10 Best ConvertKit Alternatives & Competitors for 2022  

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Are you searching for the best ConvertKit alternatives for email marketing? Then, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no doubt that ConvertKit is among the best email service providers for WordPress sites. Though it offers a feature-rich service, it’s considered expensive and has other drawbacks.   

And that’s why you might need to switch to its alternatives and competitors. You can explore various renowned ConvertKit competitors that provide equally top-notch services.  

So, let’s explore the ten best ConvertKit alternatives and competitors to choose from in our article.  

Why Look for ConvertKit Alternatives & Competitors? 

ConvertKit is a renowned email marketing tool that makes lead capturing easier and improves sales of your products by incorporating email capture forms anywhere.  


If you use WordPress, ConvertKit makes it even easier as it automatically appends forms to any of your pages or posts. The email marketing platform is loved by many users and has an active installation of 40,000+.  

Despite everything, it lacks a few things, so let’s look at it.  

  • Lack of Drag-and-Drop Editor: ConvertKit doesn’t offer a drag-and-drop email editor, which is a big necessity to design great-looking email campaigns quickly. This particular feature can be found in other platforms with a more intuitive editor.  
  • Limited A/B Testing: With ConvertKit, you can only split test your email subject lines. But if you use the tool’s alternatives, you can easily do the A/B test to analyze the progress of your entire campaign.  
  • Limited Pre-built HTML Templates: ConvertKit offers less variety of pre-built HTML templates as compared to its competitors. 
  • Email Lists: The email marketing tool doesn’t let you have multiple email lists and limits your account to only one list. However, with many of its email marketing competitors, you can set up as many subscriber lists as you wish.  

With that said, it’s time to look at the list of the best ConvertKit alternatives and competitors now.

10 Best ConvertKit Alternatives for 2022  

1. Mailchimp  


If you haven’t heard about Mailchimp, you’re missing out big time. It’s one of the oldest and most popular ones that’s been around for about 21 years. Mailchimp is famous for a reason, as along with the actual emailing bit; it also lets you create sign-up forms.

Further, it comes with various email templates if you’re not fond of HTML. Also, Mailchimp provides great analytics even in the free version. It provides you with a report of your emails, automation workflows, and drip campaigns in a simple dashboard that can be downloaded and automatically sent to others.                                                                

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • Mailchimp lets you have multiple sites on one account, but with ConvertKit, you need a separate account for every site.  
  • It’s best suited for eCommerce sellers, whereas ConvertKit is built more for bloggers.  
  • The entry-level tier allows you to Email up to 2,000 subscribers for free.  
  • The tool’s templates have flexibility as it lets you create 1,2 or 3 columns structures without any complexity.  
  • Offers marketing automation to design and personalize the customer journey. 

Customer Support  

Mailchimp has award-winning customer support with 14 international Stevies. The plugin’s support team and resources are available 24/7 via email and chat. Further, you can also communicate to solve queries with their weekday phone support (9 am- 5 pm ET). Also, you can access their guides and tutorials for self-help.  

Mailchimp Support

Pricing Plans  

Mailchimp offers a free plan and if you want to switch to their paid plans, they have the following structure: 

  • Essential: $11/mo. (For 500 Contacts)
  • Standard: $17/mo. (For 500 Contacts)
  • Premium: $299/mo. (For 500 Contacts)

2. ActiveCampaign  

ActiveCampaign Best ConvertKit Alternative

ActiveCampaign is a popular automation & email marketing tool and a strong ConvertKit alternative. The advanced platform offers great pre-built email templates, and a sales funnel for your site. With it, you can integrate professional landing page builder software and third-party shopping carts.  

Additionally, you get access to their CRM solution and robust sales with machine learning tools and lead scoring features for your campaigns. You also get site messaging with their plan, which is a pop-up to add a call to action and opt-in forms for your audience. Also, you can customize the form builder to boost conversion rates.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • ActiveCampaign allows split tests for more than just the email subject lines, unlike ConvertKit. With it, you can test the performance of your automation sequence to choose your best campaign.  
  • It’s comparatively cheaper per subscriber as compared to ConvertKit.  
  • ActiveCampaign offers more CRM features, and as for ConvertKit, it’s mainly an email automation service and lacks built-in CRM to automate sales.  
  • ActiveCampaign is best built for a full range of marketers, but ConvertKit is built mainly for bloggers.  
  • You can show personalized messages on your sites and even follow up with customers with Facebook ads with ActiveCampaign, whereas ConvertKit lacks these features.  

Customer Support  

ActiveCampaign has excellent customer support as they are available 24/7 via live chat. Further, you can also solve your queries with their how-to articles, tutorials, and guides.  

ActiveCampaign Support

Pricing Plans  

ActiveCampaign offers a free plan and their premium plans are as follows: 

  • Lite: $15/mo. (For 500 Contacts)
  • Plus: $70/mo. (For 500 Contacts) 
  • Professional: $187/mo. (For 500 Contacts) 
  • Enterprises: Custom Pricing

3. GetResponse  

GetResponse Top ConvertKit Competitor

GetResponse is known for its simplest way to manage all of your email marketing in one place. It tends to send regular email broadcasts and sets up an autoresponder in one place. Also, the tool offers 5,000 free stock photos and GIFs to design your emails.  

To add more, it’s integrated with webinar software that’ll contribute to higher conversion rates. Also, GetResponse has better landing page builder and automation features than ConvertKit. You can use their drag-and-drop editor to build your pages more quickly.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • With GetResponse, you get a specialized Webinar automation autoresponder workflow builder, which is unavailable with ConvertKit.  
  • GetResponse allows you to design and spam tests for your emails with no extra cost, whereas ConvertKit has no spam or design test.  
  • It has a fully customizable dashboard as compared to ConvertKit.  
  • The email marketing platform includes integration with Salesforce CRM.  
  • GetResponse has a comparatively low price despite having well-rounded and vital features.  

Customer Support  

GetResponse offers great award-winning customer support 24/7 via live chats and emails. Their email support is available in 8 languages. You can also get help through their how-to guides and tutorials.  

GetResponse Support

Pricing Plans  

If you want to switch up from GetResponse’s free plan, you can choose from the following plans: 

  • Email Marketing: $19/mo. (For 1000 Contacts) 
  • Marketing Automation: $59/mo. (For 1000 Contacts) 
  • Ecommerce Marketing: $119/mo. (For 1000 Contacts) 

4. Benchmark Email  

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is best suited for you if you’re someone new to email marketing and learning about it. It’s pretty budget-friendly and is excellent for small businesses that have recently indulged in email marketing. It assists in simplifying your complex tasks with its wide variety of email marketing tools.  

Besides that, it also comes with event, poll, and survey marketing tools for free. It offers a drag-and-drop email builder that makes the building process easier and faster. You can use their various email templates for every occasion like announcements, anniversaries, etc.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • Benchmark has a better user interface compared to ConvertKit due to its simplicity.  
  • It offers in-app help messages, which is very convenient for new users.  
  • You can preview your emails before sending them via its Inbox Checker for your popular email clients. As for ConvertKit, it lets you preview emails only in the browser or inbox.  
  • Benchmark is integrated with 1500+ services like Zapier, Facebook, PayPal, Shopify, Slack, etc.  
  • The paid plan lets you create sub-accounts that can be managed with a master account which is lacking in ConvertKit. They all have paid features, and you can even add your team members to the account.  

Customer Support  

Benchmark Email offers support via chat, phone, and Email. Live chat and phone support are available 24/7, whereas email turnaround time is estimated to be 24 hours. Besides, it also offers knowledge bases, how-to tutorials, and guides to solve your queries.  

Benchmark Support

Pricing Plans 

Apart from its free plan, you can purchase their premium plan at the following price: 

  • Pro: $15/mo. (For 500 Contacts) 
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

5. Sendinblue  


Sendinblue offers many great features in their free plan compared to various other services paid plans. You can automate activities and streamline email marketing tasks with their free plan. The automation tool is super helpful as it lets you set mail based on your user’s events and actions.  

For example, you can run automation as per your customer’s purchase decision, sending out vouchers on the occasion of the buyer’s birthday, anniversary, etc. Apart from email marketing, you also get basic CRM functionality to boost your campaigns with Sendinblue.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • Compared to ConvertKit, Sendinblue has a more accessible setup for e-commerce emails like shipping confirmations and order notifications.  
  • You get unlimited contacts and can send 300 emails per day with their free plan, whereas with ConvertKit, you get 1,000 subscribers in their free plan.  
  • It offers to integrate live chat into your site for free to conduct communication with customers.  
  • You can choose from their 60+ templates or create a design from scratch.  
  • Sendinblue offers to set up SMS campaigns and allows customization of sender information. This feature is available in ConvertKit only via integrations.  

Customer Support  

You can contact them via email or chat and even go through their blogs to solve your queries.  

Sendinblue Support

Pricing Plans

You can get started with its free plan or choose from the following pricing plans: 

  • Lite: $25/mo. (For 20,000 Emails)
  • Premium: $65/mo. (For 20,000 Emails)
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing 

6. AWeber  

Aweber ConvertKit Alternatives

AWeber is perfect for you if you’re someone who runs a small business. You get three kinds of editors to create and set up your emails: drag and drop builder, HTML editor, and plain text messages. You can also add custom HTML codes to different blocks; Paragraph, Headline, Product, Coupon, Article, and Signature.  

It also lets you create custom drip campaigns like online email courses, product launch series, etc. The platform has an AI-powered design assistant, “Smart Designer,” for mail, so when you put your site’s URL in a form field, it analyzes your site in terms of images, logos, and color shades.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit alternative?   

  • You can create as big a list as you want using one account without paying any extra amount. As for ConvertKit, it’s subscriber-centric, so this is not possible with it.  
  • AWeber has an in-house email deliverability facility that offers excellent reliable deliverability rates. Whereas ConvertKit has third-party email deliverability.  
  • It also allows your subscribers to conduct actions like reviewing products, RSVPs, product reviews, and more.  
  • This email marketing service also offers pre-built email campaigns you can use by just importing and customizing them.  
  • AWeber comes with simple split testing, strong autoresponders, and simple analytics to conduct email marketing campaigns.  

Customer Support  

With AWeber, you can contact their support team via 24/7 live chat and emails. It also offers direct phone calls to customers to help solve problems.  

Aweber Support

Pricing Plan  

Apart from the free plan, AWeber offers a pro version at $19.99/mo. (For 500 Subscribers)

7. MailerLite  


MailerLite is a modern and straightforward email marketing platform that offers an interface in 8 languages. With its drag & drop editor, you can design emails, pages, and more. You can even save the same designs as templates for future use with MailerLite.  

Also, with its editor, you can embed social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter directly with your emails. Its automation features help you target your customer and send bulk emails as per tags and segmentation. Further, their user-friendly dashboard, built-in photo editing tools, and autoresponder are also equally handy.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • MailerLite is very user-friendly and has an easy learning curve compared to ConvertKit.  
  • You can conduct A/B testing of both the landing pages and emails, and also you can test up to five different landing page content combinations.  
  • You get countdown timers with MailerLite, which is not available with ConvertKit.  
  • MailerLite offers an Email Verifier to optimize your email lists and excellent deliverability rate.  
  • Its free plan offers many necessary features to optimize your marketing campaign.  

Customer Support  

You can mail or chat with MailerLite to get help, as they offer help 24/7. Their average response time on live chat is 5 minutes. They also provide video tutorials and knowledge bases to help you with your questions.  

Mailerlite Support

Pricing Plans 

Apart from MailerLite’s free plan, you can also purchase the following plans:

  • Growing Business: $10/mo. (For 1000 Subscribers)
  • Advanced: $21/mo. (For 1000 Subscribers)
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

8. Constant Contact  

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has suitable features for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. It offers more marketing applications than ConvertKit that can hike your subscribers and form customer relationships. You can also connect with your targeted customer base with their CTR (click-through rate). 

It offers a vast range of event invitation management features lacking on other platforms. So, if your business frequently hosts events, then Constant Contact should be your top priority. Also, with its CRM tools, you can store your contact data in one place.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • Constant Contact offers event management tools with features like email invitations and compiling custom registration data lacking in ConvertKit.  
  • You get an image library with free and great quality images for your emails, whereas with ConvertKit, you don’t get such functionality.  
  • It’s integrated with surveys and polls, making your feedback-gathering process pretty straightforward.  
  • Constant Contact offers Live Chat support, which is not available with ConvertKit.  
  • It has a higher email deliverability rate compared to ConvertKit.  

Customer Support  

You can contact them via direct phone calls and live chats. Further, they offer a knowledge base and a user community to discuss and solve queries.  

Constant Contact Support

Pricing Plans  

Constant Contact offers a free plan and its premium plans have the following structure:

  • Core: Starts at $9.99/mo.
  • Plus: Starts at $45/mo.

9. Campaign Monitor  

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is quite renowned in the email marketing world as it has been around since 2004. Since then, the platform has had a tremendous expansion rate with more than 350,000 users. You can use their professionally designed templates and even make it yourself with a drag-and-drop email builder.  

You can easily export your data with Campaign Monitor, and it also lets you export your entire segments to CSV format. Also, it allows you to send mails to your multiple lists at once, which is lacking in many other email marketing platforms.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • Campaign Monitor offers time zone emailing, so it doesn’t matter where your recipient is in the world. You can specify the time and set their time zone to send emails.  
  • It allows you to send automated drip emails. When users join the mail list, they automatically get various pre-programmed mails.  
  • It allows you to populate RSS-triggered emails.  
  • Offers SMS marketing along with email marketing that ultimately helps you increase the ROI (Return on Investment).  
  • Campaign Monitor allows you to create accessible standalone forms, pop-ups, or embeddable forms that can be added to your site using links or code.  

Customer Support  

It offers email support on their Basic Plan and Unlimited Plan, and you get phone support on their Premier Plan. Campaign Monitor also has a help portal for you to access “self-serve”- customer support.  

Campaign Monitor Support

Pricing Plans  

You can always start with Campaign Monitor’s free plan. Besides, it has the following pricing structures: 

  • Basic: Starts at $9/mo. 
  • Unlimited: Starts at $29/mo. 
  • Premier: Starts at $149/mo. 

10. Moosend  


Last but not least on our list is Moosend, an email marketing platform that offers all features and tools in one place. You get click tracking, dedicated option, list management, and more with Moosend. It also provides unlimited custom data fields and segments for your site.  

Additionally, with its in-depth analytic and reporting tools, you can shape your marketing tactics and track your customers at each step. You can choose from their 70 email templates if you don’t want to create everything from scratch.  

Why is it the Best ConvertKit Alternative?  

  • Moosend’s CRM tools have higher deliverability rates.  
  • It offers automated contact removal for soft and hard bounces.  
  • With its drag and drop newsletter editor, you can create your emails, whereas ConvertKit doesn’t have a drag and drop editor.  
  • Moosend API lets users automate marketing activities and integrate with third-party applications.  
  • You can create custom opt-in forms that let you capture the required information from visitors.  

Customer Support  

It offers support via live chat and also emails to solve your queries. Also, it provides video tutorials and knowledge bases as well.   

Moosend Support

Pricing Plans  

Moosend offers a free trial for 30 days and has the following pricing plans: 

  • Pro: $9/mo. (For 0- 500 Subscribers)
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing 


This ends our list of the ten best ConvertKit alternatives and competitors. There’s no doubt that ConvertKit is among the top email marketing services available in the market. Despite being one of the leading companies, it still lacks certain aspects.  

That’s why it’s always a great idea to look for equally good alternatives, if not better. Our list consists of email marketing platforms packed with affordable prices, tools to evaluate campaign performance, excellent customer support, etc.  

Nonetheless, if you want to know more, don’t forget to read our articles on Bluehost alternatives, Siteground alternatives, and WPEngine alternatives.  

Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on our new posts.  

Happy Reading!  


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