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When it comes to hosting services, this is not the first time we are indulging ourselves in the topic. If you are one of our regular users and visitors, you might have read our previous articles on WordPress hosting services collection where we have prepared a list of hand-picked best hosting services for our users! And one name that has appeared on our list again and again for the amazing service that they provide is 000webhost – A Free web hosting service powered by Hostinger.

One of the leading hosting service providers for almost 11 years now, today we have dug deeper, experimented with their service and today we bring to you- Our Review on 000WebHost. We have put in our thoughts on every aspect of the hosting including other customer’s reviews, customer support, major features as well as the whole infrastructure on which the hosting is based on. Feel Free to go through each of them to make sure you enjoy the free hosting services by 000webhost.

Table of Contents

For a quick glimpse into what we have in store for our users today, here is the table of content for our Review on 000webhost!

1. 000webhost Introduction and Establishment!


000webhost is a free non-paid web hosting services that is one of the longest-running and oldest free hosting services. An alternative that is free and is the solution to get you out of the endless stream of notorious web hosts that only takes all your money, 000webhost has remained and gained the trust of thousands of users worldwide.

A learning platform for beginners who are starting their online journey, 000webhost provides the best service making sure their users get the best experience. Established more than a decade ago in 2007, the service providers have managed to stay in the leadership for 11 years now! And thus it remains one of the most secure and trusted Free Web Hosting Service out there as opposed to most!

A team of dedicated service providers providing nothing but the best of experience for their users, 000webhost is certainly worth a try if you are starting out your very first website. Want to know more about the 000webhost and their team? Go ahead and click the link below.

Visit 000webhost 

2. Powerful 000webhost Infrastructure

When talking about most free web hosting services out there, most of them rely on budget hardware which makes their services not that great. Sure free things are not as great as premium ones they may argue, but this free hosting takes a different aspect. How? You may ask. Well here is a brief glimpse into its powerful backbone!

Unlike most free hosting services, 000webhost relies on the powerful infrastructure of Hostinger. And we are pretty sure you have come across the name every now and then! A respectable name in the industry with knowledge and access to resources which makes this hosting a quality web-hosting business.


Not only this but access to Hostinger allows the 000webhost users an unlimited access to disk space and bandwidth. Furthermore, the users also get an unmetered connection to their servers which makes this hosting probably incomparable. Their advanced and powerful features are also backed by their commitment of 99% uptime guarantee.

Surviving the test of time with thousands of happy customers, we doubt we need any further explanation. Giving out an awesome advantage of great service out for free. But in case of you needing further resources and additional functionalities, 000WebHost provides you with a range of Hostinger’s upgrades with special discounts and offers!

3. 000webhost Main Features:

The best part about this free online web host is that with an addition to it being a cost-free service, it provides you with all the features and tools you might need for an awesome experience online! It comes with a number of useful tools which also includes an inbuilt website builder! And for our users to get a clear view of what they will be able to get with this hosting, we have outlined the major features with details down below!

  • PHP, MySQL, & cPanel access: For users to add custom solutions for elements and for easier management of the backend.
  • One-Click Auto Installer: For easier download and installation process for a fully functioning site which takes only minutes to set-up.
  • Large range of Storage and Bandwidth: To store all of the data and make sure that your site runs smoothly.
  • Free Domain Name: No need to register and pay for a domain name for your site as you can have it for absolutely no cost!
  • In-Built Website Builder: For creating and designing a website from scratch.
  • eCommerce Ready: Supports and optimized for WooCommerce, the software required to run an online business directly from your site.
  • 99% Uptime guarantee: So that your servers are never down and your users are never disconnected!
  • Free Site Migration: Making sure that your site moves without any downtime with excellent migration system for free!
  • User-Friendly Interface: For starters to understand and go online without any coding knowledge or experience!
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript Support: To help you build your site the old way if you wish, with the help of codes and scripts to create unique and creative websites.

Unlike other free hostings, you can clearly see how much more advanced and powerful features you get access to once you start your web hosting through-000webhost. Perfect to start out small or medium scaled business sites, you can also switch to upgrades really easily.

4. Support

Another major point to remember when it comes to service providers is their customer support. So talking about the 000webhost customer support, how helpful are they? Well, they are pretty dependable and you will get your queries answered as soon as possible. Everyone is a priority whether you are a new or loyal customer, you will find answers to your questions directly from their site, forums, FAQs as well as knowledge base. 


If you have any queries regarding the services that they provide, you can visit their Web Hosting Forums. You can find their forums on their site or you can click on the link. There, you can go through hundreds of other already answered questions by their support. If you do not find your answers, you can go ahead and post a query in order for their support to know your concern.

Another way to do this is that you can simply go ahead and ask for their support on their Live Chat. Always ready to help, they are sure to help you out as soon as possible.


If you come across problems in any process of web hosting, they also have a full-proof collection of FAQ and Knowledge Base questionnaires where you might find the solutions.

What’s more is that they also have a complete WordPress guide where they have talked about integrating WordPress on 000webhost!

5. Customer Reviews

To convince anyone of a good product and how great it is, customer reviews are the best reference you can get. And when it comes to 000WebHost, the customers absolutely love it! They have been consistently getting good feedbacks leading them to be one of the best free web hosting services out there! Don’t believe us? Feel free to try out their free services and you will find it for yourself!


And the best proof we can give you about their amazing service is obviously the fact that this free web hosting has lasted for such a long time. Unlike most services who do not last in the long term race with more and more advanced competitions, this hosting has managed to survive the test of time! And given the rate of increased users, we doubt you might need any more proof!

6. Conclusion

000WebHost one of the leading and best Free-web hosting service providers out there. Powered by another major name in the hosting industry- Hostinger, it probably beats out the rest! And based on our experience with the free host, we never had any problems with it, let alone any complaint. Trying and starting out a WordPress site has never been easier and that too without any cost.

Manageable, user-friendly and cost-effective with advanced and powerful features that give you 99% Uptime guarantee! We being one of their happy and satisfied customers, definitely will recommend it!

Unlike most free hostings, 000webhost has managed to fulfill all their commitments to the users. So if you are a beginner, looking to start out online with no cost and yet with all the advanced features, try out 000webhost and we guarantee you will never want to look back again!


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