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(last updated on November, 2017)
Looking for some exposure for your WordPress products (themes, plugins etc.)?

Well, we can help you with that by mentioning your products in our blog articles and pages. Our site gets around 900,000+ page views per month and ThemeGrill blog gets around 140,000+ page views per month and that is just our blog (Everything that starts with URL). Stats as per November, 2017. For our blog, more than 95% of our blog visitors come from search engines.

Your product will remain in our article for a lifetime as long as your product is updated and supported. Another thing to add,  your product should be appropriate for the listing in order to qualify.

Some examples of listing articles:

  1. 20+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2020
  2. Top 10 Responsive WordPress News Magazine Themes for 2020
  3. 5 Excellent WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins 2020

Below are the advertising options.
1. Normal Listing (Cost: from $150)

We will list your WordPress product in the list articles of your choice. We will place it in an appropriate position after thoroughly reviewing it.

2. Featured Listing (Cost: from $300)

We will list your WordPress product in the top position available. It is guaranteed your product will remain in that position for at least 3 months. Later, it can shift downwards as we add more featured products.

3. Promotional Guest Post (Cost: $300)

We let you write an article on our blog, where you can mention all about your product. Its usage, features, and everything that you want to tell the visitors. We hope that you will write genuine stuff only. (It will be reviewed by our Editorial team here before it gets approved and published. Guidelines for promotional guest posts will be same as to guest posting. Please visit our write for us page for guidelines. We recommend you to write following copywriting tips discussed here: SEO copywriting for WordPress.)


4. Promotional Post (Cost: $500)

We will study about your product and will write a genuine in-depth review about it. Mentioning all the pros and cons of your product. The main idea is to promote your product.


Note: 20% discount available if you make $1000+ worth of advertising with us at once.

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