Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder: Which is a Better Page Builder for WordPress?

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Can’t decide which is the better page builder between Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder? Don’t worry, we’ll help you make a choice.

WordPress page builders are the popular tools that help you build your dream website with ease. They give you complete freedom to create, edit, and customize your website’s design and layout to your heart’s content. Best of all, you don’t need any coding skills for that.

Since, wide variety of page builder plugins are available, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one for your site.

Hence, in the following comparison, we’ll be explaining everything that you need to know for deciding between popular page builders – Divi Builder vs Beaver Builder.

Let’s begin!

Overview: Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

Before we start with the comparison, let’s go through a brief introduction of both the WordPress page builder plugins first.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins that power over 1 million websites. The reason for its success has been its easy user interface and flexible drag and drop page builder. Hence, it can be easily used by beginners as well as professionals.

Developed in 2014, it isn’t one of the newer page builders either. It has been providing its services for a few years now and is still growing its customers. It also has some awesome features like content modules and multiple layout options. Thus, you can build your website pages and the overall website with some more creative varieties.

Divi Builder

Divi Builder Plugin Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is a well-known and famous WordPress page builder plugin developed by Elegant Themes. It’s also one of the most incredible page builder tools through which any user can build their own website without any issues and need for codes. 

It was included within the Divi theme during its first release. But after a while, it has been a stand-alone product with its own unique features and elements. So now, you can use the Divi Builder with or without the Divi theme. Hence, it has also gained a lot of users. 

Getting Started: Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

Now that we’ve introduced the page builders briefly, let’s look at how to get started with them.

Note: We have used the Zakra theme to compare these page builders. So, some of the interfaces might differ depending on the WordPress theme you use. 

Getting Started with Beaver Builder

You can easily access the Beaver Builder plugin from their website or through the plugin repository. Just download and install the plugin and after you activate it, you’ll redirect you to Settings>>Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Settings Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

Here, you’ll be provided with information on introduction, license, and upgrade. Similarly, you also have options to select the modules, post types, user access, and tools.

To use the page builder, first, you need to create or edit a page, post, or post type with the block editor. And to use the page builder with posts, you need to check the Posts option under the Post Types option from Settings>>Beaver Builder. 

Beaver Builder Post Types

Now, once your page or post is loaded, you’ll see a block for Beaver Builder. Click on Launch Beaver Builder to launch the page builder.

Launch Beaver Builder

Getting Started with Divi Builder

Unlike the Beaver Builder, the Divi Builder can be downloaded from their website only. It’s not available in the WordPress plugin repository as of now. So, you need to upload and install the plugin manually into your website in order to use the plugin.

After you have successfully installed and activated the Divi Builder, you can use the page builder on any page, post, or post type just like the Beaver Builder. 

To start using the page builder, create or edit a page or a post. Then, you will see a Divi block with two editor options on your screen, i.e. Divi Builder and Default Editor. Click on Use Divi Builder to launch the page builder.

Divi Builder Use Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

You’ll be directed to a page with 3 options. You can use the page builder from the ground up, choose a premade layout, or clone an existing page. Select your preference and you can start editing your web page with the Divi page builder.

Divi Builder Choose Layout Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

Our Verdict: To get started, both the page builders have their own perks. The Beaver Builder can be added to your website directly from the WordPress dashboard. And, the Divi Builder can be used on any posts and post types by default without changing any options or settings.

Page Builder Interface: Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

After you launch the page builders from the page or post, you’ll be presented with the interface of the page builders. Now, you can start building or editing your pages for the website.

Both the page builders use the drag and drop interface. But, the layout of the various options to customize is different from one another.

Page Builder Interface of Beaver Builder

The user interface of Beaver Builder is very straightforward and easy to use as expected. 

You can directly edit the content blocks for your web page from the preview editor itself. Here, you can add a new block or move, or duplicate a block. Then, you can add texts, images, sliders, or any other content in these blocks.

You are also provided with text editor options and row and column options. They can be used to customize the contents and layouts of your web pages.

Beaver Builder Text Editor Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

Furthermore, you can access all the tools from the top right corner of the screen with a plus “+” icon. If you click on this icon you’ll be able to edit all the Modules, Rows, and Templates.

Beaver Builder Tools Divi Builder vs Beaver Builder

For Modules, you can choose from standard modules and WordPress widgets. 

Similarly, you can also edit the rows and columns from the Rows tab. You get multiple column layouts to edit for your website. There are also a number of prebuilt rows for sections like content, call to action, FAQ, features, and more. 

Beaver Builder Rows and Column

You can also choose various page Templates for your website from this tool. They include sample pages for landing pages as well as content pages.

Page Builder Interface of Divi Builder

The user interface of the Divi Builder also has everything you need right where you want. But, the layout of the tools available in the page builder is different than that of Beaver Builder.

You do have the standard block settings to add, move, duplicate, and edit the rows and columns. Also, you can save particular rows as custom templates and use them afterward for your web page.

Divi Block Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

Moreover, there are some helpful tools to help you create amazing web pages once you start looking at the bottom of your screen as well. Just click on the horizontal dots and a few more options can be seen.

Divi Menu Icon Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

Furthermore, you also get a wireframe view where all the blocks and sections are displayed on a wireframe in different rows. Hence, you can easily manage them and further design your web page more easily.

Divi Wireframe

Additionally, if you click on the menu icon on the farthest bottom left corner, you also get some more options. They include options like default view and interaction modes, history slate interval, and many more.

Divi Builder Settings

Similarly, you also get the view options. You can switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile view while editing your web page. This can be useful to know how your pages look on different devices. There’s also a few more page options on the bottom of the screen like settings, portability, save a template, and so on.

Finally, once you are done with all the customizations you can save it by clicking on the Save button at the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Our Verdict: You can see that Beaver Builder has a bit of an advantage with the page builder interface since it has more tools on the page builders. However, if you like the idea of a minimalist interface more, Divi Builder can also be a better choice.

Templates and Modules: Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

One of the highlighting features of page builders is the availability of templates and modules in them. They’ll help you to save a lot of time as you don’t have to create your web pages from scratch. 

All you need to do is select the template and modules that suit your website best and start editing it with the page builder.

So, let’s compare them for each of these page builders as well.

Templates and Modules in Beaver Builder

The Templates provided by the Beaver Builder are divided into landing page templates and content page templates. 

It has templates for specific landing pages like maintenance, home, landing, etc. Likewise, this page builder also provides you with different templates for content pages. They include pages like about, services, contact, and so on.

Beaver Builder Templates

All in all, it also comes with 30 different Modules divided into standard modules and WordPress widgets to help you create your awesome web pages. Some of them include photo, HTML, text editor, sidebar, and video. There are many more modules available in the premium version.

Beaver Builder Modules Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

All these templates and modules are created with very special attention to detail. So, they will also help in making web pages of great quality on your website.

Templates and Modules in Divi Builder

Divi Builder provides a wider variety and number of Modules and Templates when compared to Beaver Builder. At the present time, it has 240 layout packs. 

Divi Layout Packs

With so many layouts, it’s quite obvious that you will find something suitable for your website. These layouts may be included in any type of website ranging from a small business website to large agency websites. 

Furthermore, you’re also provided with 45+ Modules to help you customize your web pages even more. Accordion, audio, bar counters, blog are some of the modules included with the Divi page builder.

Divi Builder Modules

Our Verdict: Clearly, Divi Builder has a wide variety of templates and modules for your website. But, even though Beaver Builder has a fewer number of templates, they have a good quality. 

Support: Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

The support a plugin provides for its users and customers is also one of the crucial factors while selecting any plugin. So, you need to make sure that the page builder you choose provides you with the best support.

Beaver Builder Support

Beaver Builder sure has some excellent support features. It also has a support forum through which you can contact the support team using support tickets. This is included in all their plans as well.

The page builder also provides you with well-written documentation with a knowledge base to help you with any issues.

Beaver Builder Knowledge Base

Additionally, you can also get help from their popular community groups on Slack and Facebook. Or, just go to their community forum to search for more information if needed. There can always be help just around the corner.

Since this plugin is also available in the plugin repository, you can get help from the support forum as well. 

Divi Builder Support

When it comes to supporting, Divi Builder is no slouch either. All their plans include 24/7 support through which you can contact the support team any time you want. 

Similarly, if you purchase the one-time lifetime plan you also get dedicated support which makes it even better.

Divi Builder Support

However, the page builder also provides you with FAQs, tutorial blogs, and in-depth documentation

Moreover, they even have a “Ask the Community” section. In this section, you can even ask questions to the Elegant Themes community and members about anything related to the builder. Surely, someone from the community will be glad to help you if needed.

Similarly, they even have a popular Facebook group which is also quite effective for support.

Our Verdict: Both page builders provide excellent support options for their users and customers. In case of any issues with either of these page builders, a helping hand is bound to arrive.

Pricing: Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

We have compared almost everything that should be considered for selecting a page builder. But, there’s still a very important factor, i.e., the pricing.

Pricing Plans of Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder provides you with 3 pricing plans. They include Standard, Pro, and Agency.

Beaver Builder Pricing

The Standard plan costs $99 and includes access to unlimited sites, 1-year support, and premium modules and templates.

At $199, you get the Pro plan which includes everything from the standard plan. But, you also get the Beaver Builder theme and multisite capabilities in addition to this plan.

Lastly, the Agency plan will cost you $399 which includes everything from the pro plan. Additionally, they also provide you with multisite network settings and white labeling in this plan.

Pricing Plans of Divi Builder

The Divi Builder provides you with 2 pricing plans, unlike the Beaver Builder. They are divided into yearly and lifetime plans.

Divi Builder Pricing Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

The Yearly Access costs $89 with access to the entire range of their products including the Divi theme. You also get all the premium layouts and templates, premium support, unlimited website usage, and a risk-free guarantee in this plan.

On the other hand, Lifetime Access costs $249 which is a one-time fee. This includes everything mentioned in the Yearly Access with a lifetime of dedicated support and updates.

Our Verdict: If you are looking for better value for money options, the Divi Builder is the better choice.

Which is Better? Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

With this in-depth comparison between Divi Builder and Beaver Builder, we can see that the Divi Builder has a slight edge over the Beaver Builder. With the wide variety of templates and modules, it provides for the price you pay, it’s quite an obvious choice.

However, some users might find this very factor quite overwhelming as well. So, for them, the Beaver Builder can be a better choice. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on what you want from the page builder. If you have multiple websites and want a lot of features and templates for them, go for the Divi Builder. Or else, Beaver Builder can also be a great choice for you considering the quality and level of detail they provide to their templates.


We hope this comparison on Divi Builder vs Beaver Builder has helped you to select the better page builder. As mentioned earlier, choose the page builder you need for your websites. 

If it’s the variations you want, you can go with Divi Builder. But, if you want better quality templates for your website, Beaver Builder can also be worth the extra price you pay.

If you need some more information to select a page builder, our comparison on Divi Builder vs Elementor can also be helpful to you. Furthermore, we also have a list of the best WordPress page builders for additional options for your website. 

What do you think? Which is the better page builder between Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder? Do let us know in the comments and donot forget to share this comparison. 

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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