6 Of the Best Email Marketing Services & Solutions for 2020 – Compared

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One of the best ways to establish your businesses whether large or small corporations, digital marketing, especially email marketing is the key to a successful website. There are new digital marketing techniques developed lately but nothing has taken over its popularity. Email marketing still rules as the most popular strategy as it is highly reliable and trustworthy method that concentrates on one-to-one communication.

Email marketing is undoubtedly a buzzword timelessly, each of us would want to learn this.  While it is certainly a vague topic to get into, we have done our best to outline the usefulness and importance of integrating Email Marketing Services for your website. So let’s start off with the basics, what exactly is Email Marketing and how will it help you reach and build your audiences?

What is Email Marketing?

The simplest term that can be used to describe email marketing is the act of sending messages that are commercial to your target audience through email. Another simple definition is that every email that you send to your customers or potential customers that is related to your business can be considered email marketing. So how is it helpful in building your audience? Here are some points that outline the importance of it!

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  • First, Email Marketing is a targeted marketing strategy that gives you full control of choosing your target audience based o demographics, location or any data.
  • Consumers are exposed to your brand and your business with each email you send to them.
  • Unlike other marketing strategies, Email marketing is cost-effective.
  • Save time and effort using email marketing to promote your business.
  • Frequent and better communication with your audiences and users.
  • Better tracking and analytics of Sales and User Engagement.
  • Easy to share and forward.

Best Email Marketing Services for 2020 (Compared)

Now that you have the idea of what is email marketing and how it is helpful when it comes to marketing and promoting your website, let’s talk about email marketing services. Email marketing service providers are the sites that provide your site with all platforms or tools that take care of all of your email marketing needs. But there lies the age-old question, which one is better?

To answer your question and save your time and effort we have done all the research and present to you our list of Best Email Marketing Services out there. Not only this, find full-comparison of the services so that you choose the one that works the best for you!

Before we get into all the details, here is a comparison of all the services for reference if you don’t want to dwell on extreme detailing.

MailChimp Vs Aweber Vs Constant Contact Vs GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign Vs Benchmark
mail-chimp-logo aweber-logo get-response active-campaign benchmark
$10-$300/mo. $19-$149/mo. $20-$335/mo. $15-$1199/mo. $9-$229/mo. $13-$5499/mo.
free version available 30-days trial 60-days trial 30-days trial 14-days trial free version available
 Unlimited Emails  Unlimited Emails  Unlimited Emails  Unlimited Emails  Unlimited Emails  Unlimited Emails
 Unlimited Subscribers  Up to 25k Subscribers  Unlimited Subscribers  Upto 100k Subscribers  Unlimited Subscribers  Upto 1.2k Subscribers
 Visit Site  Visit Site  Visit Site  Visit Site  Visit Site  Visit Site

1. MailChimp


One of the very best Email Marketing services out there, MailChimp is certainly one of the largest providers of email marketing solutions to websites all over the world. Founded in 2001, MailChimp is based in Atlanta, GA and is owned by the company Rocket Science Group.

The company with millions of users all over the world boasts of sending out billions of emails every day through their platform. You can get all the basics features for free and if you want you can switch to their pro version in a matter of minutes. So why not join them and get the best of their email marketing tools and solutions?


Free Growing Business Pro Marketer
Free of Cost $14.99/month $299/month
0-2kSubscribers 0-500 Subscribers over 500 Subscribers
12k emails per month Unlimited emails Unlimited emails
 Pro features not available  Pro features not available  Pro features available

If you are still in the starting phase, we recommend you try out their free version before choosing to get a paid plan. The free plan enables you to send out as many as 12,000 emails every day to around 2,000 subscribers every month. If you exceed your subscribers to more than 2,000 or if you want to indulge in the pro features they provide then you can choose to switch to any of the paid plans that they provide.

Their pricing page features three different plans ranging from free to Growing Business of $10 per month and Pro Version of $199 per month.

Key Features

  • Option to send emails on a daily basis.
  • Targeted users to send emails to.
  • A range of plans to choose from.
  • Countless Email templates to try out.
  • Plugins available for WordPress for easier access.
  • Easy to switch plans as per need.

(Pro Version/ Added Features)

  • Optimized for speed with test variations.
  • Track and target using eCommerce data.
  • Comparative Reports to help you analyze.
  • Mandrill API available for MailChimp users.
  • High Volume Supporter for sending a huge number of emails.
  • Powerful and flexible automation.

Visit MailChimp   View Pricing

Our Take: If you are looking to get started with a limited budget or just want the service that solves all your email marketing dilemmas, then MailChimp is a cost-effective service provider that you won’t regret getting for your site

2. AWeber


Another popular name when it comes to email marketing, AWeber is also a great platform to help your site grow more with increased subscribers. Founded in 1998, AWeber is owned by the AWeber Systems. Inc which is also known as AWeber communications. Since their establishments, they have managed to gain over 100,000 of small businesses to grow their audience and users.

Fairly easy to use, the system of AWeber is user-friendly and effective. It also comes with the drag and drop builder to help you customize any of the pre-made templates to meet your needs. Great for small-scale businesses, join the users of AWeber with their plans and meet all your marketing needs solved.


Starter Growing Pro
$19-29/month $49-69/month $149
upto 500 subscribers 500-5k SubSubscribers, 10k-25k Subscribers
Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails

The Pricing plans that AWeber offers ranges from a lowest of $19 per month to the highest of $149 per month. Each of the pricing is based on the number of subscribers that you have on your site and the number of emails you send.

If you are not so sure about getting the paid plan right away, you also have the option to start a free trial of 30 days before you decide to get it for your site. Although not all features are available in the trial version, you can, however, get the basic idea about the usefulness of this service for your website. We recommend you try it out before joining their plan.

Key Features

  • An unlimited number of email can be sent.
  • A range of Price plans to choose from.
  • Drag and drop builder to create emails templates.
  • Option to choose from premade email template.
  • Targeted audience tracking.
  • Optimized for deliverability.
  • Powerful analytics and tracking.

(Features in high volume price plans)

  • High volume support to send unlimited emails.
  • Supports a large number of subscribers.
  • Optimized for speed.

Visit AWeber   View Pricing

Our Take: AWeber is best suited for small-scale businesses although you can use it even for larger corporations. The range of plans they provide and the easy to use features like drag and drop makes it one worth mentioning on our list.

3. Constant Contact


A great name in the field of email marketing, Constant Contact as the name says it all, helps you stay in constant contact with your users through emails. If you are new to the field you do not have to worry as Constant Contact also comes with a large list of guides to help you out. Best for small-scale businesses, you can also choose to use this service for larger ones.

Founded in 1995, the company first started out as Roving Software which later changed to the present name in 2004. Now owned by Endurance International, this service provider work on providing the users with email marketing solutions that are not only easy to use but works on a scale of corporate websites.


Email Email Plus
$20-$335/month $45-$335/month
1 GB File Storage 2 GB File Storage
Unlimited emails Unlimited emails
Plus Features not included Plus Features included

Coming to pricing, Constant Contact has two different price plans, Email and Email Plus. Both the plans have the basic email marketing feature but if you want more premium features like Email Automation, Online donations, and Coupons, the only Email Plus has those features.

Both the plans have a range that you can choose from based on your number of subscribers and emails you send every day. While Email has the price that ranges from $20 to $335, Email Plus price starts from $40 to $335. You also get a free trial version of 60 days in case you want to try it out before investing.

Key Features

  • Unlimited email sending options.
  • Advanced tracking and reporting.
  • Friendly and helpful customer support.
  • Pre-built email templates to choose from.
  • List Building tools included.

(Email Plus Features)

  • Advanced Email Automation.
  • Easy Event Marketing.
  • Option for Online Donation.
  • Include Surveys and Polls.
  • Option to add Coupons to your website.

Visit Constant Contact   View Pricing

Our Take: Constant Contact offers a great range of templates that works well with everything from Restaurants and Blogs to even real estates as well as eCommerce and retail that is a great way to start off your emails.

4. GetResponse


A great way to boost your websites, GetResponse offers an awesome platform to meet all of your email marketing needs. Founded in 1999 by Simon Grabowski, it is a global company that is owned privately all over the world. Available in around 21 different languages this works best with multilingual sites as well.

The main feature of this service provider is the option for Perfect Timing feature which detects the best time of the day to send emails out automatically. This helps in increasing the open rates by 23% and click rates by 20%. If you are looking to build your corporate site, this obviously makes a huge difference.


Basic Plus Professional Enterprise
$15/month $49/month $99/month $1199/month
1k Subscribers 5k Subscribers 10k Subscribers 100k Subscribers
Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails

When it comes to the pricing that GetResponse offers, there is a total of 4 pricing that you can choose from. It starts from the basic of $15 per month to the highest of $1199 per month. If you wish to try it out before investing, the providers also provide a 30-day free trial period.

The great thing about this email marketing service is that if you wish to pay them yearly then you receive 18% discount. And if you want to pay for two years beforehand you get a whole 30% off from the total amount to be paid whichever plan that you wish to get. You can start off with basic if you have a starter site, but if it is a sulky running huge corporation, then we recommend you either for the Max or the Enterprise plan.

Key Features

  • Perfect Timing features.
  • Autoresponders included.
  • Landing Pages (Basic)
  • Multilingual for translation ready sites.

(Added Features: Pro, Max, and Enterprise)

  • Advanced Landing Pages.
  • Increased number of Webinar attendees.
  • Deliverability consulting.
  • Account Manager.
  • Dedicated Infrastructure.
  • Custom DKIM.
  • Campaign consulting included.
  • Salesforce integration.

Visit GetResponse   View Pricing

Our Take: GetResponse is a great way to boost your audience through increased number of opened emails and clicked links. The exclusive Perfect Timing feature makes this email marketing worth a mention on our list of Best Email Marketing Service of 2020.

5. Active Campaign


Located and founded in Chicago, US, Active Campaign started out first in the year 2003. Although not as big as MailChimp, it certainly boasts the active users to be around 100,000 until now. Providing a range of plans from basic to pro, the email marketing service is certainly worth the mention on our list. From small scaled businesses to large corporation, because of their flexible plans, you can choose to get this email marketing service for your site.

If you are a starter when it comes to the service and if you have any confusions regarding Active Campaign, you can also schedule a 30-minute phone call or even physical meeting at the headquarters for a detailed explanation of how things work out.


Lite Plus Professional Enterprise
$15/month $70/month $159/month $279/month
Up to 3 Users Up to 25 Users Up to 50 Users Unlimited Users
Basic Features Advanced Features Advanced Features Advanced Features

When it comes to the pricing plans of Active Campaign, then you have the option choose the best plan for your site depending upon the number of subscribers that you have. The lowest plan starts from $23 per month and to the highest of $229 per month.

If you want to try out their service before committing to it, they also provide 14 days free trial with all the basic features. And once you think that this service serves you the best, you can switch to any one of their paid and premium plans in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

  • Unlimited email sending options.
  • Chat and Email Support.
  • Option to send out Newsletter.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • More than one user.

(Added Features: Plus, Professional, and Enterprise)

  • Custom User Permission.
  • Custom Domain name.
  • One on One Training.
  • Dedicated Account Representative.
  • Unlimited Users.
  • Free Social Data

Visit Active Campaign   View Pricing

Our Take: Active Campaign with its advanced marketing automation as well as other features is surely be a great addition to your site to build more audience. Thus, it is one name that deserves to be listed on our list today. 

6. Benchmark


An international internet-based service provider of Email marketing, Benchmark was founded in 2004 and is based in California, US. Now owned by Curt Keller and Denise Keller, the company was also listed in the 20 B2B Technologies To Try in 2017 by Forbes.

With that being said, Benchmark also features the World’s most powerful Email Designer to help you out. Not only this but the flexible paid plans that they provide will surely be enough to meet all your email marketing needs. Get all the advanced technologies and build your listing with Benchmark and join thousands of other happy customers right away.


Medium Large Extra Large Massive
$13-$27/mo. $285-359/mo. $659-846/mo. $4949-5499/mo.
Up to 1.5k Subscribers Up to 65k Subscribers Up to 175k Subscribers Up to-1200k Subscribers
Unlimited Emails Up to 910k Emails Up to 2450k Emails Up to 17000k Emails

When it comes to the pricing you can pay according to the number of your listings. The above-mentioned plans are an outline of how much you pay for the services. But you can scale their pricing according to your needs and subscribers.

If you do not want to spend directly on their priced plans, they also have a free version you can try out for free with all the basic features included.

Key Features

  • Responsive and creative email templates.
  • Unlimited Email sending options.
  • Email Delivery Management.
  • Google Analytics tracking.
  • Option for sign-up forms.

(Added Features: Paid Plans)

  • Email Follow-up Automation.
  • Website engagement Automation.
  • A/B Testing.
  • Automated Customer Journey Templates

Visit Benchmark   View Pricing

From major to minimal corporations, Benchmark has taken care of it all with their flexible plans of pricing and features. Probably one of the best out there, if you are looking for an email marketing solution, we recommend that you certainly try this out

Wrapping it Up!

So these were our list of Best Email Marketing Services for your websites and we hope by now you already have the idea about why it is important. With email marketing, not only will you be able to grow your audience, but you can also broaden your subscribers listing and have the full control of what you send and to whom.

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