designed logo can as easily build your popularity as a badly designed logo can ruin it. Thus, one needs to be sure that their brand logo defines their business and is made keeping your company’s vision and motto in mind.

From brand logos that have hidden meanings like FedEx and Toyota to logos with only company’s name like Netflix and Oracle, all are made with an intention to create a permanent image in viewers’ mind of the company. Therefore, the color used, the font chosen, text placement, the icon used and many more such details are considered when designing a logo for a company.

Now if you do not have a designer or do not want to spend money on hiring designers then, there are tools that can help you get that perfect logo design for your business. Besides, these tools will help you make a good-looking logo if you are creating a portfolio website.

Let’s take a look at a few of them-

1. Canva


While most people know Canva as a tool to make social media images, there is more to Canva than that. The logo maker that they provide is one of the simplest logo makers that can be easily used even by people who do not have the slightest experience in the design process.

The steps are simple-

  1. Create an account by signing up on Canva,
  2. Choose templates from their library, for e.g. if you are starting a custom t shirt design business you can select templates from the library that is most relevant to your business.
  3. Use either Canva’s free element or upload your own graphic,
  4. Add text, filters, etc. and make any other changes as you may deem fit,
  5. After completion, you have the option to save or share the file.

Our Review – A nice platform with multiple options to add image and icons. The one thing they need to improve is to have more templates for the logo section.

Visit Canva

2. Designhill


Designhill is a design crowdsourcing website, but they also have an amazing free logo creator to use if you want to give your design skill a test. Designhill’s free logo maker has everything that you need to design an amazing logo within 2 minutes.

Let’s take a look at the process involved-Visit Designhill free logo maker tool

  1. Visit Designhill free logo maker tool
  2. Add text, line, select icon based on your industry
  3. Next, add a frame to your logo
  4. Once done you can easily preview and save the logo
  5. Next, click on the download button and get your final logo design file.

Our Review – Neatly categorized icons and the option to download the logo in various formats. If they give the option to upload an image then it would be hard for competitors to beat this platform.

Visit Designhill

3. Ucraft


Ucraft is basically a website builder, which under its product belt offers free logo editor tool. The distinctive feature of Ucraft logo maker tool is the cartoonish appeal it gives to the logo design, so use it if your target audience is someone that can relate to it. This is how one can use Ucraft to make its logo maker-Visit their website.

This is how one can use Ucraft to make its logo maker-Visit their website.

  1. Visit their website.
  2. Add icons, shapes, and text of your choice
  3. To download sign in and you would have an attractive logo in .png format

Our Review- Use when you want to try something different from the usual design. The only shortcoming is that they have limited number of icons.

Visit Ucraft

4. Shopify Logo Maker


Undoubtedly, Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in use. Shopify not only makes it easy for the store owner to make an e-commerce website but also has a very simple to use online logo maker. The 4 step process involves-Adding your store/business name

The 4 step process involves-Adding your store/business name

  1. Adding your store/business name
  2. Select the icon that is most relevant to your business.Specify the position of the icon
  3. Specify the position of the icon
  4. Enter your email address and Shopify would send you the logo there.

Our Review– Overall a simple platform for basic logo needs. Need to have images according to the category.

Visit Shopify Logo Maker

5. Logaster


Logaster is different from other logo makers in the sense that Logaster themselves suggest logo design for your company. With a 4 step process, you can easily get a logo that is relatable to your field. Following are the steps involved-Enter your company name and the field in which your company works.

Following are the steps involved-

  1. Enter your company name and the field in which your company works.
  2. Choose the logo that you think is most relevant to your company.
  3. Click on edit logo concept if you want to make any changes in the logo design.
  4. Once done you need to create an account to download the file. You can download low quality file for free or else pay $9.99 to get a high-resolution file.

Our Review– Logo suggestion is one of their biggest plus points as it removes the hard work of choosing a logo. Would recommend if you have little design knowledge.

Visit Logaster

6. Online logo maker


Online logo maker boasts of its simple interface and the option to upload images. Take a look at the process involved in designing logo through online logo maker-Visit their website and you would find three simple options.

  1. Visit their website and you would find three simple options.You
  2. You can add text, symbols and even upload an image of your own.
  3. Upon making the final logo you need to register to download the logo. For free one can download the logo at 500px, while for the high-resolution image they charge you a small amount.

Our Review– They have a good collection of image and the option to upload your own image is truly a boon.

Visit Online Logo Maker

7. Graphicspring Free Logo Maker


One of the distinctive features provided by Graphicspring is the guided tutorial on what to do next. Also, they have quite a number of customization option available. Let’s see how to design a logo using Graphicspring-Firstly add your business name. One also has the option to add taglines to your business.

Let’s see how to design a logo using Graphicspring-Firstly add your business name. One also has the option to add taglines to your business.

  1. Firstly add your business name. One also has the option to add taglines to your business.
  2. Next, add images which you can choose from the several categories based on your business area.
  3. You can edit the logo to make any required changes.
  4. You can then select from their available plans to get a high-quality logo in several formats.

Our Review– Simple to use with a good collection of images and a useful guided experience.

Visit Graphicspring Logo Maker

8. Design Free Logo Online


They offer 3D logo design which makes the logo look like it is popping out of the screen. They have a pre-made list of logo design that one can edit to make the logo as per their brand.

The steps to design the logo are as follows-

  1. Select any of their free logo design,
  2. After this one gets the option to edit the name, slogan and logo image,
  3. Once done you can save the logo in .jpg, .png or .pdf file.

Our Review– Good collection of pre-made logos that can be easily edited. They can work on making their interface a little more user user-friendly.

Visit Design Free Logo Online

9. Looka


Looka makes logos based on what you like. They also make it easy and fun to create a logo that you’ll be proud of.

The process they have deployed is as follows-

  1. Enter your company name
  2. Pick 5 or more logo design that you like. This helps them to know about your taste and they would generate the logos according to your selection.
  3. Next, you can select the color you like. While selecting the color keep in mind your website, brand, etc.
  4. If you want you can add your slogan. This is an optional feature.
  5. In the search box, you can search for any icon that you want for your logo design.
  6. Looka would then generate logo suggestion which one can see upon creating an account.

Our review– The variety of options shown based on your liking is what gives them an extra edge. The price though is on the higher side, but anyway you have to pay only if you like the design.

Visit Looka

10. Squarespace logo maker


Squarespace is one of the best website builders offering a complete platform for creating a website with ease. Besides, it offers an amazing logo making tool.

One of the best things about Squarespace logo maker is that they show the preview of what your logo would look like on a website, t-shirt, etc. Thus one can get a broader perspective of their logo. Their process is dead simple involving just three steps-Type your company name. Upon hitting enter you get the option to add your tagline

Their process is dead simple involving just three steps-

  1. Type your company name. Upon hitting enter you get the option to add your tagline.
  2. Search and add symbols.
  3. Once done you can hit the save logo button to get your logo design. There are two options- one is to get a low-resolution image for free or else one can pay $10 for the high-resolution image.

Our review– Simple to use platform with the preview feature being an added plus. What could be improved is the available icons that need to be more industry specific.

Visit Squarespace logo maker

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Wrapping Up

With so many tools available we would suggest trying your hands on a few of them. You might find some of them not relevant to your company, some might be hard for you while on others you would find some good quality logo for your business. The important thing is that you need to take time and think about the design you want and then spend some good amount of time on few of these tools to bring your idea to life.

Also keep in mind to choose the right image, color, and font while designing your logo. So, these are few amazing free logo maker which we would recommend and some tips one must keep in mind while designing. Have you used any of these tools? What was your experience? Do share your reviews.

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